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Would FB Ban This Picture?

I’m afraid to post anything about Hitler since I was banned three times, two of which were Hitler references about gun control. But, how about this photo? Are we being censored if we can’t even pass this one around? Yes, I would say so. There’s no nudity, no violence. It’s photo-shop – just like Obama’s birth certificate!

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  • Justin B

    “We remove content that harasses an individual or group.”

    “depict violence or that attack an individual or group.”

    Considering that it harrasses liberals, as well as specific individuals yes it would be deleted.

    • sha49tn

      But, they do NOT delete things that harass conservatives, or Christians, nor even ones that threaten to assassinate Mitt Romney.

      • Justin B

        I have yet to see one thing that attacks any of those groups, and especially nothing that threatens to assassinate Romney. I have however seen threats against Obama and other government officials.

        Seeing as you claim to see things about what you have said, the burden of proof is on you, please show some proof to what you claim.

  • felicityva

    I love it! You will live dangerously!

  • sha49tn

    well, we’ll find out! I just shared it on FB & Twitter both!