Finished Chemo Today! Start Movie Tomorrow!

Today, May 9, 2016 – finished the prescribed chemotherapy for breast cancer treatments – Jan. 2016 to May 2016 – 4 rounds of Red Devil and other one (I always forget the name) that knocked me down, then 12 rounds of Taxol which wasn’t too bad…I can’t wait until my hair grows back. Very excited to be starting a new movie role tomorrow in my month off before six weeks of radiation begins. The movie is “Andy’s Rainbow” and I play a doctor! Not a ditz! I smell an Oscar. I wear a white coat and run a mental institution and it’s not a comedy! Way! So fun. In Indiana! See promo trailer below. Of my 26 purple, pink, rainbow, curly, straight and Japanese Anime wigs, I think the photo below will be the right one for my new role, Dr. Kennedy. I’ll ask the director Adam Dufour. Maybe the ringlets one. Website for the movie is here.

Dr. Kennedy?
Dr. Kennedy?
My Beloved Nurse Christine
My Precious Daughters

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