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BREAKING NEWS: D.C. Park Rangers Caught Lying (On Video)

BREAKING NEWS:  D.C. Park Rangers Caught Lying (On Video)

During the Capital Building tour, our elderly doyen rattled off a lot of facts about the sculpture and paintings in the beautiful rotunda.   He  “forgot” to mention two of the eight paintings displayed in front of us.   He “forgot” to mention, “Embarkation of the Pilgrims,” so I asked him about it.  I asked him if the Bible was the book in the painting.  He said yes and that he would “get back to it.”  He never did.

Embarkation of the Pilgrims by Robert W. Weir

(The painting shows William Brewster, holding the Bible, and pastor John Robinson leading Governor Carver, William Bradford, Miles Standish, and their families in prayer.)

"We'll come back to that..."

He quickly mentioned the other omitted one, “The Baptism of Pocahontas” by John Gadsby Chapman and moved on. The other six paintings were thoroughly described.

We later confronted the docent and asked him why he had omitted Christian references from the tour. He mumbled something about being in seminary, looked at the ground and walked away.

Washington Monument

Next, we visited the Washington Monument. This was the 4th of July weekend. At the foot of the monument, we waited in a long, roped off line listening to Mexican (not American) music being played nearby.

The Park Rangers told us to divide up into groups of eight. They told us where to wait for the elevator. The stairs where you can see Bible verses carved into the stone blocks are not open to the public anymore. The rangers rattled off many facts about how tall and wide the monument was, what the stones were made of and why they were different colors, but nothing about George Washington, for whom the edifice was erected, and no mention of the Bible verses that we are not able to see anymore; the stone blocks that we cannot see say; “Holiness to the Lord” (Exodus 28), “Search the Scriptures” (John 5:39), “The memory of the just is blessed” (Proverbs 10:7) — and such invocations as, “May Heaven to this Union continue its Benefice.”

There were 3 things I wanted to learn. I got an email a year ago about the Latin phrase “Laus Deo” that was supposedly engraved on top of the Washington Monument. I wanted to know if that was true. I also wanted to know if it was true that George Washington’s Bible, a newspaper, some money of the time, and the Constitution were buried in the cornerstone of the monument. Nick, our paid bus tour guide had told us this information. I also wanted to see for myself if D.C. tour guides were purposefully erasing our Christian heritage, if  history was being rewritten.

(This montage is slightly out of order.  The blonde ranger is seen here for the first time commenting on our earlier encounter which you see right after).  My Flip Camera ran out of time (60 minute limit) right when the blonde ranger started to talk to me the second time. I grabbed my cameraperson, Jan, “Do you have your camera? Get it out! Get it out!” By the time she got it out of its case and hooked up the mike wire, etc., the blonde ranger had finished telling us –

“We’re told to be neutral. If I mention God, I have to mention Allah, Mohammed, Buddha…”

I regaled, “What does Allah have to do with historical fact?! “Laus Deo” is either there or it’s not! It’s history! Fact! It has nothing to do with religious tolerance!” I was waiting for someone to say that stupid phrase “separation of church and state” because I’d just read a David Barton book explaining how that phrase is not in any of our documents, but was plucked from a private Jefferson letter to the Connecticut Baptists assuring them that the new government would not prevent them from preaching the gospel. I wanted to show off my new knowledge. To my surprise the Park Rangers did not use that ACLU phrase – they just “played dumb.”

I was getting very angry and not at the rangers but at Jan, my video cameraperson who was still fiddling with the video camera. I was furious at myself for not bringing an extra Flip camera or at least learning to work her camera. I wanted to yank it out of her hands.

Citizen Journalism is hard work. It is a necessity now that the media is propaganda. You and me are the journalists. We have cameras, eyes, and ears. We will record the truth because NBC, CBS, ABC, and especially CNN, HLN and MSNBC are not telling the truth. Every stranger I interviewed agreed to that. (montage to come)

So, we took the elevator back down and I asked to speak with the “boss” of the Park Rangers. As I was pushed aside to a holding area to make room for the tourists rushing in, I again urged Jan to get her camera ready. She was fiddling with the wires and the fancy microphone that slides on top. Finally, an intense red-faced man in a ranger uniform and hat with a pony tail sticking out approached me and started to shout at me for about 15 minutes. I asked him why none of his rangers could answer my simple questions about the buried Bible and the engraved, aluminum cap stone. He changed the subject several times, going off on nonsensical tangents. He then said his employees were new and didn’t know all the facts. I brought up the 25 year ranger.

Boss replied, “The people who work here aren’t the brightest bulb in the drawer,” something to that effect.

I insisted, “But…the information is right there, why can’t they say it?”

Boss shouted, “Are you saying you don’t trust the government?!”

“Yes!” I shouted back. “I don’t trust the government!” They are re-writing history like George Orwell predicted in his book “1984!”

He didn’t get the reference.

I sighed, “Why don’t you instruct them to say, ‘I’m sorry ma’am, I’m not allowed to answer that question’ – at least, that would be honest.” (Be honest about your dishonesty.)

Knowing I was spent, his voice calmed a bit and he said, “Is that what you want us to say?”

I mumbled “yes”.  I was sad.  My suspicions were true. Whether or not I got the video to prove it, my America is being destroyed from within.

As Jan and I briskly walked away, knowing our tour group was mad at us for lagging behind, again, I desperately inquired, “You got it, I hope. Did you get it? Oh my goodness, I hope you got that…” Jan said, “I couldn’t hear it.”

“What?!” My face twisted into rage. I took the camera out of her hands and stuttered, “Hhh…hhow do you rewind?”

Long story short, she did get it, although the microphone cord was plugged into the wrong hole, the camera’s built in mike got it, however, desperate rewinding and forgetting to take the tape out….it was taped over. Yeah. I’ll never be a Breitbart.

“Stuff” happens.

Yes, we are still friends. I held in my anger for five hours. I did not cuss. I did not swear. I was on a bus full of Christians. I could not pray, I was too mad. By evening, I told myself that life would go on and that next time I was a citizen journalist I would bring an expert cameraperson, or just do it myself.

Where’s James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles when you need them? Hey, their cameraman was so good Hannah married him! For real!

*To comment to the National Park Service, you can e-mail the NPS or the White House, or write: Director, National Park Service, Department of the Interior, 1849 C Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20240.

For extra reading on “Laus Deo” at Free Republic

A prayer of George Washington:

“Almighty God; We make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt keep the United States in Thy holy protection; that Thou wilt incline the hearts of the citizens to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to government; and entertain a brotherly affection and love for one another and for their fellow citizens of the United states at large. And finally that Thou wilt most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love mercy, and to demean ourselves with that charity, humility, and pacific temper of mind which were the characteristics of the Divine Author of our blessed religion, and without a humble imitation of whose example in these things we can never hope to be a happy nation. Grant our supplication, we beseech Thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain. (Psalm 127: 1)

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  • Chana Keefer

    Whether or not your cameraperson “got” the crucial comments, you proved your point. History is at the very least being obstructed. Thank you so much for caring. Continue being that diamond drill-bit to crack through to our calloused hearts.

    Chana K.

    Santa Clarita, CA

    • icetrout

      Sorry my Union had anything to do with the building of the **********Monument. Tear it down & throw it into the Potomac it now means nothing!!!

      • Dan

        God is part of who America is part of and that needs to be shared with everyone you contact. Praise God for his mercy on US, and ask for Him to forgive this nation. Pray now if you are reading this make a difference to Our God to make us ONE NATION UNDER GOD again. Just keep planting the seed He will grow this nation again.

        • crusty

          Thank you for your words of wisdom and God Bless you.

      • Nelson Temple

        Icetrout what union do you belong to?

        Teamsters? UAW? USW? The old USSR?

        Being American means embracing the history of this great nation. It was founded by people of faith; Christians! If you don’t want to be American you have every right to live in a country where you will be happy – if that is not the US, that is OK.

        • Kevin

          Nelson, I think you misunderstood Icetrout’s comment. He was saying that even though his union built the monument, that if the guides won’t speak of the Christian aspects, then you might as well tear it down.
          Icetrout, am I correct?

      • public Citizen

        >Standing next to and in front of the icetrout exhibit<

        People. Here we have an example of the cancerous rot that is eating out the strength of our great country from within. A graduate of an educational system that purports to educate but in fact indoctrinates.
        Making judgments and pronouncements based on feeling and media dis-information instead of carefully researched and documented facts.
        Willing to throw all of history onto a trash heap instead of learning from the storehouse of lessons there to warn against future pitfalls and tyranny.
        Behold the cultural inheritor of the barbarians who squatted next to the Roman Colosseum, neither able to fathom the method of its construction nor to maintain it but ever ready to take a wrecking bar to it and use the plunder for their own miserable hovels.

      • Stanley Kerns

        Well, Mr. Trout, I do think Mr. Washington, and his actions had a lot to do with your freedom to carry on like a blithering whatever–which I am sure is a feet for which you are well suited. In the vast majoity of the world your statments would land you in the house of detention–where I am sure you would fit in quite well

      • John R Bloxson Jr

        Tearingdown the monuuments are extremeand will not change the way the Ameican Criminal (or) Communist Liberties Union continues to revise God out of American History this is Why I resigned from Teaching may years ago I wa told to censor Americas past Being an American unable to teach the truth and force3d to teach the Leftist Communist goblygook that the textbooks and Communist Professors re allowed to put out. Is It Time for another American Revolution or a articles of Seccesion maybe we mustb decide soon whethe we want a Free america or a Communist Utopia Amerika it is truly sad that today our youn g people or continually bombarded by anti American Teachings and Hatreds against this nation and lies about the founding fathers the Pilgrims and white washing the atrocistiescommitted By Natives while making what some American did out to be worse the truth is tht we aren’t pefect neither were the Native Americans, and most definitely the Socialist/Communist/Leftest were not perfect infact if you truthfully look at all these you will see the least perfect are and were the Sociallist/Communist/Leftest, and the NativeAmerican and Colonist were men flawed insome ways and very nobil in others. I believe we should teach the good and the bad without emphasis on the bad over the good. Ther has never been a perfect Nation or Government simply because man is not perfect and is born with a sin nature whicch means we ar much more likely to sin than do the right thing ifthere are no od given Laws of behavior built on solid rock rather then shifting sand . But today we have lawyers and judges arguein for laws base on shifting sand it is called posativistic law,we have teachers teaching leis as fact an facts as lies Good as bad and bad as good. It is no wonder that at all levels of American Society in Bussiness, Science, Poitics Banking, in our National Parks, in our courts on both sides in prosicution, our Education indoctrination campusses both public and private, Elementary through Post Graduate, all refuse to teach all sidesof the picture whaat is good and what is bad. It is only Education when the student is given all the tools both good and bad and than allowed to wiegh all the fact to make a informed criticle thinking decission based on having all the imformation but in todays politically correct America we are told only half truths and true lies. that is why we have men and women speaking and teaching Anti-American propaganda as fact at all levels of Education.

        • neoconstantine

          All of you, resume your meds and seek professional counselling.

          I’ll pray for you.

  • AlfonZo

    Love it Vicky! Thanks workin’ on this!

  • Jerry Johnson

    My wife, my self and my kids love Victoria Jackson:)

  • Debi Devens

    You are a warrior. Thank you for showing how far off course our country is. We need leaders who will take us back to safe harbour.

  • Ralph G McGee Jr

    I’m surprised that the current administration hasn’t sanded or etched off any references to “God” on the monuments and other historical memorabilia. I’d go to D.C., but I’m afraid to find the Declaration of Independance or maybe the Constitution full of Sharpied out references that Obama doesn’t like for one reason or another. Give him time…he’ll get to it sooner or later. And all the good little lemmings just keep following the moron in front….well I guess they put him there….they deserve what they get. Too bad the rest of us don’t.

    • Charlie

      Actually, when I went to see our Coutnry’s most precious documents, I was shocked to see that the Declaration was basically a blank page (the guide said that it had been shown off so much in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s that the ink faded, which didn’t make sence to me, because they printed 200 copies imediately) and the Constitution was readable, but stained. This after January 20, 2009 (the beginning of an error), so fittingly, the stain was brown. You can imagine what thought went through my head. Still, regardless of the idiot in the White House, it’s still worth coming to Washington to see the monuments. I believe that the best tour in town is of the Capital Building, second is the ride up into the Washington Monument (the first tour of the morning, they usually have a guided tour down the stairs).

    • Pamela

      Oh no….now you’ve done it! You’ve given the moron in chief another idea.

      • Ralph G McGee Jr

        Shoot…Darn…and other mild expletives…..shoulda kept my durn mouth shet…..Now he’s gonna go do it…..wife’s always telling me to keep my mouth shut….I’m sorry everyone….wasn’t my intention to give that loser any ideas….

  • Adrian Vance

    These people are so thorough at eliminating any god, but government they are now changing “BC,” Before Christ, to “BCE,” Before Common Era and “AD,” Anno Domini, “Year of God,” to “ACE,” After Common Era. Said “Common Era” is a 100 year span in time used for approximating dates that are historically hard to fix, not for dates that are well known.

    For analysis, science and humor see The Two Minute Conservative at Now on Kindle.

    • William L McCaughey

      Usually I get around the stupidity of the “CE/BCE” farce by saying, “O yeh! Christian Era and Before the Christian Era!” That will get them to thinking twice before they try to get your hackles up!

  • ChuckL


    Remaining silent for 5 hours was a great prayer, even if you didn’t think so at the time.

  • Dan

    You Go Girl! We need millions like you to speak up. Luv ya!

  • Bob

    If we do not wipe the stain of lieberalism from this nation, our children will grow up knowing an entirely different “history” than the one we know. In the rewritten “history”, children will learn that the evil white man stole America from the noble hispanics, that our great leaders were all gay, bisexual, or transgender, and that Christians were behind every evil thing that happened in America. It is beginning now and if lieberals aren’t completely removed from positions of influence and power it will only get worse.

    • Victoria Jackson

      Very well said Bob.

    • http://google Rick in Fla.

      Bob & Vickie, great way to inform the “educated” liberals of this world!
      Want to see Liberalism @ its finest influence, come to Florida & see the influence of the
      University of South Florida! When it was 1st started, it was known as the “Berkley University” of the EAST! The administration from the start hired only liberal minded idiots to be the professors & they in turn passed on their “wisdom” to young students, who now are older & making decisions that affect our whole truth of God & Country!

    • Patrick (Pgramps) Kent

      We can remove the evil of libralism from our government, but it may be too late to ‘save’ the generations taught by the liberal teachers and professors, who have been indoctinating our children with their revision of history for decades.
      We as parents need to tell our children the truth and maybe we can succeed in saving this once great country.

    • BARRY

      Change lieberalism to anti God. Remember this generation is raised to be destroyed. Teach your children well.

  • Bruce Moore

    We hide behind PCism! Go to any other country and you will find they’re not ashamed of their past, good or bad. We on the other hand will Offend anyone who has a job, pays taxes, or obeys the laws (the Constitution, etc.)
    The present administration is trying every way it can to assault every thing America can be proud of, and when this administration is gone, America will be whole again.

    • armyvet

      History is history! Good or bad, we have to acknowledge it. Rewriting it does not change it one iota! It still and will always exist, for we cannot change it. However, to remember history as it exists will help prevent making the same past mistakes and help to do better in the future! This is what our present administration does not seem to comprehend!

    • GLENN

      “Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

  • Charlie

    Re-writing history, for any political slant or expedience is never, ever acceptable. To not only re-write, but to try and conceal American history in the name of not hurting someone’s feelings, is idiotic at best, deceitful and wrong at worst.

    To do it under the guise of not hurting someone’s feelings or offending someone- PLEASE.

    America, along with the rest of the world, has plenty of lumps and black-eyes in its past, but like other parts of the world, we have much to be proud of, and to conceal those things, regardless of their source, is wrong, immoral, and stupid.

    It seems in this politically-over-sensitive environment, we’re concentrating on the negative and secular. I’m not particularly religious, but to try and whitewash what has been such a big part of the shaping of our nation is intellectually dishonest and morally bankrupt.

    The National Park Service should be ashamed of itself.

    • Jim

      “History is history! Good or bad, we have to acknowledge it. Rewriting it does not change it one iota!”

      I agree. After all, as thomas Jefferson put it, “It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.”
      History is truth…The truth of our origins, of humanity & society both. Let those who condem the truth of history repeat the mistakes made & fall under the weight of their own error.
      Lefties/Socialists/Globalists/Elitists/Staists have always hated God’s Laws concerning human liberty as birthright…They want CONTROL & will do anything to obtain it, regardless of the Laws of Nature, even though they (like everyone else) are also subject to the same Law anyway. Even Hitler understood that, if you want to create a certain type of society, you target the children with your indoctrination. As Mr. Jefferson also said, “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” By stifling true education, they oppose liberty.
      In fact, if you look up The Paperclip Project & the farce of the Nuremburg Trials, you’ll see that Nazism didn’t die out after WW II…It merely migrated to the USA. Looking at today’s news, you’ll also find an uncomfortably close parallel of Hitler’s rise to power has been happening in the US over the last few decades & merely the name/face attached to the Oval Office has varied on the path toward a “centralized government power.”

      • Jim

        Sorry…What I typed above as “Lefties/Socialists/Globalists/Elitists/Staists” should have actually said “Statists” at the end.

  • Anna Salerno

    OMGosh how far are these liberals going to be allowed to go with this? Well, George Orwell predicted this would happen in his book “1984!” We should all write to our congress men/women and protest this along with all the other history that is being rewritten even in our universities to satisfy the dang liberals!!

  • R. Cook

    I am afraid you are correct Vicky. This has been on my mind for some time. In fact;

    I had a dream last night. It was really frightening but I am afraid it just might come true. In the dream; Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, Barney Frank and Obummer nationalized a toilet paper factory. They were shredding copies of The Constitution and Declaration of Independence and processing the pulp to make toilet paper for all Democratic offices throughout the land. Nancy and Barney kept jumping up and down like little kids who have to take a pee and pleading with Obummer to get them the originals so they could make a special batch just for themselves.

    • tom

      sorry ,that wasn’t a dream.

  • S Rubicon

    While it is true those “Rangers” should know this stuff & should be able to answer such questions, until we can stabilize our government, we can take solace in knowing ‘we’ know these truth’s and no amount of liberal revisionism can erase that!

    • Diddy1950

      Yes, that is true, but who is teaching our children and grandchildren? Take the time to read the History Books they use in school and ask them questions about what they have learned. It is the only way we can be sure that truth is carried on.

      • Nancy Rice

        Or be a home-schooling parent. There are more and more families who are doing this, thus teaching things like this will not happen and the damage to our children’s education will never happen.

  • David Robinson

    This is so strange. I am very dispointed in the American citizen as the history of our country is being trashed nothing is being done. Where is the rage…is it true as the Russion Premier say we are sheeples…I just dont understand…we have a none native man in the presidents seat …and he is there illegally. He is imposing laws like the kings of england and it is accepted. When is the population going to stand up and do what is right…God I am so disapointed…as is happening maybe the country should go to hell….

  • markusdecarcus

    That’s truly incredible, our nation and all who have died to preserve our heritage, are all to be lost in vain at the hands of the liberals. I was recently introduced to Howard Zen’s version of our history by my ultra liberal sister and found myself in awe at what I was reading. To think, this stuff is required reading at many schools and colleges makes me wonder if we are losing the fight. With a new generation of people that actually believe this stuff and our Government suppressing the truth, defending the truth seems like an uphill battle at the least. Thanks Victoria for your service at the front, more like yourself are needed at all fronts to reverse this madness. God bless you and all concerned…

  • Colt Lane

    Impeach the bastard now, or throw him in prison. We all knew it was coming because of the illegal alien full of hatred for this country. Only one way to stop it. This hateful black man illegal alien is attempting to destroy the United States Government. No one would believe it, now you know. This is why our forefathers wrote the constitution, to prevent this from happening, to protect the people from a fraud treansous in our white house. Prepare to fight for our country.

    • Peter

      We have to fight. Our coward Senators/Congressmen won’t fight for us. They have already made Barry Soratoro a Dictator, not a President. Barry should be ARRESTED for Treason! GOD HELP OUR NATION!!

      • Nancy Rice

        The only way to save the USA now is to pray. It is too late for anything else but Divine Intervention. USA! USA! PRAY PRAY PRAY for the USA!

  • John Civick

    I would venture to say if it was related to the muslims or islam (no upper case intended) that an intense discussion and explanation on how much the muslims have contributed to the culture of the world…ad nauseum. Al-Obama is behind this censuring of the Christians, no other president has been so radical regarding the Christian religion nor so supportive of islam. It is in all probability diabolical in nature. what also is surprising is that Obama gets by with this and is actually supported by some quarters of the citizenry. But we must remember, he has a muslim prayer partner, not a Christian partner.It is readily evident and apparent that he is not a Christian regardless of what he says in speechs to Christian groups. His anti-Christian bias permeates most if not all layers of government.

  • Peter

    This is what happens when you put GODless, immoral, sinister evil people in charge. I mean, really, who in their right mind would vote for Pelosi, Frank and especially Barry Soratoro, Harrison J. Bounel, Hussein Obama??

  • randydutton

    The great thing about dumb government officials is you can go back the very next day and they’ll have forgotten the argument, and will repeat all the stupid mistakes of the day before, this time for the camera.

  • AL Orange Park FL

    Writing the NPS or the WH or any of the other agencies seems to me to be pointless they’re the ones “ordering” these folks to tell the lies.
    By the way Colt the mighty BO [whew someone open a window] is only “half black” seems everyone forgets that.

  • Gary Lillie

    Same area – different time, different memorial. This one was the Vietnam Memorial – The Wall. I was there with some Vietnam Veteran friends on a Veterans Day weekend; one in which protesters stated they would assemble at our sacred Wall. While a bunch of young Park Rangers sat on their bikes some protesters began to walk down to The Wall carrying their signs. Long story short, I came close to being arrested because my outrage turned to rage when the Rangers sat on their bikes doing nothing. Long afterward I ran into the bikers and asked if it was not illegal to demonstrate at the memorial. The head of the Pack Rangers, about 25-years old, said: “I don’t know, but even if it is I would not enforce it.”
    Much later I approached the insolent group and, truthfully, tried to calmly discuss it with the leader. I tried to tell him that, 1) it is sacred ground to we Vietnam Vets, and 2) while they did not seem to notice there were some very big guys posted at each approach to The Wall who were not about to let protesters reach it.
    After calling me a “liar” several times, the Ranger waved his hand a couple times in a very demeaning manner and twice told me, “Move on – get out of here.”
    I put up with a lot of shit when I came home and by now will no longer allow myself to be treated that way. I cannot write here what I said to him in return.

    • tom

      Gary,what should be legal to do to them is something else again.I missed it(barely),but thanks for serving.

  • TexGuy

    Thank You. I follow the crap going on in our Great Country daily. I know what I believe is right and what they’re doing is wrong. Justifiably, I have been angry, very angry, so much so that hate has been filling my heart, towards all of them. Even to the point of cursing the Obama children, who did not have a choice in what to believe yet. I have been letting the devil fill me with this hate and rage, which will eventually will render me inaffective. Stop, breath, and have faith in the Amrican people I say, all is not yet lost. Thanks for the heartwarming faith and simplicity to report to us, we need it. And may God forgive me. God Bless the USA.

    • Nelson Temple

      TexGuy, as Christians we find it necessary to walk the fine line. I sometimes use the phrase “righteous indignation” to voice my opposition to that which is wrong. That may be defined as “enraged”! Jesus displayed “righteous indignation” with the money changers at the temple when he overturned those tables, probably because of their taking advantage of the citizens who had to deal with them. In my opinion He walked that fine line. He, being God, had all power and ability to do great harm but he made his point by overturning their tables. We have power for change as well. “The pen is mightier than the sword”, a phrase attributed to the English author of a play, is oft used and was a part of Woodrow Wilson’s campaign speech in his 1916 re-election campaign. Our “pen” is just as powerful! We can write, we can call, we can txt, we can tweet, we can use all communication means available to us to show our “righteous indignation” at the direction our government is taking. Ronald Reagan may have said it best, “When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.”

  • Mark Biolchino

    I used to teach American History in Detroit and I put up with some of the most stupid people on God’s green earth. When I had the kids stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance (after having to teach them the words) the staff people got up and left the classroom stating that the pledge was a lie to blacks. Their chances for a good life back in Africa would have been so much better for them I guess. Mark

  • Paul Hayes

    Forces have been at work for the last 100 years to rewrite history.
    They either neglect to inform or misinterpret information. We must speak out with the
    truth. We must become activests, speaking the truth.

  • LibsRHaters

    Thank you soo much, Vicki! I love your attitude! Keep up the good work!

  • Misanthropic50

    Of course history is being distorted, that has been painfully obvious for years. The progressive elitist educators have written fiction and call it history. That is why kids are taught that the founders were Godless atheists, that Woodrow Wilson was a great president. In truth the founders were pious men and Wilson was the worst president we ever had. The lies and myths of FDR and the Great Depression have been drilled into our collective concious. Enough people believe it, Obama is using the FDR playbook and the same outcome is the result. When I was a kid my Grandma hated FDR, wanted to do a jig on his grave. I didn’t understand her contempt for him because in school I learned about all the great things he did and saved the country. As an adult I started to read the truth of his presidency and I understood why she said what she said.

    • Allan

      Obama has now claimed the “worst president” spot, but it may be difficult to find historians impartial enough to explain why.

  • aveteran

    David Barton, Free Republic…. No wonder your story sounds like something straight out of the asylum. Did you visit those locations to see them, or to harp on about Christianity? Did you expect them to let you crawl on top of the Washington Monument to confirm the inscription? Don’t you have anything better to do?

    • kalli

      I don’t understand your anger at Victoria. Unless you’re a kool-aid drinker, I would think as a veteran you would get her point of what is happening to this nation’s history. Stay calm and stop posting.


    im thinking a swift kick in the balls would work wonders

  • tweety

    I’m writing a letter to the Secretary of the Interior ASAP. And what low-lifes these guides are to be manipulated for such devious purposes. They’ve got to know they are patsies.

  • Dannyboy

    Why isn’t this in the news, why isn’t it on facebook.
    I will email it to everyone I know. And they will do the same.
    They are destroying our American history with within.

  • Mark Field

    Good for you Gary. I was unable to serve due to medical reasons but I had many friends who did & I lost a few good friends from high school over there. One by throwing himself on a mine that he had stepped on after telling his buddies to scram. They awarded him a Distinguished Service Cross posthumously. Another really good buddie lost a leg. They were all my heroes as are you! These young Liberal idiot protesters don’t know any better but think they have all the answers. Boy are they in for a rude awakening when harsh reality slaps them upside the head when they get older. That is, if their brains haven’t already been washed in the waters of idiocy by then. If they have, then there will just be some more Bernie Sanderses, Nancy Pelosis, Harry Reids, Barney Franks & the like to have to deal with. Wish there was a way to deprogram them but if what I heard is correct a scientist has apparently discovered that those that have a Liberal bent have a GENETIC DEFECT! That would explain everything. THEY’RE DEFECTIVE! Well we already knew THAT but now we have a reason why. Maybe there’s not much hope for them but we have to keep trying. It’s who we are.

    • George Gallo

      Deprogram by LOBOTOMY. Simple 5 minute surgical outpatient operation. Leaves the patient useless to perform any complicated task, but still a walking breathing zombie. To be applied on the already useless brain dead that we have spawned. Oops, the censors of the New World Order Internet Purity Dept. are reading this and may get ideas. Oh, never mind, they already thought of it. Perhaps there is a Crass Sunshine encyclical on the subject, from His office of (dis)information (mis)management about it. Available 24/7 from the Office of (non)transparency. NOT.

  • fartherright

    I encountered this many years ago when visiting the mansion that was built by James Deering in Miami FL. The family had sold the estate to the county and they changed everything. No mention of Mr. Deering (father of John Deere farm equipment) or the history of the place and it’s wonderful contents. Years before the tour guides spoke at length about the place but now, no more. No more history of the relationship of Deering to South Florida and how much he had to do with bringing the railroad to Miami. (as a friend to Flagler) I’m a history buff and rewriting it or simply omitting it is a crime. Omitting GOD or his place in our history is worse. I believe it constitutes a sin, as in Deny Him… They will be accountable, rest assured.

  • Frank L

    Since history is written, Our country (US of A) has been sold out. It’s a shame that the government is preoccupied with satisfying leeches who have their own agenda!

  • Frank L

    Since history is written by whinners, Our country (US of A) has been sold out. It’s a shame that the government is preoccupied with satisfying leeches who have their own agenda!

  • John B. Williams

    Well what did you expect? Obama promised us “CHANGE.” And “CHANGE” is what we have. Our brilliant graduate students who became media mogules failed to ask him the 5-W’s about his “CHANGE” program, so we have what we asked for, by default. Someone once said, “Ye have not because ye ask not.” Duhh Need I say more.

  • Roy Fraker

    Thanks Vicki for being a warrior for Christian truth!

    • Victoria Jackson

      You are a star!

      • Ernest L. Abel

        Victoria Jackson,
        If there was ever a time for a man to have a crush on you more than when I was younger, it is now. your husband and kids are very lucky!
        As a man who lives his freedom every day(I live in Indiana where a life time carry permit is allowed) and hopes and prays for many years to come to be able to set my future kids on the right path, right from wrong good from bad, sin from repentance (remember no one is sinless, no not one), and teach them United State History.
        And that their following God is there free choice, not a politicians choice.
        I find so many will even misquote the bible and history to “fix” their points.
        Oh and Hugo Black, back in early 1900s, a Supreme court judge set the precedent for the statements now of separation of church and state.
        But I digress, thank you for putting some smarts in them rangers brains,,,maybe one of them will look up actual history and learn,,,,hey miracles can happen.
        God Bless, hugs and kisses (on the cheek as your hubby know cops!) from a dyed in the wool conservative patriot like your self.
        Ernest L. Abel
        PS I really did have a crush on you before,,,who knew your was so beautiful inside as on the out side! hubba hubba!

  • Pablus


    Please do not use words you don/t understand. It makes you look stupid, and, by association, makes the whole Tea Party/Conservative movement look stupid.

    A “Doyen” is the leader, usually female, of a group or profession. ie: “She is the doyen of New York society.”

    A “Docent” is a museum tour guide or an elevated college lecturer, junior to a Professor, but senior to a junior lecturer like BHW.

    Use a dictionary…if you have one!!! If you haven’t got one, GET ONE! I have a whole row of them, and I use them all.


    • Victoria Jackson

      Doyen: the senior member of a body or group; a person considered knowledgable or uniquely skilled as a result of long experience in some field of endeavor (Webster’s Dictionary)

      Doyen works.

      But, I was trying to remember how to spell the word docent. I like it better. Thanks. I kept looking under doscent….

      • Pablus


        JHNSEN says I am harsh…sorry. I was trying to stay just south of that.

        I also had trouble looking for “docent”…I kept on looking up “dozent” and variants.

        I came across definitions from several countries…in some of them a docent is pretty high up the academic tree, but he is a lowly creature in the US.

    • Perfumepouredout

      Really, Pablus, you use a dictionary? Your criticism is valid, but you should have done your homework a bit better. Your definition is correct, but ‘doyen’ refers to a man, ‘doyenne’ to a woman, so in your example you should have said “she is the doyenne of New York society.” It’s French, you see.

    • jhnsen

      Don’t be so harsh. It’s not complimentary to the speaker/writer.

  • Pablus

    Egg on face…

    I criticise Victoria for a wrong word, then I do a fumble on “don/t”…s/b “don’t” of course.


    • Victoria Jackson

      You spelled “criticize” wrong.

      • Jeff Clark

        Unless he’s from across the pond! British: “criticise” American: “criticize”

        • Pablus

          Yes…I am from across the pond…still trying to re-learn my spelling. “…ise” comes so naturally that I often use it if I am not concentrating on my spelling.

          I shall go stand in the corner and get my egg-on-face kit out.

          • DLS

            There is nothing wrong with splitting an infinitive. Is not “current fashion”, since Fowler wrote a long article about it. The proscription originated with 18th century pedants.

  • Sheila

    Thank you, Vicki! You are an outstanding and Patriotic American. Keep up the good work!!! Never give in!

  • Judy In Atlanta

    Thank you for informing the people who will defend the right to believe in the Almighty with all our hearts, and even the rights of those who do not believe. That is freedom.
    Sorry, Adrian, but you are incorrect about B.C.E., at least in the case of my people. We Jews use Before the Common Era because we do not share the Christian belief. We do not use ACE, however. We use C.E. for Common Era.

  • Martin Fee

    The important thing about this article is not the Monument or even the rewriting of history, It is the citizen journalist. The only chance we have of waking up the people is by doing things like this.
    We need to expose as much of this as possible. We need to not only expose it but keep it in the public view and not let the liberals and other anti American groups out there to silence us

  • Shaun Hickey

    Just a little something to think about. Educate yourself, and your family. We have to take this task on ourselves. When you are out working with friends, don’t bother with “rage” or “anger”. These emotions only take away from your message and what we all need to know. Good job pointing out how crazy things are getting out there. Keep fighting the good fight.

  • Mark

    This has been going on for the better part of the last seventy years, where just now seeing the effects of the sixties hippie kids attempts to rewrite history on so many levels. Its painful to think what the previous generations who sacrificied so much would think of what we are becaming. The founders would be discussed with the state of our nation right now, I pray that we as a people wake up from this selfish, me first, comma were in and get back to doing the right things for our country and the next generation.

  • The Aardvark

    And we are sending our tax dollars to these traitors WHY ?


    This is our fault. For years now the “special interest” groups have lobbied for STUPID changes that effect all of us. I do not believe in GOD, but that’s my right. At the same time I will take my grandson to Church and bow my head during prayer. Know what? Doesn’t hurt me not one bit! I believe this Country was FOUNDED on Christian principles and I don’t like the ACLU and others trying to take that away. My biggest hope now is for obama to go down in History as the single worst fraud ever pulled on our Country. Just sayin…

  • John

    I could not see Vicki Jackson’s name anywhere. If I hadn’t know her tendency to do handstands I wouldn’t know she wrote this!

  • Denise

    2012 is coming. That will be our first opportunity to rid ourselves of these people who want to take advantage of all we have accomplished, but not give thanks and praise to the One who has led us through these 250 years of history and accomplishment. They are bent on destroying all we have done and imposing their stupidity on the rest of us.

  • Mark Anthony Jones

    Thank you Vicki for all that you are doing. I recently visited Philadelphia and was shocked to find that our Constitution was an afterthought and that our presiDEBT and his African American family and the issue of slavery were all the rage on all of the “marketing” of the liberty bell display and Independence Hall grounds. Independence hall is actually closed due to construction, so I did not get the opportunity to see inside, but on the grounds, the most important issue was slavery, not freedom from religious intolerance and not even freedom in general. It was all about how atrocious slavery is and how the colonial generation treated African Americans. While all of that may be true, I was appalled, saddened and angry after the experience of seeing that our true history has been stolen. I came away with the very strong opinion that our nation is under attack from within and from the highest levels of our government.

    Again, and I cannot say it loud enough… THANK YOU VICKI FOR ALL THAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!!

  • fifer

    What’s up with the Mexican mariachi music being played! … and on the 4th of July!! And the Laus Deo enscription is described in the display, but it is “facing away from you.” No wonder the ranger/guides didn’t know about it.

  • Mom

    Homeschooled my sons 2 decades ago; the Christian Tour of the Capitol book we used is out of print, but David Barton has a fabulous book and DVD.

    For 20 years I’ve silenced the nay-sayers with 1 question:
    If separation of church and state is constitutionally correct and our Court System should deem displays of Christian items such as the 10 Commandments on government property unconstitutional and have them removed, then why – when you tour the Capitol – do you see the 10 Commandments CARVED INTO the doors of the original Supreme Court building?

    It’s fine if someone does not like the Christian influences in US History.
    It’s not fine to say they were not there.

    Keep standing. Most folks are simply ignorant.
    Laus Deo!

  • Sol

    Good story and interesting blog … I consider the words of another ancient patriot …

    “Men cry peace! Peace! But there is no peace … Is peace so sweet or life so dear as to be purchased by chains and slavery? Forbid it, almighty God! I know not what course others may take … give me liberty or give me death.”

  • Perfumepouredout

    George Washington was a Freemason. Just for the record.

  • http://PatriotUpdate Gary

    You know, this is terrible… a stupid remark. Everyone is accountable to themselves. Our heritage and History should be preserved and if the people that are giving direction have no concept of what they are talking about… they should be FIRED>> and the person who hired them should be FIRED>> and if we keep going in this direction and electing and listening to incompetent leaders (who are setting their own agendas)… we won’t have to worry long. Our heritage won’t matter. Mexican music my … excuse me… keep Mexico in Mexico. Another thought… Political correctness is Bull … This is AMERICA. If people want to live here… learn the culture. I don’t want my life style to change because it offends someone because I won’t learn their way of life. We were founded a nation under GOD…. not Buddha, Mohammed, or any other religion. If the people who come here want to worship their god,,, so be it… i shouldn’t have to because their feelings are hurt. God Bless the USA.

    2 Chronicles 7:14
    14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

  • lizaz

    Sounds like the “park rangers” are obama suckups, and promoting his agenda of destroying American and turning us into a herd of zombies, bowing to his highness. Sorry, but I’m just fed up with this whole scene, and pray the Tea Party and those in the House and Senate who subscribe to Tea Party principles will be able to bring a huge defeat to the monarch in power, while we still have a country to rebuild.

  • james w. johnson

    when FIRST used, BCE meant BEFORE CHRISTIAN ERA. WHILE WE ARE CONSIDERING ALTERATION OF HISTORY. Excuse the italics. just had to follow. james w johnson

  • pete0097

    They will “forget” about certain parts of history, but they will never let us forget about the slavery that existed before the civil war – both in the north and the south. Or that all of us white people owned slaves and tortured every one of them.

  • Homer

    I’ll tell you what chaps my behind, and that is this govt. They are destroying this nation by their actions! If you really want to be truthful it is that when Madeline Murray O’Hare , and so many others decided to take Bible study and prayer out of schools : and when the S.Court said it was unconstitutional to have the 10 commandments on the walls etc and when we began “MURDERING” babies in the womb and shedding Innocent Blood (Pro 6:16-17) and when we (most) as a nation began to integrate all peoples together and brought their (false) gods into this country, and used being “NICE” (see the websters 1828 Dictionary) to dumb down pweople and accept anything in the name of getting along, then God gave us what we wanted, a LIE!! Romans Ch 1 We do not want Jesus Christ and we wanted what felt good and we wanted the govt to give us what we wanted and so…..God has given them that desired these things, just what we wanted. Now we have Obama, now we have compromizers, and now we have a spinless govt and a weak kneed congress. We have NO direction and NO way! This country has forsaken the right way, and has now gotten the way of distruction!!! “EVEN SO, COME LORD JESUS” !!! Rev 22:20

  • jhnsen

    Read “Pictorial Life of George Washington: A Complete History”, by J. Rost, LL.D., Published by White Hall Press, orginally published 1859. He affirms and reaffirms his belief and dependence on God. It is up to every person who comments or posts messages online, to educate others regarding our nation’s founding. Too many go around espousing the ‘separation of church and state’ misinformation. It needs correcting. Thank you for your efforts!

  • Mary M

    Thank you Vicki for this video and article. My hubby who is 11 years younger, and went to a public school, informed me 2 years ago that they were never taught the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, or the Bill of Rights, let alone any other of our Founding Documents. I was shocked. My sis and I attended a Christian school, and we not only had to read them, we had to memorize all 3! I was not so thrilled when we had to do it, but I could sure kiss my teachers today for making us. They can never tell me what is or isn’t in those documents, because to this day I remember them. It’s our turn to make our kids learn it by heart so this government or any other cannot take that away from them or their children. Time to get busy! God bless you hon, and keep up the outstanding work! Love in Yeshua (Jesus), Mary

  • An old Capitol tour giver

    The name of the painting in the Capitol Rotunda is “Embarkation of the Pilgrims,” not “Exportation of the Pilgrims.” I figured that I would correct one of your many mistakes in here.

    • Victoria Jackson

      Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Donald Bradshaw

    Read Pat Shannan’s new book “Everything They* Ever Told Me Was A Lie.” Yes, most of United States history, being controlled by the Jewish-Corporate mass-media, is nothing more than disinformation, misinformation, and propaganda.

  • rangerrebew

    NBC manages to leave references to God out of the Pledge of Allegiance; Ali Bama leaves references to God out when “quoting” the Preamble; the Park Service leaves references to God out of their speeches. I think I see a pattern.

  • Greg

    Great article, PLEASE keep up the fight. And yes, I too believe that citizen journalism is the only real news left.
    Did I read this right? You were on a CHRISTIAN bus tour, and they were upset at you delaying them?
    It’s like the Twilight Zone or something.

  • iMark

    Well, those government employees certainly seemed evasive. It does make me wonder if they would get in trouble for sharing some of the information about the Christianity of our past leaders.

  • Brian

    It is ridiculous, though not surprising that the current administration and its personnel cannot divulge even simple truths that you describe in this story. Keep up the good work. This is my first time reading and responding to your column and I like it a lot.

  • http:Google Connie B.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if several years down the road the Muslims wouldn’t rewrite history entirely by tearing down the Washington monument and erecting one of Muhammad as the father of our country. That’s if Obamma gets reelected. And the Mexican music ? Why not a huge taco stand too? Mooochelle would love that.. Yeah , that’s it,,, instead of partridges the pilgrims served enchiladas for their Thanksgiving feast ; because the Indians were really Mayans in disguise……… Give me a break!
    And as to South Florida University? I’m well aware of this Lib oriented college and it is indeed the job of the parents and grand parents to set these youths straight. It’s a really sad thing when you pay for your child’s education and it works against you and everything you believe in. Once they’re away from your influence it’s not so easy to control these things.

    • Robert

      Depictions of the profit Muhammad are expressly forbidden in Islam, so no worries about the monument being replaced by his statue. Remember that Muslims are nearly as fanatical in their belief as you are. Common perception of history has shifted over time to both distort and put greater and greater reverence on events in the far past, such as the events surrounding Mecca and Medina in the 6th century ad. Now a days, more than a 5th of the population of the world prays in their direction 5 times a day. The same is true of your idea of founding of America and what it supposedly stood for. The truth is it was taken from native Americans and proclaimed as God’s gift to the English expatriates. Now, the supposedly most Christian voices are shouting that Mexicans, Muslims, blacks, and intellectuals had better stay away. Your intolerance stems from the fear our culture will be diluted by them, but culture is already on a constantly changing, uncontrollable metamorphosis. Why not welcome those who are different and win them over to our way with kindness. After all, what would Jesus do.

  • Jim Old School Fan

    Great stuff here Victoria. I recently saw a little ditty you put together (something about “A (?) in the White house”) I coudn’t remember what it was but I whole-heartedly agreed when I saw it. I thought, “WOW, someone actually has the guts to stand up and say it.” Someone famous, and who had previously been on SNL. I think that is where I first saw you (if my memory serves – remember ‘old school’). I am so glad to see someone like you taking a stand for conservative and Christian values. I think it is way cool that you actually reply to some of the blogs too. You are great role model and pretty cute too. You’ve got a fan in me. Keep up the fight! We need more like you. God Bless America.

  • ron8072

    My goodness, what a big heart you have. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of GOD-fearing Americans everywhere and on behalf of Americans who don’t fear GOD. May they learn from you. Some Americans seem to have forgotten that we are and were founded on Biblical principles. As you demonstrate in your post, there are those that ‘know’ the truth about GOD’s role in our country but ‘choose’ to help many to forget. GOD Bless America and forgive us when we don’t call on your NAME in prayer before we vote in our elections. I firmly believe GOD gives us the leaders we ask for and also the leaders for which we deserve when we don’t ask. GOD SAVE AMERICA!

  • Judy in Atlanta

    Mr. Bradshaw,
    Sorry to disappoint your Anti-Semetic sentiments, but what you’ve read is a bunch of hooey. And there are many Jews who are conservatives, and many who are also poor and of modest means. There are also many who love this country and would stand with you and all other God loving Christians and Jews of all denominations to save our freedom and liberty.
    Everyone has been praising Christian values. Please consider that they are also Jewish values. The inscription on the Liberty Bell is a direct quote from Leviticus 25:10: “Proclaim liberty throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.”

  • Mike Safrit

    It should be clear to any thinking person by now that either Obama is a fraud and indeed not a natural born citizen of the United States, or he is a citizen of the United States and should be impeached, tried, convicted and removed from office for the crime of treason. Anyone causing as much damage to this country as Obama and his communist comrades in the Congress have already done has to be either public enemy #one or traitors. If God is so mad at us as to allow this man to be reelected for a second term, then it will be clear that the United States of America is finished a the land of the free and the home of the brave. How much longer are we going to tolerate these subversives in the government??

  • Pastor Charlie

    I have heard, over and over again that islam is “The Black man’s Religion” and Christianity is The White man’s religion. For all of you who have contact with the poor deluded, the islamic Arabs of Africa captured native black people, or bought them from other native black people and sold them to the white slave ships. They in turn transported these slaves to the new world where they were indeed re-sold to new owners.

    It was the white Christians who resisted and finally defeated the ownership of black/indian slaves. Wilburforce in England and Europe and the first Republican President, A. Lincoln, in the United States. It was the Democrats and their ilk, who promulgated and defended slavery in the U.S. It is still the islamics who practice white, black, yellow and/or sex slavery in the world today. Those of us who know the truth need to teach it to those who believe the lie!

    JESUS is LORD!

    • Victoria Jackson

      I love this. I knew there was more to the “slavery” story. I’m gonna do a piece on it. Thanks for the info. I’ll look it up.


    All of this goes right along with the take over of our public educational system by the secularists and the socialist.

    With a great deal of thanks to our “UNCONSTITUTIONAL” Federal Department of Education, the secular humanists (atheists) and the socialists are pretty much in total control of training tomorrows leaders. We can fight until we are blue in the face, but until we take our public educational system back from these anti-American think tanks, we will never take our government or our nation back. We need to demand that our children be taught all sides of our “true and unedited” science and historical history. Today evolution is the only science allowed in our public schools, our history only teaches the negative aspects of America, seldom the positive aspects. I am not saying that evolution be banned and Creation take its place, nor that only the positive and Christian history of our nation be taught, that would become nothing more than indoctrination as well and would not promote critical thinking either. But at least give the students and fair and balanced body of both “true and proven” science and historical evidence to make their decisions upon, putting the fairytales out of our textbooks and proven facts back into them.

    Documents and letters from our founding fathers prove the true Christian characters of a vast majority (however, not all) of these men and women. Yet today this history has been twisted, edited and deleted from our public school textbooks in order that our nations rewritten history falls into place with the secular and pluralistic society that we have sadly become. Our students are never shown or taught about such important documents as the Mayflower Compact or taught what the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution are really about. Instead of American history, they are taught about Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Woodstock along with the histories and cultures of foreign nations but very little about actual American history and our American way of life.

    This does not hold up to the standard of “critical thinking” that our public school administrators continually preach in hypocrisy. Critical thinking comes when the students are given the truth about all sides of the issue and have the ability to decide for themselves. Much of today’s education of our public school students does not qualify for education, but falls under the standard of total anti-GOD and anti-American indoctrination. Tomorrows future of our nation and its people deserves better and truly the fight for our nation must “FIRST” begin in our public schools, then will we regain the GOD given political, social, and moral standards that our Republic was built upon. Once this is done, then our government and our people will begin to fall in line with the high Christian standards of our founding fathers as well.

  • Preacher Cruz

    Mrs. Jackson. You are an entertaining AND interesting person irrespective of your “celebrity”. My family appreciates what you are trying to do. I Think I will have to put your “socialist in the White House” vid on my site. I hope you will take the time to read my article on Christian Civil Disobedience here..

  • Pingback: » Victoria Jackson Points Out Communism & Historical Revisionism In D.C…()

  • Barney Frank’s Poolboy

    Just another prime example of how PC how effed up this country…its so far gone, it will never return I’m afraid.

  • lpn52

    The one question she should have asked is: Are You A Christian? My guess is that they were atheists / non believers in GOD.

  • SocialistSuzy

    Why are all of the comments gushy lushy over Victoria? How about a little reality and show the other side? Oh yeah, that’s right, this is just like Faux News Tabloid T.V. Unfair and Unbalanced.

    Looks like my right to freedom of speech will probably be squelched here….I doubt you’ll post this for long w/out removing it. Funny how you sleep w/only parts of the constitution under your flag printed pillow….only when it suits your selfish needs.

    • Victoria Jackson

      The Liberals haven’t found this site yet. You just wait. There will be plenty of hate! I’ve only deleted 2 out of all of these because they sounded drunk and rude. It’s a new site. Soon the God haters will be here.

      • Jim Old School Fan

        Unfortunately you are RIGHT Vickie. Isn’t it laughable that someone blasts you and your love for the constitution for exercising your freedom of speech – while exercising their freedom of speech. They should look in the mirror so they can see the spittle fly from their own mouth while shouting “you’re selfish!”

    • Robert

      I’m with you all the way Suzie. With a professional comedian hostess you must have pieced together what this site is. Based on the number of supportive comments, I’d say there is quite a substantial market to be tapped here. Fox news has become the most watched news station in America under Rupert Murdock’s powerful tutelage. God help us indeed.

    • katiexleigh

      Suzy, you are so right! I was reading through the comments and absolutely AMAZED at the fact that here on the internet, where every view and opinion that has ever been held is expressed, somehow magically in this tiny ultraconservative utopia, everyone agrees with the hostess’ maniacal, biased, conspiratorial viewpoint. Incredible.

  • Alex

    You do realize that the Washington Monument was completed in 1884 and designed and constructed by people who weren’t even born in Washington’s lifetime, right?

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  • katiexleigh

    Good God woman. You are the most obnoxious person I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.

    Regarding these poor rangers you tormented with your idiotic and repetitive questions, they are humans and Americans like me. (You, I’m not so sure about.) Forgive them for not knowing a tiny bit of trivia about the monument, versus all of the information that they have to memorize, and are asked about every day. I worked in Washington as a tour guide for years, and still would get stumped by questions about the most seemingly innocuous piece of information. Get your nose out of your Bible and open your eyes to the real world, girl. This is not some mass government conspiracy. This is simply a case of some poor, hardworking Americans who were overwhelmed by some crazy woman screaming questions into their faces which they did not have the answers to.