I’m in Eric Metaxas’ CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!! on TBN

Coming this month on TBN for Christmas, is the spectacular Eric Metaxas’ Christmas special! I’m in a couple sketches playing his TV wife, an HR executive scolding Santa for being politically incorrect and singing with Eric like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, “Marshmallow World” with live Rockettes’ singing and dancing with us! It was so much fun to shoot in New York last week. The writing and producing by Chris Himes and Eric was smart and funny, Seth Ward directing, and Albin Sadar as the Elf on a Shelf. There are singers, and the Duck Dynasty folks, a great choir, and more. I think it will be a big hit and possibly lead to a weekly variety show like Johnny Carson. Eric is the next Johnny Carson.

Christine Talevski, the set designer did a fabulous job.

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