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Dr. Greg Brannon is a STAR


Dr. Greg Brannon, candidate for Senate from NC, is a conservative STAR. I heard this OB-GYN, born again Christian, father of 7, 2 are adopted, on the radio this morning and was so impressed. He has the gift of communicating the conservative message passionately, factually, and effectively. I’m praying for more leaders like Dr. Brannon and Dr. Ben Carson, Cruz, Paul and Lee to rise up and lead us out of this rapid descent into tyranny.

Interview with Glenn Beck here.

Dr. Brannon believes in sovereign borders and LEGAL immigration. He says, “Well first off, I believe it’s a service not politics. I’m 53. Our generation is going to pass on a less free America, unless we stand. And I’m not going to look at my children’s faces and the 9,000 babies I delivered 15 years from now and they say: Where were you in the fight for liberty. This is 1770 all over again,” Brannon said. “Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul – that’s our future of our country. It’s going back to our foundational core beliefs and who we are. And I’m not going to sit here on the sidelines.”

Brannon read H.R. 2590 (aka Obamacare) in its entirety because he believes “in knowing how things work and why.” He says Common Core, Agenda 21, and Obamacare are “an anathema.” He says, “I believe Liberty is simple.”

“Jefferson wrote to his nephew: Challenge everything. And we have to challenge this idea of who we really are,” Brannon said. “…ask…two questions: Who is sovereign, and what is the role of government. And both those are answered in the second paragraph of Jefferson’s declaration… I’m just pumped to be out here. We have to make this Constitution what it means – that’s what Washington challenged us.”

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  • the_puppy
  • Kelly Bennett

    It is a civil suit and he was not convicted of fraud, as I hear so many trolls posting. It will be appealed. He is the candidate that gives me the most hope for taking back the US from the liberal Obama agenda. He has an almost photographic grasp on the Constitution, and is definitely an expert. He is a constitutional conservative who talks the talk and walks the walk. There is a “Reaganesque” quality to his message of limited government, lower taxes, deregulation of business and strong adherence to the Constitution. Individual freedom and a free market economy are also important to him. He is against NSA spying, Obamacare, Common Core, amnesty, toll roads and Obama’s executive orders, which are stripping us of our rights that are guaranteed by God and are protected by the Law of the Land. He is Pro-life and believes that it is a God given right, as outlined in the Constitution, to have the Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness from conception to death. He will stand against the establishment, joining, instead, the likes of the true conservatives in the Senate, including Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. He is courageous and will never back down from his convictions. And finally, just a note about the article. He is the father of six girls and one boy, with three of his girls adopted from China. They are homeschooled by his engaging wife, Jodi. We need Greg Brannon in the Senate to change the direction of our country and to have a man of integrity from the great state of NC in DC.

  • Kelly Bennett

    Greg Brannon’s co-defendant, Robert Rice, who got off without paying a dime breaks down the court case with 570’s Pete Kaliner. Pete says the jury was dead wrong to rule against Greg after EVERYONE admitted Greg was the least involved, all defendants said the same things, and everyone else walked. I included a picture of the email that was the only evidence against Greg and Robert explains why Greg should have been the first to be found innocent in this case.

    Keep in mind this trial was timed to be decided during the election filing period. The Judge is a registered “big time” Democrat and threw out everything Greg’s team wanted in the case. Those who sued Greg are Democrats. And Greg did everything he could to try and help those who sued them with their money troubles.

    Greg is running as a Republican for the U.S. Senate and is supported by some of the best names in modern conservatism. An honest Christian man who believes in the Constitution, has adopted 3 children from China and has 7 children total, Pro-Life, and a faithful husband. There are some political opportunists trying to use this against him but the good news in his campaign is only getting stronger and many who have faced these same injustices are coming to his defense. As for me, I’ll be doing everything I can to get him elected to represent my wife and 5 children, our state of NC, and the ideals of Reagan conservatism.
    Greg Brannon court case a PROVEN