Filming Wrapped on “Lost Heart” !!!

Here’s the Official First Trailer:

I just turned 60 years old. My birthday present from God was the role of kooky Alma in a charming new film called, “Lost Heart.” The producers, director and actors are from a group called Collective Development Incorporated located in beautiful Michigan. (See some other movies CDI has produced; Wild Faith, The Christ Slayer and Forty Nights.) The movie is about UFO’S, forgiveness, fame, and redemption. The script by DJ Perry is sweet and original. The cast and crew were very loving and we all became best friends. They were kind enough to throw me a birthday party on my last day and decorate the room with orange butterflies. You see, I wrote a poem that was inspired by the film’s star, Melissa Anschutz (super-talented) on my first day of shooting. Mel and I were watching an orange butterfly flitting among the flowers as we both psyched up for our tearful scene. I told her that when I was young, I would have read deep meaning into the butterfly moment and written a poem about it, but now, sigh… Mel said, “Why don’t you write a poem about it?!” So, I did.

The Orange Butterfly

In the middle of today
As my mind flitted from worry to worry,
I saw an orange butterfly
Flitting from flower to flower.

In my younger days
I would have pasted passionate poetry
To his important presence
In my prescient path,

And the deep prophetic meaning
Of our random rendezvous
Would have recorded itself
In my writing –

My writing, so relevant to all generations
Before and behind.

But now, with creaks and groans,
My crescive cynicism scoffs at
Writing a rhyme,
About a bug in a bush,
Let alone me
And our shared destiny.

Piercing perfidies,
Crumpled courage, shriveled shalom and
Trampled trust have left me
At the brink of bitterness…

But, Hope must spring eternal because
Amidst my furrowed soul and downward glance,
I have grasped the foolish chance,
And eagerness of days gone by,
To fancy myself the poet who wrote
“The Orange Butterfly.”

by Victoria Jackson
July 16, 2019
Whitehall, MI

(Photo by VJ)

A week later, Christine Marie (super-talented actress/5 time weight lifting champion!) and I were walking and saw a dead butterfly. We started writing a poem about it. It was tentatively – The Dead Butterfly/Life stinks/People leave/Butterflies die. At my appearance on the Eric Metaxas Show(TBN) in New York, on Aug. 2, I was telling him about my great movie experience, my new friends and the Orange Butterfly saga. Metaxas, famous author and Yale graduate finished writing our poem on the air, on the show!!! Eric loved the line, “People leave.” Eric said it was powerful. I told him Christine the actress/5 time weight lifting champion wrote that line. Here it is:

Why Go On…

Balloons pop.
People leave.
Butterflies die.

by Victoria Jackson, Christine Marie and Eric Metaxas
Aug. 2, 2019

(Photo of Christine Marie and dead butterfly by VJ)

**** “Lost Heart” should be out in a few months. I’ll keep ya posted. I think it’s gonna be good. 🙂

(photos by VJ)

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