Me & Tiny Tim Ukulele Duet

Someone I don’t know posted this duet I did with Tiny Tim in 1995 on Conan! I’m so excited to see it. I don’t have a copy of it! I had seen him on Laugh In as a child at my Grandma’s house, (we didn’t have a TV) and he’s probably why my Mom bought me a ukulele for Christmas that year. Then, 20 years later I got to meet him! We hadn’t prepared anything together. One of the writers suggested the duet a half hour before the show. We tried to come up with a song we both knew. “Easter Parade” is what we came up with. I told him I could do a low voice, since he was known for his high voice thing. I love how it turned out. So last minute, so un-rehearsed! Very exciting! I had just had my baby Aubrey, who is now 24 years old!!!

Conan show erased the video of me and Tiny Tim. But, here’s the photo.

Below is my August 2018 interview with Lucas Miles on The Lucas Miles Show:

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