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I Told Alan Colmes He Was a Fool…

…tonight and he’s having me back on his radio show, next Wednesday, Jan. 29, to debate a Muslim.

I told Alan that we should have an amendment to the First Amendment, that says, “Any religion that kills, or threatens to kill the other religions is banned from our country.”

I told Alan he was a fool because ‘political correctness’ has blinded him from common sense and from seeing the enemy within.

Tonight’s interview with Colmes here. I was talking on my cell while driving to an anti-Common Core meeting.

In this link, just posted onto the Internet, the Alan Colmes Show conveniently edited out my explanation that Islam is not just a “religion,” it’s also a military system and a political system; they edited out me explaining the recent Manchester, TN Muslim Outreach I attended where U.S. citizens, 1,000 of us were told by U.S. Attorney Bill Killian (story here) that if we say something derogatory about Islam on the Internet, we can be “federally prosecuted.” We were holding signs that said, “Freedom of Speech.” Story here.

I’m a nice person, I don’t say unkind things, but I do tell the truth, and that’s offensive sometimes..truth like the fact that one of Mohammed’s wives was named Aisha and she was 8 years old.

The Alan Colmes Show also edited out my story about supporting House Bill 1129 at the TN Capital this week and having Remzya Suleyman (connected to Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood/terrorists) sitting 3 rows behind me. The bill, believe it or not, requires public schools to teach the Constitution, Declaration, founding documents, and achievements Americans have made that have helped the world! They edited out me explaining that the biased, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian textbooks currently used in TN schools and published by the Pearson Foundation (recently fined millions for breaking the law), were written by…Muslims. Susan Douglass who taught at the Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA) and Shabbir Mansuri who is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.

By the way, Egypt declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization on Dec. 25, 2013. And, Obama has Muslim Brotherhood friends in the White House. Who are they? Read story here.

I will be posting 5 articles in the next few days, supporting my comments. You can check my past research by putting “Muslim” in the search box.

Alan wanted a list of names of Muslims in America who have threatened to kill us. I’ll have a full list next Wednesday. Go here to get a list of Muslim Brotherhood (terrorists) in the White House. Here’s a great article about Egypt confirming the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House.

So, names? Let’s start at the top, the White House;

Arif Alikhan, Homeland Security (?!!)
Mohammed Elibiary, Homeland Security (?!!)
Rashad Hussain, OIC
Salam al-Marayati, MPAC
Imam Mohammed Magio, ISNA
Eboo Patel, Obama’s Advisory Council !!

“In 2009, the WND Books bestseller “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret World That’s Conspiring to Islamize America” featured an internal Council on American-Islamic Relations memo written in 2007 that called for infiltrating the “judiciary, intelligence and homeland security committees” by, among other things, “placing Muslim interns” in Capitol Hill offices.”

The book also uncovered new evidence that CAIR directly funded Hamas and al-Qaida terrorist fronts.”

Story here.

Alan wanted proof that there are terrorist training camps in the U.S. See above video or google it.

Related story here.

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  • soraya

    you honestly sound really pathetic being judgemental about another religion. you haven’t read the quran, you’ve only looked things up on the internet and you found that one mosque is supposedly a “terrorist training group” and now you think that every muslim is a terrorist and trying to kill you? it doesn’t exactly work that way. I’m muslim and I was listening to what you were saying and by the sound of what was going on he didn’t have your side. before you try to judge a muslim, get to know one. and I know you mentioned that you were going to a common core meeting a while ago, maybe you should go to common sence meeting. so to be honest, you don’t know anything about muslims. go make a article about that.

    • Theresa

      We know a heck of a lot more than you think we know. We have very good first hand accounts of what goes on in muslim countries, and how muslims are invading Europe. Start here buddy…..

      • Taiyon Demyers

        Muslims invading Europe?? How? By buying plane tickets and filing out visa paperwork? That’s a real terrible invasion plan. But lets totally ignore the fact that Europe has been invading every land mass on the planet for centuries.

    • Fred Benson Jr.

      Soraya, when Muslims crashed into the trade center, did you celebrate as many did in the mid east, if not did you say this is wrong stop doing this to the attackers? Do you notice how when these violent actions take place a billion Muslims are silent while people are killed in the name of Allah? Once you become aMuslim are you required to obey sharia law? Sharia is indeed not just punishment by terrible men who hate women, but a government making sure women are slaves to men. Not so? Then why do we not hear from a million Muslims who say it is a religion of peace? As another post asks you to do, do you look at the world at all and see who is doing all the killing. How is it in Egypt, fori nstance all the Coptic Christians are murdered by Muslims and why? Why is it in any Muslim country no other religion is allowed. . The USSR had a fence around it for years, it wasnt so much to keep people out, it was to keep people there who would rather leave! The same is true with being a Muslim, the penalty is death if you decide to not be a Muslim anymore, more than a little strict , why? To stop people from running away from their very own slave masters.

    • Lynn Recic

      Nice meaningless rant. Try standing up & denouncing the Jehad murderess aspects of your religion, You wont,you Muslims never do.Because you’re complicit.
      The world has had it with your fucked up religion,I see another Holocaust coming,only it wont be the Jews this time. It will be Muslims that are purged from this earth,
      You can go anywhere in the world & say terrorist & it is instantly associated with Muslims.
      Why is that? Is the hole world uneducated about you & your religion? Are we out of line,i dnt think so.

      • Taiyon Demyers

        Why should he have to denounce jihad? Are you going to denounce Warren Jeff’s and his mormon, polygamous cult? Are you going to denounce the klan, an organization that has committed more terrorist acts than any group from any islamic country? Are you going to denounce a lot of these christian fundie terrorist who bomb abortion clinics? Are you going to denounce the westboro baptist church when they say things like thank god for dead soldiers? Hell no and I wouldn’t expect you to. It’s universally accepted even over there that strapping bombs to yourself is not a good thing to do.

        • Nancy ONeill

          Everyone denounces all the groups you name. Jeff in in jail. Polygamy doesn’t kill people. The Klan in nonexistent due to Americans actively stopping them. If we catch a bomber we prosecute them. Most of our bombers are suicidal and Muslim. While the Westboro Baptist church is allowed to demonstrate the hateful ideals and are disgusting to most Americans, they don’t kill people. In America there is free speech even if it is hateful. But killing is never ignored or excused. So you are wrong on every point. American law allows freedom of religion, but murder is illegal. Your religion promotes murder and people like you are silent on that. We are not. Our God is a God of love and compassion. His people are imperfect, but he is the one true God. Your God was a pedophile and promoter of hate.

        • NoCrud

          Are you really, really a Muslim apologist? Huh?

        • wink1026

          Please go somewhere

    • Wingedgodd3ss

      Have you denounced Muslims that call for jihad on no -believers? Do you acknowledge that Islam is violent? That 50% of Muslim men engage in homosexuality? That Muslim men marry children? Or am I totally wrong and the parts of the Koran that I have read are false? Oh yeah and part of Islam is that you can lie to further Islam….. Is that a lie too?

    • wink1026

      No, your the dumb a@s , that has not read your own book of lies. You believe in the Q, so it says you can lie, cheat, con, and if we don’t turn, you can kill the infidel. Got news for you and your kind, we own this land with the blessing of Jesus Christ not Mohammad. Oh did you know he was a child molester & killer, raped & killed women, young boys? Now for the bad news for your kind.
      The veterans of this country and We the People, over a million or two, if need be we will defend, our people, land, to the point that this will end in the streets. Now go kiss your camel and have you’re way with him or her.

  • Theresa

    Thank you Victoria. I love getting your posts. Can’t stand Colmes and admire you for being able to sit in the same room with him. It’s no surprise that important points you made were edited out. Ignore the muslim (soraya). They honestly believe we are not on to them? Eventually, I am hoping Americans wise up and get them all out of our country! IMHO, they are animals. It’s not being racist, it’s telling the truth.

  • CentralKYPatriot

    Muslim terrorists crossing Mexican border.

  • Bryant

    Well done, Victoria! You go, girl!

  • NoCrud

    Here is another, somewhat-related article by Victoria:

  • johnsnare

    Victoria,now we all know why Hannity dumped Colmes a long time ago. Probably the most obnoxious, left wing liberal AHole on the tube. Why OReilly has him as a guest, boggles my mind.

    • Jeronimo Dan

      O’Reilly is really not than sharp, he just talks loud and over rides his so called guest. I call them window dressing as he’s never let anyone fully answer any question’s put before them.

      When it come to Colmes, he should be shown the door to a communist country.

  • momazilla

    They demand you show them “proof”; yet when you do, they claim it is false. There is no pleasing them and they will not believe you until it is too late and the terrorists are kicking in their door. Then they will blame YOU for not warning them. Keep up the fight.

  • JimmmyTheKnife

    It’s so unfortunate that Alan is an intellictually dishonest fool. He is a nice guy, otherwise.

  • 1Pummalo1

    Colmes is a completely blinded sheeple if confronted with facts he, like most liberals in a discussion they cant win or refute, sit with a silly grin showing their ivories or talk fast trying to drown out the other participants

  • Jeronimo Dan

    Colmes should be tried for Treason and if found guilty, put up against a firing wall.

  • Doctor_M7

    I would call him a moron apologist for the democratic party.

  • blackhawk132

    Hey , Wait a minute people . Let me explain how honorable Islam is. ????? Oh damn ; I can’t even think of even one thing.

  • beatlessunking

    You’re a lier. Everything that you said that Allan edited, I heard on the radio. Why is it that you good Christian conservatives always have to lie to make your point? I am reading some of the post, you guys love to throw around word’s like communist and Marxist and socialist, do you even know what they mean? I doubt it. You love to use the word idiot, yet its you people who could have the truth being slapped in your face and you still wouldn’t believe it. You people would make Adolf Hitler proud. You just believe in propaganda and that is all. You are not patriotic. You lie about what the founding fathers intended. Read you history books. Do you even know who the Koch brothers are. There your republican party. They fascist. Not patriotic.

    • NoCrud

      Hey Saul… Is that you, Saul Alinsky? Come on. Spit it out. No one will tell on ya.

  • beatlessunking

    Oh by the way, I posted the other night that Victoria lied about Colmes editing what she said and my post was taken off. So much for free speech. You guys are really about freedom and liberty, arn’t you? Lol

  • sludog

    Alan Colmes is a fool, the sun rises in the east, democrats lie, the earth turns, all rock solid FACTS. What’s new here?

  • Bonk

    It blows my mind that a peron in the USA can be prosecuted for saying anything derogatory about Islam, but can freely insult any other religion. It almost seems that the administration is encouraging people to insult Christians. Even liberals should be concerned about this persecution of Christians and promotion of Islam. If Islam ever becomes the rule (Sharia), the libs will surely regret it.

  • NoCrud

    Just to put Colmes back in his tiny place, about 25 years ago, he and Rush Limbaugh were on a TV station in Sacramento every day with a five minute or so mini-debate. With regularity, Rush cleaned Colmes’ plow, thoroughly. If it were not so funny to see the little weasel trying to grin his way of his rank stupidity, someone might have felt sorry for him. And the net result is what you see today:

    Rush has his nationwide show, and it is popular on the American Services Radio & TV satellite feed to the Armed Forces around the world, and is paid abundantly (to the chagrin of his wannabe detractors) AND Mr. Alan Colmes is a sometimes guest on a talk show where he continues to peddle his naive, baldfaced ignorance.

  • Saltporkdoc

    You go girl! Hold their feet to the fire!
    Remember, “The truth shall set you free”!
    Of course, Colmes will continue only to carry the water for the camels.

  • Mary

    I have been saying he is a fool for years
    Ask his Republican sister imagine putting up with him at family

  • Josephine Mauro

    It’s time for the American people to take this threat to task. We the people have a right to protect our country against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  • Don Sbragia

    You called him “a fool”? Hmmm. Seems I remember Jesus saying something about those who call others “fool”. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but … it’ll come to me. Not sure I’d crow about such a thing, myself. It would be kind of like saying “Hey, everybody, look at me! In my zeal to “Follow Jesus”, I’m ignoring what He actually said!” Kind of ironic, don’t you think?