Eric Metaxas is the new Johnny Carson!

Victoria Jackson Melts My Heart

I LOVE THIS WOMAN! One of the very best things about being at NRB in Nashville was running into my friend Victoria Jackson, who was on Saturday Night Live for six seasons. She's dealing with breast cancer right now and wrote a song about it which she plays on her ukulele. I cannot tell you how beautiful it was to hear her sing it. Truly I cannot. I hope you get some idea of how I felt by listening yourself. Pray for Vicky!

Posted by Eric Metaxas on Friday, February 26, 2016

Author Eric Metaxas is brilliant, funny and …deep. His speech at the National Prayer Breakfast 2012 in front of Obama is a MUST SEE. Metaxas was born in Queens, New York City, he grew up in Connecticut and graduated from Yale University, where he edited the Yale Record, the nation’s oldest college humor magazine. And, he believes in Jesus. Eric interviewed me today for his new radio show, The Eric Metaxas Show. We talked about my recent cancer diagnosis and how I got on the Johnny Carson Tonight Show, 20 times, back in 1983. Eric Metaxas is the new Johnny Carson. He has class. Will somebody please put him on TV asap?

Please pardon the fact that I think I had a piece of sushi rice stuck in my teeth during the song above. We were at the NRB in Nashville chatting and I hadn’t prepared for “camera.” The song came to me from Psalm 43:5, the verse God put a spotlight on while I was Bible reading in the Vanderbilt Breast Clinic awaiting my double mastectomy.

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