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Obama Has a Fake Social Security Number

Obama has a fake Social Security number. It was issued from Connecticut in March 1977. He was 15 years old and living in Hawaii during this time. Multiple birthdays are listed for Obama and the S.S. number Obama is using is from someone born in 1890. Fraudulent S.S.N. Why isn’t this on NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN?

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  • Strangeboru

    I’ve seen this before. I checked on  and they listed it as false. I saw this posted by anne marie murell of the politi-chicks and one of the anomalies is this is credited with a July 2012 listing but snopes listing is June 2011. This story needs to be verified because it would save us a lot of trouble. Snopes is also under suspicion for being compromised by George Soros.  I have tried to do research but there is so much misinformation on the internet.  please issue a follow up to this story.  thanks!      

  • speakthetruth

    I would like to second what the commenter below is requesting. Please. Someone (Stewart?) needs to check out the snopes site because it’s pretty convincing, and we aren’t doing ourselves any favors by perpetuating hoaxes that make us look like idiots. I tend to avoid jumping on bandwagons like this because they’re flimsy & lack convincing evidence. Better to focus on the facts–the deficit, his policies–and talk to undecided voters about what real evidence we have, which is a lot, that he’s a destructive leader that needs to be voted out. Fact checking is going to be really important for your show because we know the liberal media is going to scrutinize everything conservatives say, though they don’t have any accountability themselves. Let us know your response to the snopes post because I want to know the truth.

    • Bill

      I couldn’t agree more! The boy who cried ‘wolf’ was disbelieved when he really gave a valid warning.  That is, credibility can be eroded when it is most important that an alarm be sounded.

  • Lone Wolf

    There is a lawsuit that has been filed in Ohio by a private investigator claiming that his S.S.N. is fraudulent . you should be able to look it up. Cant remember her name. The S.S.N. is from a Polish immigrant that moved from Connecticut to Hawaii and died there. Obama’s grandmother worked for the probate office and had access to dead peoples S.S.N. Look up the lawsuit in Ohio. It explains it all.