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Shocking: Obama Supporters at the DNC

Okay. Ignore my fatness for a minute, let’s get deep. Listen to what these people are saying and thinking. It is sad. It is shocking. More than I need a diet, we need a spiritual revival, so that the lost will be found and the blind can see and the deaf can hear. These people are “deceived.” They are fighting for death, theft and destruction. God bless the lone man on the street with that giant photo of an abortion. The Democrats cannot look at it, but they can do it, and fight for it, and use it as their cause, their fervor and their banner of “righteousness.”

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  • southernlites

    Victoria…dosen’t all the stupid make your head hurt? And don’t apologize for the “fat”. God gave you and me airbags cause we’re precious.

    • shilo2012

      You’re right!! Being surrounded by “Stupid in this video does give us all a headache!” OH! My Bad, brainless idiots like you don’t have a brain, so you wouldn’t understand the concept! sigh…..

  • Andrew Schmitt

    that pig doesn’t have anything to worry about going near her vagina

  • Christopher

    This lady, “I don’t know about that, but.. “… then she goes on to talk about stuff she has no idea what she is talking about. It’s like just repeating stuff she heard someone else say. Ignorance run rapid. Victoria, you are so right; Democrats don’t like “facts”. That couple just kept denying facts and then blaming Bush for everything.. insanity.

  • Tim Crutchfield

    You’re not fat. I’ve always thought you were cute.

  • rick

    damn that lady victoria interviewed didnt seem to know much about anything. its weird that pro-choice people always use that adoption excuse to counter pro-life. that doesnt make much sense. those children are alive and have a chance. aborted children just end up in a trash can somewhere.

    these people also want peace, but how many of them are joining the military to help us achieve that?

  • Georgiagal52

    That one woman was right that God DOES give us the choice of what to do with our bodies but he also expects and desires that we make the RIGHT choice. His Word instructs us on how to make the right choice if we will just seek His Word. Abortion is murder no matter how anyone tries to spin it. My heart hurts for these people who won’t seek God’s Will and educate themselves about our leaders. Keep up the good work, Victoria. Love you, girl.