Best Answer on Climate Change – Rubio

marco Rubio had a great answer to CNN’s attempted trick question involving climate change – it was excellent, truthful and fact laden. I hope the uninformed were listening. Marxists and New World Order elitists are pushing the hoax of man-caused global warming/climate change because it allows them to “redistribute the wealth globally.” That is Marxism, communism. Have you seen an intelligent debate on TV yet between two climate expert scientists with opposing views? No, you haven’t. Why not? Rubio has done his homework on the topic and gave a great answer at the last CNN debate.

Rubio gave a very classy goodbye to the presidential race tonight. I see big things for him in the future.
P.S. CNN – There is no “scientific consensus” on man-caused climate change! The U.N.’s IPCC are not objective scientists but paid phonies. Read Ian Plimer, Trevor Loudon and Senator Inhofe’s “The Greatest Hoax.”

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