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Can a Christian Vote for a Mormon?

My Christian friend tells me that he is not voting at all this Nov. because Romney is not a true conservative. Well, this means he just gave a vote to Obama. I do not appreciate this because I have been working so hard to defeat this Communist/America-hating “president” and I am exhausted…flying from here to there for no money, studying boring politics, trying to communicate facts to strangers, humiliating myself, making enemies, having myself photographed from bad angles and with bad lighting…and, he, the morally superior, pious man, tells me he cannot bring himself to vote for the only alternative to Obama.

Look buddy, I’ll put it this way, with which candidate do you have a better chance of keeping your freedom to be pious?

In this video, go to minute 5, Ravi Zacharias explains clearly that when given the choice between two imperfect men, Christians should vote for the “person who will help a nation provide the best moral soil on which the freedom to believe and disbelieve can actually function, …(where) truth can ultimately triumph…”

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  • wwasion

    To all the Christians out there who can’t vote for Romney because he’s Mormon, please consider this: You are not voting for Pastor, you are voting for President. We don’t vote on the basis of one’s theology, but on the basis of one’s political ideology. (Really – Is Obama’s theology any better than Romney’s? Really?) Mitt probably would be a poor fit in your church; the question is, who is a better fit in the White House – Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? We already know what Obama has done to this nation, and it is a fraction of what he intends to do next if re-elected. I believe in voting on principles (or abstaining from voting because of principles), but if your “principled” vote or non-vote ends up helping to re-elect someone who will take this country even further away from your principles, what should you do?

    This nation’s principles are being destroyed from the inside while “principled” voters wait for the perfect candidate who will never come.

  • Alison

    If Christians would learn the Word, and understand that any false teaching is against God, Mitt would not be the nominee. But now we have to vote for a Mormon because we have to against communism.

    • 1PlsLoveThyNeighbor1

      False teaching? So teaching the word of God is false? Teaching the ways of Jesus Christ is false? You probably haven’t known a “Mormon” and asked questions about their faith. The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints does not teach against God or Jesus Christ.

  • Mugwump

    And at least he has good values, values similar to exactly the same as we have them as Christians. Much unlike the current prez who has few if any morals or values….

  • Judy Capistrant

    Thanks, Victoria1 I appreciate so much what you are doing. If I could come with you, for moral support, I would. You are so kind an patient with people who do not know ANYTHING about what this country is about, or what the issues are, or who Mr. O really is, and what he stands for, yet go gleefully on their way, voting for a man who means to destroy our foundation, our Republic. God bless and keep you!! If you are EVER in the St. Louis area, please give me a call. I would be honored to meet you. [email protected]

  • anglelou

    Yes! I am a Christian and I will vote for Romney. Mormons believe in God – and anyone who believes that Obama, who is a Muslim; where Muslim’s believe in killing Christians (and have) is a better choice than Mitt Romney is insane! Romney is a very good person; chairitable; has EARNED his money; has a decent family is a man worthy of the WH. I am sick of people who support Obama who do not seem to understand Muslim Ideology; Shariha law; the fact that you Christians who object to Romney because he is a Mormon – WHERE WERE YOU when Obama cancelled Christians ‘National Day of Prayer’ and instead substituted the celebration of Ramadan? Hypocritical? This country is on the brink of destruction; on the cliff of bankruptcy and I ask, why vote for the man who has hastened its destruction? What kind of world do you want for your children?

    • Gary

      Obama is not a Muslim. Read. Learn. Them post.

      • Marjorie

        do you think he is not a Muslim because he says so? Everything he is doing is helping the Muslims. Obama lies all the time. Everything out of his mouth is a lie. He doesn’t know the truth so he can’t speak the truth. His entire life is built upon lies. He went to a Muslim school in his childhood and the religion listed on the registration was Muslim. Muslims believe if lying will further their cause it is moral to lie. That is what their holy book says. You are the one that needs to do your homework before you post.

        • Darin Sunny McCullough

          Yep, lying for the muslim faith is an accepted, expected practice…it’s called Taqiyya. I have read and learned and am now trying to help ppl like you , Gary, learn as well….hmmm….and I wonder why he would have a ring on that states, “There is no god but allah.” Not a muslim, yea, right.

  • rjmom

    I have been blasted my some Christians for the same stance, and I have the same reasons. A non-vote for Romney is really equal to 2 votes for Obama. I live in CA last election season I went around and around with a street preacher that pretty much told me I was going to hell because I intended to vote for one candidate in our governor race over the democratic, extremely liberal choice. The candidate I choose to support was more moderate, by far not perfect, but I took the path of the least offensive. In the end, many Christians choose not to vote in a close election, the end result… we now have Jerry Brown pushing for all types of liberal agendas. I think that the ignorance of some Christians in choosing not to vote for moral reasons, does nothing but help more liberal people and cause get passed and elected. If you are a Christian that chooses to sit back and not vote, please pray about your decision.

  • God is my president

    Thank you for this article! I’m astounded at the Christian “pride” in their superiority to us fellow Christians who will be voting for Romney.

  • Jeff Fleetham

    The bigotry is astounding. & … #RR2012 #NObama#RomneyPOTUS45

  • Gary

    I am one Christian who will not be voting for Romney. Mormons are of Satan. They are NOT Christians. Read their holy writings- they are in no way of Christ. True Christians cannot vote for “the lesser of two evils”, since even the “lesser” is still evil. My fellow Christians-do not let youself be duped into voting for evil, whether it be “lesser” or otherwise. A vote for any evil is a one-way ticket to Hell. In Jesus’ name-Brother Gary.

    • Eliza

      Wow, Gary you are a very small minded “christian”. Do a little more research. I know plenty of Mormons and they aren’t “Satan”. The do believe in Jesus Christ. Get a grip. Satan is already in the White House, masquerading as a president. You just cant see that somehow. Romney has not or never will push his religion on you. He won’t expect you to be tolerant of them and admonish you when you aren’t. You don’t have to go to the LDS church or become a Mormon. But you do need to vote in a competent leader as our President. It is not the current POTUS.

      • CoRe Christian

        The mormons do not believe in Jesus Christ. They believe in someone they “call” Jesus Christ, but he isn’t the Jesus of the bible.

    • CoReChristian

      Boy, aren’t you special! You’re choosing to NOT vote for Romney is at most hypocritical, and in the least, a sure vote for Obama. First off, Mormons have been in politics forever. You don’t believe it? Ask yourself how they manage to have one of the most advanced hospitals in the nation, they are businessmen who you will find in every area of the U.S. economy, and have on occasion the ear of every elected official, even the President. Second, if you’re not voting for Romney because he is not “Christian” – which he isn’t, I agree – then there’s a whole slue of presidents who haven’t been Christian, based on the definition of what one is and/or should be, and that includes Clinton, Reagan, Nixon, Truman, etc., Sorry guy, but you’re opinion is as empty as the voting box people like you “think” will make a difference if you don’t vote. So, if you’re intention is to NOT vote for Romney, then go ahead and vote for Obama, because that’s where your vote is going.
      Don’t call me a “fellow” Christian, because wisdom and discernment is something that needs to be used here, and clearly, you are relying on people being as reactionary as you.

      • 1PlsLoveThyNeighbor1

        Have to agree that Romney isn’t a “Christian” because in that traditional sense that the US of A citizens refer to he is not a traditional Protestant. However, you cannot deny that he fits into the dictionary classification:
        Chris·tian [kris-chuhn]
        adjective 1. of, pertaining to, or derived from Jesus Christ or His teachings: a Christian faith. 2. of, pertaining to, believing in, or belonging to the religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ: Spain is a Christian country. 3. of or pertaining to Christians: many Christian deaths in the Crusades. 4. exhibiting a spirit proper to a follower of Jesus Christ; Christlike: She displayed true Christian charity. noun 7. a person who believes in Jesus Christ; adherent of Christianity. 8. a person who exemplifies in his or her life the teachings of Christ: He died like a true Christian. 9. a member of any of certain Protestant churches, as the Disciples of Christ and the Plymouth Brethren.

        • CoRe Christian

          No, Romney in no way fits into this definition, and in fact, the definition itself only points to the connection between a man/woman and Christianity, but it does not define a Christian.
          A Christian – based on the historical definition ‘after’ Christ’s crucifixion, resurrection and ascension – is one who believes that Christ was, in fact, both God and man, that he was born of a Virgin, and that his life and his death was ‘purposed’ for the redemption of those whom the Father (God, Our Creator), called to be his own.
          A Christian recognizes God as “sovereign” – there is no other authority, no other text, or revelation by man that ever was, or ever will be needed to further explain or detail the intentions of God, who even before the creation of the world, had prepared the necessary sacrifice in Christ, who would break the bonds of sin and death, redeem his chosen, and usher in the covenant of ‘grace’ to replace the prior covenants which depended upon man to fulfill through animal sacrifice and ritualistic traditions.
          To those God has chosen as his own, he draws to “Christ”, not to a text or another prophet. No prophet of God has ever pointed to or referred to himself or his teachings as his own. Every prophet found the Bible, points to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and says, “He is the light of the world. Follow him!”

          Mormons do not believe any of this. This is what “they” believe:

          What Do Mormons Believe: Divine Authority
          The Mormon
          church uses two sources as its primary authorities: the Book of Mormon and the
          Bible. The Doctrine and Covenants and The Pearl of Great Price are also viewed
          as divinely authoritative.

          Christians Believe – The Christian church uses the Holy Bible alone as
          its authority from God. Joseph Smith is not recognized as a prophet.

          What Do Mormons Believe: The Nature of God
          The Mormon
          church sees God as the Supreme Being of the universe. However, He gradually
          acquired that position over a long period of time by living a perfect and
          righteous life. God the Father has a body (flesh and bones).

          Christians believe – The Christian
          church proclaims God as eternally and infinitely supreme. He is the same today
          as always. He is a spirit Being.

          What Do Mormons Believe: The Nature of Man
          The Mormon
          church teaches that humans exist as spirit beings before their birth. At
          physical birth, bodies are given to these spirits. They are also given an
          opportunity for free-will choice. The physical world represents a period of
          probation. The status of a person in the afterlife is determined by the way that
          person lived his/her life on Earth. If the person lived by a satisfactory
          standard, (including the fulfillment of Mormon temple obligations) that person
          has the potential to become a god in the after-life. The person can also produce
          “spirit children” to populate a world of his own (like God did with the earth).

          Christians believe – The Christian church holds that humans do not exist as spirits prior to being
          born into the world. Humans cannot attain godhood or populate other worlds with
          “spirit children.”

          What Do Mormons Believe: The Nature of Jesus Christ
          Mormon church views Jesus and Satan as spirit brothers and sons of God. God put
          forth His plan of salvation for the world, and Satan proposed his own plan.
          Jesus accepted the Father’s plan and offered to implement it as the Savior. The
          Father chose Jesus, and the spirit of Jesus was given a body through the virgin
          Mary. He was crucified on a Roman cross, and rose from the dead three days later
          to establish His deity. The character and life of Jesus is attainable by anyone
          who performs at such a righteous level.

          Christians believe -The Christian church teaches that
          Jesus Christ has existed eternally as the Son of God, the second “person” of the
          Trinity. Jesus took on human flesh about 2000 years ago and was born into the
          world through the virgin Mary. He was crucified on a Roman cross for our sins,
          and rose from the dead three days later to establish His deity.

          What Do Mormons Believe: How do we Achieve Salvation
          Mormon church holds that Jesus Christ overcame physical death and guaranteed
          physical resurrection to all mankind. However, spiritual death can only be
          avoided through personal obedience of God’s commandments. Forgiveness of sins
          requires faith, repentance and baptism by an approved Mormon priest. The
          practice of baptism for the dead is an extension of this belief, in which
          Mormons are baptized in proxy for those who have died without proper baptism.

          Christians believe – The Christian church teaches that we are unable to live a life righteous
          enough to meet God’s perfectly holy standard. Therefore, we establish a
          relationship with God by faith in the work of Christ on the cross, not by our
          own works. Baptism and good deeds are acts of obedience to God, but not the
          means for gaining eternal salvation.

          What Do Mormons Believe: Life After Death
          The Mormon
          church maintains that although there is temporary punishment for those that are
          most wicked, Jesus Christ will establish a new kingdom that will consist of
          three levels: the celestial kingdom, the terrestrial kingdom, and the telestial

          Christians believe – The Christian church holds that there are only two possible fates
          after death, heaven or hell. These locations are final, both physically and

          Major differences. Many people talk of Mormons as being helpful, kind, and they work for the good. That may be true, as do many different belief systems. But we are not “justified by works” but by “faith” – we don’t gain anything by what we do, one, because it’s already been done -by and through Christ; and two, because we are fallen, and are incapable of doing anything that would justify our salvation, except through Christ.

          But as you can see, this definition would never fit in any dictionary, which is why it’s defined, explained and presented in the Bible itself.

  • KMD

    I can certainly understand your frustration as you have been working tirelessly along with being persecuted by the left. I know that Romney is the only alternative to Obama. But Victoria, this is what I think is a disputable matter. Each person must decide what their conscience will allow. In referring to “disputable matter” I am talking about Romans 14. This is an iffy situation, one that I have not completely decided for myself. I wish I could vote for Romney because Obama is a very scary alternative. But I am not sure if I can do this in all good conscience. I don’t think we can automatically accuse people of pride as the reason they can’t vote. What if they think they would be sinning if they voted for Romney? According to Romans 14:23, if we can’t do something in faith, we are sinning. So it may be perfectly fine for you to vote for Romney. But your brother whose conscience does not allow it could be sinning if he does the same. We should not insist that our fellow Christians do anything that will violate their conscience.

    I can completely understand both points of view. We’re desperate to get the current administration out of the White House. But some are afraid that if Romney is President, this will encourage people to become Mormons; and they feel that they would be indirectly responsible for that. Others see all these wars as just as much of a pro-life issue as abortion. They have trouble voting for a candidate that is eager to attack other countries just as they would think it is a sin to vote for a candidate that is pro-choice.

    I hope you can see my point. I also think we must remember that God is the One who sets up rulers and brings them down. The most biblical course of action to take if we want to live in a country where we can live quiet lives in peace is to pray for our rulers. I’m not against people voting for Romney. I totally understand their viewpoint. But ultimately we must not offend God by violating our conscience.

  • Karl Andersen

    Mormons believe Lucifer is Jesus’ brother and that there are many gods and you can become one too.

    Watch this Video

    Would you elect the Devil President if he said the right things?

  • Daily Kenn

    When the choice is Mormon vs moron, you go with the Mormon.