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Victoria Jackson Campaign Video # 2

Why should you vote for me for Williamson County Commissioner for District # 2 on August 7, 2014?

Because…”She’s for We the People,” says Zack, the guitar teacher/singer/songwriter.
“…She’s very serious-minded,” says Buddy Kalb on Music Row. (Sorry for the bad lighting – was using cell phone)
“… there’s more to VJ than meets the eye,” says Mr. Thompson, “there’s the ditzy VJ…and there’s the
extremely ditzy VJ.” (I think he was joking)
“I passionately care about saving America, I’m transparent, and I listen,” says me.


(campaigning for Steve Gawrys for TN House District 61 last weekend)

Steve Gawrys, conservative, is running against Charles Sargent (RINO) who has been in office 18 years and is supported by Gov. Haslam, the Progressive (Communist) who supports Common Core.

Let’s get out of our comfort zones, and go out and save America!!! Join us!

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  • kqs

    adolf hitler was a nationalist who touted German exceptionalism.

    he preached against the dangers of marxism, communism, homosexuality,
    and trade unions. he opposed immigration he banned marriages he saw as
    immoral he embraced Christianity/Catholicism and persecuted all those he
    saw as unorthodox or immoral.
    he rose to and held power by playing on fears and vulnerabilities of a war-torn and economically depressed society

    look, i dont expect people to be what they aren’t, lucky me because im less disappointed than you are.
    what i cant stand… is the hypocrisy… it makes me “VERY sad”

    and “that is all I have to say about that”

    • BMW Metro

      Please go on from your premise, tie your statements together, and reach a conclusion.

      • kqs

        im sorry there really is no point, anyone who is… deliberately blind… will not see.
        if you see, great. it makes me smile. :)

        i read the bible. i love Jesus and He has forgiven my sins, and i want only to emulate His life. “Lord be merciful to ME, a sinner. i can say it like i mean it because i do.
        its on my lips every time i speak to Him… first thing out of my mouth.

        but for any in the tea party, to whom “it doesnt apply to”
        i can only pray they turn from their self-righteous, pharisee attitude, and become a true Christ-lover.

  • Pazuzu

    If’n I didn’t ‘live in North Carolina you’d have my vote, VJ.

  • BMW Metro

    Luv that Caddy! White leather interior too! I used to hand rub Simonize Paste Wax on those beasts back in the ’70’s to pay my way through private school. I still use Simonize today. Good luck to you all. – Paul from PA.

  • LeftleaningTx

    Victoria, this gift that keeps on a giving.
    She presents the absolute finest example of a Tea Party member.
    Outright proud of her ignorance !!
    I can think of no better example of an opponent to the Democrats.

    So please keep talking Victoria and why not have Dick Cheney on
    with you next for a PSA that the world need to hear while your at it !!


  • RonCantrell

    Still got those great boobs?

  • Terrapin

    Ok, the hand stand is impressive.