Johnny Crawford Rocks!


(me and Johnny Crawford in the play “Lovers and Other Strangers” circa 1983)

I stumbled upon a bunch of Johnny Crawford videos on Youtube. When I met him in 1980 at Summerfest in Birmingham, AL, I’d never heard of The Rifleman or Chuck Connors. We didn’t have a TV when I grew up. He was the lead actor in “Meet Me in St. Louis” and I was in the chorus line. He says my flip flops (back handsprings) caught his attention, and my voice. He gave me a one way ticket to Hollywood to be in his night club act and the rest is history. He and his band do gigs all over the place and his voice is still as beautiful as when he won Grammies as a teenage heart-throb. Thank you Johnny for believing in me and changing my life.

You must get his CD. His music is so beautiful. Check out his videos here. Here’s his Facebook.

I talk about how we met in my new book, “Is My Bow Too Big?”

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