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Good Job Scottie Hughes!!

Friend of the VJ Show, Scottie Hughes defends the 2nd Amendment on the Piers Morgan Show! Way to go Scottie! And, you look gorgeous!

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  • Bruce Becker

    the guy is talking about vetting people….how about vetting our foreign undocumented Muslim President?

  • Chuck Johnson

    I wonder how these people wanting gun control keeping honest people from being able to defend themselves and others would feel if they had a gun held to their head by some criminal in a room full of people who who support the 2nd amendment and was armed just walked away.

  • Dwightmannn

    Honest People with guns, Scares politicians and corporate crooks. . .
    We need to get people like P O S Morgan out of our country, he is clueless in NYC. Get rid of his body guards and lets see him defend his self. He is a puss. . .y… lol

    • Greg B

      People get scared because they have bought into the lie that man’s evolution will bring ultimate civility. We are self-serving by nature and can be taught mannerisms that imply ascending into a higher being, but remove a few necessities and we will go back to our true natures.When we insist on the ability to protect ourselves, we remind the fools that man is NOT moving past our dark side. That upsets them. You see fools like Morgan, among others.

  • Greg B

    There’s a lot of things I do not need to exist. The fact that I have been given the right to possess weapons that can equalize threat to my being is an incredible deterrent to unconstitutional governance. (Tyranny)
    When you are starved in a room of NFL players who have two packed lunches each, you might ask for one, but not likely to hit one over the head to steal one. Under similar circumstances, should all those in the room were old and weak, having one lunch each…….you might get so hungry you’d do something irrational. So it is with government. The desire to serve usually transforms into the desire to control and master. Thank God for the 2nd amendment.

  • Justin B

    Its funny, you neglect to mention the full 45 minute town hall meeting that Piers hosted. Especially for the majority of the time she was speaking she got her ass handed to her on almost everything she said.