New Original Song: “It’s a Broken World, Baby!” on Rusty Humphries Show

I was briefly on the Rusty Humphries radio show April 7 and he asked me about my cancer. I said it wasn’t so bad. Then, he asked me if I was really happy or just faking it. What a great opportunity I had to share the good news of Jesus Christ…and I blew it! I said something stupid about wearing pink wigs. In my defense, my 87 year old Dad had just been taken to the E.R. in an ambulance and I was getting ready to drive my Mom there. I wasn’t focused. Rusty had me back on his show the next day to sing my new song, and I used that second chance to praise the Lord, who is the sole reason I can have joy during trials and troubles. (James 1, Romans 8:28). To hear Audio of Rusty’s show and my new song click here:

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After Rusty’s show I read my daily devotional for April 7 and this is amazingly what it said…



My CA friends, the Keefer family, posted this video of a fellow believer, Dr. Kent Robbins, who just got diagnosed with a brain disease. He is videoing his new journey. It comforts me that other people are going through difficult things like I am with my recent breast cancer diagnosis. I was watching Day 4 and ironically Dr. Kent mentioned as I do in my song, “entropy” and The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics in his question, “Why does God allow suffering?” Basically, his conclusion is the same as mine, we live in a fallen world, since Adam and Eve disobeyed God, or “It’s a Broken World, Baby.” Someday, God will restore order and righteousness. This is our hope and joy and what gives us strength to endure.

(you may recognize the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics reference from my song, “I Am Not a Bimbo” that aired on SNL, the Steve Martin/Sting show in 1987!)

Lyrics to “It’s a Broken World Baby!”

Verse One

Tattoo of a broken ukulele
Light blue turquoise lies
So he left you in the middle of your chemo
Why are you so surprised?

Yes, I got cancer
And so did my dog
My car won’t start
And my sink has a clog
My checks are bouncing
But my trampoline’s torn
I am not upset because
I’ve been warned


It’s a broken world baby
I know you agree
The 2nd law of thermodynamics
Says the world is in a state of entropy
That’s a fancy word for broken you see

It’ a broken world baby
Since Eve and Adam gave in
But there’s a New World coming
And that’s why my song wears a grin
That’s why my song wears a grin

Verse Two

Lannie’s back is causing him a lot of pain
Bob’s OCD is driving Deanna insane
Dilbert’s dad, he needs a diagnosis
I quit kissing Daisy ’cause she has some halitosis
(Daisy’s my dog)

You’re heart is broken
Then you stubbed your big toe
You just got fired
And your best friend’s a hoe
You accidentally stepped unto your ukulele
Rushing to say Hi to your new neighbor the Israeli
(Well, you find a word that rhymes with ukulele!)


It’s a broken world baby
Since Eve and Adam gave in
But there’s a New World coming
So that’s why my song wears a grin
Yeah, thats why my song wears a grin
Jesus is coming soon
Morning or night or noon
I’m gonna meet Him in the sky
In the twinkling of an eye


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