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Billy and Karen Vaughn: “Let Them Fight or Bring Them Home”

With me today is Billy & Karen Vaughn who are continuing the legacy of their son Aaron Vaughn. Aaron was a Navy Seal Special Ops Chief who they lost in August of 2011 in Afghanistan. The Vaughns explain how the Obama Administration is killing our soldiers in order to “win the hearts and minds of the enemy.” (Go to Minute 12:20 and Minute 15:25)

(Minute 15:25)
Billy says, “We actually had a three star Admiral, when the families were brought in to the de-briefing, to tell us what happened, the wives, and the mothers and fathers, at Virginia Beach; one of the fathers said, ‘Why didn’t we use a drone strike that night?… The three star Admiral actually turned around and addressed the grieving families, and said, “Because we want to win their hearts and minds.”

I am furious. I say, “That’s what missionaries are for, not military. Military are there to kill the enemy.”

Karen says, “Why can we not lay pre-assault fire? Because it’s perceived as aggressive and damages our efforts to win the hearts and minds of our enemy. So, kill our sons and daughters then. I mean, that’s really, that’s your option…win their hearts and minds at the risk of killing our soldiers.”

Billy continues, “This is what it has come to. This administration and our political leaders in the military are willing to sacrifice our most precious treasure, the blood of our warriors, in order to win the hearts and minds. And, I don’t believe the American citizens are, if they knew what was going on.”

Billy Vaughn explained what happened the night his son was killed;
“…the valley was on high alert..There was an AC130 gunship in the air, there were two AH64 helicopters in the air, already in the air from the Rangers Op…The CH47 that the Seals were on had no escort …it’s policy when the choppers go out at night, they have to have escorts…so it came in to land…3 1/2 hour fire fight going on, but because of the Rules of Engagement, our air weapon support in the air is not allowed to give any pre-assault fire to suppress the enemy so that the chopper can land safely, so the air weapon support set their helplessly and watched this chopper land in the middle of a fire fight, with 30 Americans on board, and be shot down…and, when it was shot down, even though there were 3 machines in the air…they did not take out the men who shot (our soldiers)…Rules of Engagement…”

On Tom Trento’s Radio Show, Billy Vaughn was asked what he would like to publicly say to Obama. He replied, “Mr. President, your failure to recognize the savage enemy; and this covers Benghazi and Afghanistan both, all of it, …your failure to allow our warriors to engage the enemy; and your failure to give them the equipment necessary to defeat this enemy, …that lies at your feet, and you need to be held responsible. It is criminal what you, I believe, have knowingly done. I believe he has tried to take down one more area of American exceptionalism and that is our military and demoralize it like he has the rest of our American institutions.”

Karen Vaughn said, “I would ask him, you need to tell me the truth Mr. President, are you ignorant or complicit? Do you understand who our enemy is or are you aiding and abetting our enemy? Which is it? Because if you understand who our enemy is and you are aiding and abetting them, then you’re guilty of treason against this country and you need to be dealt with as a treasonous president. If you’re ignorant, you need to be walked out of that office, affective immediately so that somebody can come in who understands the threat to our nation.”

In a related story, “The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces recently upheld a lower court’s decision to convict 1st Lt. Michael Behenna on a charge of unpremeditated murder in a combat zone for the death of “suspected terrorist Ali Mansur.”

Michael Behenna “Michael’s case should not be a political football and we feel strongly that liberals and conservatives should support a soldier who is incarcerated for defending himself in a war zone. We ask each of you write to both President Obama and presidential candidate Mitt Romney … and request that they look into Michael’s case and consider giving him the homecoming he never received,” they wrote.

About Benghazi, Rush Limbaugh said, “Folks, take a moment and just stop and think of what heroes these guys were, Tyrone Woods and the other three. They defied orders three times. They gave up their lives to try to save and protect the seven or so Americans that were still in the consulate, including the ambassador. And they’re being ignored by the nation’s media. Their acts of valor are being ignored and swept under the rug, all because the media is deathly afraid that it would rebound negatively to President Obama.”

Benghazi exposed the Obama Administration’s treason. They are more interested in political power than defending our soldiers or our nation. TREASON. We the People must act now. We control the government, not the media, not the Clintons, not Obama.

Nov. 6 is our last chance to put the power back into the hands of the people. Lord, help us.

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  • RRR#3

    This story and this video make me very mad. How can there be so many people in high ranking places knowing the truth and yet be so complacent? I think we are headed for something very big in this country. God bless this family and Thank you Aaron for your service and sacrifice.

    • jenniewalsh

      I wish that I could remember where I heard it that African and
      American ex-convicts are being trained and being used to kill USA’s
      troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

      This young man, Aaron, was a BIG THREAT to the Kingdom of Satan (the New World Order
      advocates, the international bankster-gangsters who profit from wars,
      the globalist organized crime syndicate) so he was definitely targeted for destruction.

      As Eisenhower warned the American people to beware of the (Satanic) military-industrial complex who make HUGE BUCK$ from war, this war and this specific attack are ploys to suck
      more money out of the American people for the Satanic bankster-gangsters’ military industrial complex.

      The Satanists want to impoverish the American people and kill all the able
      bodied defenders of America so that they can take over the resources and
      government of America. Their goal is a One World totalitarian military
      police-state dictatorship with the Satanists in charge of the global
      government. The wars are very evil Satanic scams against America and
      the world.
      These grieving parents are seeing through the evils
      of the Satanists which include Obama and MANY politicians, bureaucrats,
      judges, lawyers, Eric Holder, MANY congressmen, MANY CEOs. The list is
      VERY long. They have gained tremendous power and control over the
      government of America in every branch and at every level using every
      conceivable criminal method.

      Ephesians 6:12 talks about spiritual wickedness in high places.

  • jenniewalsh

    Their precious son was literally set up for destruction. They are seeing the truth. I hope that they can wake up the rest of the gullible American people who are falling for the con jobs of the war-mongers. Iraq did NOT HAVE weapons of mass destruction, now the war-mongers are beating the drums to attack Iran.
    SEE:–heres-why.html —-Pay special attention to around minute 21 where it says that the EVIL ONES, the war mongers, intend to take out the entire Middle East.

  • jenniewalsh

    I made an error on the previous post about the minute to pay special attention to. It is only a 13 minute video. Pay special attention to minute 5:50; that is where it says the State Department plans to destroy 7 nations in 5 years. Please make this viral:–heres-why.html —-I thank all who are standing up for truth and freedom. God bless you forever!