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Kelly Clinger: Pain to Purpose

I just discovered Kelly Clinger! God has changed her life’s pain into her life’s purpose! Listen to her new album.

(This baby is 12 weeks old)

Kelly writes on her web site, “I have been singing and playing piano for many years. I was once an extra on the Mickey Mouse Club and a background vocalist for Britney Spears. In 2003, I was rescued after years of heartache and pain caused by rejection, divorce, addiction and abortion when I began attending church and pursuing a relationship with God.

I am a spokeswoman for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, a group of men and women who have chosen to tell our stories of the devastating effect abortion has had on our lives. I feel that God has given me a voice for the millions of women who live in regret, guilt, and self-hatred and also a voice for the unprotected children in the womb.

I am also a worship leader/singer/songwriter and recorded an album in 2008 titled “In Your Delay.” It is a collection of original songs that tell stories, ask questions and chronicle my journey so far.

I am currently a vocal coach & music teacher in Kansas City, and I travel frequently to lead worship and tell my story.”

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  • Justin B
    This is actually what a baby looks like around your 12th week of pregnancy. Not that ridiculous bull crap picture that everyone seems to be passing around these days.

  • Leslie

    So someone aborted a baby, washed off all the blood and placenta and then posed against a white faux fur background? Because this is what people do. This is clearly photoshopped. Don’t fall for digital photography just because it conveniently aligns with your ideology.

  • Joshua B.

    Wow, that baby is so small. I was born two months early in 1980, and my Mom always said I was as big as her hand…

    • Justin B

      Damn. Your mom must have had some crazy Shaq like hands. I mean a baby at 7 months in the womb is about 15 inches long. For some of you that dont understand what that means – 12 in = 1 foot. 15 in > 12 in. 15 inches > 1 foot.

    • Justin B

      Not to mention that the worlds largest hand is 12.2 inches in length, and I can assure you that it is noty your mother.