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O Wants More Kids in Pre School or “State Owned”!

youth armyDuring the February 12, 2013 State of the Union address, one comment from Obama made the hair on my arms stand up, and my eyeballs pop out. Obama wants all four year olds in the public (government controlled) school system. Obama’s “Plan for Early Education for All Americans” is a move directly out of the Communist Party – it should be named the Plan for Early Indoctrination for All Americans. Public schools now teach evolution, secular humanism, homosexuality and socialism. This can now start at age 4. “Red and yellow, black and white, all are equal in his sight, barack hussein obama, mmm, mmm, mmm.” That used to be a line in the song, “Jesus loves the little children of the world.” (Reminds me of Jamie Foxx calling Obama “Lord and Savior.”)

We all know that the best preschool is called Mommy.

Obama’s plan is a “federal-state partnership,” according to a fact sheet on the president’s “Plan for Early Education for All Americans” the White House released the day after his State of the Union address.

This happy sounding plan from the Dictator-in-Chief seems to fit right into the United Nation’s (1989) Convention on the Rights of the Child” (CRC) which has been become the most widely accepted international agreement in history, ratified by every nation of the world except for the United States and Somalia.”

Go to Parental Rights web site to understand what Obama really means.

O army

“Imagine if your national government had the audacity to appoint a “guardian” to monitor your child from birth, charged with the legal responsibility to evaluate your decisions as a parent and armed with the legal authority to “intervene, prevent or rectify” any violations of your child’s rights. Public and private schools alike are policed by the national government, and classes begin with singing about the principles of peace, tolerance, and the United Nations. Your child’s confidential medical records, stored in a nation-wide electronic register from birth until age twenty, can be accessed at any time, without your knowledge, by any physician, teacher, or government social worker in the nation.

Now stop imagining, because for parents in the 193 countries that have ratified the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child, each of these scenarios is true.” See facts here.

Children belonging to the state! It happened in Cuba. My friend, stand up comic, communist-survivor Al Romero, told me how his mother put him on a plane alone at age 10 in the Peter Pan Program because Castro was demanding the state take children to boarding schools away from their parents for 9 months a year, indoctrination camps.

Marielena Stuart, communist-survivor, explains that her mother in Cuba chose to home-school her, to keep her from the state-ordered communist-indoctrination schools. Marielena was beat almost to death and left in a field by a communist youth for this and eventually Marielena and her family escaped on a makeshift raft.

Homeschool Parent Michael Galucci writes, “Back in the very early days of the Unitarian/socialist inspired public brain laundry movement, there were some men like Robert Owen the socialist and Amos Bronson Alcott, the meandering Transcendentalist, who firmly believed that public education was the best way to reform society, and the best way to do that was to get the children out of the hands of their parents at the earliest possible age.” See rest here. (*Obama’s grandparents who raised him attended a Unitarian/socialist church in Hawaii.)

youth army army

Michael Galucci in talking about Obama’s promise to rise up a “civilian national security force ” or “youth army” continues, “Under section 6104 of the GIVE Act, entitled Duties, in subsection B6, the legislation states that a commission will be set up to investigate whether a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people could be developed, and how such a requirement could be implemented in a manner that would strengthen the social fabric of the Nation and overcome civic challenges.

One may ask, “What’s the big deal about kids doing some good for their community?” There is one very simple answer for this…”What’s the big deal with your kids being OWNED by an omnipotent government?” What a wonderful example of its delights the Germans and their drilled and trained wunderkinder left us? ”

Go to Parental Rights web site to fight this.

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  • dean

    satan laughs and spreads his wings then goes back to the white house

  • HowdyNeighbor

    Just weeks after the government admitted the Head Start Program is a failure….

  • Val

    Check #10 out.This is Obama’s Bible.@firstallegiance
    1 hour ago
    The Communist Manifesto represents a misguided philosophy, which teaches the citizens to
    give up their RIGHTS for the sake of the “common good,” but it always ends in a police state. This is called preventive justice.
    Control is the key concept. Read carefully:
    1. Abolition of private property.
    2. Heavy progressive income tax.
    3. Abolition of all rights on inheritance.
    4. Confiscation of property of all emigrants and rebels.
    5. Central bank.
    6. Government control of Communications & Transportation.
    7. Government ownership of factories and agriculture.
    8. Government control of labor.
    9. Corporate farms, regional planning.
    10. Government control of education.
    Where people fear the government you have tyranny; where the government fears the people, you have liberty.

  • RichFromShowMe

    obama and his minions know . . . the earlier brainwashing starts . . . . the more effective it is!

  • wonder warthog

    My dear God in your heavens, I humbly beseech that you not allow this any further. Heavenly Father, you know that I would beg you on my knees to stop this madness were it physically possible for me. Amen.

    I am COMPLETELY disgusted, sickened and appalled to the depths of my soul at what I have just witnessed. Husein as God? (Usurping the song “Jesus loves the little children”) Husein as greater than our Republic? (again, usurping the works of another meant to glorify our nation, not to degrade and demean it to the level this “teacher” has done to the tune of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.)

    Du Lieber Gott! Evidently NOONE HAS LEARNED ANYTHING FROM HISTORY, and they’re condemning the rest of us to repeat it with them.

    If it weren’t for my mother, mom-in-law, my wife, our daughter, my granddaughter and my REAL friends, I’d put a bullet in my brain right now because I DON’T want to live to see THESE particular “bad turkeys” coming home to roost.
    Dear Lord, help me! I’m STILL gagging and on the verge of vomiting.

    • R B

      We need you more than ever. Don’t even talk about “putting a bullet in your brain” that won’t solve anything.

  • agbjr

    Posted previously elsewhere but worth repeating …

    Here it is, the main goal of totalitarian control: complete indoctrination at the youngest and most impressionable time of life before a child learns liberty and personal responsibility. The Nazi’s Hitler Youth, the Communist’s Young Pioneers … this is what Obama and his Marxist minions what to make our children into, their own obedient robots programmed to obey none but the government. No allegiance to anyone but the party heads, not even their own parents. No duty to God. This is why the Obama-ites are so determined to gut the Boy Scouts of America. Obama truly is an un-American Marxist sonofabitch.

  • ScarletDove

    Indoctrination, that is all this is, indoctrination. All the praising forced songs is brainwashing the young minds of these children. This is exactly what Hitler did and the schools are liberal and dictatorial enough teaching Political and Obama claptrap. My kids (40+ yrs old now) did not have this crap, but then I removed them from public and put them in parochial schools from 6th grade on even though”politics”was not there in the 70’s, then the biggest problem was overcrowding and new math. I was educated in elementary and high school in the 50’s. Then they kept important history from us, I knew nothing of the holocaust until 11th grade of high school. If I had a school-age child today, I would be very concerned and involved in the college my child would attend if I was paying the tuition. Concern for many progressive professors teachng my child this socialist and marxist crap.

  • slickzip

    Straight out of Gobbles play book BUT I wonder why most of the kids arfe “WHITE” ????

  • R B

    Triumph of the Spirit (Fiction)

    by JAB

    February14, 2013

    After preparing the speech she knew would save America from all foreign and

    domestic enemies, the High School Principal, who truly believed wars started in the

    classroom, asked Phina Rosenwasser, an independent filmmaker and fierce socialist from

    Los Angeles, to film her Back to School Night program exactly like Hitler’s “Triumph of

    the Will.”

    She was an old fashioned principal being punished by the new world order. Her

    school and town, invaded and now run by illegal Mexicans, who brought with them a gang

    mentality and vicious hatred of the whites, was unrecognizable. The curriculum, devised by

    the new Progressives, who were really the old Socialists, preached that European

    Americans had stolen Mexican land and gotten fat and complacent by oppressing peoples

    globally; hatred was warranted. The history of suffering, sacrifice and heroics from the

    Puritans to the Civil War to the War on Terror were forbidden topics, relegated to the

    garbage heap along with all “dead, white men.”

    After many painful years, the principal was forced to conquer her timidity and lose

    the poetic sensibilities acquired over decades of peace; she learned to speak plainly. In fact,

    she learned to speak bluntly and suffer the consequences. Finding her voice meant not

    being consumed. She was reminded of a joke she once heard. A young man who didn’t

    know what to buy his mother for Mother’s Day had finally and happily decided on a pair of

    exotic, delicate, colorful birds who could sing and dance and speak with sophistication. He

    had them carefully and comfortably shipped. On Mother’s Day, he telephoned excitedly,

    “Mother, how did you like the birds I sent?”

    “They’s wuz gooood,” she said relishingly.

    “Mom!!” he shouted, “Please, tell me you didn’t eat those birds!! They cost $5,000 each.

    They could sing and dance and talk.”

    “Well, then dey should’a said somepin’.” The principal would say something.

    She had spent hours alone rehearsing her entrance into the gymnasium in black

    jodhpurs and riding pants and gesticulating her message for each generation of Americans.

    “Senior Americans, the greatest generation of all, I have a message for you: WE

    NEED YOU. Senior citizens being abused in nursing homes by illegal immigrants

    emboldened by your depraved progeny, hold on…hold on to your values.

    Senior citizens facing Death Panels under the new regime, being sacrificed to provide for

    foreigners who know nothing of our history but have been taught hatred, and vengeance by

    by the elitist and depraved – the Obama Zombies. These people know nothing about what

    it means to be an American, but they want everything you earned as one. They’re

    bankrupting main street; they’re giving your foreclosed homes to political allies.

    Disobedience, unemployment, destruction are their politics; they call themselves dreamers;

    they are the carbuncles on our ship’s hull. Senior citizens hold on to your souls. I have a

    message for you: don’t give up hope; the Americans are coming.

    “Young Americans, young Americans I have a message for you: WE NEED YOU.

    Young Americans your leaders have denied the existence of your souls, have determined

    that your God-given, unalienable rights should be taken away by men, they have turned a

    nation of ideas and laws into a nation of dictators and bullies. Young Americans – a nation,

    a people, a person, you are judged by how you deal with failure and disappointment not by

    how you behave when everything is going your way. You are being tested; find your


    Phina Rosenwasser was a bipolar bohemian professor who produced pornography

    during her summer vacations, was being sued by the university for fraud and theft of

    department equipment but would eventually win because she had tenure and a shameless

    attorney who had successfully defended the Man-boy Love Association’s right to conduct

    their meetings at public libraries. She called herself a “searcher” instead of a sociopath and

    said things like, “money is the root of all evil,” but always had something to sell. She was

    the most brilliant director at any minor film festival and the most outspoken teacher in any

    “shared governance” conference room. She had learned duality theories as a young woman

    from the older feminists. She could win any debate with anyone on anything until she lost,

    and then she would calmly explain why in a dualistic world winning and losing didn’t


    Most people felt an uneasiness in her presence, and she did little to assuage their

    discomfort. An inept High School principal out to save the world was exactly what Phina

    Rosenwasser needed to sell her educational “Media Aesthetics” course and “get some

    funding.” She had designed software to teach high school students how to read images

    critically – the way an earlier generation had once learned to read literary classics. “These

    kids need this more than life,” her schtick went, “so they won’t ever be victimized by

    someone else’s imagination.” Pixar had turned her down.

    Phina was delighted to accept the assignment to film the Hitler-esq “Back to School

    Night” for $1500. When She laughingly told the Principal that in 1934 Leni Riefenstahl

    had used 54 cameras to make Hitler larger than life and sell his propaganda at the

    Nuremburg rallies, the Principal unblinkingly told her to use 55. Phina busied herself

    hiding telephoto lenses in the gymnasium’s bleachers, placing them in the stadium lighting

    for aerial footage, she even used micro cameras on homing pigeons for fly over reaction

    shots. Her cinematic techniques would render an image not easily forgotten or understood.

    She recruited thousands of bored students as “extras” and gave adults strict stage

    directions. The live audience was so dazzled to be part of a film that they hardly heard the

    speech. They were the internet generation – hyperactive and empty-headed. Each one was

    focused on their “look” and striking the right pose, determined to be discovered and handed

    their fifteen seconds of fame and fortune. Every once in a while, they’d yell YOLO (you

    only live once!)

    “Every time I scratch the surface of hatred for America, I find envy,” the principal

    was saying. Phina heard snippets from behind a lens. At one point, the principal held up a

    map of Europe and the middle east and asked the audience to picture 828 million people

    clawing each other’s eyes out for room to breathe and the power to dictate over thousands

    of years. Then she tossed it aside and unraveled a giant map of America. “Our stories are

    different,” she explained. “We have never had a king, we have never had a pharaoh, we

    have never had an emperor or a sultan; America is a nation of ideas, not of men, that’s what

    makes her so beautiful. We are not a petty people, we are not a bitter people, we are not a

    violent people. We bear all things, believe all things, hope all things, endure all things.

    We’re Americans.” Phina peeked from behind her camera for the punch line. There

    wasn’t any.

    Audience members searched the beams in the gymnasium’s vaulted ceilings vying

    for a personal “close up” with the hidden cameras, waited for instructions on placards

    raised by crew members in black spandex, and didn’t listen to a word of the speech. The

    principal continued: “Have you ever heard the expression, ‘When an elephant goes down in

    the jungle, even a mouse will kick him?’” she paused. “The mice are kicking, the mice are

    kicking.” The audience exploded with applause.

    Phina knew immediately how dangerous the speech was. The principal was calling

    on middle Americans “not brainwashed by a liberal college education” and red-necks “the

    last hope of the country” to defend their language, culture, and border by removing the

    foreigner in the White House, the illegal immigrants from classrooms, hospital rooms,

    court rooms, council rooms and sending them back to wherever they came from. She even

    expressed the need to rewrite the constitutional amendment that granted citizenship to

    “anchor babies.” It was so anti-intellectual so anti-anything and everything that Phina

    Rosenwasser and her crowd had been taught to revere that she realized immediately what

    needed to be done. She needed to edit the image and make the principal look like an insane

    buffoon. She would make her into a laughing stock. Phina understood sound, light, and

    tone; she understood unity, complexity, and intensity. She had trained with the lesbian

    filmmakers of the 70’s and slept with every great mentor she could find. She was born for

    the project. Using the media aesthetic techniques successfully implemented to seduce

    dozens of vulnerable young students over the years (another part of the ongoing lawsuit,)

    she composed a film that revealed the principal’s spirit. Anyone with half a brain could

    read the film, Phina felt, and understand the images and laugh at the buffoon in jodhpurs.

    The principal, a simple woman, not well-versed in elitist aesthetics, was delighted

    with the finished product and agreed to allow Phina to preview it at film festivals. Many

    months later, after the two women had moved on with their lives and tried to forget their

    meeting, the film chugged its way through the artsy-fartsy festivals. The well- educated,

    “film noir” crowd got it and laughed their heads off. They understood the filmmaker’s

    underlying message because they were well-versed in the medium and in political

    correctness; the principal’s cause was completely foreign and offensive to them. They

    shook their heads in disgust and then promptly and utterly forgot it in all-night partying and

    illicit drugs.

    Phina used the film, unsuccessfully, to pitch her high school aesthetics courses to

    Disney. Many months later, the film made its way to the masses of Americans via the

    Internet; it went “viral” as they say. Phina came across it accidentally late one morning

    sipping a soy Latte in a cafe in Long Beach and working on her magnum opus, “The

    Professor Goes Postal.” It was mostly an autobiographical novel about a socialist professor

    who kills three “corporate model” administrators and then runs to Venezuela where she

    discovers, and then is forced to live in hiding for the rest of her life with, the last of the

    Nazi masterminds.

    She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Millions of people had seen this little

    video. She was stunned by their comments. Masses of middle Americans were listening to

    the principal’s words without understanding the medium and were mobilizing. They

    weren’t laughing at the film’s images; they were reacting on a gut level to the spirit of truth

    in the speech. The message was resonating with millions and the principal was developing

    an angry, voiceless following. It was a triumph of spirit.

  • Ed

    The Democratic (Communist) Party is using our own money to take this country over. The ruling elite is powerless to stop it. The ball is in the American peoples court.

  • Lauralee Hensley

    Didn’t Mussolini do that back in 1925, made every four year old attend state lead nursery schools? Didn’t the teachers in those nursery schools have to indoctrinate them into the belief system of Musso back then? God, let us hide our children from those who would destroy their very souls. Yes, give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s, but the children are not Ceasar’s. The Ceasar’s we have in this country want the children destroyed in the womb and now want to destroy those that are alive by this indoctrination nonsense. Come quickly Lord Jesus come.

  • Justin B

    It is funny how you all claim indoctrination and brainwashing.
    Did none of you go to public school? Did none of you go to a state college?

    Oh right, that was probably after your parents have already force fed the religion into your feeble minded selves. The great thing about growing up with parents who liked to have free thought is that I was able to choose for myself to be religious or not. By the point where I began choosing I was educated and could use logic and reasoning, AND SCIENCE. To become the foundation of what I believe. Most religious people are born into the religion, they are taught it from a very young age even before school. They are not allowed to think for themselves in that matter. Tell me, who is the brainwashed, indoctrinated person now?

  • Belinda Saxon

    Zero is a good name for Obama…I am from Georgia and it can be a good thing. My two grand kids are autistic and so began school at age three. But some kids do better if you wait longer for them to develop. I talked with a lady from another country. I think Britain which does not even have kindergarten. She said not going to school a year earlier does not keep them behind. . I remember two children their parents held back a year and both of them excelled in their classes and that was a time before they even had kindergarten Parents should always have the choice on that and even on homeschooling which Obama wants to get rid of. I know that Obama uses the school to get his point across and even to get the kids in favor of him. My granddaughter told me of some of the inflammatory things she learned in school about Romney that an common sense adult would know was not true.
    I remember communist propaganda and the teaching beginning in the schools. That is what Obama is trying to do and with some success..