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Ben Shapiro “Kills” Piers Morgan!

Ben Shapiro (author of “Bullies”) does a FANTASTIC job standing up to Piers Morgan’s bullying! Wow! I fell in love with brilliant Ben Shapiro when his book, “Primetime Propaganda” came out. I interviewed him. He has written many books since. Young and brave – he is a great asset to the conservative movement and a role model for young men. Huzzah!

P.S. I mean “kill” in the comedic-metaphor sense of course, not in the literal bang-bang sense!

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  • iprazhm

    I think Ben Shapiro held his own magnificently but he did lose his way on one issue. He began by defining the reason for our founders framing the Second Amendment. He confirmed that the Second Amendment shows their reasoning in it’s wording. The Amendment was put in place for the citizens of America to defend themselves from a tyrannical gov if it should arise.

    Common sense dictates that if you are in essense going to war with the gov you will most definately need fully automatic assault weapons because you will be defending against an army with soldiers who have fully automatic assault weapons and even more devastating arms.

    He capitulates when he agrees that we need a ban on fully automatic assault weapons. The Constitution places no limit on the type or number of arms we have a right to own. Perhaps it is because when at war with a tyrannical gov they were wise enough to understand that citizens would need the best and most devastating arms to defend ourselves and remain free men and women.

    • Justin B

      While it is good that you have your own beliefs on what the amendment means to you, you also need to realize that the constitution was made to be interpreted. There is a reason there is no specific words and clauses within the constitution. Be careful when you make claims about what specific amendment means, it means that to you, but you did not write the constitution so you have no idea what they ACTUALLY meant.

      • iprazhm

        The Constitution was not meant to be ‘interpreted’. It is not a ‘living’ document that applies differently to different people.

        What you are doing is using left speak to misdirect people on our founding principles.

        Our founding documents are very clear. Only those who mean to destroy their meaning attempt to make them unclear, or open to interpretation.

        Anyone with a brain can read the Constitution and know what it means. That was the framer’s intention, so as to not have citizens ignorant to our country’s beliefs and mandates.

        I encourage no one to be careful in reading or understanding the very clear and precise documents that rule our country. Read and understand them with reckless abandon!!!!

        But do not left anti-american, anti-christians trolls mislead you because our founders were christian, this is a christian nation and God does govern our country as our laws were established from biblical law. Let no one misguide you on these evident truths.

        • Justin B

          If we were a Christian nation founded by Biblical law, then why are there specific spots in the Constitution where it declares a separation between the church and the government?