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Michelle Obama Deceives

People are so stupid. Michelle Obama is bragging that her husband is the first president to get “Health Reform” done and the stupid audience applauds five times. They are sooo stupid. Their “free” health insurance is going to bankrupt the country and force them into bread lines. Idiots. Michelle is a snake.

She is so deceptive. This whole “food thing” she is innocently pushing, is slyly making the government the controller of our children’s food…out from her forked tongue slipped a buzzword, on the Jay Leno show tonight. She actually used the words, “sustainable food, organic food.” These are Agenda 21 words. They mean GOVERNMENT CONTROL. Remember, Michelle was the American who said, in 2008, “…this is the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m proud of my country…” Eww.

She then talked about “change,” the buzzword for collapsing America into a third world country. She is the enemy of the state.

Humbly and meticulously, back on February 25, 2010, Paul Ryan explained the evils of Obamacare, politely and calmly right to Obama’s face. Brave. Ryan listed facts and numbers, pointing out “double counting,” “smoke and mirrors,” and “budget gimmicks” in the Obamacare plan. He quoted Obama’s words from Sept. 9, 2009, when Obama said,”I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits — either now or in the future.” Paul Ryan then showed how Obamacare will cost taxpayers billions and trillions.

Ryan said, Hiding spending does not reduce spending.”

Ryan said, “…If you think the American people want a government take over of health care, you’re not listening to them.” He wasn’t talking about the Leno audience, but the educated, informed people.

Note on minute 4:50 when Paul Ryan says, “There really is a difference between us (conservatives and liberals)…and it’s basically this, we don’t think the government should be in control of all of this, we want people to be in control.” And, that, at the end of the day, is the big difference.”

“We the People,”…ring a bell?!

It was brilliant how Paul Ryan so graciously told Obama right to his face, that Obama is a liar, a cheater and a hypocrite. Ryan spoke the truth in love. Obama looked uncomfortable but resumed his arrogance quickly, as he always does when someone points out, “The Emperor Has No Clothes.” Obama’s confidence lies in the stupidity and/or apathy of most Americans.

I wish there were more people who could see.

Referring to socialized medicine, these images “paint a gruesome picture” of the reality of communism. This is Cuba, 2010.
“Dozens of psychiatric patients perished inside the walls of the hospital known as Mazorra in Havana city, Cuba. They died from starvation and hypothermia. The people entrusted to care (for) them stole the food, blankets and mattresses that were supposed to be used for the patients.

I can remember the fear we all had at the mere mention of this hospital. It was know(n) to the average Cuban as a place of torture used by the Castro Regime to persuade agitators and contra revolutionaries. Opening these doors is opening the gates of hell. Someone in my own family was sent there, just for speaking out against the regime.”

Never forget!

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  • Virginia Nancarvis

    It can’t be socialized medicine if it is through private companies…just saying…Health care reform has been a long time coming and sorely needed. The private companies that have been managing our health care have done a horrendous job and manage to report record profits each year and pay outrages salaries to their CEOs…

    • don

      You are correct Virginia…when the gov’t exercise complete control of the health care system and complete control of the scope and coverage of policies that MUST be purchased by individuals…that is Fascism not Socialism..and the insurance companies are not the problem, gov’t regulation preventing them from competing across state lines (you know, like car insurance?) as well as the threat of outrageous lawsuits would be the problem…oh, and thanks for the wealth envy crap at the end, you really give yourself away there…

      • Sally

        Threat of lawsuits is bogus and tort reform is another giveaway to insurance companies. Don’t believe me? Look up how tort reform lowered nothing in the cost of healthcare in Texas. The mandate is not fascist and it was originally a republican idea. The claim that this is all because they can’t compete across state lines? Also bogus. The fear is if they allow this one state will dummy down all healthcare coverage laws so all insurance will run out of that state. Sort of like how every charge card you currently have is out of Delaware because they write laws to protect the creditor vs. the consumer. It’s a worthy argument and void of ideology. Claiming the CEO’s make a fortune off our backs isn’t wealth envy. More like common sense. You should try tuning into networks other than Fox. Victoria should as well. You guys need to look up the GOPAC memo and grasp how they seem to have so many of you saying the same things.

        • Madmax1450

          Well what you really are going to get from Obama Care is going to be much worse than you think. Rationed care is on the way, as are death panels read the damn bill.

          • Susan Lowry Lamb

            You already have rationed care. The insurance companies do it to you.
            They are wanting profit. At least we all know the government spends too
            much. So odds are they’ll be kinder than insurance. Try again.
            Preexisting sure had rationed care, huh? And how bout how that law said
            those insurance companies had to stop looking for some paperwork issue
            from 10 years prior that they were using to kick people that got cancer
            or something off. You don’t call that rationing? Stop listening to a
            pack of politicians that have us paying for their care. You’re probably
            another one that would call this socialized medicine. When it’s not
            even close. It’s a bit of insurance reform. And insurance got hacked
            off and paid big money to the GOP to demonize it.

          • Madmax1450

            I don’t listen I read. I have health insurance that I have had since the 80’s and they have never refused anything for me I have had 6 back surgeries over the years for injuries working construction and at last count I have probably run up at least a couple of million in costs to them. I did get sick one time and was in a coma for 52 days and that bill was around $900,000.00 so maybe it is more than two million closer to three. Never been denied and I had. The bill is designed to put insurance companies out of business, doctors are retiring early because of reduced payments, there already is a shortage of doctors. And respectively I say to you that you do not know what you are talking about i have read the bill Have you? I doubt it. I am sure you are a Liberal and believe the Odumbo lies and smoke and mirrors.

          • Virginia Nancarvis

            It is admirable that you had excellent health insurance. And you get to keep it. One out of six people in the U.S. do not. Although it is a good thing the Affordable care Act has been found Constitutional. It appears you have come close to reaching the maximum allowed by your health insurance company and health insurance companies are no longer allowed to limit life time benefits. (Unless it is a grandfathered plan). The Affordable Care Act is an attempt to obtain health insurance for everyone so the cost is spread over a wide population. Our government (federal and state ) are already picking up the tab for those with out it…meaning we pay for it with our taxes. Now, the citizens of this country will decide in November whether they are comfortable with having what they need and to hell with everyone else or if they would rather see a majority the ability to get health insurance as well. We wouldn’t have had to be at this point..if health insurance companies were as interested in offering decent health insurance that people could afford as they are in maximizing their profit, and cooperation with the same mind set. What prevented these health insurance companies from doing what the Affordable Care Act now does. Think about it. Why didn’t they offer health insurance plans, not tied to employment, with tiers of benefits and premiums based on the benefits provided? Think of all the over 45 million citizens that would have bought these plans that would have increased their profit..Instead they offer private plans that very few can afford (because their employer chose not to offer insurance). This is wrong. And I do not give a rat’s a** about free market rein of corporations when it comes to a person health or their childrens.

          • Madmax1450

            Mine does not have any lifetime limits never did and never will

          • Valerie Stephens Leake

            How nice for you. You are aware that many did not have insurance as yours until PPACA was passed. And you are right that now you will NEVER have a lifetime cap because PPACA was passed.

          • Madmax1450

            the main thing is that I only had to use mine for injuries from working.the coma I was in was caused by a bad back surgery and infection of staff. Other than that I am in excellent health because I took care of myself, not like most of the slobs in this country.

          • RacerJim

            So, Valerie Stephens Leake, you obvious Obama subserviant you, was your Messiah Obama LYING when he told the United States Congress that the PPACA was not a tax in order to get it passed, or was your Messiah Obama LYING when he told the Supreme Court of The United States that the PPACA was a tax in order to get it upheld as constitutional? You and your LYING Messiah cannot have it both ways.
            How nice of your Messiah and his Congressional subserviants to enact the PPACA despite the objections of 60-65% of “We the people…” and, INCREDULOUSLY, per then Speaker Nancy Pilosi, without knowing what was in it before doing so!
            No doubt you are aware but ignoring the FACT that your Messiah’s PPACA STEALS $700+ BILLION from Medicare, which was, at least prior to your Messiah’s PPACA, a healthcare coverage program specifically for senior citizens who pre-paid for it via Social Security taxes automatically deducted from their paychecks. Yet, your Messiah has the gall, the UNMITTIGATED GALL, to claim that opponents of his PPACA want to throw “granny” of a cliff?
            No doubt you are also aware but ignoring the FACT that many have already lost their employer provided health insurance since PPACA was passed, and many more are faced with losing same before the end of this year.

          • Madmax1450

            does that 45 million also include the 30 some million illegals here now and more coming all the time, they are what drove up cost by using emergency rooms all the time. they can get insurance because the are illegals, and do not pay taxes, thy are illegals and do not belong here.

          • Valerie Stephens Leake

            No. There is specific language within PPACA that prohibits spending anyone here illegally from being covered. And actually, lots of folks who are here illegally pay into the tax and social security systems but do not claim any benefit from them.

          • Madmax1450

            Ya and if you believe that you must believe in fairies and that Odumbo is the ONE

          • dragon lady

            The insurance carriers have to offer State mandated coverage on policies, even if the prospective buyer doesn’t want it.

          • i2luvmyusa

            STOP! this crap of doubletalking and misleading of facts! I am disgusted with Obama so called tax bill! Liberals need to stay out of life, out of my Kitchen (Michelle) out of my bedroom, Obama, and out of my pockets Liberals! Socialism is DEAD in America!

          • jerry

            you want to bet ?

          • Virginia Nancarvis

            I have read the bill…more than a few times and there is no death panel..In fact no one has the right to make decisions about your health except one. That would be you. I am a retired Licensed Practical Nurse. When a patient is admitted to a facility, he is given a form. It is called a health care directive. On this form are options..Do I want oxygen, antibiotics, aggressive care, comfort measures, CPR, No resuscitation and many more. A patient does not have to use this form and can write his desires (some are called living wills) to be placed on a patients chart This can be changed at any time by the patient. It is used when a patient can no longer make those decisions…as in comatose or has dementia. These must be adhered to the letter or a hospital and/or the staff can be subject to a suit. The only time these wishes would not be used, is if the patient never made them known…even then, it will be the spouse (or if no spouse) an immediate family member(s) that will make that decision…usually after consulting with a physician. The family member does not have to take the advice of the doctor. If you would like to provide proof that there are death panels in the Affordable Care Act..please point out the actual language and where it was found in the Act.

          • Madmax1450

            “Integral to the Obama Administration’s stated mission to drive down
            what Americans choose to spend for life-saving and health-preserving
            health care, the IPAB is charged with a key role in suppressing health
            care spending by limiting what treatment doctors are allowed to give
            their patients,” she says. “While the focus throughout this debate has
            been on the IPAB’s authority to cut Medicare with very limited
            Congressional authority to override or alter those cuts, National Right
            to Life has been emphasizing a still graver concern – one at the core of
            rationing in ObamaCare.”

            “The health care law instructs the IPAB to make recommendations to
            limit what all Americans are legally allowed to spend for their health
            care to hold it below the rate of medical inflation. The health care
            law then empowers the federal Department of Health and Human Services to
            implement these recommendations by imposing so-called “quality” and
            “efficiency” measures on health care providers,” Popik continues. “What
            happens to doctors who violate a “quality” standard by prescribing more
            lifesaving medical treatment than it permits? They will be disqualified
            from contracting with any of the health insurance plans that individual
            Americans, under the Obama Health Care Law, will be mandated to
            purchase. Few doctors would be able to remain in practice if subjected
            to that penalty.”

            “This means that treatment a doctor and patient deem advisable to
            save that patient’s life or preserve or improve the patient’s health–but
            which exceeds the standard imposed by the government–will be denied
            even if the patient is willing and able to pay for it.

      • Virginia Nancarvis

        1Fascism often capitalized :
        a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti)
        exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands
        for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.**I would hardly call President Obama a fascist, if that is what you are suggesting. He has a tough enough time getting anything passed in Congress. The government has not exercised complete control over the health care of our citizens.I will reiterate..It will be in the hands of the private health insurance companies along with the state government if they choose to use it. No state has to offer the health insurance exchanges, nor do businesses have to offer it…read the Act. If a business (of over fifty employees) choose to not offer health insurance and one of their employees joins the health insurance exchange, then that business will be required to contribute to the cost of administering the health exchange. Businesses under fifty employees are exempted. It isn’t wealth envy crap. It is looking at what has occurred over the many years that private health insurance had CONTROL (which appears to be more to your liking) and find they are not doing a decent job except in maximizing profit for their CEOs and shareholders. This is about someones health…Actually I agree, it would be great if they could compete across state lines (and by the way neither is car insurance allowed to compete across state lines..try moving to another state as I did and have to give up an excellent insurance plan)
        I would have to do more research to determine if that is a government regulation or comes from the insurance industry I maximize their control as well as profit.

        • jerry

          u have been drinking that cool aid , i hope it tastes good . why don’t you use that so called brain for other purposes other then a place to store air.

    • jerry

      look u idiot obamanation WILL bankrupte this nation.

    • tiredofbums

      I’ll take big insurance any day. Have you ever thought that maybe us investors would like to see some profit? Yes, I invest in insurance and will continue as it makes me money to buy insurance for my family. If the usurper gets reelected ,” which looks doubtful”, I’ll find ways to make money off the affordable care act. I haven’t said his name since he was elected. He is not now nor was he ever MY president.

  • carolyn

    Seriously? No racism? You are allowed to call the First Lady of this country a “snake” and a liar, but you will not tolerate discourteous comments!!!??? Really????? Who the heck is this Virginia person, anyway??

    • Madmax1450

      Thats because she is a snake and a liar. get over it.

    • Walter Portier

      I wonder if she still like america are is she afraid of our flag pin????????

  • Susan Lowry Lamb

    It’s great that you’re able to appeal to our young people with a piece written on the level of a 6th grader. Keep up the good work.

    • Kathy Steele Haddox

      Seriously…. most of the people on her page are very uniformed and ignorant of facts associated with their own comments….. Sad days ahead, if this stays the NORM for Tea Party members….. I’m embarrassed FOR THEM… and BY THEM

      • tiredofbums

        They could care less about you as well. The tea in tea party stands for Taxed Enough Already. Are you deaf, dumb and blind? These idiots couldn’t run a lemonaid stand without blaming someone else because it didn’t taste right, wasn’t mixed well, didn’t use organic sugar, or lemons. The tea party wants America to be great. You are the one Not informed and you are clearly ignorantr of the facts that are staring you in the face. Now I expect you to do the “Politically correct thing and bash me for calling you deaf,dumb and blind. Care to get racial as well? Have at it.

    • Kathy Steele Haddox

      …and they accuse US of name-calling and Obama of running a nasty campaign…. Haaaaa… COMPARED to the TEA PARTY …WE are lambs…

      • Kathy Steele Haddox

        …but not sacrificial lambs….so they are in for a fight this time around…

    • Breezeyguy

      Most media pieces are written at 3rd grade level. Glad you were able to keep up with this one, although I think your comprehension needs work.

    • jerry

      i knew u where an idiot , and i do have a masters in computer sciences . if u can’t see what this so called president is doing along with this b—- then u are dumb as a fence post.

  • Jody

    Wow, and I thought that dumb blond thing you did was an act.

  • wildwildwest

    It is just simply wrong for insurance companies to profit from people’s ill health. Having worked on the financial side of health care providers and as a patient advocate for many years, I can say it is absolutely sickening for insurance companies to initially reject paying for urgently needed care solely for the bottom line. Medical care should be based on the decisions of professional health care providers such as physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and others who have spent a great amount of time (and their lives) learning how to do so.

    • tiredofbums

      What’s wrong with your thinking? If you ran a business wouldn’t you want to make a profit? You are the one who is just simply wrong. I applaud insurance companies for rejecting paying. If hospitals would quit charging $5.00 for one aspirin maybe they wouldn’t object so much. The insurance companies look over these hospital bills line by line. Go live in Russia. Go live in Canada. Quit whining and move. I see what the medical field has learned. Take em in, give em pills, get their money, get em out.

    • tim

      You don’t think insurance companies, doctors, nurses, etc should make money off of people’s ill health. Ok you go to school for 3-8 years, due 4-6 years of residency and fellowship, and then I want you to go to work for free. Or go open an insurance agency where people pay a $300 premium and then have an illness or event that cost you $100,000 and you pay for it, oh wait you can’t make a profit so you have no money to pay for it. Oh yeah none this make sense. You know you could just pay for your own health care out of your own pocket. Oh wait, that not the American way anymore. If you don’t like the way insurance companies are run, pay for it yourself.

  • Csgcons

    She is worse than a snake….she is a traitor. Hang her from a tree.

    • mathis1689

      Don’t forget Barack. He needs to be there as well.

  • catnip24

    i was taught to be honest. call a spade a spade.

  • Walter Portier

    Obama will be remember as being the worsed president in history. He will carter title away. Michelle with be know as the first lady who knwe how to waste tax dollars on vacations……….TEN REASON TO FIRE OBAma……

  • Triplelll

    She is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Don’t be deceived by her willingness to ‘help’ you, she merely wants to control your every move. ” If you don’t like our colors, seek another flag”

  • doug63

    the democratic mantra…..Lie big and often. they will believe.

  • anglelou

    The fools are in the tank for Obama – either they are paid (bribed) or cannot think for themselves. It has to be obvious when we have four years of high unemployment, foreclosed homes and over 16 trillion in debt. They obviously don’t care what world their children and grandchildren will face (already burned with debt) if Obama continues his trip to take this country into Marxism/Communism. Are they aware the Democrats are now courting the Muslims – 20,000 to be at the Dem Convention? And Hitlery’s associate Huma (the Weiners wife) is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood through her parents?

  • jerry

    she can kiss my a–.

  • tiredofbums

    This woman gives new meaning to the word mercenary. She wants to stay in the big house. She doesn’t want to go back to Chi-town. She has the use of all our money. She has a powerful say in what her idiot husband thinks. She doesn’t want to have to hire new servants when we’re paying for them. She will miss her big plane and helicopter. Come to think of it. Have either one of them ever set foot in Camp David? I haven’t ever heard of them ever going there. They sure keep a tight rein on those kids. You never get to see or hear them speak in public. Are they afraid one of them might say something stupid or just the plain truth. I’ll bet they won’t get to say a thing at the DNC if they even get to go. So, get used to her lies as she is only doing this for herself and her family. Wouldn’t you lie to keep what she has? These are the ultimate welfare recipients. We will pay for them until they die.

  • Bull57

    Let’s send this Silver Back back to the jungles of Chicago!

  • Guest

    School has started! My high school students will not eat the food that is provided by the school system. They say it’s “gross”. So thanks!!! Now my very lazy 15yr old son is packing a lunch every day!!! I’m saving money. Not a bad thing now!! The kids have a car trunk full of junk food and soda should they need it. We are very adaptable and will never give into tyranny.

  • ProudACLU

    thank God for President Obama – next is the end of the teabaggers!

  • dale

    How ignorant can you possibly be