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Fantastic Sermon by Ex-Drug Addict!

Now this is a preacher!  

Lon Solomon was raised in a Jewish home.  In his search for meaning he became an alcoholic/drug addict and contemplated suicide.  Then, God…

Thirty years later, he now pastors a fantastic church right in the center of our atheistic Capitol!  Watch this sermon that I heard on the 4th of July, 2011, “If the Foundations Be Destroyed,” Psalm 11:3.

He lists three foundations of our Christian nation that are being destroyed;  1)  Dignity of human life  2)  Traditional Nuclear Family  3)  you’ll have to watch!

During my recent trip to D.C.,  I found myself at McLean Bible Church in Washington, D.C.  I’m so accustomed to wishy washy preaching,  “Christian” leaders who don’t really stand for anything, or who avoid issues like “hell” or “sin” or “politics” in the pulpit.  Funny how synagogues and black churches can be saturated with politics, yet fundamental Christians are afraid to ‘get involved.’  Did you know that 29 of our 56 signers of the Constitution  were ministers of the gospel?!  The pastors who preached God’s view of the American Revolution were called The Black Robe Regiment and today there is a group of like named pastors who teach what the Bible says about our civic duty.  I met one of these awesome men at a Tea Party in Oklahoma City,  Dan Fisher, pastor of the Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon. 

I hope more pastors will see the need not only to win souls to Christ, but then teach them how to live out their faith in our culture, including how to vote intelligently.

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