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Obama, Chuck Hagel and Election Fraud

Maria Matters posted this on FB, “What is the most interesting thing that ties Obama to Hagel … not what you might think … not Israel … not his stance on the Middle East issues … or his position on Gays … oh … no … their relationship appears to go way back … just take a look at this picture taken in 2008 … and then think that Hagel possibly held Barack Obama’s 2nd Term Re-election in his hands … You see … Hagel is a “King Maker” … because he held the “key” to the Obama Win!!! Check out the details on the 2012 Election and the Voting Machines that were used … Remember those voting machines that kept changing Romney votes to Obama votes? … yes … check out this link and you will see why Obama MUST give Hagel this job! … You scratch my back and I will scratch yours!!! Take a look at Hagel’s company … and tell me this is just another coincidence??? Sure … if you believe that … well … you believe anything! … Doubts … check out this link!!!”

Hagel has connections to an electronic voting firm. “For the first ten weeks of 1996, Hagel served as chairman of American Information Systems (AIS), a voting machine company which later changed its name to ES&S.” There is more…Hagel failed to reveal his connection to the election machines, etc. “The respected Washington, DC publication The Hill ( has confirmed that former conservative radio talk-show host and now Republican U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel was the head of, and continues to own part interest in, the company that owns the company that installed, programmed, and largely ran the voting machines that were used by most of the citizens of Nebraska…” See rest here.

Hagel controls voting machines?!

Whatever happened to that Spanish vote-counting company, SCYTL, whose CEO was Obama’s friend? Anyone know?

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  • Justin Raimondo


  • Justin B

    If you are going to claim voter fraud, yet again you must admit it all around. Go take a look at the 2004 election in Ohio and Florida.


    Bush did not need to cheat, on the other hand, enemy of this country Al Gore did. Thank God Al was never elected as he is a terrible man.

    • PunkyAmerica

      No, Bush didn’t need to cheat, because at 1:30am tens of thousands of E-VOTES (those are votes cast and/or tallied by Diebold and ES&S machines, like the ones mentioned in the article above) switched from Gore, already declared the winner, to Bush, already declared the loser.

      Funny enough, but the same thing happened again in 2004, only this time in Ohio. Votes were many points ahead for Kerry, but a late night e-machine vote ‘correction’ switched the lead from Kerry to Bush.

      Why any morons think the e-vote system is under Obama’s control is beyond me. The machines are manufactured and overseen by Republican interests, not Democrats.