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Nelson Mandela was a Communist, Terrorist, Murderer, …

“A renowned South African missionary is cautioning against a new film that praises the life of Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela, whom he says was actually a terrorist that promoted abortion, pornography and homosexuality in the nation. … Dr. Peter Hammond of Frontline Fellowship of Newlands, South Africa recently told Todd Friel of the television and radio broadcast Wretched that Mandela was deeply involved in terrorist activity and is responsible for promoting wickedness in the land. “I wouldn’t generally want to celebrate somebody who made his position in life by blowing people up,” he stated on a recent broadcast. “[H]e plead guilty to 156 acts of public violence and terrorism.” Article here.

No one ever asks, “Why was Mandela in prison?”

Peter Hammond’s Frontline Fellowship Youtube account says, “Directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Morgan Freeman as President Nelson Mandela, Invictus makes a major contribution towards the building up of the mythology of Nelson Mandela as a modern day idol. This stirring film on South Africas 1995 Rugby World Cup victory includes serious distortions of history.

Time and again the film focuses on Mandelas imprisonment on Robben Island, often with dream-like imaginative flashbacks of Nelson Mandela breaking rocks on Robben Island. The film even includes a pilgrimage to Mandelas cell in the prison on Robben Island, but there is never any mention of why he was imprisoned.

Nelson Mandela was the head of UmKhonto we Sizwe, (MK), the terrorist wing of the ANC and South African Communist Party. He had pleaded guilty to 156 acts of public violence including mobilizing terrorist bombing campaigns, which planted bombs in public places, including the Johannesburg railway station. Many innocent people, including women and children, were killed by Nelson Mandelas MK terrorists.

Invictus never mentions Nelson Mandelas open support for brutal communist regimes such as Fidel Castros Cuba, Robert Mugabes Zimbabwe, Red China, Gadhaffis Libya, Saddam Hussein, Yasar Arafat and other dictators. During the very time covered by Invictus Mandela received Fidel Castro, the longest reigning dictator in the world, and gave him the highest award that South Africa could give and then had both Houses of Parliament gather to hear an address from the Cuban tyrant.

The Ugly Reality

During the very time covered by the movie many hundreds of white farmers, and their wives and children, were being brutally murdered, actually tortured to death, often by UmKhonto we Sizwe guerillas, many of whom were now part of the South African National Defence Force.

Double Standards

Although Invictus gives all glory for the Springbok Rugby World Cup win to Nelson Mandela, it does not attach any blame to him for the rising crime and plummeting economy. During one short visual in the film Mandela looks at a newspaper headline which speaks of the rising crime and plummeting rand. This reality deserved a little bit more attention. During 46 years of National Party apartheid rule over 18,000 people had been killed by rioters, terrorists, by the police and the army, on all sides, including terrorists, civilian victims, military casualties and police. A total of 18,000 dead during 46 years of conflict. However, in peacetime, under Nelson Mandela, an average of 20,000 to 25,000 people were murdered every year.

Fueling the Crime Wave

Yet to celebrate his birthdays, Mandela would regularly open the prison doors and set many criminals, including armed robbers, murderers and rapists, free. Some of whom were murdering and raping within 24 hours of being released.

Economic Deterioration

In the 1970s, even while facing terrorism, riots and engaged in a border war with the Cubans in Angola, the South African Rand was stronger than the US Dollar. However, after years of US sanctions, the South African Rand had fallen to R2 to the Dollar. Under Nelson Mandela even with no war, no sanctions, no riots, no conscription, and with massive international aid and investment, the Rand plummeted to R8 to the Dollar, and even R10 to the Dollar, then R12 and even to R14 to the Dollar for a time. But according to Invictus, no blame can be attached to Nelson Mandela for the economic deterioration and the sky-rocketing crime rate under his presidency. However, he should be given all the credit for what the Springbok rugby team achieved on the field!

Legalising Abortion and Pornography

Viewers of Invictus also need to be aware that the kind and thoughtful gentleman portrayed in Invictus was the prime mover of the legalisation of abortion, pornography, gambling and homosexuality in South Africa and of the introduction of sex education in public schools. Since Nelson Mandela forced through the legalisation of abortion, not even allowing ANC MPs a conscience vote, and signed it into Law, 1 February 1997, over 900,000 South African babies have been killed through abortion, officially, legally and with tax-payers money.”

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  • Nicoline

    Thank for the TRUTH!!!!!!

  • ModdKenwood

    a lie is never as sexy as the truth

    • Henri le Riche

      Agreed. That’s why some people don’t like facts. If you believe the left, facts are “racist”.

      More so if you’re ignorant as a plank, don’t know the truth, and your only knowledge of truth is what you hear in the media.


      • J.D. Hendrix

        Were your generations of Afrikaner relatives ‘lily white’ (pardon the pun) in this? Mandela is being honored just as George Washington was honored in the U.S. I can tell you the King George III thought of Washington as a terrorist, but since Washington’s side won the war, they get to write history, as will the ANC side, as they ultimately won the right to freedom.

        • Henri le Riche

          You first sentence makes no sense. Unless there’s racist undertone of course…

          Mandela is not the problem. It’s his organisation. The ANC. Even he wasn’t happen with where the ANC was taking South Africa, because they do not support his ideals.

          Today, 2013, the ANC is a Black Nationalist and racist organisation under the guise of “Democracy”. However it’s the start of the end. But who cares. History is just repeating itself over again. We’ve been there before, we know the signs, and we also know where it’s going to end.

          • livefreeordie

            Mandela was a BIG part of the problem. He invented and his people carriend out necklacing.
            Necklacing – The practice of summary execution carried out by forcing a
            rubber tire, filled with gasoline, around a victim’s chest and arms and
            setting it on fire.” I tried to include a photo of a victim, but wasn’t
            able to paste it in here.

          • Henri le Riche

            I know. I saw many of the aftermath of what these people did. You cannot describe this to anyone. Most of the black people murdered in South Africa, were murdered by fellow black people.

            That’s a fact. Not my fault if someone don’t like this. Nothing I can do about it, nor make people believe it. Interestingly is almost always the naive liberals that will question facts.

            Amy Biehl was such a girl. Murdered by the same people she tried to “help”. Happened the same year I did my duty. Was a job, and my salary was $30 a month!

            Many of these ANC lovers would have ended up like Biehl because ignorance does get you killed.


          • Sam Houston

            I vaguely remember the story. Her convicted murderers were released under the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. What the hell. “You savagely beat and murder a women for no apparent reason except for being the White SOB who happened to be driving by? They should have been put to death for the animals that they were and probably still are. If it was my child they murdered, I would have granted them forgiveness right after I dispatched them from this World in the same manner.
            In researching this, I found that Nelsen Mandela was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. For what? Did he end Segregation in the US? No. Did he resolve some issue that affected Americans abroad like the Canadian Ambassador that saved the lives of US Diplomats in Iran. No. Beyond mobilizing Liberals (with the side-effect of indoctrinating new members) towards his End the Apartheid cause, I can think of nothing that matches the reasons for the award.

            Congressional Gold Medal – It is awarded to persons “who have performed an achievement that has an impact on American history and culture that is likely to be recognized as a major achievement in the recipient’s field long after the achievement.”

          • Henri le Riche

            Meet Maki Skaskona, one of 3000 such victims…


            The “beloved” ANC the media did’t want you to see.

          • Sam Houston

            I have never heard of that term but that does not mean it did not happen. Tragedies always seem to write themselves out of historical narratives. Look at the push to remove the Holocaust and Hitler’s atrocities. They did it for Stalin and he was far worse than Hitler. I do know that Mandela did put his OK and/or ordered some of the bombings and violence. They were not just government targets. Look at the video prior to this where he claims that militancy is now his only recourse.

          • Lisa

            Sammy, let me suggest again that you haven’t a deep grasp of analogies and how they work…are you REALLY comparing Mandela with Hitler?Seriously??? Dear God, some of you people are nuttier than cheese balls!

          • Sam Houston

            I don’t see how you penchant for copious nuts on cheese relates to the conversation. Maybe you should drop the Liberal-Aide, take a deep breath, and actually try to comprehend those words that you are trying to read. I never compared Mandela to Hitler. I made a comparison of the cover up of Mandela’s tainted past to the current, ongoing movement to erase what happened in Hitler’s Fascist regime. You and your Liberal ilk had nothing to do with Mandela till you found something to latch onto that offered a benefit for your Progressivism. Everyone wants to rally around freeing an innocent freedom fighter. Again, look at the idolatry of Che Guevara by Liberals, Socialists, and Communists. Mandela outlived his usefulness his first year in office as the end of Apartheid only ushered in a new area of state sanctioned hate. For example, Mandela’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission that forgave most Blacks for heinous crimes against Apartheid and even beyond as was in the savage murder of Amy Biehl. Look it up. This was distasteful to most civilized people of the World so you silently just drop Mandela from the conversation. Not a peep about South Africa or Mandela has been allowed to make a blip on the radar. You even downplayed Mandela’s trip to visit President George Bush, Jr. Even when your President who is a half Kenyan native son of Africa became elected, Mandela was nowhere to be found. No State visits, no eloquent speeches, no cultural trip “vacation” for the Queen and the 2 princesses to connect with their cultural heritage by meeting Mandela in South Africa. Oh, my bad. They have absolutely no connection to South Africa, Apartheid, or Mandela. Explains why the President did not even bother to call him in the past 6 years as President or his term as Senator.
            So that brings us up to today. Why the sudden resurgence in Mandela after all these years. His life did not seem to matter anymore. Just like an old Uncle that nobody has seen or heard from in 30 years that shows up to a family funeral and laments over how much the dear departed meant to them. So to is the Left’s raucous display of lamentation and exaltation for Mandela; fake and self-serving.

          • Lisa

            I didn’t say I have a penchant for cheese balls with or without nuts, Sam. If you do not understand the definition of a word, then don’t use it. As a matter of fact, I dislike both literal and metaphorical cheese balls. My comprehension skills are well above average, thank you, and I breath without urging from others. It’s an autonomic thing. My posts resulted from my incredulity at what you and others posted. If the man did not matter anymore, why did you and others gleefully assassinate his character and call into question his right to oppose the subjugation of his people? You spoke of the native Americans and their annihilation in your post in a sympathetic way. You do realize that when the Native Americans opposed white settlers, they killed women and children, do you not? It was a war, and in wars, innocents are killed. So I ask again, why is it that you and your ilk have such a problem with the natives of African lands opposing the settlers of their ancestral home? It is hypocritical to sympathize with one group and demonize the other.
            So far as your attempted analogy, I simply find it illogical and invalid. Hitler personally ordered the systematic extermination of an estimated 6 million people with no provocation….how are he and Mandela even remotely related? Are you saying that somehow Mandela also systematically exterminated a mind blowing number of people with no provocation and that somehow the attempt to cover that up actually worked?
            What does Progressivism and liberal politics have to do with anything? You keep charging me with this as if it automatically makes your position the correct one…again, not particularly politically aligned with either side. Personally, find both groups distasteful. And I really do not like political extremists; left, right, they’re all nuts. But what, just out of curiosity, do liberals or progressivists gain from latching on to the implied Mandela band wagon? Remember, I like specific answers.
            As for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, that applied to both sides, and of the over 7000 applications for amnesty, only around 850 were granted. Europeans who supported Apartheid politically, or say, the police who beat Steve Biko to death while he was in their custody, were among those who applied for amnesty, as well as Africans who were accused of human rights violations. The TRC acknowledged that human rights were violated by multiple groups in the conflict.
            On a side note, I have no idea what you”re going on about with the presidents, but while Obama is half Kenyan, he is not a native son of Africa. He is native to Hawaii. And before you even start on my “liberal agenda and progressivist ways”,,,oh who am I kidding.. That is your go-to answer….”If a person doesn’t agree with me, they must be a crazy liberal!!”
            You are worried about people behaving as sheep, so let me point out that ANY political viewpoint can become dogmatic. I think the current political stew in our country illustrates that without more being said. That was my point before, Sam. Perhaps your mother is behaving in a sheep -like fashion, but shouldn’t we really examine ourselves before we make such assertions about others. I think you consider yourself morally superior because you embrace the right, but, Sam, I would never call my mother a sheep or compare my mother to any farm animal. I am sure you are aware that God kind of forbids such disrespect of our parents in the Ten Commandments, right? Oh, wait, falling into your trap and making assumptions based on your rather obvious political views. You could be Buddhist or atheist for all I know.
            Mr. Clemens says it best: “In religion and politics people’s beliefs and convictions are in almost every
            case gotten at second-hand, and without examination, from authorities who have
            not themselves examined the questions at issue but have taken them at second-hand
            from other non-examiners, whose opinions about them were not worth a brass farthing.” Sam, stop making assumptions, taking cheap shots based on prejudice and political dogma. I don’t drink anything without self-determination, Sam.

        • Pam Dunn

          Are you a moron? Don’t bother, we KNOW the answer is YES !!

      • livefreeordie

        Oh, you mean the obama voters?

        • Sam Houston

          My Mother is White and voted for Obama, twice! She is one of those Paula Deen type people that Oprah wants them to just die. Bill Cosby would say that she is against Obama because she is a racist had he not known that she voted for him. She did not vote for Obama because he was Black (obviously) nor did she out of Liberalized White guilt. She is actually a traditional Democrat. No, she voted for Obama twice because she believed that Progressive Liberal lie that the wealthy class are evil SOB’s out to grind the poor into the Earth and that the GOP are their willing enablers. Should have seen the look on her face when I explained the Oprah is mega wealthy and that the big Progressive Liberal players are filthy stinking rich like Soros and Gates. They had her hook line and sinker. Sad to admit it but my Mother is one of the Sheeple. We need to find a cure for Sheeple Disease.

          • rxantos

            The cure is the truth followed by a big dosage of courage.
            Years of indoctrination takes a leap of faith on the person. Something that takes courage to do. Specially since the indoctrinated circles will see you as odd. Which means no support from fiends.

          • Lisa

            I think you perhaps have a mutated form of your mom’s sheepie disease as evidenced by your bleating post.

          • Sam Houston

            You seemed to be vexed by your own Liberal retardation. This is the 21st Century toots. There hasn’t been an actual Slave here since 1866. Guess what, Nelsen Mandela ended the Apartheid in South Africa, no the USA. I will make an astute observation that you believe the Liberal lie that the Civil War was fought over Slavery. It was about economic oppression at the hands of the Northern Tyrants who ran the Country. The South had to secede to protect itself. The Presidents leading up to the Civil War that caused the grievance of the South to erupt into secession, were Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan. Both Democratic Presidents. Slavery was just the hot button used by Northern Liberals to provoke popular emotion for going to war with the South. It appears that history is repeating with another Democratic Tyrant forcing oppressive economic disparity on the South.
            Interesting tidbit of facts. There has only been 4 times when the Democrats elected back to back Presidents. The first was with Andrew Jackson/Martin Van Buren who started the genocide program of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The last three directly preceded War; Civil War, Korean War, and Vietnam War. You could argue that, due to FDR’s 4 Terms before Truman, that he preceded WWII as well. If we elect another Democrat in 2016, we will either already be in another conflict or about to.
            Best get back to your Southern ways Lil Missy. The World is crumbling down.

          • Lisa

            Sammy, you cad, my name is neither Toots nor Lil Miss, and I do not feel the need to repudiate your comment on my mental capabilities as your choice of insult speaks more to your lack thereof than my own. Now, let’s deal with a few of your assumptions and assertions:

            1. I consider myself neither a Democrat nor a Republican; like many Americans, I’m mostly disgusted with the posturing and plotting of the lot of them. I think both parties suck with equal eagerness at the teats of Big Corporations and care very little for the common man. Election and re-election matter way more to the majority of them than the health of our Democracy or the people their decisions affect. I am not communist, socialist, or any kind of party girl (in any sense of the word). I am a big believer in logic, and common sense, and honesty in government….so I’m really just politically slam out of luck these days, Sambo.

            2. Maybe you are confused by the SUBTLE difference in the words “slavery” and “racism”. Let me help you. Slavery is when and individual or group force another individual or group into free labor, usually under the threat of violence. Racism is when one group of people believe they are superior to another group of people due to racial differences. Though they can and do coexist, the two are distinct ideas that can exist quite independently of each other. Racism has been alive and well in the US, and elsewhere, well past the end of the Civil War. Where have you been? Oh, please define with specific bills, laws, dates, and doctrines those economic issues, outside of slavery, that caused the South to secede after Lincoln won the election, but before he took office? Again, Sambolina, be very specific…can’t just say it wasn’t slavery. Of course the Civil War was fought over economic issues, you linguistic maverick….the economic issues just happened to be the
            continuance of slave labor in the South and the extension of slave labor to the territories. Even your namesake declared to those in Texas who wanted to secede that the Union was more important than Lincoln, eventually resigning his governorship in protest. In the 1860 Declaration of the Immediate Causes Which Induce and Justify the Secession of South Carolina from the Federal Union, taxes and tariffs are not mentioned ONCE. Guess what is? Slavery….the Northern states had passed laws that protect runaway slaves, allowed abolitionists to gather and plot emancipation, and disallow travelling slave holders to use their slaves in Northern states…read it sometime, Sammy.

            3. I am well aware of the difference between Apartheid and Segregation, dear. It was an analogy….can you say a-na-lo-gy. Let me suggest the Merriam-Webster website.

            4. What are you talking about? The South loved Pierce and Buchanan. As for Pierce, he is considered one of the least effective presidents of all time, but the Southern leadership supported him because they had his ear and his support. He supported and enforced the Fugitive Slave Act and corresponded with his former Secretary of War, Jefferson Davis, even after the Civil War began. After Congressional passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 (which angered the North, not the South, since it overturned the Missouri Compromise of 1820, prohibiting slavery north of 36°30′), Pierce sent troops into the territory of Kansas to support the pro-slavery legislature and disperse the anti-slavery legislature that formed in protest. Now Congress did make the Southern states mad at this point, because even
            though the pro-slavery side won twice in Kansas, the anti-slavery side claimed political graft, and Congress refused to make Kansas a state at that point. Let us note that the issue under contention here was, indeed, slavery.
            On to Buchanan. Buchanan believed that slavery was morally wrong, but he didn’t let that bother him when it came to policy (a true politician, why let morality cloud things?). He supported the sovereignty of the states in this issue. He went so far as to send his predecessor, Pierce, to Belgium to explore the purchase of Cuba from Spain, which resulted in the infamous Ostend Manifesto. Buchanan took these actions because Southern leaders wanted another slave state to strengthen their vote in Congress (having been disappointed with the results of their campaign in Kansas), and because of the fear that Spain would abolish slavery in Cuba (wouldn’t want all those free black folk running around so close to the South; might give people ideas). The Ostend Manifesto did deepen the rift between Democrats and Republicans, but it came about because of Buchanan catering to those who supported slavery.

            5. There were no tyrants in the Northern states, Sammy. Only duly elected representatives and executives. To say that slavery had no part in the Civil War is beyond stupid; it is self-deception. Can’t change history because you do not like it. Yes, our ancestors destroyed the Native peoples of the Americas because we wanted the land for ourselves…they fought us though. Do you believe that they did not have the right to fight? Would you have fought in their place? So why are people so appalled that the natives in South Africa would fight against the colonists in their country? The lack of recognition of logical consequences on the part of some of you people is just astounding to me.

          • Sam Houston

            Oh my, I seemed to have struck a nerve. Sam Houston was deposed for not taking the Secessionist Oath as required by the Confederate States of America for political leaders, Militia, and such. He did not resign his post as you so eloquently misunderstood. “In the name of the constitution of Texas, which has been trampled upon, I refuse to take this oath. I love Texas too well to bring civil strife and bloodshed upon her.” He stood his ground for his principles and the well-being of Texas. Resignation would have served no purpose and Sam ain’t about that.

            I am glad that you decided to clarify about Pierce and Buchanan. As Democrats, they were loved by Southern Slave owners for their similar views on Slavery. The modern Republican Party, the GOP founded in 1854, was against Slavery expansion into the Territories of the USA. Though found in 1854, the GOP incorporated vestiges of the National Republicans. This, in turn, was leftover from the Jeffersonian Republicans who were combined with the predecessor of the Jacksonian Democrats that formed the modern Democratic Party. They were called the Democratic-Republicans. It goes into great detail about the melding of different groups trying to find a commonality like the Federalist and the National Republicans that ultimately failed as Thomas Jefferson wrote. As a well learned individual, you can research that on your own. The bases is still the same though. The Republicans were for States Rights and rule, building infrastructure, protecting the Rights of non-slave holding Yeoman Farmers, and a well-defined, adhered to US Constitution. The Democrats opposed all of that.

            This leads back to the original issue that caught your skirt. The causality of the Civil War. Johnny Reb did not lay down his life and fight his Brother just so some rich guy could have Slaves. It was freedom from the oppression of those duly elected Yanks in Congress. Our Service Men and Women did NOT go to War in Iraq for oil, though Democrats hold reason that the purpose for the War was just President Bush and the GOP making an oil grab. Same as with the Confederate Soldiers. They fought for their Families, their homes, their land, their way of Life. Slavery was never their Battle Cry. They did take resentment towards former Slaves and Freemen that fought as Yanks. While State Senators (Democrats) who represented the special interests of Slave owners, they did not represent the common People of the South. Less than 20% of the population owned Slaves. Like today’s climate with obese illegal immigration, the average American Citizen had to deal with the difficulty of finding gainful employment. When a Plantation or Business owner is running Slaves, why would he want to hire anyone and pay a salary. Certain parts of Texas held little to no Slaves as it was more cost effective to use the cheap Mexican Labor.
            Yes the South Africans had a Right for Freedom and Justice but their tactics of brutal terrorism negated that Right. The American Revolutionists did not target civilians nor terrorize the British Loyalists. They did not explode bombs in public centers or gang up on a few individuals, hack them to death or throw a tire on them full of fuel and light it off (necklacing). One is a principled War against oppression and the other is a savage act of retribution under the guise of freedom. Following your logic, Family members in the USA should be allowed to dismember those found guilty of murdering their Family members. It’s perfectly fine. They are just righting an injustice. You are also saying that it is perfectly OK for Black South Africans to kill White South Africans based solely on race. It matters not whether they were a party to Apartheid or not like in the case of American Amy Biehl and countless Whites South Africans. They ANC killed indiscriminately based on racial hatred.

          • Lisa

            First, I do not think it is ever okay for one group to commit atrocities against another, but borrowing a line from my students, “They started it.” The South African government created such an environment of hate, anger, and violence through its system of Apartheid, that the outcome was nearly inevitable. While it is indisputable that some of the members of the ANC committed atrocities, I am not willing to morally and physically convict a whole people to servitude and second citizenship. The fact, once again, is that the South African government committed its share of atrocities too, and they were not sweet playful little bunnies who simply needed a good talking to. Throughout history, violence has been the legacy of colonization. Why does anyone expect South Africa to be any different? Did happen in our revolution as well. Found an account of British soldiers and Tories being gunned down by American troops after they surrendered and laid down their weapons. It was a war; I am sure there were many more on both sides. War and conflict do ugly things to people, all people. As Emerson said, “The tragedy of war is that it uses man’s best to do man’s worst.” Look at Mai Lai, the current civil strife in Syria, the Bataan Death March, the Trail of Tears, the Novi Sad massacre, the Katyn massacre, Wounded Knee, the Biscari massacre, the American mutilation of Japanese dead (for souvenirs) the My Lai massacre, the Go Dai massacre, the invasion of Cyprus, Fort Recovery massacre, the Sabra and Shantila massacre,the murder of 400 civilian by the Taliban after the fall of Mazar-i-Sharif (we armed the Taliban incidentally), the Big Hole massacre, the attack on Iranian airflight 655, the Lovas massacre, the Visegrad massacre, the Blackwater Bagdad shootings, and so on. May seem like a long list, but it is a drop in the bucket. This is what happens in war, does not matter what color the people are, who is right, the innocence of the victims, the denomination, or who the perpetrators were before the war. Through its actions, South Africa assured that its oppressed people would find armed resistance their only avenue. Again, why is anyone surprised at what happened? If I go by your logic Sam, my own identified group (American) is as guilty as any other group, so what now? Do I put on a hair shirt, denounce my own right to life and turn myself over to whichever group I think most wronged by past actions of my own nation? I do not think that all of the members of the ANC supported hate crimes, just like not all of the Afrikaners supported hate crimes, but in a war, more than a few people behave badly. Doesn’t negate the fact that South Africa’s government systematically denied the rights of a group of people, upheld this system with threats and acts of violence, and that people, including women and children (the brown ones count too) suffered as a result. As a soldier, surely you have studied and thought about what war does to its soldiers. We are seeing some of the unfortunate results in our own country now, and though I would love to swear I would never participate in a My Lai, I’m willing to bet a lot of the young men who did would have sworn the same thing once upon a time before they went to war. Understand, I am not saying what happened there was ok, but give men guns, put them through hell, and well….

            Oh! I do admire Sam Houston,and it doesn’t really matter is you call it deposed or resigned, but I do think he tendered his resignation rather than give into the demands of the pro Civil War buffoons around him when he refused the oath, saying, “In the name of the Constitution of Texas, which has been trampled upon, I refuse to take this oath. I love Texas too well to bring civil strife and bloodshed upon her.” Again, an admirable man who acted in the best interests of his state even when his stance was unpopular. Wish we had more like that now….I could vote for such a person without thinking that I was choosing between the lesser of two evils.

          • Sam Houston

            Iranian airflight 655 was not an act of War nor occurred during a War. It was a mistake in communications and procedures. Look up Swiss Cheese Model Theory. Many times I flew in the Gulf, we had Iranian Missiles aimed at us. What about the South Korean Air flight shot down by a Mig pilot? You sure left out the IRA massacres in Britain and North Ireland. What about the Alamo and Goliad? Gang violence in America’s Urban areas like the Mother’s Day Second Line parade in New Orleans this Spring. How about the vicious violence to the South American drug cartels? You know, the ones that Eric Holders handed a shipment of fully automatic actual assault rifles to that have been implicated in over 130+ murders. You also left out the Killing Fields of Cambodia (Pol Pot), the Nazi Holocaust, and the one that tops all massacres of Stalinist Russia. I actually worked with a man who escaped those Killing Fields as a child. A member of his Family was a Doctor and never heard from again.

            What you call “the current civil strife in Syria” is an all out civil war. One tindered by President Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood front called the Arab Spring. Weapons used by Administration to fan the flames of war in Libya that have gone missing are now turning up in the Syrian conflict. The President has no legal right to force America into a War against the recognized government of a sovereign nation that has caused no harm to America. Obama has kept a blind eye to the Muslim onslaughts in Nigeria and Sudan against the Christian backed governments.
            Yes, Sam Houston was a fine Statesman, General, Friend to the Cherokee. A principled man of his word. He did not resign. There is a huge difference. Who took an Oath to uphold the Constitution of the Great Republic of Texas. This Oath followed thru into his tenure as Governor. He fought tooth and nail for this Republic and only sought Annexation to the US as a means of survival (Texas was broke and yet to exploit it’s resources). He would not and did not leave that post. He was forcibly removed. He did not just throw his hands up in the air and walk away in disgust. Did you know that Sam was the Governor of Tennessee prior to coming to Tejas? It lasted for a brief time. It seems he left town in a hurry due to the influential Father of his young Fiancée. He must have really been under duress!

          • Lisa

            Hey Sam. First, found this about Houston from Harper’s Weekly, and thought you might enjoy the archived article: http://www.sonofthesouth.net/leefoundation/civil-war/1861/march/sam-houston-biography.htm….definitely an interesting man. Do not misunderstand me. I do not believe he was willing to participate in a war he believed was foolish, and I admire him for it. I am sure there were others who felt the same way, but when something like that gains momentum….

            I know I left out a lot of massacres, both wartime and otherwise, and even flight 655 wouldn’t have happened without the tensions that existed….but my point was just the tendency of humans to cross lines when they are at war, official or unofficial. Perhaps Gandhi had it right, and any disagreement solved with violence will always lead to more violence. I do not think that anyone who crosses the line even in war is justified, but it happens all too often across cultures, race, religions, and time. I do not think the situation in South Africa is any different. People on both sides behaved atrociously, but what happened was inevitable. I cannot blame a people for fighting against a government that is unjust if I would do the same in their place. I would love to say I would never personally cross that line I spoke of above, but I have never been in a war. I know that many of our boys who were in My Lai probably would have never believed they would do such a thing before they went to Vietnam….and of course there were the American soldiers who refused to participate and even helped the elderly and the children hide which is, well, amazing. I would guess that an armed conflict in which there were not war crimes committed by both sides would be a rarity, though the victor often gets to tell the story with the most authority.

            Again, I do not think it odd that atrocities occurred on both sides in the South African struggle. Not odd is a long way from ok in these scenarios. When Apartheid ended and he gained power, Mandela could have called for continued violence, but he did not. Instead, as president, he said, “Whites are fellow South Africans…. We want them to feel safe and know we appreciate the contribution they have made to this country.” As president, he could have called for revenge and a “tit for tat” policy, but he did not. I honestly think he was a disappointed man at the end, but I think he did, when his goal was attained, do his best to hold South Africa together and end the tensions.

          • Leilani26

            Japanese men were brutal and you are just arguing for the sake of repressed anger. So were Indian men who attacked women and children and murdered all of them.

          • Leilani26

            Don’t forget, Sam Houston – white males were taller and good-looking.
            That’s why Japanese women married their enemies and so did Indian women.

          • Paula Payne

            Wam.Bam! Thank you, SAM! Boom!

          • Leilani26

            But, the whites had superior technology and good-looking men who were good catches for the minority women. That is fact – as the Japanese women married their enemies and so did Indian women. FACT. My mother was very attracted to my dad, a white male, though she was surrounded by Asian men.
            The males were jealous. Why wouldn’t you accept an “intruder” or a “foreigner” if they had better weapons, better ships, better farming techniques?
            Because you just couldn’t stomach that superiority and the fact that they were making your women fall in love with them.

          • Leilani26

            Democrats always know or suspect sheep. That’s because a close look at Democratic Party e-mails sent out to millions of sheep rings a bell with them.

          • Leilani26

            Many Democrats are hysterical women who lead by fear. Someone is out to get them! The Koch brothers want to murder us!
            The congregate in government offices where they actually have BETTER pensions and MORE security than others and are the middlemen/women driving up COSTS. But, they only see the sins of the wealthy.

      • Boer

        People should first smell their armpits before complaining about the stench coming from others. What can one say about what the boers did to the black folk. Treating them like a dogs. when tables are turned the black folk is now a terrorist. when it was the other way around,why wasnt that mentioned. Come on.Get a life.

        • Pam Dunn

          The BLACKS were the illegal immigrants into the area seeking to STEAL the land from the Whites that had made it into a successful country.
          They were NOT the original residents; Nothing but low lifes that came to steal and live off the whites and to murder them as did Mandela.
          DO try to extract your head, there is NO window in your navel.

          • Black

            Illegal immigrants? The blacks where the original people who lived in south africa how where they the “immigrants”?

          • Andrew

            Illegal immigrants? The blacks where the original people who lived in South Africa how where they the “immigrants”?

            Thats not strictly true Although Europeans and Blacks arrived in the current South Africa at different times, the Blacks from the North and the Europeans from the South (Cape Town), the two cultures only actually met at the Fish River, hence the 1820 settlers to prevent any further expansion of the Xhosa’s into European Land (sic). The first inhabitants of South Africa were the Koi and San who are the indigenous group of the whole of Southern Africa, they were first pushed of their land and killed by the Xhosa’s and Zulu’s and then by the Europeans in the Western Cape. Much of the land the Europeans obtained in South Africa was through settlements agreements with Blacks tribes, was vacant as in the case with the Western Cape (the Koi & San were hunter gatherers), and only a small amount they fought over. there is a lot of hatred in this country and both sides have done a lot of wrong and neither side are free of blame my mothers sister who was only 5 was blown up by a MK hand grenade that was thrown into a shopping centre both sides did disgusting things and personally the MK should be shown as the violent cowards they where for targeting civilians instead of treating them like heroes what this country needs is a better education system that can help shape this country and teach the people both black,white,coloured and indian that violence is not the way that only trough working together can we make this country better people like Julias malema just want to use violence to make himself rich and spread dissemination .Mandela did a lot of bad things but he also did a lot of good we should stop all this hating move on and try and build a better country

          • Nkele Rabapane

            You are crazy. ..

          • Lisa

            Lady…get real. British and Dutch colonists are NOT native to any part of Africa…note thein it British and Dutch modifiers….navels aside, colonization is by its very nature violent, and violence begets violence. And there is no doubt that the “whites” colonized (a euphemism for seized) the land, displacing its native people. Whatever stereotypes are forming in your clouded mind, I’m a “white” girl from the Southern US…I have been steeped in it since I was a child, had to fight its ugliness in my own soul, and watched it mutate through time, and I know it when it rears its ugly head…honey, I do declare, did you know that you’re racist?

          • Sam Houston

            So Lisa, what is your take on the Egyptians and other Arab peoples? They are not Black. The truth is that Blacks did not settle the entire Continent. If you do not have a totally secular view, some scholars believe that Africans are descendant of Ham. There is still much debate as to who was in Africa first. If you believe in Darwinian Theory, the Primates owned the land first.

          • Lisa

            So Sam. where did I say that Blacks settled all of Africa? They most certainly settled what is now South Africa prior to the Dutch and British, which was my point. Egyptian and Arabic people are not white. People of the Middle East are not European. I do not believe that Africans are the result of a curse. Mitochondrial DNA tells the story of human migration….so in a sense, we all have African roots. Humans are primates.

        • speedle24

          It wasn’t mentioned because no one is eulogizing F.W. de Klerk as a world hero. That’s why Boer. Get a brain.

  • Star Brewer

    So many errors with your posting Victoria, you should be embarrassed to be so clearly on the wrong side of history and at odds with the majority of people in the world who appreciate Mandela for his contribution for peace and justice. But the problem with being a hardliner, is that your views blind you to the obvious just so you can maintain your political position.

    You mention this about Umkhonto we Sizwe; “During the very time covered by the movie many hundreds of white farmers, and their wives and children, were being brutally murdered, actually tortured to death, often by UmKhonto we Sizwe guerilla”. Yet you never mention the brutality of the apartheid regime brutally murdered, tortured many including women and children. Don’t believe me? Look up June 16, 1976 when the SADF fired and killed school children. In fact, the SADF regularly enforced the racist apartheid policy through violence. Now why wouldn’t you mention all of this, if you are trying to inform people? Is it because they are black? I see you mentioned more than once in your article how whites were victimized but not blacks. Is it terrorism when whites are killed but not blacks?

    Furthermore, you mention how Nelson Mandela sided with Communists. Did you ask yourself why this was so? Maybe it is because they were the only ones offering support? Remember, your beloved Ronald Reagan did not want to impose sanctions against racist, apartheid South Africa, and neither did Margaret Thatcher. If the US and the UK did not lend support to black South Africans but Castro did, what should they do? Wait until the USA had a change of heart? That is just unreasonable especially given the history of this country. When Americans felt they were being taxed too heavily by the British government, they started a revolution. Guess what, violence was involved. People took up arms and everything and killed British people! George Washington even enlisted and received the support of the French monarchy for his cause. Here was George Washington saying that the British monarchy was oppressive, yet seeking the help from…another monarchy. Check your history, Victoria. You know, black South Africans love liberty and freedom as much as white Americans. If high taxes feel like oppression to you, well you can only imagine the oppression of a brutal, racist apartheid regime, that kills and imprisons black people for opposing them and deprives them from economic freedom, right?

    As for opening prison doors to criminals. They were political prisoners, like himself. I’m just going to call out your blatant lie. Political prisoners like Chris Hani, Tokyo Sexwale (look them up). They were people who resisted an oppressive regime, just like all those people who threw tea into Boston Harbor.

    As for economic deterioration, that was caused by many things. Firstly, because of sanctions by other Western powers (not the USA and UK) as well as large multinational companies like Nike and Levi refusing to do business with South Africa, the country produced those things they could not buy. They had a built-in market for practically every product they needed. So instead of Nike’s they produced ‘North Star’ sneakers and so on. When apartheid opened up to the world, they could not compete (have you ever bought a pair of North Star sneakers?), especially when their own citizens started buying foreign products. Isn’t the same argument being made that American products can not compete against (often cheaper) Chinese products? Also, they could not get away with paying their black labor force slave wages like they could during apartheid. They had to pay a living wage. As for the rand to dollar ratio. Well, did you know that many African nations had similar low dollar or pound ratios during colonization? You know what colonialism and apartheid have in common? Oppression. But I guess we should have kept all those colonies and also kept apartheid so that those countries could enjoy a low conversion rate (but not enjoy liberty or self-determination ).

    As for crime. Well, a lot of it is tied to illegal immigration leading to a large, poor underclass with few opportunities for advancement. It is much easier to get a green card here than permanent residency in South Africa (look it up if you don’t believe me). But I don’t have to say much about illegal immigration since I know how you think it is the cause of many social ills in the USA. As for pornography and abortion. South Africa enjoys a western-style democracy. Guess what, pornography and abortion is legal in most Western democracy. Did you know that pornography and abortion are legal in these United States? Gasp, oh the horror. During apartheid, many things were banned as being subversive, it is true. Did you know that The Cosby Show was banned in South Africa until 1992? No points for guessing it was banned because it showed a successful black family and that was considered “subversive”. So when South Africa became a free democracy, a lot of those things that were illegal before, became legal. I guess that is just the price of freedom of speech and expression that is part and parcel of democracy. You don’t have to like it but the other option is censure, which I hope you aren’t suggesting.

    Perhaps if you did you research outside of far-right leaning websites, you wouldn’t be so easily fooled into believing utter nonsense. It’s like you see the word “communist” and can’t think rationally. If you think that Nelson Mandela was a horrible person, then by your argument, you would have to call George Washington a slave-owning anti-establishment radical. It would be true but that would really besmirch all the good things he did for this country. Think, Victoria, think.

    • Dion Argueta

      Wow, well said Star. You obviously are well read and in the know. Thank you for your post to enlighten the rest of us!!!!! I am finding out more and more things by doing research of all the corruption and wrong doing of ours and other government’s. Thank god for the internet. The best info is from the people on the inside coming out with the truth, I think. If you’ve lived through it that’s even more accurate and telling. The truth is bitter sweet, even if it isn’t pleasant it is better to know and acknowledge the truth. Boy, when judgement comes, a lot of politicians are going to answer to god for all the evils that were done!!!!!

    • Henri le Riche


      Many of Mandela’s fellow prisoners were people that killed people. Today they are ministers in the government. I am a 15th generation Afrikaner. I can hear you say…then you must be “racist” lol

      If believing in truth, and facts, make a racist, then so be it. I’d rather be that, than be ignorant.

      Stating facts has nothing to do with “right wing”, unless of course you’re a left winger that think facts are “Racist”, and half baked lies and half truth’s are “Fact”.

      According to you the ANC was a loving peaceful organisation. And to prove that point, here is some ANC members of Nelson Mandela showing some love to one of more than 3000 people that got “love” this way…..


      As a soldier that saw this brutality, people like you ended up this way…..(Google Amy Biehl…..also a naive gullible American….)

      • Star Brewer

        No, I won’t call you a racist but it is interesting (and telling) that you would assume that I would.

        Like Victoria, you are only telling half the story. As an Afrikaner, I’m sure you know about the AWB. So don’t just mention the ANC without a discussion of the AWB. Or the SADF and the numerous acts of violence on innocent men, women and children. And please direct me to the part of my post where I said that the ANC was a peace loving organization. I never said such a thing. If you were a person who loved accuracy, you would recognize that Umkhonto we Sizwe was the military arm of the ANC. And if you cared about the truth, you would recognize that individuals/leaders in the ANC were divided about whether or not to use violence (in the same way a similar debate happened here in the US during the civil rights movement, dividing MLK Jr. from many other civil rights leaders). But facts do tend to get in the way of righteous indignation, so I could see why you would say what you did.

        And as a 15th generation Afrikaner, I am sure you are well aware of how Boers engaged in many wars with various African groups as they made their way northwards during the Great Trek as they fled British ‘oppression’ while taking African land for themselves and eventually establishing an apartheid state. As an Afrikaner as well as a soldier in the SADF who “saw this brutality” your willful ignorance is stunning.

        It is unreasonable to think that when one side is aggressive, violent and murderous, then the other side must just sit there and take it. Most of the people who side with Victoria vehemently agree with the right to bear arms in order to protect themselves from aggression. They even believe in ‘stand your ground laws’ and the like. They are proud that Americans stood up to British colonialism (with violence) yet it seems that they have a very different view when people in other countries stand up to oppression. I am not condoning violence but the double standard here is simply obnoxious.

        To be clear, the apartheid regime was not a peace loving government. It was a brutal dictatorship that regularly used violence and murder (both in South Africa and neighboring nations) to maintain the status quo and to disenfranchise the majority citizenry. It was a system of such depravity that it dehumanized individuals, so why are you so surprised that it led to violence–on BOTH sides?

        • Adriaan Van Rhyn

          When looking closer at the reasons for the great trek there were some bad reasons but also some very good reasons. Afrikaans is a unique white African language whereby the British wanted to abandon the language. This was one reason. Another was the British making slavery unlawful. Another reason was Afrikaners wanting freedom and their own land (which they will never have) and another was the constant border wars with the Xhosa’s attacking them from the east. Keep in mind that when the Afrikaners were moving northwards up deeper into Africa, the blacks from north africa were moving south (mfecane and difiquane). For this reason one can argue that South Africa only belongs to the Khoi and Bushmen who lives in the Kahalari who is truly South African but definitely in the minority. Some people believe South Africa therefore belongs to the colored (mixed race) people, because they were a result of the European sailors and the native (Khoi) people. But if one then argues that the colored people is truly South African one can then say the Afrikaner is too because it originated in South Africa when the different European nations settled in South Africa. There is also another rule for determining whose land it is and that is the one who won the battle. The Afrikaners won the battle of the Blood River when ‘defeating’ the Zulus in Natal on their journey to the north. So a debate on whose land South Africa is can be quite tricky. On the brutality of Apartheid? Yes there were some misconducts but it was not as brutal as many overseas people believe. Like it was not a holocaust at all. Some blacks today even say apartheid was better and they had a better living standard. During the struggle many black people were necklaced by the ANC who supported apartheid. (http://m.topix.com/forum/world/south-africa/TTAN0QGPFJ9O3M667). Winnie Mandela said: ‘with this matches and these tyre we’ll liberate this country. She was also up for murder some time ago. It seems like about 24,000 black on black murders occurred in this brutal manner. Also remember, that even when going to war there are universal rules to follow and terrorism is not one of them. Therefore the apartheid regime fought communism and struggle supporters in Angola. Yes sadly Sharpville happened and can be linked to Mafikeng today. These police get frightened and start defending themselves. If you were one person with a gun surrounded by these people full of hatred I bet it’s easier pulling the trigger…good luck on everyone’s research…

          • Star Brewer

            The Mfecane/Difaqane was a result of Shaka’s aggression towards other African groups such as the Tswana. This was in the 1800s. It led to widespread upheaval and migration. Therefore, it is factually and chronologically inaccurate to say that ‘North Africans’ were moving south during this time. Black Africans (of Bantu origin) had lived in Southern Africa for thousands of years. Please do not act is if the Tswana, the Pedi, the Xhosa and other groups only arrived in South Africa after 1652, when Jan van Reebeck arrived at the Cape. The Khoisan are the original inhabitants of Southern Africa, having existed in the area for over 20,000 years. Black African groups came later but had lived there for much, much longer than white europeans. The ‘colored’ groups were a product of slavery on the Cape as well as interaction with black Africans, Khoisan and Malaysians who were brought to south Africa to work the sugar plantations. Therefore coloreds are a much later group and it would be disingenuous to say they are more original than any black African group. So there really isn’t any ambiguity about who is a ‘real’ South African as you attest but I am happy that it is now considered the ‘rainbow nation’ so everyone is included.

            When slavery ended in the USA, there were slaves who said that their lives were better under slavery. Also, people who have been imprisoned for a long time, often commit crimes so they can go back to their lives in prison. Does that mean slavery and prison are wonderful systems? Just because a few people miss apartheid does not mean that it was all rosy in South African during that time. It was a brutal dictatorship after all, but nice try.

            If the enslaved people forced to labor for Thomas Jefferson’s had risen up in rebellion against him, killed him and burnt down Monticello, they would be accused by Victoria and this group of being terrorists because somehow, they as black people, should live with their tyranny. Should the slaves have formed a militia so they can observe the ‘universal rules of war’ as you suggest? Did black South Africans during apartheid have an army that could have gone to war with against the apartheid state? With the so many laws that banned the organizing of blacks into any group that could be perceived as a threat to the apartheid state (as well as laws preventing blacks from being armed), this would have been wholly impossible. As I stated before, I don’t condone violence, but it is really unreasonable to expect victims of tyranny to tolerate being oppressed. It is the violence of apartheid that led to “eye for an eye” mentality that you saw within the MK. It’s funny that black South Africans were expected to tolerate this tyranny and follow the rules that the Apartheid state flouted all the time. But if Afrikaners want to preserve their “unique white language”, it is a justifiable reason for them to war with black Africans, take their land and force them to live in an apartheid state.

          • Adriaan Van Rhyn

            Hi Star Brewer, Apartheid was Dr. Verwoerd’s (Dutch) way of separating races in an effort to let each tribe/culture have their own ruler by dividing the country into ‘states’. The Transkei for instance had their own rulers to rule their own people and received subsidies to do so. However, like the rest of Africa, they enriched themselves and not their people.
            I disagree with you about the rainbow nation we suppose to experience today. Black Economic Empowerment has placed it’s toll on our country, because incompetent people are placed in positions they cannot do. Even the new farmers don’t produce as they should. Many sole proprietors and people who worked up their own business to avoid BEE then have to share 50% of their business with a black person. Many companies in South Africa don’t give you any contracts if you are not BEE compliant. The world argue that, it’s because the whites are so rich and the blacks are so poor, we need to give it to them. I lived in Australia for 18 months and I am planning on going back, but the white people in South Africa are already poorer and the normal Australian white person and my family and most people I know have always been poorer having a lower standard of living than those white people. So rich and poor have a different meaning in different countries and if we as whites should become poor we will have to be very very poor to satisfy the world. I don’t think it’s fair, since we never received anything for free (even during apartheid). We had to go to school, university, finding jobs and improving ourselves. I still pay of my university debt. My grandparents went through the great depression in South Africa. My grandmother used to make clothes out of material where the meal was stored in. My great grand parents were survivors of the Anglo-Boer war. Both were the only survivors. He was a grave digger, she did the street’s washing just to stay alive. My dad could study because he got a bursary (through hard work) to make our lives easier. When looking at the normal Afrikaans neighbourhoods in South Africa like Boksburg, Brakpan, Welkom etc, the people are not wealthy. They tend to compare the whites with places like Sandton where the mine bosses lived. If you didn’t notice there are already some white squatter camps. I don’t think it’s wise distributing wealth by taking it from one and giving it to the other. No, I believe creating wealth is a better option. It won’t happen in South Africa. No African country ever created wealth after imperialism.
            On the way it should have worked and how to really reconcile South Africa. I would say FW de Klerk should have declared the Western Cape a separate country where the whites could have their own country and then give the rest of South Africa with all it’s economic developments to the blacks. The whites have been in the cape since 1652, there are more whites in the Cape than anywhere else in South Africa and our heritage is there. They should then have built the wall of China along the Orange river to ensure peace forever. The reconciliation was not dealt with fairly.

          • Star Brewer

            Are you seriously advocating for secession and a separate white nation in Africa?? As for the homelands/bantustans, they were no more than reservations. How could Verwoerd, the architect of apartheid, possibly devise a land distribution system that would have been equitable to black Africans? And what about the eastern Cape? Should the Xhosa just give up their homeland (which they have lived on before 1652) so that whites can have a country of their own? If you think that Verwoerd’s apartheid solution was so wonderful, then you and I will just have to agree to disagree. I can’t see myself aligning with one of history’s most prominent racists.

          • Adriaan Van Rhyn

            Star Brewer, I don’t think you clearly understood my points. I tried to explain to you what Dr Verwoerd was trying to do by applying apartheid policies. I agree that apartheid wouldn’t and shouldn’t last forever, but the reconciliation process was wrong. I can’t help that the European settlers went to the western cape in 1652 and if I could turn back time I would have told them to go straight to Australia and to not even go near South Africa. It would have been interesting to see how South Africa would have looked like, but that is beside the point. I said during the reconciliation process they should have given us the Western Cape where we were since 1652 so that at least we have somewhere to live in peace and govern ourselves without criticism from anywhere because there is always criticism when it comes to black and white. When the western cape is given to the Afrikaners and the rest of South Africa to the blacks I think there will be more peace, since each group has their own responsibilities and can’t blame the other, each group can then look after themselves and improve themselves and determine their own destiny. So to answer your question. The Xhosas can still live in the Eastern Cape because I was referring to the Western Cape and I didn’t align myself with Dr Verwoerd but explained his reasoning. Apartheid was like the Civil Rights Movement in the US I would say and until today people in America believe the Americans suffer from injustices done back then. Things take time…and I totally disagree with you that whites can’t have a part of South Africa. Where do you want us to go? We don’t have any other country except for South Africa and the Western Cape’s Khoisan and the Kahalahri Bushmen don’t actually exist anymore who has a legal claim on the Western Cape and what rewards do we get for brining first world standards and development to South Africa? I believe we have a right to be in South Africa, but I personally don’t want to be in South Africa because you fear for your live every day because of the brutal way people get killed. My dad was hijacked, I was held with a knife to my throat, we had about 3 break ins, two smash and grabs and some of my family were surrounded during a racist attack when they were involved in a minor car accident. That’s when I first realised the blacks hate the whites anyway. There is always uncertainty on the stability of our countries government. Corruption is even in the SADP where the SADP redistributed fire arms to criminals after the government ordered everyone to hand in their fire arms. The officials of our SADP and safety departments have criminal offences against their names. Thabo Mbeki and Zuma were part of the weapon scandal and Zuma now enriches himself. Malema sings hate songs and make the normal black person on street hate the whites. He commited fraud of millions and owes millions of tax money but will start ‘n political party next year and might go to parliament with his EFF party. (the people still support him). BEE transactions became so corrupt that Nyembezi-Heita had been appointed as the new JSE principal! All our municipalities in South Africa had qualified audit reports and some didn’t pay the electricity and water suppliers. These suppliers now decided to cut off the water and electricity. Town like Ermelo don’t have water anymore and the people now use reservoirs for drinking water. These towns had a whole working water system. Eskom never planned ahead on it’s electricity demands and no one is sure if Eskom will be able to supply enough electricity in the future. Eskom is the ony electricity supplier in South Africa. They announced a 15% increase in electricity. Can you refuse it? Eskom held a break fast for the ANC costing millions and their directors took millions of bonuses. Don’t they think about the people of SA? What is democracy in South Africa if the DA complained about Potchefstroom’s major and get him voted out of Potch’s municipality but then he refuses to leave? The people of the ANC then voted him back on again, because the ANC gave the people food. There are numerous examples. Even in our legal system there’s corruption. That’s why Mbeki and Zuma is not going to go to jail ever because they appointed the legal team themselves. Zuma spent hundreds of millions on his home, but when adding up all the other costs he costs billions. Think about his rape case and the shower thing. Women then showed posters: ‘Please rape me’. This is a country where rape is sky rocketing. Some country towns lifted their tar roads and made it dirt roads again, since the pot holes are too big. New born babies die in public hospitals because bad hygiene. Schools commit fraud with their matric results. Millions of illegal immigrants just walk into South Africa, even the lions got aids when catching them in the Kruger National Park. The government can’t stop rhino poaching and elephant poaching has just started. Drugs is a huge problem in South Africa. BEE took it’s toll because I won’t get a promotion or have a future. I will do the work I do till I die. When Mandela took over, I really started to believe South Africa might lead by example. At a stage I believed we might make a difference. Yes, at a stage I was positive. Now I ask you: Do you think South Africa is going to become like the rest of Africa? The reserves they’re using won’t last forever…

        • Henri le Riche

          Not sure what’s the story with your question about the AWB. Hope I understand correctly. Do you realise it was an organisation of 32 000 people?? We are 3 million (boring) Afrikaners. Boring people never make news. It’s always the individuals and small groups with funny views that do.

          They show this crap to people like you overseas, and in your mind, you think we are all like that. I’ve been to the US. I’ve seen and heard the crap you were told. The best was, people openly being racist towards me, merely because of my ethnicity and where i’m from and my skin colour. A white from Africa. Not knowing me from a bar of soap, yet were openly racist towards me, because they were made to believe, by your media, we were all from the AWB. This still goes on in the media. It’s the 3 million of us don’t exist. We’re not different than you average American. Just getting on with life and want to make the best of it we can with out being screwed over, or screwing over anyone else. We don’t have horns, and we don’t eat babies. We’re just normal people like you or anyone else.

          Yet many of these people, blacks and whites in the US, didn’t see their hypocrisy on their blatant racism towards me or others. They saw it as a “license” to get some racism out of their own system.

          I didn’t grow up with racism in my family. Yes, many did, and the other fact also is, many didn’t. (Again, in the media there were no 50/50. It would have defeated the purpose. You were made to either hate us 100% or not hate us at all. So generalization on the side of propaganda was a big tactic.

          So that’s why I said you probably think that I’m a racist because that’s the experience I have of people that usually attack us. Most don’t want to listen. Its easier just to assume and not hear otherwise, because they don’t want to feel what they know is not the truth. Sadly, a lot what you know is not the truth. If you believe me or not, nothing I can do about that. I am also willing to die what i believe in, and I can tell you now, as Nelson Mandela’s ANC won power due to injustice, we will make sure history repeat itself. This time, we are on the moral high ground. Time is our friend, and injustice will not go unpunished. Now or in the future.

          I’ve met some lovely people in the US and I knew, these so called “anti-racists”, were individuals, and most of them were closet racists, hiding behind their “non-racialism.

          So what I’m saying Star, is. Keep an open mind. Close mindedness, ignorance, plus generalizations, is what propaganda counts on.

          Secondly, you don’t know enough to make the statements you make about me being an ex-soldier. You assume things. Ask me proper questions, and I will give you proper answers. I came out of a house with good parents that taught me, you treat people they way you want to be treated. Most of us never had a voice to tell our sides of the story.

          Why did you think we went to army? (Again, why not ask me, than telling me?) Are you afraid i’m going to tell you something you don’t like that goes against what you heard?? Most of the people commenting on these areas seem to just go on the attack. Americans are split into left and right. It’s automatically assumed if you don’t agree, you must be then on the “other side”. Nobody ever agrees 100% and those who does, you have to be very weary of. People need to accept differences of opinion. Nothing is life is left or right, black or white. It’s those middle parts that make life hard to pinpoint. That is then so for South Africa too.

          If you love the truth, then we’re in the same boat but the difference between me and you is, I can tell you things, books or the media can’t, or didn’t.

          You might be surprised what you hear. Do you know our fellow soldiers were black? Though for some it was a race issue, for many of us it had to do more with culture. Many tribes and America’s situation, is very far from that of the US. Did you know they supported the west? We ate, cried and many died together to fight against Fidel Castro ( Who sent 10 000 troops to Angola as his support for the USSR to attack South Africa) Did you know many were our officers? There’s no race in the army contrary to what you were made to believe. It’s too easy to shout “Racist”, or “right wing”, when you hear something you don’t like. The truth is not left nor right. Not everything the left say are truth, and not everything the right say are lies, and visa versa. People, level headed people, stand together on issues of values and right and wrong. If you saw the evil we saw that happened, and still do, under the ANC, then you won’t be so lenient, but like i said, you were told only one story. Half a story. Don’t you like the truth?

          Did you know that we grew up in many areas of South Africa with blacks as our friends and even family? My parents for instance would attend parties, weddings or funerals. My late father built a small house for each of his black childhood friends with a little church we attended once a month together, with a black and white move in our house. This he did after returning from WW2. He lied about his age to go fight in North Africa at the age of 15. His friend, a older black man by the name of Esau looked after him because he didn’t have a mother. He came out of a very poor family of 8 and had to go beg for food in the black township. Afrikaners were the poorest whites in the world and largely because of the war when Great Britain burth all the farms, killed livestock and herded women and children into their infamous concentration camps. Nearly 1/3 of our population died. You were probably told and showed the stuff that happened in Johannesburg, and it was just accepted that’s how it was all over South Africa. Stories like mine, of which I am just one, went against the “Cause”. You were indoctrinated to hate, and when we say something, you’ll shoot us down. That’s MARXISM for you and good propaganda tactics. And I won’t lie about this, I hate the ANC for doing that, because 20 years later, as a small minority fighting for our survival, we still fight against the stereotypes. We sit with a black nationalist government, no better than the last white nationalist government, and this time they are roles reverses with racial laws. I had to leave South Africa to keep a job. (Incidentally an ingredient of racism is stereotypes. It’s “ok” to be racist towards us according to many)

          My life, and my experience, is not a lie. I hate lies with a passion, and sadly it’s ignorant people that spread these half truths as truth further, because they are not open minded enough to listen, ask questions, and take things in. The minds are closed, and unable to comprehend that people are different. Areas are different. Cultures are different.

          I’m not trying to justify myself to you. My family and friends know me, and so does many other people like me be able to tell you similar experiences.

          That’s why I post under my real name, my real photo as I don’t have anything to hide, or lie about. I am confident of signing what I say, with my name. I had to get my education outside of South Africa because contrary to belief, there was no money for me to study further in South Africa unlike the black kids now that get government grants due to racial quotas.

          However the ANC are the victors and they write history in the way they see fit. Is it 100% truth. No it’s not. To you it is, because you’ve not heard an alternative viewpoint I’m sure. If people close their minds and only think lob sided, how will they ever learn something? It’s not a right wing thing. It’s not left wing. You are either informed, or uninformed. The world sit with a lot of uninformed people unfortunately.

          Anyone that would like to email me and have questions, feel free to do so. Like I say, You treat me with respect, and I do the same.

          (Our forefathers were very liberal, but they soon discovered, the value system they learned in Europe, does not apply in Africa. Something that can get you killed. Literally.


          • Star Brewer

            I think that you are placing a lot of responsibility and blame for the current ANC on Nelson Mandela’s doorstep. He hasn’t even president for almost 20 years and he was not involved in politics for many years after he stepped down. I would be the first person to say that Jacob Zuma is a morally bankrupt president, more interested in self-enrichment for himself and his cronies. But what does that have to do with the personage of Nelson Mandela?

            Without, going into too many details, I am not ignorant of the history nor the current situation in South Africa, as you assumed. I can guarantee you that I know more about it than Victoria Jackson who appeared to watched a YouTube video and condemned the man for that reason.

            The inconvenient truth is that the struggle for freedom was just that–a struggle. It was not a result of sit-ins with black South Africans singing kumbaya nor did it end because benevolent Afrikaners thought it was the right thing to do. It was a revolution with the requisite blood, sweat and tears. The reason that people respect Nelson Mandela is that he was able to reunite a nation that would have otherwise been embittered by the struggle. South Africa could have gone the same direction as Zimbabwe if it were not for Nelson Mandela leading by the example of his own life. It is sad and pitiful that some people would rather hate them in order to maintain their confirmation bias.

          • Henri le Riche

            I think you missed the point that I’m saying a clear distinction need to be made between Mandela and the ANC. I spoke on the radio this morning on Michael Savage’ radio show and i made it clear Nelson Mandela’s “Invictus” of the movie of 1995, is not the same as the ANC of 2013. He was too frail and old to make any difference in 2013, but he clearly was not happy with his party.

            They used Mandela to hide their ideologies and racism. However 2014 is the start of big things what the world perception will be. It is the start of the end of the ANC.

            Many injustices going on by the ANC, with their racist laws many of your are not aware of. AA, BEE and many others. There are nearly 1 million whites of the nearly 5 million living in squalor. They are not allowed government support! As if poverty don’t discriminate.

            Even orphanages are not spared by black racism. Yet, the world is quiet….because they don’t know, or want to know. Hypocrisy and ignorance at it’s worst.

            Orphans didn’t ask to be in an Orphanage, and taking we make only 9% it’s a disgrace. Do you even know this is happening, including the mass hate crimes committed?



            Gregory Stanton is THE top expert on genocides. Genocides does not just mean mass murder, it ALSO means a coordinated strategy that takes place over a long period of time, with the goal to annihilate the bigger group. In this case the Afrikaner. (Lemkin: genocide)

            Gregory Stanton is renowned for his work in Rwanda and the Kmer Rouge’ genocides.


            Also remember the Afrikaner learned the hard way. They were put into concentration camps by the British which nearly annihilated our numbers. Mass rapes occurred with women and children left on farms.
            Minorities are not treated well in Africa, Any minorities. That is why the Afrikaner is part of the UNPO.org, joining the Aborigines, Tibetans and Pygmies to name a few.


        • MusingLew

          How utterly arrogant to have no idea what you are really talking about (other than what some lefty college professor told you) while trying to lecture a person that actually lived through the history you are misrepresenting. No wonder the US is going down the tubes….

        • Pam Dunn

          Nice work of pure FICTION there Star Brewer; Are you going to publish it under fantasies and other fairy tales of nonsense?

      • fbpdplt

        Henri…thanks for telling your side. I have met other Afrikaners in Australia a few yrs ago and they pretty much support what your saying. They all had some pretty compelling stories and had some resentment towards Americans for supporting this so called “hero” and his ANC. Hardly any Americans ever heard of the MK…and the brutality shown on American TV was always a one way deal. There were reports of murder and mayhem by the ANC but like that long winded character that wrote that ridiculous post comparing Mandela to George Washington they were always justified ,,because they needed to justify it to keep the poor Mandela story going ….The MEDIA in this country has been the source and reason for the rise of Socialism and lies we now have in the White House and in both houses of Congress……

    • Henri le Riche

      Mandela was a good leader. However, here’s the part some people don’t like hearing because facts usually mess up a goody-two-shoe story. I believe in the truth foremost, and NOT he cherry picked version sheep love hearing.

      Mandela had pleaded guilty to 156 acts of public violence including mobilizing terrorist bombing campaigns, which planted bombs in public places, including the Johannesburg railway station. Many innocent people, including women and children, were killed.
      Source: The State v. Nelson Mandela et al, Supreme Court of South Africa, Transvaal Provincial Division, 1963-1964, Indictment.

      1981 – 2 car bombs at Durban showrooms
      1983 – Church Street Bomb (killed 19, wounded 217)
      1984 – Durban car bomb (killed 5, wounded 27)
      1985-1987 – At least 150 landmines on farm roads (killed 125)
      1985 – Amanzimtoti Sanlam shopping centre bomb Dec 23 (killed 2 women and 3 children)
      1986 – Magoo’s Bar bomb (killed 3, wounded 69)
      1986 – Newcastle Court bomb (wounded 24)
      1987 – Johannesburg Court bomb (killed 3, wounded 10)
      1987 – Wits command centre car bomb (killed 1, wounded 68)
      1988 – Johannesburg video arcade (killed 1 unborn baby, wounded 10)
      1988 – Roodepoort bank bomb (killed 4, wounded 18)
      1988 – Pretoria Police housing unit, 2 bombs (wounded 3)
      1988 – Magistrate’s Court bomb (killed 3)
      1988 – Benoni Wimpy Bar bomb (killed 1, wounded 56)
      1988 – Witbank shopping centre bomb (killed 2, wounded 42)
      1988 – Ellis Park Rugby Stadium car bomb (killed 2, wounded 37)
      Late 1980s – numerous Wimpy Restaurant bombs (killed many, wounded many)

      The ANC also made explosives disguised as children’s toys. Mandela was a violent, Marxist, terrorist.


      • Star Brewer

        All the incidents you mentioned occured between 1981-1988. You do realize that Nelson Mandela was in prison during those years? How could he have committed those acts if he was behind bars?

        • Beaufort T. Vanguard

          Ever heard of a ‘shot caller’ from prison? I thought not.

          • J.D. Hendrix

            Shot caller, really? Are you aware of any facts about the prison he was in? Are you aware he was allowed to write one letter each month? Were you aware that each letter was censored by the prison?
            I understand it makes a better story with your version of facts, but the truth, in this case, is different than your assumptions.

          • Henri le Riche

            lol. Do you know the story you are being told is not the truth?

            His cell did not look like the one being “Sold” in the media. It’s goes against the narrative.

            Did you also know he didn’t live in that cell for most of his time on Robben island, but in the luxury of the Supervisor’s house of that island?

            You won’t because it goes against the story of the eternal victim that the ANC government of South Africa is trying to portray to the outside world.

            Now, let me state. I like Mandela. What I don’t like is the half truths that are sold to ignorant people as truth. That, I have a problem with. Lots of that going around to the unsuspecting public. Sheep love half-truths. Always have, always will.

            Here’s a good example: http://praag.org/?p=12244

        • Henri le Riche

          Thanks for asking and a good question at that. First you have to remember, Mandela never swore off violence till after 1994.

          He was the Commander in Chief of the MK, or Mkonto We Sizwe the military wing that committed those violent crimes.

          So I mentioned I liked Mandela. Yes I do especially for his leadership skills. However his party, the ANC, government of South Africa is not that organisation that furthered his ideals. Lots of atrocities happening against whites, Asians and other Africans not told to the outside world. However things will change soon as the focus will move to the South African government. His party used him in his vulnerable state as “smoke and mirrors”. They knew as long as he is alive the world won’t take notice.

          Facts are at your fingertips. You can look things up and will clearly see what you are not told. I can tell you stuff, but like all things, it’s you as an individual that need to check, and double check. Facts are not so cool. That is why some quickly call people names when they don’t like what they hear. I cannot do anything about facts. It happened. Always remember,main stream news that is for an appealing “politically correct” market, so in all. Not the whole truth. Truth kinda makes a great sounding story, basically sound crap…(With me personally, I like the truth, even if i don’t like it. Problem is most people don’t know the truth, and when the media tell them half truth, they just accept it. )

          I was one of the last Apartheid soldiers, what I saw with my eyes, and what people, civilians, and people abroad were told, were not the same thing. Lots of information was withheld. Not just by the Apartheid government,but by the media to portray only “black victims”. The “enemy” (Apartheid government) had to be hated at all costs, and even if it meant by lots of deception and lies. Luckly in 2013 people don’t seem so gullible anymore like in the 80′s, plus we have the internet. However people are lazy, and want to be spoon-fed. That we can’t do much about.

          What you get is the following.

          Lazy people+ love to be Spoon-fed = control of perception by Mass media

          Mass media is not about the truth. Some truth, some half truths, and most no mention of certain news. Any soldier will tell you, the more ignorant a civilian, the better, That is how you control your populace.

          Read up on “necklace murders”, or Quatro torture camp. Google is a great library with a Pandora’s box of info that’s waiting to be discovered. If people were just not that damn lazy.




          On an interesting note where the US is today in terms of control similar to South Africa.

          A KGB agent by the name of Yuri Bezmenov fled Russia in the 80′s. He said when you reach a certain level of social engineering on a massive scale, you can shower people with facts and they still won’t believe you. Worth watching


      • ConservativeBabyKL

        Thank you for posting that !

      • Lisa

        So, again, it is okay for white people to practice violence against non-white peoples, but terrorism if those non-white peoples take up arms to fight for their independence? Why did you not list any of the native people killed by white South African troops prior to Mandela’s support of violence, or do the deaths of non-white peoples not matter in your version of this story? Again, what do you people expect a suppressed people to do? If I apply your logic to all such , good old Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and their ilk were nothing more than criminals. If you suppress human beings, any human beings, they will eventually revolt…and in revolutions, people get killed. It is a very sad fact.

        • Henri le Riche

          You’re right. It’s called revenge.

          So with that logic, whites which are only 9% of the total population, a small minority, which is murdered by the majority, and black racists, should not fight back?


          If that small minority 70 000 have been murdered since the ANC came into power. A black nationalist Marxist movement, that is hell-bent on not letting the world know about the hate crimes committed by black racists.

          I suggest you do some research.


          Google “farm murders South Africa”

          Lots on Youtube if you got the stomach

          I am always amazed at sheep. Sheep are people that only knows part of history, but not the full history like you’d expect from intelligent educated people.


          So you’re right, the wheel is turning again….

          • Lisa

            You make this easy…so again, your people have a right to impose their will on others, using violence when they protest, without fear of reprisal, but the minute the subordinated people take up arms and react in violence they are criminals? Wish Ghandi’s solution was viable in every such situation, but I too would take up arms if I were being systematically denied the freedoms I believe are my right. Apparently, Afrikaners had no trouble taking up arms to perpetuate the system they created. Why are you appalled that the native Africans took up arms to defend their best interests? I’m sure there was an element of revenge in the violence in SA, but when your 9% took the majority of resources and wealth in SA and literally stated that the natives were inferior to the white colonists, did anyone really imagine that would end well? Sometime we reap what we sow.

    • fbpdplt

      You said a lot of the typical Liberal bull crap as usual!!! You justifying his terrorist past and his murdering ways is the always the game plan of the left. That’s all you ever hear… “yes he murdered and butchered people BUT ,,he had too because big bad USA wouldn’t help him..so he turned to the communist for help.”…you don’t mention that the help he got was bomb making material & weapons. You also don’t mention that he murdered many Black Africans as well. . The really ridiculous part was comparing him to George Washington., as if there was any comparison. You seem to forget Washington was appointed by an elected Continental Congress to be General of the American Militia & army. He did not resort to bombings , kidnappings, murder . & King George III thought of Wash. as a traitor to the realm, not a terrorist . There was also the matter of a little document called the “DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE”…I guess you were absent the day they taught HISTORY huh!.. The one part you never addressed was the increase in murder & crime since Mandela took power…..
      I know you lefties LOVE communism..hell you voted for OBAMA..and communism is no big deal right… even though Communist rulers all over the globe have murdered and imprisoned people by the millions The very people Mandela idolized and praised such as Castro, Mugabe,.Saddam Hussein, Qadafi, and Red China and the Soviet Union..all are responsible for the death of millions over the yrs..But what the hell whats a little terrorism and murder when you have to justify the far left hero and politically correct story of The liberal media . He brought his country to financial ruin not to mention the murder capital of Africa ..he did nothing for the very People he was supposed to have FREED….BUT telling that would besmirch a good liberal politically correct story ..when the truth interferes with the legend …TELL the legend.. I think ..maybe you should THINK ..about the truth!..//// Study George Washington & American REVOLUTION…..

    • fstookey

      Star Brewer you are too full of yourself!

    • Pam Dunn

      Usual left winger nonsense and absolute fictional BS.
      Probably a BLACK Mandela lover and Obama voter.

  • Silas DoGood

    FACTS are the FACTS!!!! Celebrating the DEATH of a socialist!!!!

    • Lisa

      have someone post you obit. I’ll save my dancing till then.

      • Silas DoGood

        Spoken like a true socialist-loving, slacker of society.

        • Lisa

          Actually Silas, went to college and everything. I am sure you will be thrilled to know I am a teacher. BTW, excuse the pronoun; oops….oh, and I am not a Socialist, but I do not wish people, such as those in the UK, who practice at least some of the tenants, harm. To borrow from said countries slang, I simply think you are a wanker to say such an insensitive thing in response to a man’s death, and wanted to give you a taste of your own medicine.

          • Sam Houston

            “Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government!” It’s funny how regular Joe Brits like their Socialist healthcare yet their Canadian counterparts hate theirs. The reality is, the Canuks being our neighbors know what it is like with a free-market based system of Private sector healthcare. The Brits no of no such difference to compare to.
            Being in the Military, I was involved in the Tricare system. It is run just like what the Obamacare is going to do. It was great for your Family, as long as there were no hiccups in the system. For the Serviceman or woman, it was mediocre at best. At times, it was not even available to a Service Member. We in the Service knew that to get care faster, you waited till after hours of the Base Clinic and went to the ER. All the Military docs wanted to do was to prescribe the magic M-pill (Motrin). I fell, landed on my neck, hit my head and blacked out overseas. I show up at Base Medical with a numb left hand and entire stinging arm, as well as, a bulge on at the base of my neck. He left me sitting in the waiting room the entire day. The Doc actually left before seeing me. I show up the next morning with a torn rotator-cuff and all he wants to do is prescribe Motrin and give me a standard referral to a civilian doctor that would have taken 2 months to see (you can only see certain doctors under the Tricare Prime plan). I complained to the Doc and he wrote up a stat referral that took 36 hours before it was even approved. That was 3 years ago. I was medically discharged not for the injury but because my body fat index was too high. Kicked out on my can. Now I am still suffering with no diagnosis still yet after going thru the VA for over a year. All completely worthless waste of time. The referral process needs to be abandoned. My GF has Tricare Prime. She needed to switch her PCM. Tricare sent her to a Specialist to be her PCM. A Specialist cannot be a PCM and the Doc refused to treat her or give a referral. She was having chronic sinus and ear pain waiting 3 weeks for this appointment. We called Tricare to see what the gaff was. They screwed up but wanted her to wait till over the weekend. It was Friday just after noon. Referrals are not a requirement of Doctors. It is a requirement put upon them by Insurance Companies to control their costs and profit margins. We had to speak to several people and argue that it was their screw up and that they were totally within their power to correct it immediately. This is Obamacare.

          • Lisa

            I love Monty Python, Sam. And thank you for your service to our country, but I am not touching the healthcare debate with a 10 foot pole. I do believe that people should have healthcare. As a teacher, I of course have a fondness for children and want to see them taken care of properly. My problem with the system we had was that though very low income people had access through Medicaid, people employed in lower paying working class jobs were ineligible for help and could not afford insurance. I am skeptical about Obama care alleviating this problem though. Skeptical of anything coming from either dominate party working,….

  • jmessick

    Just shows what re-branding can do!

  • ConservativeBabyKL

    So many in my circle believe he did so much good . So misinformed , HISTORY CLEANSED. Mass murder terrorist. Burn in hell.

    • S. Wicks Jr

      Next they will praise Charles Manson. Maybe even a biography of the killer…

  • gondolin25

    This is a ridiculous compiling of distortions. Basically, if you wanted to make me out to be an evil person, you could, because I’m a sinner and I have no right to a good name. It’s not hard to mix truth with falsehood to make it even worse — which is what this article does. Obviously it was a surprise to many people when Mandela didn’t turn out like Mugabe when he was elected — but he ended up redeeming his legacy for the most part. He is definitely not perfect. It’s especially grievous to accuse him of being responsible for terrorists “deaths” with absolutely nothing to back it up nor mention of who he was fighting his war against. And then to also act like he personally administered everything negative that happened after he was released…

    • Henri le Riche

      Here’s one for you. The Church street bomb was South Africa’s “Boston” moment. Just worse.

      In the 80′s Americans were kept ignorant. Still are sadly. I still love America. Just a shame on how your media control your perception of the world and history.


      • Reiley

        You seem like a bitter guy. I read everything you posted. You are not very believable. In fact I think you are not telling the truth at all. The white minority kept the blacks from voting or participating in the political process for over 200 years. Apartheid was very, very wrong. And yet you heap all the dirt on the Nelson Mandela. Sorry, I am not buying it.

        • Henri le Riche

          Well no point in talking then. Guys like you have your minds made up and nothing will change it. Just goes to show how far many of you guys are brainwashed into bias. So don’t buy it. Believe what you want to believe.

        • fbpdplt

          There are two kinds of FOOLs..those that believe something un-true and those that won’t accept the truth!!…your definitely in category two

  • J.D. Hendrix

    Other notable terrorists – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams . . .

  • J.D. Hendrix

    Oh, if I would have known it was that Victoria Jackson, I would have understood the lack of coherence and facts!

    • Unlo4

      Thankfully we have washed up actresses to educate us on history.

  • Isschade

    There’s a billboard of him on I75 in central GA. I’ll have to look and see what it’s about. I’ll take a pic if possible.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    “If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America.” _ Nelson Mandela

    • AZWhitey

      True words.

      • 2War Abn Vet

        No nation has done more, spend its treasure for, or sacrificed more for the ungrateful other nations of the world than the United States. – Rick Bridgeman

  • Wayne

    He’s swimming in the magma with the rest of the dead reds.

  • Domino

    why would Clint even deem making this movie?

  • livefreeordie

    I’m glad you found this. I was actually going to see if I could send it to you. Yes, it was quite an eye opener because I never had paid him much attention. As the video states, he authored How To Be a Good Communist and invented “necklacing”.

    Necklacing – The practice of summary execution carried out by forcing a
    rubber tire, filled with gasoline, around a victim’s chest and arms and
    setting it on fire.” I tried to include a photo of a victim, but wasn’t
    able to paste it in here.

    What a guy.

    And look at our Mandela taking photo ops and praising his name, with all the uninformed voters licking it up.

  • forrealcommonsense

    It is not the farewell that is important (for the ungodly will sing your praises if one belongs to the ungodly) rather which reception you are invited to on the other side is what counts….

    • Reiley

      I am sure he is very welcome. And what makes you so godly anyway. I am sure you are just like the rest of us. Human. And hater as well.

      • forrealcommonsense

        None of us can measure unto God’s Holiness, God’s Perfect Standards. Every human created is a potential brother in Christ, I can only hope that they will all submit. Any who do not submit when God is actually calling him that person is showing his depravity.
        God created hell as a place of outer darkness away from His presence and those of godly people so that godly people won’t get hurt. Sin hurts us it cannot hurt God, except break His heart. You cannot lie to God, He is perfectly whole if one cheats on Him, He doesn’t loose His cool when one steals from Him He can create trillions and trillions more what we would deprive Him of…but try being the recipient of all and more that I just mentioned and you will see how painful it is. Also keep in mind democracy is a human failed institution it doesn’t have a chance as a form of government in Heaven’s Tabernacles.

  • Frans

    “Yet you never mention the brutality of the apartheid regime brutally murdered, tortured many including women and children. Don’t believe me? Look up June 16, 1976 when the SADF fired and killed school children. In fact, the SADF regularly enforced the racist apartheid policy through violence. Now why wouldn’t you mention all of this, if you are trying to inform people?”

    You make it sound like the SADF lined the students up against a wall and had the fire peloton execute them. We all know that is far for the truth. The author likely didn’t mention it, because we all know it all too well. We all know all too well how wrong some of the policies of the apartheid regime were. By saying Mandela was involved in some evil stuff, does not imply that the author condones the racist policies of the old regime !

    Are you saying that because of a protest march gone tragically south (to give you an idea of how frenzied up the mob was, look up Dr Melville Edelstein), Mandela’s mkhonto we sizwe was justified in bombing defenceless civilian places, aka terrorism ? To me, killing defenceless women and children to propagate a cause can never be justified.
    So even if you think mkhonto we sizwe were justified in carrying out their terrorist attacks, and that Mandela had virtually no hand in it (despite founding the organisation, and the mkhonto veterans still seeing him as their leader) because he was in prison at the time, do you not think the very very least he should have done, is publicly denounce their terrorist tactics and distance himself from it ? With maybe even a hint of remorse ?
    Every killing at the hands of the MK “freedom fighters” is forgotten and forgiven without a mention, but every white man who harmed a black man was dragged in front of the truth and reconciliation committee ?

  • Sandy Underpants

    I heard on right wing talk radio yesterday that republicans/racists were trying to disparage Mandela as a terrorist so I thought I’d google “Mandela Terrorist” and see what came up, and this article was #4. I thought Victoria Jackson went off the deep end of cookoo land back in the George Bush days, but I didn’t know she fell to this level. Trying to diminish Mandela by associating him with legalizing Abortion and Pornography??! I didn’t know making South Africa a more free nation was a bad thing, but for Republicans I guess it is. Keep up promoting this sort of racist republican point of view. If it wasn’t a lock that Hillary Clinton is the next president of the US, articles like these make it an even greater certainty.

  • CentralKYPatriot

    No comment on my part needed….


  • ocarol500

    I cannot convince my 90 year old mother that what I read to her from this article on the Internet is the truth. She says “this is America and anyone can say anything and write it on the Internet” — if she has an opinion already, new facts or the truth will not sway her. She says “what’s wrong with abortion if it keeps a child from living a miserable existence?” — if I try to explain she tells me she will not listen to me and “that is the end of this discussion, PERIOD!” If I continue, I’m told I can go back to my home & not spend what may be her last Christmas with her. To keep the peace I shut up. My next visit in the summer will be much shorter if she’s still alive. At least when she dies, she’ll know what I read to her from the Internet was true. Maybe that is my only consolation!

  • Sam Houston

    Vickie J! Where ya been girl? Thanks for helping to get the truth out there. MTV spoon fed Generation in the 80′s a bunch of BS. Anyone remember the “Down with Apartheid” and “Free Mandela” t-shirts? I do find it telling that President Obama regrets not meeting Mandela (in his own speech). How long has he been President? Almost 6 years? All of these leeches coming out of the woodwork trying to get their 15 minutes of TV time had not said a peep about Mandela much long after he became the South African President. All hypocrites. Of course, they still believe Che Guevera to be a martyr for freedom and idolize him so.

  • MarcJ

    The world has gone to hell. We celebrate the communist mass murderers like Mandela and Arafat, we elect a Marxist Muslim from Kenya as our President…

  • lifehaven

    It always gets back to the old saying that is over 2,700 years old: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink: Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!”

  • sbryant

    I never could figure out the media Love affair with Mandela. He was not a Dr. Martin Luther King seeking equal civil rights.

  • Florian Bauer


  • Alfred Palumbo

    The man is gone so let him rest in peace…

    • Wolfenberry

      Should we let Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini rest in peace simply because they are dead? Tell that to the thousands of books written about them since their deaths…

  • Ando

    Fact is Mandela was a terrorist, who committed atrocities and the main and painful truth of it is that the world was changing, becoming more “tolerant” So if you was black and fighting for a cause, were the white man was apparently the aggressor. OR BEING RACIST on the world scene you would be seen to be the victim. Were am sure in some cases this was true in South Africa, there is no denying that it was a racist country, but bombing innocent woman and children, and destroying people homes and lives is not right. Mandela spoke of equality but as we all now he had no such intentions. He like many other “minorities” had a chip on his shoulder and a vendetta against the white people of South Africa!!

    The same people that gave the country the second most profitable economy in the world. Now look at it!!!………… rotting in its own crap, because a bunch of tribal loons are running the country. There is a reason why every country in the world that is run by these so called ” minorities” is in s*** state.

    They like Mandela are narrow minded and care only for themselves……

    FACT most “Minorities” are RACIST and blame the world and everyone else for there animal like behavior……. slave trade, don’t give us jobs, blah blah boring un educated fools. like ( MANDELA).

  • Rebecca

    http://www.policymic.com/articles/75923/if-nelson-mandela-was-a-terrorist-as-some-claim-then-so-was-george-washington If any of the people reading this page are actually interested in reality or perspective…

  • Lisa

    are you nuts…the native people had been subjugated by European colonists….violence was practiced by colonists on the native people…they were supposed to mindlessly accept their subjugation? it is not as if he did not have a reason to militarize. the founding fathers and their followers in the US were called terrorists too. we in the US just call them the winners. you sound like the old timers in my own beloved though flawed South who speak of how well blacks had it during segregation. the price of colonization is always violence. why are you surprised that people fight oppression, and most humans fight dirty. The British colonists are, I suppose, innocent of any atrocities perpetuated upon the natives they oppressed in your version of history. Perhaps Mandela was not the saint he is being portrayed as in the media, but if he was a violent man, he had a pretty good reason. Or are you going to tell me how idealic life was for the native people of SA during apartheid. Self serving prattle of an obvious bigot.

    • Wolfenberry

      It sounds to me that you trying to say that the simple existence of Apartheid made it ok for Mandela to kill people. Sorry, but such a statement is ugly, no matter how you look at it.
      And sorry, but “fighting dirty” doesn’t include murdering innocent people. I don’t know what country you are from, but the founders of my country, the United States, did not kill babies and innocent civilians by placing tires around their necks and burning them to death.

  • John

    Was this meant to make him look bad? If so maybe they did the job, he was a good leader of his people is that what counts? Could they find points of other politicians or presidents anywhere else in the world to evoke such a similar feeling? I imagine so either way it is granted to the opinion of the reader and I am not here to sway you one way or the other, yet simply wish to make this a little bit less biased or if still biased to hold others to this same standard.

    • Wolfenberry

      No, we can’t find any photos of other leaders embracing Castro and saluting Communists, sorry!

  • Pam Dunn

    The idiot liberals of this country want to make him out to be some “super hero” and ALL he really was IS terrorist, COMMUNIST. Murderer, and low life thug.
    HOW STUPID IS Obama and our other politicians?
    Is this a “person” they should respect and worship?; The Answer for ANY INtelligent person is a resounding “NO !!”
    Too bad they didn’t take him out and shoot him like he deserved INSTEAD of letting him live for 27 years in prison.
    All those blacks IMMIGRATED into South Africa AFTER the DUTCH AFRIKANERS had turned it into a productive place to live.. Nothing bt the usual Blacks STEALING what they didn’t earn OR deserve.

  • Tracey Schnettler-Wheeler

    So funny! Does this man have any proof of his interview with Nelson Mandela. All I hear is a bunch of loaded crap about an interview (that was supposed to have happened) between him and Mandela. Hilarious! People will actually believe anything they hear from one person, when that one person has no proof. OMG!


    The “Left” always distorts real history. Just look at the history of Slavery in the U.S. The first slave owner was a Black man and the biggest slave owner at 1100 plus slaves was a Black plantation owner in South Carolina. Evil always rewrites history.

  • John Mocek

    I like how this article does not mention the institutionalized racism that plagued South Africa for 300 years, or the codified and lawful racism after 1948 by the white minority. Would you not be ready to rise up, as well, if you were discriminated against based on your skin color? What about religion? Sexuality? Political beliefs? What if all white, Christian, conservatives had to have a passbook which anyone who was in the dominate class(es) could check to see who you were, where you live, what you do, and why you are even in the area? What if you were denied ownership of property for those reasons? What if you could not associate freely with whoever you wanted to for those reasons? What if you could not go to the beach, the store, the movie theatre, the school of your choosing, or vote for those reasons? Would you not be ready to rise up and use potentially violent means to assert your freedoms? Based on other articles on this site, it seems like many readers/commenters are ready and happy to rise up against President Obama for a host of different reasons: The Affordable Care Act, gun legislation, Benghazi, NRA, IRS, advance of marriage equality, pro-choice polices, etc. So, please, continue to defend lawful racism and oppression, but do not complain when the election stealing, Kenyan, Nazi/Muslim, gay, terrorist loving, welfare queen supporting, troop hating, socialist, Benghazi denying, dictator President takes away your basic freedoms.

  • sarah

    I agree on everything.

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  • don’t be dumb

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