Headed Back to The 700 Club!

It was great to see Terry Meeuwsen in person again. It’s been nine years since my last visit to the 700 Club. Time flies.

I also got to be on the “Social Sistas” at CBN! Link here.

I’m in Virginia Beach, VA today at the beautiful CBN headquarters. Story here.
This interview and this article were from nine years ago! I had moved from FL to LA to try to start my career again at age 48. Instead, I fell into an underground conservative group and had a political awakening. I studied the issues, learned how a Christian should vote, and joined the Tea Party. All of the show biz opportunities that were budding, instantly disappeared, my stand up gigs disappeared and my agent dropped me. But that was ten years ago.

Since then, we followed our grandchildren to Nashville, I’ve been ‘singing out’ with my ukulele around town since it is a singing town, doing a few roles in Christian films and I got breast cancer! After a double mastectomy, five months of chemo, and 33 radiations, I am feeling healthy and younger than ever! I just released my new book about my cancer journey, “Lavender Hair.”

Available here.

The 700 Club in Virginia this week is my …seventh appearance? There was the initial interview, then the cardboard cutouts of Terry and Pat I took around NY, then the Valentine costume in FL show, then the Plymouth Rock adventure, then the Harvard trip, then the handstand in my black St. John outfit and now my cancer book… I love The 700 Club. It helped me through some tough times in my twenties. And, it is still a refreshing, inspiring show that always lifts my spirit and encourages me to stay on the narrow path.

Ivory has worked there over 20 years. It was great to see her beautiful face again.

Here’s the latest CBN article on my new book and my current adventures!

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