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“God Loves My Gay Son”

This woman at the DNC wants me to see the movie “For the Bible Tells Me So” about five families and how they reconcile their faith with homosexuality. She is voting for Obama because her son is gay. I asked her if she is concerned with the deficit and she seemed to imply that Obama has the answer to that even though he has not made a budget in 3 years, and has quadrupled the deficit, not lessened it one penny.

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  • Aaron Matthew Arnwine

    there is a really good movie out there called “Save Me” that is about as even handed as hollywood can get with Christians who run a house for “recovering” gays. I am a gay conservative and thought I would be throwing crap at the TV; I was sure hollywood would portray Christians as a bunch of haters – but they didn’t. I would recommend that movie over the other one. There is no “conclusion” to Save Me telling you to think one way or the other.

  • Cathy Hill Barnella

    Denial is not a river in Egypt. What a sweet, decieved soul. :(

  • Tian Parnther

    This lady is partially correct in that the Lord does love her homosexual son. Our Lord Jesus died for his sins too. However where in the Bible does God says it’s OK to be a homosexual or lesbian? It’s one thing to say to a HomosexualLesbian that you love them and care about them. However it is another to love the homosexaul enough to say to him or her that they are still living in sin.

  • James A. Mathias

    Hate the sin, Love the sinner.