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Muslim Terrorist Attacks vs. Christian Terrorist Attacks

My uninformed friend who “drinks the Kool Aid of MSM propaganda” said that “there are terrorists in Islam and Christianity, the two religions are the same, there are “nuts” in both religions.”

Well, let’s look at the facts.

Besides the fact that the Q’ran was written by Mohammed (his wife Aisha was 6 years old) 600 years after the Torah (first 5 books of the Bible) was written, and the Q’ran takes the stories of the Torah and changes the names, so that Ishmael (Arab) instead of Issac (Jewish) becomes the first-born son who receives the blessing from father Abraham; and besides the fact that the God of the Bible died for our salvation, and the Allah of the Q’ran wants you to die for your salvation; and beside the fact that Jesus said in Matthew 5 “Love your enemies,” and Mohammed said in Sura 9:5, “Kill the infidel (non-Muslims);” let’s see how many terrorist attacks were caused by Christians in the last decade, and how many were caused by Muslims.

Start with Christians.

The Liberal-Progressive (Socialist/Communist) Mainstream Media insinuated or reported that these Mass Murderers/Terrorists below were “Christians“:

1. Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh was not a Christian and never claimed to be.* He was obsessed with the “violent, race wars” book called “The Turner Diaries” by William Pierce. “…He slept with it under his pillow…”
(*Being sprinkled as a baby in a Catholic church doesn’t make someone a Christian)

2. Jared Lee Loughner who shot Gabrille Giffords? His parents belonged to the same reformed synagogue that Giffords belonged to. He listed “Jewish” on his MySpace page and “Mein Kampf” as his favorite book. Not a Christian!

3. Columbine. Harris and Klebold From their left-behind writings and videos, they seem to have been agnostic and antagonistic toward Christians. Klebold’s journal entry said, “… I have just lost *uckin 45$, & Before that I lost my zippo & knife – (i did get those back) Why the *uck is he being such an A**HOLE??? (god i guess, whoever is the being which controlls *hit)…” They weren’t Christians.

4. Norwegian massacre guy? Anders Behring Breivik. Not a Christian. In his 1500 page manifesto he wrote, “”If you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and God then you are a religious Christian. Myself and many more like me do not necessarily have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and God. We do however believe in Christianity as a cultural, social, identity and moral platform…I’m not going to pretend I’m a very religious person as that would be a lie. I’ve always been very pragmatic and influenced by my secular surroundings and environment…Religion is a crutch for many weak people and many embrace religion for self serving reasons as a source for drawing mental strength.”

5. Batman Movie Masacre? James Holmes. Not a Christian. “ has confirmed that Holmes had an account on the dating site, in which he posted “agnostic” as his religion.” Just recently, he converted to Islam in prison.

6. Sandy Hook killer? Adam Lanza – Satan worshipper ? The main stream media never mentions his religion. But the UK Daily Mail says a former classmate, Trevor L. Todd, revealed that “Adam had an online page dedicated to Satan… he had the word ‘Devil’ written in red, Gothic-style letters against a black background.

“But he who sins against me injures himself; All those who hate me love death.”” – Proverbs 8:36.

Andrew Rosenthal writes in the NY Times, “What’s the difference between McVeigh and Tsarnaev?”
His article infers that Muslim terrorists as opposed to other terrorists get racial/religious “profiling.” Uh, Rosenthal…America is at war with Islamic Terrorism. And, our president is on the side of the enemy. That is the difference between Timothy and Dzhokhar. There are no Christian Terrorist Training Camps. There are Muslim Terrorist Training Camps. There is no one shouting “Glory to Jesus Christ” and chopping people’s heads off on the streets of London and Paris. There are Muslims shouting “Allahu Akbar” while shooting people at Ft. Hood.

“Islamic terrorists” who are breeding at an alarming rate, want to take over the world and instigate Shariah Law.
“Mass Murderer/terrorists” like Harris, Klebold, and Loughner want to make a statement and kill themselves. That’s the difference.

What they have in common is that they all did evil, and that none of them are Jesus-followers or adhere to the Bible, or its gospel message of love, redemption, and salvation.

So, no stats on Christian murder.

Now, here are statistics of the violence done by Muslims recently. For complete list, scroll to bottom of this page.

List of Islamic Terror Attacks For Recent 30 Day Period:

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2013.06.03 Afghanistan Laghman 7 0 Four children and two women are among a family of seven exterminated by
fundamentalist bombers.
2013.06.02 Yemen Shabwa 9 5 An al-Qaeda suicide bomber sends nine people to paradise.
2013.06.01 Yemen Hadramawt 1 0 An al-Qaeda gunmen praises Allah as he shoots a local air force officer to death at a traffic light.
2013.06.01 Afghanistan Barkhol 3 11 The Taliban take out three members of a wedding party with a roadside blast.
2013.06.01 Pakistan Pastawana 1 0 Religious extremists gun down a public high school principal in cold blood at his home.
2013.06.01 Afghanistan Uruzgan 4 0 A child is among four civilians exterminated by fundamentalist bombers.
2013.06.01 Niger Niamey 4 10 Mujao Islamists storm a prison and shoot dead three guards and a visitor.
2013.05.31 Iraq Baghdad 4 11 Sectarian bombers target worshippers leaving a mosque, taking down four.
2013.05.31 Pakistan Nazimabad 3 0 A 14-year-old child is among three Shiites killed during a Sipah-
e-Sahaba attack.
2013.05.30 Iraq Shaab 6 17 Mujahideen bomb a Shiite commercial district, killing at least six innocents.
2013.05.30 Iraq Tal Afar 4 8 Four people are taken out by a Shahid suicide car bomber.
2013.05.29 Iraq Baghdad 16 42 Sectarian bombers blow up a wedding party, killing sixteen outright and leaving
another forty in agony.
2013.05.29 Afghanistan Jalalabad 1 1 A suicide bomber attacks a Red Cross office, killing a guard.
2013.05.28 Iraq Sadr City 5 26 Sunnis detonate a shrapnel bomb at a Shia bus stop, taking down at least
five civilians.
2013.05.28 Iraq Tarmiyah 4 8 A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends four Iraqis to Allah.
2013.05.28 Afghanistan Baghlan 5 0 Five family members are laid out by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2013.05.28 Afghanistan Arghistan 7 1 Taliban militants shoot seven local officers in the back after
the police invite them in for dinner.
2013.05.28 Libya Benghazi 1 3 A local soldier is gunned down by radical Islamists.
2013.05.28 Pakistan Badbher 1 1 Religious extremists fire on a team of polio workers, killing a woman.
2013.05.28 Pakistan Karachi 3 0 A man and his two sons, ages 12 and 15, are brutally shot to death by
sectarian Jihadis.
2013.05.28 Iraq Tikrit 3 2 Three Iraqis are shot to death by al-Qaeda.
2013.05.28 Pakistan Peshawar 2 17 Two people are killed when Sunnis set off a bomb at a Shia mosque.
2013.05.28 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 Lashkar-e-Jhangvi murder a man for being a Shiite.
2013.05.28 Iraq Mosul 11 2 A suicide bombing is among a series of Mujahid attacks that leave a dozen dead.
2013.05.27 Iraq Baghdad 5 14 Five civilians bleed to death following an al-Qaeda blast in a commercial area.
2013.05.27 Pakistan Orangi 1 0 Sipah-e-Sahaba terrorists gun down a Shia activist.
2013.05.27 Iraq Tikrit 2 3 al-Qaeda bomber take down two Iraqis.
2013.05.27 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A seminary student is kidnapped and murdered by sectarian rivals.
2013.05.27 Pakistan Shangla 5 0 A powerful bomb planted by radical Sunnis completely dismantles five
local cops.
2013.05.27 Thailand Pattani 1 3 One person is killed by a Muslim bomb blast near a school.
2013.05.27 Pakistan Bannu 1 0 A cleric is gunned down by Religion of Peace rivals.
2013.05.27 Iraq Madain 3 9 Jihadi car bombers kill three and injure nine.
2013.05.27 Iraq Sadr City 13 35 Thirteen shoppers are blown to bits by an al-Qaeda bomb at a shopping
2013.05.27 Iraq al-Maalif 6 12 Sunni bombers strike a Shiite open air market, killing at least a half
dozen patrons.
2013.05.27 Iraq Sadria 3 11 Three Iraqis are sent to Allah by al-Qaeda bombers.
2013.05.27 Iraq Sabi al-Boor 8 26 al-Qaeda bombers take out eight Iraqis with a bomb planted in a Shia
2013.05.27 Lebanon Hermel 3 1 A 17-year-old girl is among three civilians killed in a rocket attack blamed on
religious extremists.
2013.05.27 Iraq Khalis 1 2 Terrorists gun down a teacher.
2013.05.27 Iraq Jisr Diyala 5 12 Five Shiites are obliterated by Sunni bombers.
2013.05.27 Iraq Bayaa 6 16 An al-Qaeda bomb planted in a Shia neighborhood leaves six dead.
2013.05.27 Iraq Hurriyah 5 14 Five are killed A Shia neighborhood is bombed by Sunni extremists.
2013.05.27 Iraq Shaab 4 9 An al-Qaeda blast leaves four Shia dead.
2013.05.27 Iraq Kazimiyah 4 11 Four Shia waiting for a bus are sent to paradise by Sunni bombers.
2013.05.27 Iraq Baladiyat 4 11 A Sunni bomb blast in a Shia neighborhood leaves four dead.
2013.05.26 Turkey Ankara 0 1 At least one person is stabbed when Islamists shouting ‘Allah Akbar’ attack a
couple kissing on the subway.
2013.05.26 Syria Damascus 6 15 A mother and child are among six killed by an al-Nusra car bomb.
2013.05.26 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 50-year-old coconut farmer is gunned down by suspected Muslim
2013.05.26 Afghanistan Zherook 2 0 A 4-year-old child and her mother bleed to death following a Taliban
rocket attack on their home.
2013.05.26 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Mujahideen assassinate a promising soccer player.
2013.05.26 Kenya Abdisugow 6 2 A teacher and a teenage boy are among six people murdered by Islamic
2013.05.26 Iraq Baghdad 3 2 Three civilians are shot to death by Jihadi gunmen.
2013.05.26 Pakistan Bannu 6 6 Terrorists kill six security personnel in two attacks.
2013.05.26 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim ‘separatists’ shoot a 44-year-old woman several times in the chest.
2013.05.26 Egypt Cairo 1 0 Muslims abduct and kill a 6-year-old Coptic boy.
2013.05.26 Iraq Mosul 5 21 Islamic terrorists take out five Iraqis in various attacks.
2013.05.25 Iraq Samarrah 7 21 Seven Shia pilgrims on a bus are sent straight to Allah by Sunni bombers.
2013.05.25 France Paris 0 1 A soldier is wounded when a Muslim stabs him in the neck in a Paris shopping
2013.05.25 Yemen Hadramawt 2 2 A civilian and a cop bleed to death after al-Qaeda militants throw a
grenade at them.
2013.05.25 Pakistan Orangi 0 2 Two children are hurt when suspected Taliban throw a bomb into a school
2013.05.25 Dagestan Makhachkala 1 14 Children are among the casualties when a female suicide bomber
detonates in a public square.
2013.05.25 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 44-year-old civilian is shot to death in his pickup truck by Muslim
2013.05.25 Somalia Baidoa 1 14 At least one person is killed by an al-Shabaab blast at a market.
2013.05.24 Afghanistan Kabul 4 4 Fedayeen attack a humanitarian aid office, killing a 6-year-old child and
three others.
2013.05.24 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 Fundamentalists lob a hand grenade into a shop selling Western music,
killing the owner.
2013.05.24 Nigeria Borno 1 0 Members of Boko Haram murder an elderly Christian woman in her home.
2013.05.24 Nigeria Gwoza 2 0 A pastor and a church member are brutally slain by Islamist gunmen.
2013.05.24 Thailand Pattani 5 1 Muslim ‘separatists’ murder five security personnel with a roadside bomb.
2013.05.24 India Tral 3 0 Three Indian troops are killed in an ambush by Hizb-ul-Mujahideen.
2013.05.24 Afghanistan Andar 4 0 Four civilians at a mosque are killed when explosives carried by bombers
detonate prematurely after the stop off for pre-blast prayer.
2013.05.24 Pakistan Landi Kotal 1 1 Religious extremists murder a truck driver.
2013.05.24 Saudi Arabia Taif 1 0 An al-Qaeda prisoner kills a guard trying to save him from a fire.
2013.05.24 Pakistan Mattani 6 4 Religious radicals take out six local cops with RPGs.
2013.05.24 Pakistan Peshawar 2 3 Two other people are killed when a suicide bomber targets a rival
2013.05.24 Yemen al-Thalib 2 0 An al-Qaeda attack on a local security post leaves two soldiers dead.
2013.05.23 Pakistan Sibi 5 2 Fundamentalists are suspected of storming a brothel and killing five people.
2013.05.23 Pakistan Quetta 13 16 The Tehreek-i-Taliban “proudly claim” a brutal bombing that leaves over a dozen dead.
2013.05.23 Niger Agadez 20 16 Suicide bombers detonate in a local army barracks, killing about twenty others.
2013.05.23 Iraq Taji 4 5 al-Qaeda gunmen murder four local soldiers at a checkpoint.
2013.05.23 Niger Arlit 1 13 At least one civilians dies following a Mujao suicide car bombing at a uranium
2013.05.23 Dagestan Karabudakhkent 2 0 At least two innocent people are killed during a shooting and
grenade attack by Islamic militants.
2013.05.23 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A young Hindu is shot to death by a Muslim gang.
2013.05.23 Egypt Luxor 3 0 A woman and her two daughters are strangled and thrown into a river by seven male
relatives concerned about unIslamic behavior.
2013.05.23 Somalia Beledweyne 3 0 al-Shabaab terrorists attack a nomad community that refused to supply
them with “payment”.
2013.05.22 Iraq Baghdad 12 0 Seven woman and five men are executed at a brothel by Islamic fundamentalists.
2013.05.22 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A grocery store owner is executed in his shop by Muslim
2013.05.22 Afghanistan Ghazni 1 5 Taliban bombers take out an Afghan civilian
2013.05.22 UK London 1 0 An off-duty soldier is hacked to death in the name of Allah by two Muslims.
2013.05.22 Afghanistan Moqur 4 14 A suicide bomber detonates at a busy market, wiping out four bystanders.
2013.05.22 Afghanistan Helmand 1 3 A motorcyclist is taken out by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2013.05.22 Pakistan Sheikh Nala 1 3 A woman is killed when Islamic militants attack and burn four
2013.05.22 Pakistan Golimar 1 0 A Shia newspaper vendor is shot to death by Ahl-e-Sunnat wal Jamaat.
2013.05.22 Kenya Garissa 2 0 al-Shabaab is suspected in the cold-blooded killing of two civilians.
2013.05.22 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Christian man is gunned down by two men in a targeted attack.
2013.05.21 Iraq Abu Ghraib 11 21 Eleven people at a mosque bleed out following a bombing by Religion of
Peace rivals.
2013.05.21 Pakistan Pirabad 2 0 A man and wife are shot to death by her family for marrying of their own
free will.
2013.05.21 Pakistan Dargai 2 7 Muslim bombers take out two guards at a power station.
2013.05.21 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 5 Sunni fundamentalists claim credit for killing two local cops.
2013.05.21 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 A Sunni police officer deliberately kills a fellow officer for being a
2013.05.21 Iraq Baghdad 6 18 Six people bleed to death when Mujahideen set off a bomb outside a cafe.
2013.05.21 Lebanon Beaver Ridge WV Canaan 11 70 A cleric is among eleven people killed in a sectarian clash between Shia and Sunni.
2013.05.21 Pakistan Dargai 1 0 A cleric is gunned down in his mosque by suspected terrorists.
2013.05.21 Afghanistan Herat 7 0 Seven Afghans are exterminated by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2013.05.21 Iraq Kirkuk 5 46 Holy warriors send razor-sharp shrapnel into patrons of a cattle market, taking
out at least five.
2013.05.21 Iraq Tarmiyah 3 7 A suicide bomber snuffs out three other lives.
2013.05.21 Dagestan Buinaksk 1 1 A police officer is gunned down by Islamists.
2013.05.20 Iraq Hillah 9 26 Nine people are cut down by Religion of Peace rivals while leaving a mosque.
2013.05.20 Iraq Basra 13 40 Over a dozen people at a restaurant are taken out in mid-bite by Mujahid bombers.
2013.05.20 Iraq Anbar 13 0 Thirteen innocent kidnap victims are brutally executed by religious militants.
2013.05.20 Pakistan Bajour 1 0 Fundamentalists fire on a polio team, killing a guard.
2013.05.20 Iraq Samarrah 8 15 Eight Shia pilgrims are sent straight to Allah by Sunni car bombers.
2013.05.20 Iraq Baghdad 12 20 A dozen Shiites are torn to shreds by sectarian bombers at a market.
2013.05.20 Pakistan Tank 1 0 A peace committee activist is shot dead by Muslim terrorists.
2013.05.20 Iraq Balad 14 13 Fourteen Shia pilgrims are disassembled by Sunni bombers.
2013.05.20 Iraq Tikrit 2 1 A married couple is laid out when terrorists bomb their car.
2013.05.20 Iraq Baghdad 34 126 Over thirty people are murdered in a series of al-Qaeda bombings in Shiite areas.
2013.05.20 Dagestan Makhachkala 4 44 Four people are killed when Jihadists set off a bomb in front of
a courthouse.
2013.05.20 Afghanistan Baghlan 14 11 A Fedayeen suicide bomber murders fourteen people.
2013.05.19 Tunisia Tunis 0 11 Eleven policemen are injured when Salafists throw petrol bombs at them.
2013.05.19 Lebanon Tripoli 2 6 A boy is among two people killed during a sectarian clash between Sunni and Shia.
2013.05.19 Pakistan Khushpur 1 3 Angry Muslims fire on a Christian village, killing a teenage student.
2013.05.19 Afghanistan Moqor 6 4 Six Afghans lose their lives to a Taliban ambush.
2013.05.19 Iraq Baqubah 2 0 Terrorists kill and man and his wife in their home.
2013.05.19 Iraq Rawa 3 2 Islamic ‘insurgents’ gun down three local cops in cold blood.
2013.05.19 Iraq Haditha 8 0 Al-Qaeda attack a police station and kill eight occupants.
2013.05.19 Iraq Baghdad 2 5 Religious radicals open fire on a group of men playing checkers, killing two.
2013.05.19 Pakistan Basya Khel 1 5 A bomb targeting children leaves one dead.
2013.05.18 India Kupwara 1 0 Muslim militants from Pakistan shoot an Indian border guard to death.
2013.05.18 Syria Damascus 3 5 Terrorists detonate a car bomb near a school, killing three people.
2013.05.18 Iraq Garma 4 0 al-Qaeda gunmen take down four Iraqis.
2013.05.18 Iraq Basra 1 0 A Shia cleric is shot to death by Religion of Peace rivals.
2013.05.18 Iraq Latifiya 5 10 Jihad car bombers take out ten Iraqis.
2013.05.18 Afghanistan Bakwa 4 0 Taliban militants murder four Afghan soldiers with a bomb.
2013.05.18 Thailand Narathiwat 1 4 One person bleeds to death after Muslim ‘separatists’ bomb a
2013.05.18 Iraq Baghdad 5 0 Mujahideen enter a home and slaughter five family members, including two children
ages 8 and 10.
2013.05.18 Afghanistan Khak-e-Safid 1 0 A local policeman is gunned down in his driveway by Sunni
2013.05.17 Iraq Baghdad 22 57 al-Qaeda bombers take down two dozen Iraqis with three bombs.
2013.05.17 Pakistan Mianwali 2 0 A faith healer and his wife are brutally murdered in their home
by suspected fundamentalists.
2013.05.17 Pakistan Baz Darrah 21 120 Twenty-one worshippers at two mosques are sent straight to Allah
by Religion of Peace rivals.
2013.05.17 Afghanistan Kandahar 9 70 Islamic hardliners bomb a family restaurant, killing nine
2013.05.17 Egypt Alexandria 1 3 A Copt is killed during an assault by a Muslim bomb on a church.
2013.05.17 Iraq Madain 8 25 Eight mourners at a funeral are disassembled by sectarian bombers.
2013.05.17 Iraq Fallujah 2 8 Terrorists bomb a coffee shop, killing two patrons.
2013.05.17 Yemen Mukalla 1 0 A security officer is assassinated by al-Qaeda gunmen on a motorcycle.
2013.05.17 Iraq Baqubah 43 57 A double bomb attack on a Sunni mosque leaves over forty worshippers dead.
2013.05.16 Afghanistan Kabul 15 40 A dedicated Sunni blows himself up in a city street, exterminating
fifteen souls, including two children
2013.05.16 Pakistan Peshawar 2 0 Two truck drivers are shot to death by Muslim extremists.
2013.05.16 Iraq Kirkuk 12 18 A dozen people are torn to shreds when a suicide bomber self-detonates at a Shia
2013.05.16 Pakistan Mingora 2 1 A child activist and a peace committee member are shot by the Taliban in
targeted attacks.
2013.05.16 Pakistan Matani 5 6 Religious extremists open fire a convoy of local combat engineers,
killing five.
2013.05.16 Somalia Gof Gadud 5 10 An al-Shabaab ambush leaves five dead.
2013.05.16 Iraq Sadr City 9 16 A 7-year-old child is among nine killed when Sunnis bomb a bus stop in a
Shia neighborhood.
2013.05.16 Iraq Kamaliya 3 14 Three civilians are laid out by a Mujahideen car bomb at a taxi stand.
2013.05.15 Iraq Baghdad 14 68 At least five al-Qaeda bombs targeting Shiites leave a dozen dead and many more
in agony.
2013.05.15 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 Religion of Peace activists shoot a pastor to death in his home in front
of his daughter.
2013.05.15 Iraq Kirkuk 12 23 Two Jihad car bombings leave a dozen Iraqis dead.
2013.05.15 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A suicide bomber kills two Iraqis.
2013.05.15 Iraq Abu Ghraib 2 0 Two brothers are taken from their home and slain execution style by al-
2013.05.15 Iraq Sadr City 7 33 Sunnis set off three car bombs in Shia neighborhoods, leaving seven dead.
2013.05.15 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim ‘insurgents’ shoot a 50-year-old villager to death.
2013.05.15 Iraq Kadhimiya 2 9 Two people are taken out by Jihad car bombers.
2013.05.14 Iraq Mosul 1 14 A child is taken out by Mujahid car bombers.
2013.05.14 Iraq Fallujah 2 0 al-Qaeda militants shoot two brothers to death.
2013.05.14 Syria Deir al-Zor 11 0 al-Nusra Islamists summarily execute eleven captives on video while
praising Allah.
2013.05.14 Iraq Baghdad 12 0 Fundamentalists execute a dozen people at a series of shops selling alcohol.
2013.05.14 Afghanistan Garmsir 3 7 Children are among the casualties when Sunni radicals set off a
motorcycle bomb at a market.
2013.05.14 Syria Raqqa 3 0 Video surfaces of the cold-blooded execution of three captives by al-Nusra
2013.05.13 Pakistan Bara 1 8 Taliban militants take out a child with a rocket.
2013.05.13 Afghanistan Helmand 3 0 Three Georgian soldiers are killed when a suicide truck bomber plows into
their base.
2013.05.13 Libya Benghazi 15 41 Islamists are thought responsible for a car bomb blast at a hospital that
leaves over a dozen dead, including two children.
2013.05.13 Afghanistan Arghistan 10 12 Women and children are among ten civilians ripped to shreds by a
bomb planted by religious radicals.
2013.05.13 Iraq Ramadi 3 7 A Holy Warrior detonates a suicide vest, killing three Iraqis.
2013.05.12 Pakistan Muslim Colony 1 0 A 19-year-old woman is strangled by her conservative family for
getting pregnant.
2013.05.12 Pakistan Quetta 8 97 A child is among eight people blown to bits by a Lashkar-e-Jhangvi
suicide car bomber.
2013.05.12 Iraq Basra 1 0 Religion of Peace rivals gun down a cleric outside his mosque.
2013.05.12 Iraq Mosul 5 0 Five suspected al-Qaeda victims are handcuffed and shot in the back of the head.
2013.05.12 Iraq Mishahada 3 0 Mujahideen murder three men walking by the side of the road.
2013.05.12 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 Terrorists shoot four women to death in their own home.
2013.05.11 Afghanistan Nuristan 1 0 A man is murdered in his own home by the Taliban.
2013.05.11 Kenya Mandera 2 4 Islamists throw a grenade at a group of Kenyans and then shoot them in the head.
2013.05.11 Pakistan Panj Khata 1 35 A 10-year-old boy is taken out by a bomb planted by Sunni
2013.05.11 Iraq Shurqat 3 19 Three people are incinerated by a suicide truck bomber.
2013.05.11 Iraq Nineveh 3 21 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills two women and a child.
2013.05.11 Pakistan Manghopir 2 3 A suicide bomber sends two souls to Allah.
2013.05.11 Pakistan Peshawar 1 10 A bomb outside a polling station leaves one dead.
2013.05.11 Pakistan Karachi 11 40 Children are among the casualties when Islamists set off a bomb blast
targeting voters.
2013.05.10 Pakistan Miranshah 4 21 Religious fanatics take out four locals with a bomb blast at a market.
2013.05.10 Pakistan Kurram 3 0 The Taliban gun down three security personnel.
2013.05.10 India Pulwama 1 0 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen gun down a police officer.
2013.05.10 India Rajpora 1 0 A farmer is murdered inside his home by Muslim militants.
2013.05.10 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 Lashkar-e-Jhagvi kidnap and murder a Shiite civilian.
2013.05.10 India Lassipora 1 0 An imam is shot to death outside his mosque by Religion of Peace rivals.
2013.05.10 Iraq al-Dhera 1 5 A 2-year-old child is pulled into pieces by Mujahid bombers.
2013.05.10 Iraq Mahaweel 3 7 Religion of Peace rivals bomb a mosque, killing three worshippers.
2013.05.09 Pakistan Multan 1 8 Fundamentalists are suspected of opening fire on a political rally,
killing one.
2013.05.09 Yemen Lahij 1 0 al-Qaeda gunmen take down a local traffic cop.
2013.05.09 Egypt Cairo 0 1 An American professor is stabbed five times by a well-educated terrorist.
2013.05.09 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 Sipah-e-Sahaba gunmen murder a 35-year-old Shiite.
2013.05.09 Iraq Hawija 1 11 al-Qaeda bombers take out an Iraqi child.
2013.05.09 Iraq Baghdad 3 2 Terrorists kill three university students with a bomb placed on a bus.
2013.05.09 Pakistan Torghar 6 10 A half-dozen people are disassembled by Islamic bombers.
2013.05.08 Iraq Salaheddin 1 1 A suicide bomber manages to kill one other person.
2013.05.08 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 A 45-year-old woman is shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2013.05.08 Afghanistan Kandahar 3 0 At least three drivers are killed by Taliban gunmen at a protest.
2013.05.08 Iraq Fallujah 3 2 al-Qaeda gunmen open fire on police officers at a checkpoint, killing
2013.05.08 Iraq Mosul 1 4 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills a civilian.
2013.05.08 Iraq Abu Ghraib 2 3 Religion of Peace rivals set off an IED at a mosque that leaves two dead,
including the imam.
2013.05.08 Pakistan Bannu 2 23 A woman is among two people blown away by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2013.05.08 Pakistan Hangu 2 18 Women and children are among the casualties when Islamic militants set
off a bomb at a market.
2013.05.08 Yemen Lahij 3 0 Three men in a car are wasted by al-Qaeda gunmen.
2013.05.08 Iraq Kirkuk 2 49 Two suicide bombers take down two Iraqis and injure about fifty others.
2013.05.07 Nigeria Bale 1 0 Boko Haram murder a man in front of his wives and children.
2013.05.07 France Roussillon 0 1 A Muslim who had recently returned from the Haj shouts ‘Allah Akbar’ and
stabs a police officer at random.
2013.05.07 Pakistan Hangu 12 35 At least a dozen people are obliterate when a Fedayeen suicide bomber
detonates at an election rally.
2013.05.07 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Militant Muslims shoot a clerk to death at a restaurant.
2013.05.07 Pakistan Korangi 2 0 Two activists of a secular-leaning party are assassinated by religious
2013.05.07 Afghanistan Ghazni 4 1 Taliban bombers send four Afghan cops to Allah.
2013.05.07 Algeria Keddara 2 0 Two guards at a quarry are murdered by Islamic fundamentalists.
2013.05.07 Pakistan Lower Dir 5 0 Five people are killed in a Taliban attack on a secular party official.
2013.05.07 Nigeria Bama 14 0 Boko Haram attack a prison housing Islamist prisoners, killing fourteen guards.
2013.05.07 Nigeria Bama 26 0 Twenty-six people, including three children, are burnt alive as Islamists set fire to a police barracks.
2013.05.06 Iraq Baghdad 7 26 Jihadi car bombers take out seven Iraqis near a restaurant.
2013.05.06 Syria al-Quasair 20 0 Hezbollah is accused of butchering twenty people, mostly women and children, with knives.
2013.05.06 Bangladesh Motijheel 1 0 A policeman is hacked to death by Islamists chanting ‘death to those who insult Allah’.
2013.05.06 Bangladesh Kanchpur 4 0 Four security officials are beaten to death by anti-blasphemy
2013.05.06 Iraq Baghdad 6 13 Mujahideen roll grenades into a rival mosque, sending at least six worshippers straight to Allah.
2013.05.06 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Muslim militants gun down a 62-year-old man on his way home from work.
2013.05.06 Pakistan Peshawar 25 64 A Shahid suicide bomber detonates at an election rally,
slaughtering over two dozen innocents.
2013.05.06 Iraq Mosul 5 0 Two bombings, one by a Shahid, leave five Iraqis dead.
2013.05.06 Philippines Basilan 2 0 An Abu Sayyaf ambush leaves two dead.
2013.05.05 Pakistan Sibi 4 7 The Tehrik-i-Taliban is suspected of attacking the convoy of a secular
political candidate, killing four.
2013.05.05 Iraq Baghdad 1 6 Muslims set off a bomb at a rival mosque, killing a passerby.
2013.05.05 Iraq Mahmoudiya 2 0 Mujahideen invade a home and shoot a man and his son to death.
2013.05.05 Nigeria Njilan 10 0 Islamic extremists stage a Sunday morning attack on a church and a nearby cattle
market, killing at least ten.
2013.05.05 Iraq Jamiyah 3 13 Three patrons are killed by a Fundamentalist bomb at an Internet cafe.
2013.05.05 Pakistan Orangi 5 0 A 9-year-old girl and three women are among five shot to death during an
honor killing at a brothel.
2013.05.05 Afghanistan Korghan 4 5 Sunni hardliners dismantle four civilians with a roadside bomb.
2013.05.05 Thailand Narathiwat 2 3 Two Thais are killed by a Muslim ‘separatist’ bomb.
2013.05.05 Bangladesh Dhaka 4 24 At least four civilians are killed by a Hefajat-e-Islam ‘siege’.
2013.05.05 Somalia Buulo Sheekh 2 0 A 95-year-old man and his grandson are murdered in their home by al-
Shabaab activists.
2013.05.05 Egypt al-Arish 1 0 Four fundamentalists shoot a bartender to death for serving alcohol.
2013.05.05 Somalia Mogadishu 11 20 Eleven people are ripped to pieces by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2013.05.04 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 59-year-old truck driver is murdered by Muslim militants.
2013.05.04 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim terrorists shoot a 50-year-old civilian twice in the head.
2013.05.04 Pakistan Karachi 3 40 Children are among the casualties when Religion of Peace activists blow
up a secular-leaning party office.
2013.05.04 Afghanistan Farah 2 0 Two American trainers are murdered by a Taliban in uniform.
2013.05.04 Nigeria Ngamdu 4 0 Religion of Peace activists tie up four villagers and cut their throats.
2013.05.04 Mali Gao 2 4 Two local soldiers are taken out by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.

Go here for a list of Muslim caused violence in 2012.

Link to the site that keeps track of Islamic activity here: The Religion of Peace.

My uninformed friend thinks the Internet is unreliable. So, go ask the Boston Bombing victims whose legs are blown off, who did it. Was it Muslims or Christians?

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  • Owen Bodine

    WHY can’t Tina Fey,and the other current SNL Liberal demagogues AGAINST America’s people,
    have a soul and be an ACTUAL American that cares about America’s freedom and FREE WILL like VICTORIA JACKSON does??Instead she’s just another sell out from Saturday Night Live.Thank you Victoria for being a TRUE American Patriot and for LOVING your country and our freedoms.

    • Deuce

      SNL will not change as long as the public watches it. Once WE THE PEOPLE stop turning to Hollywood Liberals for entertainment and demand better entertainment, then SNL will stop making fun of Everyone not progressive.. But as long as WE THE PEOPLE watch what reason do they have to change?

    • MidnightDStroyer

      I mean, really!

      How can you expect to learn any kind of life-lessons from those who engage in FANTASY as an occupation to earn a living?

      There’s the real world, then there’s Hollywood. The first is governed by Natural Law/Laws of Physics & OBSERVED REALITY while the second is based of sheer imagination & “taking dramatic license” as a point of employment. They are in the “professional class imagination industry.” How can anyone even consider truth or reality to come from them?

      In all honesty, there’s nothing wrong with taking your entertainment & enjoyment when they perform their jobs, but to take their political posturing seriously would lead YOU into their lives of pure fantasy.

  • justaguest

    Yes, thank you Victoria!

  • TwinCrier

    I was about to post this article from the facebook page and noticed Facebook actually just removed Victoria Jackson’s entire page. Seriously, this entire country is ready, willing and able to submit to the demands of Islamofacist terrorists. Prepare yourself for the end of freedom as you know it. Islam wants to control the world, and no government anywhere is putting up a fight. I used to wonder how the beheadings in the book of Revelation could happen in this day and age…. I wonder no longer.

  • Idaho Bob

    Islam became a religion 600 years after Jesus ascended into heaven. This would make the quran 600 years newer than the New Testamnet and not the Torah. The Torah was written during the 1400 B.C. time period, making it at least 2000 years before the quran. I appreciate the spirit of the article, but you need to check your facts and straighten that part out.

    • Loyal

      Nit pick Bob, here is a nit pick for you, islam is not a “religion”, it is a hateful murdering bunch of nut cakes. I agree, We need to go with facts!

      • Idaho Bob

        Thanks Loyal, but nit picking would be more like finding fault in spelling, punctuation, and other minor details. Missing a historic date by over 1400 years is not nit picking, it’s helping others to know the truth. The enemies of truth love nothing more than to point to inaccuracies as examples of why conservatives are so wrong. When the truth no longer matters, there is no truth.
        As well, religion is defined as any set of beliefs one follows. It may be bad religion, it may be false religion, but nonetheless, it’s religion. There is only One true Faith and that would be following Jesus Christ. I do agree though that Islam is far more than a religion, it is a political system that uses it’s tenants of faith as a way to subvert not only those involved in the false religion but also as a means to destroy all who oppose their political goal. It’s no secret that the goal of Islam is world domination. They have no desire for peace, only for submission or death. The core teaching of Islam can be summed up in a few verses from the Quran, Sura 8:12, 17 “I will instill terror into the hearts of unbelievers. Smite them above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them. It is not you who slay them, it is Allah”. Sura 8:59: “The infidels (all non Muslims) should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them. They are your enemy and Allah’s enemy.” Sura 47:4-7 says, “When you meet unbelievers, smite their necks, then, when you have made wide slaughter among them, tie fast the bonds; then set them free, either by grace or ransom, till the war lays down its loads…And those who are slain in the way of God, He will not send their works astray. He will guide them, and dispose their minds aright, and He will admit them to Paradise, that He has made known to them.”

        • el

          Um 8:59: actually states : 8:59. And let not those who disbelieve think that they have outstripped (Us). They shall not be able to frustrate (Our purpose).

        • el

          8:12. (It was the time) when your Lord revealed to the angels (to convey to the believers), ‘I am with you;’ (and He commanded the angels) to make those who believe stand firm and fast, and ‘(O believers!) I will indeed strike terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. So smite on (your enemy’s) necks and above these (- on their heads) and strike off all their fingertips.’
          So when you meet those who disbelieve [in battle], strike [their] necks until, when you have inflicted slaughter upon them, then secure their bonds, and either [confer] favor afterwards or ransom [them] until the war lays down its burdens. That [is the command]. And if Allah had willed, He could have taken vengeance upon them [Himself], but [He ordered armed struggle] to test some of you by means of others. And those who are killed in the cause of Allah -never will He waste their deeds.
          Id really appreciate it if you put the whole verse up not parts

    • Michial Lawrence

      Islam is more of a political/militaristic cult than it is a religion.

    • redranger07

      Hello Bob. You are correct sir in the statement that there is clearly a misprint in the article and it should be corrected. The birth of Islam was about 600 years after Christ rose from the dead. The fact that it is 600 years “newer” has no bearing whatsoever in relation to the historical accuracy or its inspiration as the word of God. The National Enquirer is about 1400 years newer than the Quran, and Batman is at least 200 years newer than the US Constitution. See the point? I do agree they should corrrect the obvious mistake.

  • GoodOne

    Victoria Jackson Rocks, I do have one correction. “Besides the fact that the Q’ran was written by Mohammed” Mohammed didn’t Write the Q’ran he spoke the book and it was scribed for him. Mohammed was illiterate.

    • boone1

      Just like the rest of these stupid morons.they are all sendni99ers there is no other name you can call them by.

  • Markdm2

    You only mention recent “terrorist activities”, why is there no mention of The Crusades? 450 years of systematic killing of muslims, heretics and basically anyone who wasn’t Christian has to account for something right?

    • RobinF

      The Christian faith has grown up.

      • LilyDarcey

        All religions of the world have evolved and have learned to coexist, except one. Not even Japan will allow ISLAM ‘s into Japan for that reason. Islam refuses to coexist with anything outside of itself. I laugh when I see libturds with the Coexist bumper sticker on their cars here in the US. They are preaching to the choir. If they really want the world to coexist, why don’t they take their little coexist stickers and share them in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and all other Muslim countries? Why don’t they go into the NO go zones of Muslim neighborhoods in Europe, and see if their coexist signs are well received by the muslim camel jockeys!!!

        • TeamInfidel

          Everytime I see a CoExist bumper sticker, I think, “You fool”.
          What is an appeaser? Someone that holds on to a tiger’s tail hoping it will eat him last??

    • Neal S

      The Crusades started 400 or so years after the so called Religion of peace was started to stop the Religion of peace from killing. Islamics Launched their Crusades in 630 A.D.
      Western Crusades started in 1095 A.D. to Stop Muslim Invasion
      The Crusades were started by the Muslims in the year 630 A.D. when Muhammad invaded and conquered Mecca. Later on, Muslims invaded Syria, Iraq, Jerusalem, Iran, Egypt, Africa, Spain, Italy, France, etc. The Western Crusades started around 1095 to try to stop the Islamic aggressive invasions. Islamic Crusades continued even after the Western Crusades.

      • Elda

        It is because of Muslim aggression that the United States created our Navy.

        • Zakgold

          Correct! That is why Thomas Jefferson dispatached our US Marines “…to the shores of Tripoli” (which became part of the US Marine Hymn) to deal with MUSLIM terrorists because forces is the ONLY thing these people really understand!

    • missmissy68

      It would be a good idea for you to re-do your history on your own without the liberal bias of your government school indoctrination. In the paraphrased words of Inigo Montoya, “That word does not mean what you think it means.”

    • verbracity

      I just LOOOOVE when you pseudo-intellectuals bring up the crusades because almost none of you have the slightest idea of why they occurred. You are blissfully ignorant of the DECADES of murders and enslavement the moslems had brought upon the Jews and Christians that caused the Crusades. But just for fun lets pretend this never happened…you still have no point:
      Christianity is not something you are by birth, or because you attend
      church. It has nothing to do with how you were raised and you are not
      one just by saying so. GOD laid out specific actions and measures to
      become HIS. CHRIST warned us that MANY would come before GOD and claim
      they were HIS, even ones who were in ministry and did works in GOD’s
      name. And GOD will reply “I NEVER KNEW YOU!”. According to the very
      best studies available only about 5% of those who
      call themselves Christians have actually done what the Bible says one
      do to be a Christian. There is essentially no such thing as a
      “Christian terrorist”. The closest you might get is a terrorist that
      calls himself a Christian. This is just as reasonable as him calling
      himself a “Martian terrorist”.

      • LilyDarcey

        The libtards always try to use the Crusades as a gotcha moment for Christianity, and
        most of them are ignorant of the real facts about the Crusades.

        • Elda

          Christianity has its own dark years. The thing to remember is that they stopped where as the Muslims at least in the ME still live in dark times where things like women raped are stoned to death and hands are cut off and all women are sexually mutilated in order to make sex unpleasant. Christianity has grown, Islam has not.

    • Guest

      LEARN THE FACTS MARKDM2 the crusades were started, because Christian and none Muslim groups had been persecuted and killed for many decades, and not the other way around.

      • blair152

        Actually, Guest, you’re wrong. The Crusades were started because the Seljuk Turks conquered the Holy Land, (today’s Middle East), and denied Christian Pilgrims, (Palmers), access to Jerusalem. That’s why the Knights Templar, were founded. So you read your history.

    • Well Done

      Wow, marky, you’re reached the pinnacle of ignorant and stupid. The Crusades NEVER happen without Islam boiling out of the Arabian Peninsula, through the MidEast, around the Mediterranean, and through Europe all the way to Spain. What you’re trying to do is about exactly the same thing as scolding Britain and the U. S. for invading Europe in 1944. You moron.

      • Zakgold

        Exactly! These MUSLIM appeasers need to face reality , the Crusades were provoked by the harassment of Christian pilgrims from Europe to the Holy Land, in which many were kidnapped, molested, forcibly converted to Islam or even killed. (Compare this to Islam’s justification for slaughter on the basis of Muslims being denied access to the Meccan pilgrimage in moHAMmad’s time).

        The Crusaders only invaded lands that were Christian. They never attacked Saudi Arabia or sacked Mecca as the Muslims had done (and continued doing) to Italy and Constantinople.

        The period of Crusader “occupation” (of its own former land) was stretched over less than two centuries. The Muslim occupation is in its 1,378th year.

    • Shane

      Educate yourself about the Muslim wars against Europe before the Crusades occurred here – Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner:

    • Zakgold

      Muslims aand their leftist friends love talking about the Crusades… and most Christians unfortunately love apologizing for them. To hear both parties tell the story, one would believe that Muslims were just peacefully minding their own business in lands that were legitimately Muslim, when Christian armies decided to wage holy war and kill “millions.”

      The Truth: Every part of this myth is a lie. Even by the rules that Muslims claim for themselves, the Crusades were perfectly justified, and the excesses (though beneath Christian standards) pale in comparison with the historic treatment of conquered populations at the hands of Muslims for the last 1,400 years.

      Here are some quick facts so you are better educated…

      The first Crusade began in 1095… 460 years AFTER the first Christian city was overrun by Muslim armies, 457 years AFTER Jerusalem was conquered by Muslim armies, 453 years AFTER Egypt was taken by Muslim armies, 443 AFTER Muslims first plundered Italy, 427 years AFTER Muslim armies first laid siege to the Christian capital of Constantinople, 380 years AFTER Spain was conquered by Muslim armies, 363 years AFTER France was first attacked by Muslim armies, 249 years AFTER Rome itself was sacked by a Muslim army, and only AFTER centuries of church burnings, killings, enslavement and forced conversions and rape of Christians.

      By the time the Crusades finally began (IMO, a little too late), Muslim armies had conquered lands about the size of Europe.

    • rosech

      Like the Saracens were friendly and peace-loving? History proves they were not. Crusades went to protect Christians and the only way to get it done was to start removing the enemies of Christianity, or muslims. Simple, clear and logical.

  • Betty Boop

    I was also told that Muhamad was taught by Jewish Rabbi’s because he could not read or write and before he got finished w/ the New tesament he quit class. So he piece milled the ending. That is why they think they must start WWIII to bring the 7th mucde back which we know as the Anti-Christ.He plagiarised the Bible w/ his spin and that is why they think it is so close to being like Christians beliefs. Oviously it’s not even close.

  • blair152

    There is good news. According to Dick Morris, the Muslim birthrate’s fallen in the past 20 years. They don’t
    have the numbers to take over the world. If the Europeans don’t wake up, they’ll be in the minority by 2030.
    We defeated Nazism, Communism, Fascism, and Japanese Militarism. We can certainly defeat Islamo-

    • RAS0503

      We better get busy!!!

    • Zakgold

      Easy – not so fast. MUSLIM “men” are allowed, what…up to four wifes???

      The United States, Great Britain, Russia, Western Europe and all corners of the Earth are among the latest nations to be targeted for attack and invasion by Universal Islam. It is infantile to believe that these Islamists have brought their 1,400 hundred years war to the West because of America’s support of Israel.

      Universal Islamic Jihad PREDATES the birth of the United States and Israel by a 1,000 years, and already has conquered much the Middle East and parts of Europe…and this cancer is spreading.

    • rosech

      Actually, we can only hope this is true. I know when we were in Malaysia, the government was trying to get more births as their numbers were decreasing. It makes me want to cry to see how they use their females as breeders and nothing more. Met one age 20 with 5 kids and one in the oven. She will never have a youth. Look at the Boston Bombers’ mother. She is not old but well brainwashed and evil. Hey, being married always amongst first cousins only leads to inbreeding that brings disease and low IQs, so we are facing evil children here and we all know how mean many children can be when they don’t get what they want!

    • el

      Gold news? Islam is the second largest religion, good luck hun

    • Keegan

      What about American Fascism?

  • verbracity

    Christianity is not something you are by birth, or because you attend church. It has nothing to do with how you were raised and you are not one just by saying so. GOD laid out specific actions and measures to become HIS. CHRIST warned us that MANY would come before GOD and claim they were HIS, even ones who were in ministry and did works in GOD’s name. And GOD will reply “I NEVER KNEW YOU!”. According to the very best studies available only about 5% of those who
    call themselves Christians have actually done what the Bible says one
    must do to be a Christian. There is essentially no such thing as a “Christian terrorist”. The closest you might get is a terrorist that calls himself a Christian. This is just as reasonable as him calling himself a “Martian terrorist”.

  • Bill

    Only a small dissagreement with Ms. Jackson: it is my understanding the Q’ran was not even started to be recorded until about 20 years after Mohammad died. At that time there had been a battle in which several of his followers were killed. Not wanting to lose his “teachings” they sent scribes to the remaining followers to record their memories of what had been taught.
    In addition, the teachings include the command to “kill all nonbeleivers” 129 times. Also, the only mention of tolerance is directed to other Muslims only.

    • rosech

      And 150 years later forced females to wear head coverings and/or burqas for modesty’s sake. Get real. They are still brain dead primitives and locked into the 7th Century Mohammed ideology and continue it thru their mosques and listening to sick Imams.

      • el

        Forced? How do u know we are forced? They can not force us they have no right to and I put on a scarf from my own free will, my uncles wife doesnt wear one he asked her why and she just said she doesnt want to and since then not once has he forced or brought up the subject, besides there are many Muslims who dont wear the scarf

  • Kenneth Bowman

    Allah is SATAN! The only logical explanation. Satan hates human life and loves DEATH. So do Muslims. Muslims do EVIL things all day long.

    • el

      Allah is satan? Hahaha funny joke, Muslims hate human life and loves death I wonder where your brain is. In Islam inflicting self harm, cutting, suicide overdose, alchohol drugs are all forbidden. Killing others or urself is forbidden and if you do kill others then you are no longer a Muslim, there are corrupted people in every religion, and people like you who are naive, ignorant, prejudice and racist who like saying whatever they want without any evident proof.
      “think before you speak”

      • savetheusa2

        Then why was Muhammad so afraid when he first received these so-called visits? Why do so many of you blow yourselves up? Arafat has told children that to die a martyr is so marvelous. In Palestine (video), I’ve seen Muslim familes say that they are waiting for their child to get bigger so they can become a martyr. Why are you Muslims so fond of dying for your god? Probably because he is Satan. Satan hates humans. It is the reason he left heaven. I still hate the idea that your husband can just tell you three times that he has divorced you and you are divorced. Wives can’t do the same thing. Sharia Law STINKS!

        • el

          First off, mohammed (s.a.w) was never afraid of the visits, like Christianity, Islam has many different sects, one sect in particular believes that he was afraid when in actual fact he was not. Secondly, you cant really die for god, you can die for his messengers but he created us so its only logical that he can kill us too, dying a martyr (or mudered unjustly) is marvelous because it means youll be, without doubt in paradise, and also they would want their kids to grow and die as martyrs because fighting beside the messenger of god and attaining paradise is a marvelous thing and also you have to grow up to die a martyr. And the majority of us dont blow ourselves up as you stated but the minority do, why? I have no idea, coz they have psychological issues, I dont know and if ‘so many of us blow ourselves’ do you think there would be any Muslims left? And as I said killing yourself is forbidden so your not a Muslim if you do so. And Satan never left heaven, god forbade him from entering as he refused to bow down to Adam when god asked him to, Satan was an angel and he loved god so much which is why he refused to bow down to Adam. Oh and by the way the divorcing 3 times thing you hate and think women cant do so too, well guess what the women have the right to ask for a divorce if they wish too, the man is given 3 chances, after the 1st divorce if he made a mistake and wants to fix the relationship he can if the women accepts to do so aswell the second time is the same and after the third he cannot ask for her to return unless he goes and formally does so with a sheik (like you have priest that wed couples we have sheiks) and again if the lady wishes to return, and unlike Christians and such the divorces that happen is only one word not all that paper work and stuff so they can have a slip of the tongue and say it when theyre pissed off or something. After me bothering to tell you all this do you honestly think youll change your view on Muslims being terrorist? Dont tell me yes it does or whatever, you can tell me but do you believe so and what you are doing is it not terrorism against a religion? And have you noticed in that post the Christians terrorist attacks are all large ones like massacres whereas the Muslims its the murder of 2 people or so and its everyday or whatever? Aren’t murders happening everywhere, and in every religion? Don’t Christians kill them selves too? And let me ask you why do they do so? And the title of the post is pretty effed up, the bible has been corrupted so man can have power and authority over others. Let me ask you have you ever read the bible from beginning to end? Have you read what it says about lot and jesus? Its disgusting. It also says adam was always drunk, but how can a messenger of god who was perfect drink. Also I heard from a Christian friend of mine that you pray to Jesus because he is your lord father son and god or something like that and yet who does Jesus pray to? If he is god why does he need to pray? Why must Jesus die for the peoples sins? Why do you pray to Maria if Jesus is god? Why is gods creation god? Why do you wear a cross when Jesus was supposedly killed on it? Would it be normal if you were to be killed with an ax for everyone to start wearing and ax around their necks? Besides we believe Jesus was never revived or died as a matter of fact but rather a man who looked like Jesus died that day, he was a martyr. Jesus will come back on the day of judgement. Btw wasnt Hitler a Christian? I answered your questions can you answer mine?

          • el

            I was meant to say you DONT have to grow up to die a martyr, not you do.

          • savetheusa2

            It would take forever to answer you, but if you have so many questions, please get a copy, at any bookstore, of the “Catechchism of the Catholic Church.” It will answer many of your questions. I don’t think you have taken any time to research the Christian religion. There are many because the Protestant Christians left the Roman Catholic Church. The Church founded by Jesus Christ who died, went to the dead and rose from the dead. I wear a cross to remember that Jesus loves us so much that he died for us to open the gates of Heaven. Our Heaven has NOTHING TO DO WITH SEX. We will have nor more tears, we will love each other and worship God eternally. We believe there are three Persons in ONE God. They ALWAYS existed. God made us in his image. God and His Son always existed and the Holy Spirit came after Jesus rose to His Father. This is a mystery. That is why we say that God is everywhere. While Jesus was God (divine) and man walking on the earth, he wanted to show that He wants a close relationship to all His brothers and sisters. He wanted to show us the way to Heaven. He wants everyone to have salvation. He is a God of LOVE. He has many names. I like I AM the best. He and his disciples and angels have performed many miracles and Muhammad never did. ***** Jesus NEVER killed another person because he used love to get followers to believe in Him. Muhammad killed by beheading over 700 Jews and took their wives as booty. Our Holy Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit, but Jesus spent three years teaching His disciples and gave those who believed in Him the right words to say through the Holy Spirit. If Christian attacks and kills anyone they are not following Christianity, but in the Qu’ran, Muslims are told to kill the indel, Jews and Christians. NO GOD WANTS PEOPLE TO KILL ONE ANOTHER. And God doesn’t change His mind to give power to another like Muhammad. He claimed that Allah told him he could start to fight others and he was given the right to have more than four wives. Muhannad put himself before other Muslims. What was so right about that? Muslims are killing others all over the world to spread Sharia Law/ISLAM. Christians DON’T. AND DON’T YOU FORGET THAT!

          • el

            Muhammed (p.b.u.h) had performed hundreds of miracles, ill list a few of them and you can go research what theyre about also you say I havent reasearched the Christian religion but have you researched Islam? Coz to me you clearly havent enough.
            1. Splitting of the Moon 2. Food Multiplication 3. Water Multiplication 4. Supplication for Rain 5. Lights to guide Companions 6. Crying of the stem of the Date-palm Tree 7. Glorification of Allah by the Prophet’s meals 8. The explusion of a liar’s corpse by the Earth 9. The Speech of the Wolf 10. The Prophet’s Night Journey to Jerusalem and Ascent to the Heavens

        • el

          I was also told by someone who works at a church (not sure if he was a priest) when I was on a trip that every newborn is born a sinner because Adam sinned, which is why they do that baptism thing, but was Adam born a sinner? Isnt every child born pure because they have not sinned, yet? I wanted to ask him but since we were in a hurry to catch the train I did not get the chance to ask so im asking you. And the sharia law is somethingyoh dont really need to care about since you dont live in the countries that follow it and your not Muslim and no one is forcing you to be one, believe whatever you want to believe in but dont go around typing prejudice commentsand discrimination to yourself.

          • el

            *and keep the discrimination to yourself also dont go around calling our god Satan, I feel like saying something about your religion which I think is true but I will refrain from doing so.

          • savetheusa2

            Dear El, I worked in a Christian-Muslim Seminary and made friends with Muslims, was given a copy of the Qu’ran, and read all about Sharia Law. I know that there are as many different Muslims as there are as many different Christians. I was told this by an Imam who became my friend. All Muslims are not radicals, but those who are following Muhammad to a T are like the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Taliban. Sharia Law is supposed to be spread thorougout the entire world. The Islamic radicals are right, but many Muslims would rather live in peace with everyone else. Gray areas abound, but Muslims are allowed to lie for their faith.
            As for your question about infant baptism or lack of infant baptism. The Catechism of the Catholic Chursh says this: 1258-1261, 1281-1283
            Since Christ died for the salvation of all, those can be saved without Baptism who die for the faith (Baptism of Blood). Catecumens and all those who, even without knowing Christ and the Church, still (under the impulse of grace) sincerely seek God and strive to do His will can also be save without Baptism (Baptism of desire). The Church in her liturgy entrusts children who die without Baptism to the mercy of God.
            My words: God is all love and mercy. Only God knows what is in our hearts. Therfore only God and His Son can decide our fate at death. Thank you, Lord! God bless us, everyone!

          • el

            . Islam allows a man to marry upto four & a Prophet to marry upto 11. “Marry woman of your choice by two, three or four. But if you cannot do justice between them MARRY ONLY ONE.” [Qur’an 4:3] The only religious book on earth which has this statement “MARRY ONLY ONE.” is Qur’an. There is no religious book on earth which says Marry only one. I never saw any Muslim in my life who ever had several wives (more than one). About Prophet Muhammad so he married totally 12 but not at the same time. He divorced some to marry other as I said Prophets were allowed only 11. 1. Khadijah bint Khuwaylid 2. Sawda bint Zama 3. Aisha bint Abi Bakr 4. Hafsa bint Umar 5. Zaynab bint Khuzayma 6. Hind bint Abi Umayya 7. Zaynab bint Jahsh 8. Juwayriya bint al-Harith 9. Ramlah bint Abi Sufyan 9. Rayhana bint Zayd 10. Safiyya bint Huyayy 11. Maymuna bint al-Harith 12. Maria al-Qibtiyya NOTE: ‘bint’ means ‘Daughter Of’ All the other marriages of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) were due to circumstances… either of a social reform, or a political gain. The Qur’an mentions in Surah Nisa, Chapter 4, Verse No. 3, that you can maximum have 4 wives. But there is another Verse in Surah Ahzab, Ch. 33, and Verse 52, which says that… ‘O Prophet you cannot marry more women, neither can you exchange any other women for the present one, even if their beauty attracts you, except what your right hand possesses. This Verse of the Qur’an, Surah Ahzab, Ch. 33, Verse No. 52, gives the permission to the Prophet, to keep all his wives, but at the same time, cannot marry any other women, except which your right hand possesses. If you analyse why Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was not allowed to marry more wives – and besides that, he could not neither divorce them, because there is one more Verse in the Qur’an, which says that… ‘As for the wives of the Prophet, whether they are divorced or whether they become widows, no person can marry them; because they are Um-ul Mominin… they are the Mothers of the believers’. So since no one could marry the wives of the Prophet, but natural …the Prophet could not divorce them also. And if you analyse, that all the eleven marriages which the Prophet did… all were either for social reform or for political reason – Were not to please his sex or desire. The first marriage that he did was with Khatija, (May Allah be pleased with her). She was at the age of 40, when he was only 25 – And she was a widow twice. Imagine, if he married for sex or his desire, why would he marry a woman who was fifteen years elder to him, and who was a widow twice. And if you analyse, till the time Khatija (May Allah be pleased with her)… till the time she was alive, Prophet Muhammad did not take any other wives. When he was the age of 50, Khatija (May Allah be pleased with her) died. Only between the ages of 53 to 56, did Prophet take all the other wives. Imagine… if the Prophet was hyper sexual, he would have married at a young age. Science tells us… ‘The older the man gets, the less sexual he gets’. It is an insinuation, on the Prophet. Only 2 of his marriages were normal -with Khatija (MABPWH) and Ayesha (MABPWH) All the other marriages were due to circumstances… either of a social reform, or a political gain. If you analyse all, only 2 wives were below the age of 36 – All the other wives were between the age of 36 and 50 – You can give instances… each marriage had some reason. For example Johariya, who was from the Banu-Mustalik tribe… which very powerful tribe, was, and which was at logger heads with Islam -After a certain time, they were suppressed by the Islamic Army, and later on, the Prophet married her. And after he married her, the companions said…’How can we keep as captives, the relatives of the Prophet’ – And they freed those people… and after that, both these tribes became friendly. There are examples, when he married Maimoona (May Allah be pleased with her), who was the sister of the wife of the chief of the tribe of Najad, which killed 70 Muslim, men of the Islamic deputation. After Muhammed (May peace be upon him)… when he married her, they accepted Medina as their leadership, and they accepted Prophet as their leader. All the… all the marriages which he did, had some political reason or social reform. He married Umme Habiba, who was the daughter of the Chief of Mecca, Abu-Sufiyan – but natural this marriage played a great importance in the conquest of Mecca. Other example like Safiya (May Al­ lah be pleased with her), she was the daughter of a powerful Jewish leader -After this, the Jewish became very friendly to the Muslims. If you see, all the marriages had some social reforms – he married the daughter of Hazrat Ummer, Hafsa (May Allah be pleased with her), to get closer relationship between the companions. As a social reform, he married a lady who was divorced…the first cousin Zainab – After she was divorced, he married her. All the marriages have some political reason or social reform – So all his marriages were based, to improve the community and to better relationships – It was not for sex. And this Polygamy thing isn’t new, it is practiced by Prophets before Muhammad themselves. It is people who like to edit stuffs in their Religions that’s why non of them is in it’s pure form. Muslims do what Islam teaches not what their parents followed. 1. Prophet Abraham: 3 wives (Sarah, Hagar, Caesura). 2. Prophet Jacob: 4 wives (Lea, Zelda, Rachael, Palma). 3. Prophet Moses: 4 wives (Safire, Gibshia, bint Kini, bint Hobab). 4. Prophet David: 9 wives. 5. Prophet Solomon: 700 wives and 300 slaves. More info about Prophet’s relationship with his each wife: –




          • el

            I made a mistake prophet Solomon had 90 wives.

          • April

            Adam wasn’t born…. he hadn’t sinned against God either until he disobeyed the only rule God gave him. A rule that was designed to protect him. And God has been drawing man back to Him ever since. As far as man was willing to go to serve Him… God was willing to go to save mankind…women included. He tested man through Noah and gave man another chance… Then he tested man again through Abraham. Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son in obedience to God. God spared Abraham’s son’s life by sending an Angel to stop him and provided a Ram as a sacrifice instead. In return God sent a part of himself, called His Son, as a sacrifice to repair the bridge that was broken between us and God. There needs to be no more killing… because Christ was sent for the Muslims too. Them and the Jewish people received the Messiah. And so has the rest of mankind.

    • Azimi

      Dude, you are stupid. Allah means God. So if you are a christian, you just called God, satan. And last time a checked, every religion people so EVIL things. Who caused world war 1 and 2? Who did the jew genocide? Who killed so many native americans?


    What a weak argument, no wonder Obama wants to protect the Muslims.

    • Zakgold

      Well…Obama was born into the MUSLIM cult ideology and according to ISLAM (as outlined in the koran), you are NOT allowed to leave this “religion” without threats of punishment and even death.

      Remember – – – Muslims lie when it is in their interest to do so and “Allah” will not hold them accountable for lying when it is beneficial to the cause of Islam. In ISLAM, this is called Al-taqiyya. You can find these instructions telling MUSLIMS to LIE in their Koran. These people can lie without any guilt or fear of accountability or retribution. A lie in the defense of Islam is approved even applauded in their “holy” books.

  • Ninth

    It seems to me that, even if any of them were valid bona fide Christians, the difference is that none of the attacks were religious in nature. Timothy McVeigh did not attack the FBI building because of religious differences, it was because of political differences. The Muslim attacks are almost entirely because of religious differences. A huge difference in motive.

    My money is not theirs, my life is not theirs, nor do I work for them

    • Zakgold

      Agree! Why are thousands of people able to cut off an innocent person’s head or fly planes into a building while screaming praises to their Allah? Where’s the outrage among other “not muslim enough” Muslims when this happens… and why do they get more worked up over cartoons or a lame You Tube Video than all of the JIHAD killing made in the name of their so-called “peaceful” religion?

  • Mark

    Yes, self-proclaimed Muslim terrorists are a big problem. However, Jackson doesn’t seem to be aware of all the terrorist activity done in the name of Christianity. There is an entire Wikipedia page about it, including the terrorism of the KKK and in North Ireland.

    I suppose you could argue that the big problem isn’t Islam itself. I don’t agree with Islam, but that religion is either as peaceful or as violent as you want it to be. Rather, the problem is the extremism that exists in some countries like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, etc. But that’s a cultural problem, not a religious problem. Muslims in the U.S. are actually statistically less likely to have a criminal record than the population as a whole.

    • Shane

      Wrong, Islam is a violent religion because Muhammad was a very violent man who personally chopped off the heads of hundreds of captives. Muhammad taught his followers to emulate him, so terrorism in Islam’s name is not unIslamic, as Obama and other lying politicians have said. Christianity is a religion of peace because Jesus was a peaceful man who taught a peaceful message. Christians are supposed to follow Jesus’s example, but we do fail at times.

      • Zakgold

        Thank you for your post!

        You are right! Every prime source regarding moHAMmad’s life confirm that Allah’s lone spokesperson wasn’t a prophet but was in fact a terrorist – having issued no predictions that came true but having led around over 70 terrorist raids for booty and political power in the first 10 years of the Islamic Era alone!

        In their 33rd surah, the Koran tells Muslims to follow mohammad’s example. In the 8th
        and 9th surahs, Allah says that those who do, and become jihadists killing non-Muslims in his cause, are the BEST Muslims.

    • Zakgold

      Islamic terrorists have staged over 20,000 documented DEADLY attacks around the globe in
      just the 12 years following September 11th, 2001 for the glory of their allah! That’s right…DEADLY attacks made on behalf of their allah as these animals yell out “allahu akbar” as these savages kill!

      In the last 12 years, there have been perhaps a dozen or so religiously-inspired killings by people of all other faiths (other than ISLAM) COMBINED.

      Nice try – – – apples and mustard seeds!

  • Shane

    Brain dead liberal twits refuse to acknowledge the difference between a Muslim killing infidels in the name of Islam, and a Christian killing someone because he is a homocidal maniac. There is a huge difference. Motives of murderers are important.

    • Zakgold

      Agree! The so-called “members of other faiths” alluded to by Muslims and their appeasig friends are nearly always just nominal members who have NO active involvement. They are neither inspired by, nor do they credit religion as Muslim terrorists do, and this is what makes it a very different matter.

      Islam is associated with Islamic terrorism because that is the association that the terrorists themselves CHOOSE to make.

  • Zakgold

    Understand the “who?” (true muslims) and the “why?” (cult ideology called ISLAM) that fuels this madness all over the freakin’ globe.

    Go ahead and sugar coat it by calling them militants, radicals, jihadists, links to al-Qaida (my PC favorite), or whatever is the PC term for today, but never forget the “who” and “WHY” of this madness.


    • reem

      How about you understand (true islam).
      I hope this help.

      salam alikom “Peace be upon you (all)”

      • TeamInfidel

        What nonsense! You know as well as I do that there is only peace IF (huge IF here) when one “submits and surrenders” (the definition of the word “muslim”) to your way of life (sharia) and to your allah!

        If one does not,. all bets are off! There is NO peace! Never has, is and will be with the cult ideology of ISLAM around!

        • reem

          no one is forrcing you to “submits and surrenders”!!!

          • TeamInfidel

            Man Up and face reality!! The whacked cult ideology of Islam is not benign. To
            ignore this, being politically-correct, is to ignore a very large, DEADLY pink elephant in the room.

          • reem

            surat al mumtahina
            Allah does not forbid you from those who do not fight you because of religion and do not expel you from your homes – from being righteous toward them and acting justly toward them. Indeed, Allah loves those who act justly.

            Surat al-maidah
            Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors.

            So , the next time you see a ” Muslim terrorist ” read him this

          • TeamInfidel

            What pig’s crap! All of those RARE “peaceful” passages you like to parade out were when your terrorist mohmmad was weak and needed to LIE to buy some time! Any lies for a false peace are ALL abrugated later in your koran which calls on “good” muslims to wage war and kill all us infidels!

            Stop your lying! But then again, you muslims are encouraged to LIE to others that are not MUSLIM…that is why we can NEVER trust these people!

            Come on and MUSLIM up! In ISLAM, this is called Al-taqiyya. You can find these instructions telling you MUSLIMS to LIE are in your koran. You people can lie without any guilt or fear of accountability or retribution.

            A lie in the defense of Islam is approved even applauded in their “holy” books.

          • reem

            Al-taqyyis denying your faith under duress is “only at most permitted and not under all circumstances obligatory”.[4] Al-Tabari comments on sura XVI, verse 108 (Tafsir, Bulak 1323, xxiv, 122): “If any one is compelled and professes unbelief with his tongue, while his heart contradicts him, in order to escape his enemies, no blame falls on him, because God takes his servants as their hearts believe.” This verse was revealed after Ammar Yasir was forced by the idolaters of Mecca to recant his faith and denounce the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Al-Tabari explains that concealing one’s faith is only justified if the person is in mortal danger, and even then martyrdom is considered a noble alternative.

            Now,since I am sitting save in my house I can’t really tell any lies ,because lying is forbidden in Islam.

            The Prophet (muhammad) said:

            “Truthfulness leads to righteousness, and righteousness leads to Paradise. And a man keeps on telling the truth until he becomes a truthful person. Falsehood leads to Al-Fajur (i.e. wickedness, evil-doing), and Al-Fajur leads to the (Hell) Fire, and a man may keep on telling lies till he is written before Allah, a liar.”

            Second, even Prophet Muhammad’s bitterest enemies, such as Abu Jahl , Abu Sufyan ,all acknowledged that Prophet Muhammad never lied. In fact, when Prophet Muhammad first announced his prophethood to the Meccans, he asked them to acknowledge his truthfulness—which the entire community did he was so honest and truthful that he was known as Muhammad al-Amin, meaning “Muhammad the Trustworthy”.[4]. Prophet Muhammad’s attachment to truth was so strict that he instructed his followers to joke only if there was no lie in the joke [5]. Also note that the Holy Qur’an considers speaking truth, not lying, as a religious duty [6], and emphasizes observing truth and justice in every circumstance—even when testifying against oneself

          • TeamInfidel

            Pig’s crap! There are just too many Muslims who take your freakin’ koran literally… and too many other “not-muslim-enough” muslims who couldn’t care less about the violence done in the name of your cult ideology called Islam…hence the problem on both ends!

            I will NEVER “submit & surrender” (definition of the word ‘muslim’) to your hell. I will lead and fight you against the cult ideology cancer called ISLAM!

          • reem

            As a Muslim and an Arab let tell you the REAL definition of Islam

            Islam means :

            1) Surrender = you surrender your will to the well of almighty god

            2) Submission = you submit to his Commandments

            3)Obedience = you obey them(Commandments) to the best of your ability

            4)Sincerity =you do it in sincerity.( now think,if i have to be sincere to do Islam, then Islam can not be spread by any kind of force: sword or AK47,it will not work .you can spread ideologist,Civilizations,you can spread all kinds of concepts,but you can never spread Islam.

            QURAN 2:256 {There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion. The right course has become clear from the wrong. So whoever disbelieves in Taghut and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold with no break in it. And Allah is Hearing and Knowing.}

            5)peace = you have to be in peace with Allah

          • rosech

            you don’t have the intelligence to distinguish, only mouth and repeat what you have been brainwashed to do due to a lack of brain power. Did you also have to marry your first cousin? Geez, I feel for your diseases and your children’s genes

          • TeamInfidel

            You are correct. I guess we can only hope that more and more muslims are becoming disillusioned with freakin ISLAM. We can only hope that they find out that the mechanistic ritual of praying 5Xs per day, reciting verses that they do not understand (and indeed mean nothing), getting up at taxing hours of the morning and abstaining from food and water until the sunset are not means to becoming more spiritual, but are instruments to control their mind.

            These enlightened muslims like Reem no more heed to the fear mongering verses of their koran that threaten to burn them and roast them in the “fires of hell” (per the koran) if they dare to think and question the validity of that book.

            We can only hope that muslims like Reem find ISLAM inconsistent with science, logics, human rights, women’s rights and ethics.

            Until then, NEVER EVER trust these people!! Islam has declared WAR on us long before we even cared…now we SHOULD!

          • reem

            Thank you for asking me about my religion

            You know Islam is based on truth if I lie I can go to hell .

            Islam is having its resources preserved from 1400 years; the
            Quran, the Sunna and the Arabic Language it is clear! And it is available for
            anyone who wants to read it. if you know Arabic,or get Arabic translator to help
            you to know what the meaning is.

            If you read something in my answers sound better than what
            you have would you be ready to reconsider and move to whats better for you?

            Islam is teaching us
            about a balance between rights and limits,and peace and war there can not be
            unconditional war nor can there be unconditional peace in logical thinking
            .there must be a way that we can live together in peace I will not cross your
            lines ,but you also will not cross mine. I will respect you, your religion and
            your ideals, and you will respect mine.

          • TeamInfidel

            Oh please!! Your cult ideology called ISLAM has been a 1400 year cancer than sprang out of the Arabian peninsula to lay waste to civilizations and has brought nothing but tyranny, death, and a 7th century mindset to all that Islam has “touched”.

            As for “crossing”, your cancer called Islam crossed that line 100s of years ago.

            Got Islam?

          • savetheusa2

            I believe there are 4 different kinds of Islamic philisophies. And then look at the Sunni and the Shites. They don’t seem to see eye to eye. Islam took from my Holy Bible and came up with some whoppers. Remember Noah? Well, your prophet decided that his wife decided not to get in the ark and to drown with the rest. You people re-wrote parts of the Bible. We didn’t change the Bible. And you put Miriam, Moses’s sister in the wrong part of history. Satan came to your prophet and that is why he was so scared! Or else, your prophet just made things up as he went along. He had met Jews and Christians in his professionm caught a few Bible stories and rewrote them the wrong way. The Holy Bible came way before the Qu’ran. Jesis NEVER harmed the hair on anyone’s head. Muhammad beheaded at least 700 Jewish neighbors and then took their widows for wives. Pretty much tells you why they had to have more than one wife. It is because they made they WIDOWS!

          • TeamInfidel

            Gotta love how muslims parade out verse 2:256 which is later abrugated by dozens of verses in which mohammad calls out to you muzzies to FIGHT and KILL us infidels!

            Nice try – – heard this pig’s crap before and you know as well as I do that mohammad’s final words trumps all for you muzzies. His final words in the koran are indeed WHY muslims today fight and KILL and are the worlds’ cancer!

          • el

            And what are his final words genius? Hmmm

          • TeamInfidel

            As a Muslim and an Arab let tell you the REAL definition of Islam

            Islam means :

            1) Surrender = you surrender your will to the well of almighty god
            OR YOU WILL DIE!!

            2) Submission = you submit to his Commandments
            WE WILL MAKE YOU…OR ELSE!!

            3)Obedience = you obey them(Commandments) to the best of your ability

            You muslims make it too easy for me! LOL

          • savetheusa2

            Baloney, you can’t spread Islam by force! Why did the French have to stop the Muslims who were trying to take the entire Christian nations? I know you try to convert convicts who are violent in prison. They fit real well with jihadi. They like the idea they could have women and treat them like dogs. Women are 1/2 of what a man is worth in a court of law. Two women = one man. Men can divorce, but women have to get permission. Women are treated like property. When a woman needs permission from her husband to talk to an unrelated man, she is his property. As a Christian, I will not be excuted if I leave my faith. While, you, if you want to, will be marked for death. You can take your Sharia Law and shove it. I know that you are waiting for the Gand Multi and we infidels will be attacked when he shows up. Leave our form of government alone. Sharia Law doesn’t allow people freedom of speech.

          • reem

            I hope this help you understand more about women in Islam


            PLEASE WATCH IT

          • savetheusa2

            Dearest Reem, I have watched it and don’t think much of those who change to Islam. I wanted to hear the jurisprudence of how woman are treated. I want you to watch my video now:


            PLEASE WATCH IT!
            God bless you!

          • reem

            Thanks for asking me about my religion.

            Islam commands justice and kindness towards women.

            (And live with them in kindness. For if you dislike them – perhaps you dislike a thing and Allah makes there in much good). Verse (4:19)

            i watched the video, and i just want to tell you that as a Muslim
            i do believe in Jesus Christ(peace be upon him) as one of the mightiest messenger of god ,and that he was born miraculously. i believe that he gave life to the dead by God’s permission,and he heal those who were born blind and the leper by God’s permission.i believe in Jesus(peace be upon him) and i also love him .

            (And [mention] when the angels said, “O Mary, indeed Allah has chosen you and purified you and chosen you above the women of the worlds){3:42}

            (And Zechariah and John and Jesus and Elias – and all were of the righteous.){6:85}
            to know more about Jesus in Islam please watch

          • rosech

            you definitely have the genes and intelligence of your cult’s forced marriage to only first cousins which so much inbreeding brings down the IQ and hence you cannot reason nor understand the history of this miserable murdering cult. You are part of the problem and none of the solution. That is obvious. Muslims even kill themselves, so watch out for yourself, if you can fathom what is said here.

        • el

          Submit and surrender to god what ever you thought it meant was wrong

          • TeamInfidel

            You are soooooo wrong!

            The root word for Islam is “al-Silm,” which means peace through “submission” or “surrender.” There is no ontroversy about this among Islamic scholars.

            Submission nd peace can be very different concepts, even if a form of peace is often rought about through FORCING others into “surrender & submission”.

            In truth, the Koran not only calls Muslims to SUBMMIT & SURRENDER to their
            Allah, it also commands them to SUBDUE people of other religions until they are
            in a full state of submission & surrender to Islamic rule. This has inspired the aggressive history of Islam and its success in conquering other cultures for nearly 1,400 years!

  • Sierra6

    Very well said, Victoria. If only more Americans would look at the facts and not just take what the media feeds them as gospel then things would be different…

  • TeamInfidel

    You know very well that when MUSLIMS have to keep reminding us (again and again) that their ISLAM is “about peace”, there must be a problem. They are partially correct in saying this, but fail to tell you about the CONDITIONS that go with THEIR definition of “peace”.

    The fact is that their Islam means “peace” IF (huge “IF” here) when one (a muslim) “submits and surrenders” to their (sharia) way of life and to their moon-god-allah.

    Now…here is WHY there is Islamic hell on earth to this very day…If you don’t “submit and surrender”, there is NO PEACE…never has, is, and will be…and hence the holy hell ISLAM continues to bring to our earth.

    Got ISLAM??

  • Canadian Patriot

    The age of the old testament is 5th century or 500 BC, New testament is around 100 AD and the Koran is about 630 AD. So, the old testament is 2500 years old, New testament is 1900 years old and the koran is 1400 years old.

    • Silverbird09

      And the Rigveda was composed between 1700–1100 BCE. Age of religion is not a valid argument.

  • Jonathan

    I work at a church because I believe in what they do. My father, grandfather and grandmother were preachers. Most christians are good people. but there are those who do nothing but spread hatred. And remember that counts as your actions to God. Trust me it was called christians that made me not believe anymore. Just a little perspective is all I ask. Remember in the last 13 years it was the BAD Muslims who killed 3600 americans. And it was us righteous christian Americans who have killed over 100,000 muslim citizens…. not because they were bad….but because we want there oil to continue our glutinous lifestyle.
    I wonder if god will bring that up when we stand before him?

    • TeamInfidel

      Islam is associated with Islamic terrorism because that is the association that the terrorists
      themselves CHOOSE to make. You know, when these animals recite koranic verses and then yell out “allahu akbar” before they KILL. After all, those that fight and die for ISLAM are considered the “best” muslims per their terrorist self proclaimed prophet and per their koran!

      Muslims and their appeasing friends who compare crime committed by people who happen to be nominal members of other religions to religious terror committed EXPILICITLY in the name of Islam are comparing apples to oranges.

      • Jonathan

        Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. God said Thou shalt not kill. Not thou shalt not kill just your own kind. This has nothing to do with Muslims. This has everything to do with oil. And yes Christians have and are responsible for many deaths. Especially if someone has what they want. That’s a fact. Indians, blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims. Whom would care less about us if we hadn’t started it. What would Americans do if another country flying drones and sending troops onto our soil we’d fight. The only way you can justify some of our actions is to believe we’re Christians they are Muslims….we are right and they are wrong. So that’s why it’s OK to kill Muslims in their own country. Not to bring them to Christianity BUT to take their resources. This is what it looks like when you take a moment to take off the self-righteous glasses and look at our actions for nothing more than actions. Remember God said he would judge us by our actions not our intentions.

        • TeamInfidel

          #1, we don’t TAKE their freakin’ oil, we PAY for it…well over $100 a barrel thank you very much! If you want to see what we pay, check out your local commodity page in the newspaper. It is called reading, you should try it!

          #2, I would rather fight this islamic cancer THERE instead of dealing with this madness HERE. If your enemy is reaching for their gun to KILL you, you shouldn’t have to wait for them to shoot, you go and kill these POSs.

          #3 When you point out better than the 100 verses in their koran which call for the murder of Christians and Jews, etc., or point out that “true” muslims are killing people in the name of Allah, the instant response from muslim appeasers like you is, “Christianity has violent passages too, and people have killed other people in the name of Christianity too.”

          All I have to say is: And? If people are using their religion (as does ISLAM) as a reason to kill innocent people, guess what??: they are wrong too. You can’t excuse one evil by pointing to something that took place almost a 1,000 years ago.

          However, when you point out that muslims are killing TODAY and waging jihad as directed and commanded in their koran, what we get from you is a nice muslim two-step.

          Besides that, there are no Christian nations right now that are responsible for
          killing 3000 Americans, 200 Spaniards or the 50 people in London. It is the islamic nations and the islamic organizations that are causing the world’s cancer…TODAY!

          Taking their oil?? Gee, if that were the case, gas would be 5 cents a gallon!

  • Robert12Disqus

    crusades round 2 is coming up pretty quickly…

    • TeamInfidel

      Can’t happen soon enough…remember, the first Crusades were a response to MUSLIM robbery, rape and MURDER. If you listen to MUSLIM leftists today, one would believe that Muslims were just peacefully minding their own business in lands that were legitimately Muslim, when Christian armies decided to wage holy war and kill “millions.”

      The Truth: Every part of this leftist myth is a lie. Even by the rules that Muslims claim for themselves, the Crusades were perfectly justified, and the excesses (though beneath Christian standards) pale in comparison with the historic treatment of conquered populations at the hands of Muslims for the last 1,400 years.

      The Crusaders only invaded lands that were formerally Christian. They never attacked Saudi Arabia or sacked Mecca as the Muslims had done (and continued doing) to Italy and Constantinople.

      The period of Crusader “occupation” (of its own former land) was stretched over less than two centuries. The Muslim occupation is in its 1,378th year.

  • TeamInfidel

    Keep in mind that the MUSLIM terrorists haven’t corrupted their religion, Islam has corrupted them!!

    The religion of “surrender and submission” (arabic definition of th word ‘muslim’) cannot survive an open and honest discussion of its convoluted and foolish scriptures, its sexually perverted pedophile terrorist prophet, or its deceitful and demented god, allah.

    When Western leaders become unified and resolute in their hostility to Islam’s violent and ungodly beginnings, Muslims will flee the religion because they will be horrified by its endorsement of terrorism, mass murder, slave trading, plunder, kidnapping, and rape.

  • Dianna Zerbe

    Evil Evil Evil! We will all stand before Almighty God one day!
    We just have to keep loving JESUS and let Him lead and guide
    our thoughts and movements! Praise be to Almighty God!

    • TeamInfidel

      As Christ was on the cross dying, he asked for forgiveness for those that crucified Him.

      When mohammad was dying, this pedophile terrorist instructed his follwers to fight and KILL all non believers for the cult ideology he founded called ISLAM.

      Nearly 1,400 years later, these MUSLIMS have really honored their self proclaimed prophet’s wishes!

      • el

        Ok where did u. Get ur info from? Hmm?

  • strawdog

    Smart, funny, good-looking, and you get it—I love you Victoria!

  • Azimi

    This article is so biased, just like you said Anders Behring Breivik is not christian because he does not even “relationship” with jesus.

    Same could be said for muslims too. Last time I checked, Islam condemns terrorism and such acts are un-Islamic

    • TeamInfidel

      What pig’s crap! Your quran contains at least 109 verses that call on “good” Muslims to wage war with nonbelievers and yes, those “not-muslim-enough”.

      Some of your quran’s texts are VERY graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill us infidels wherever they may be hiding. You muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and are warned that Allah will send you to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.

  • Serkan Eckstein

    she sucks ..
    Islam is peacefull <3

  • truthsoldier87

    Well Victoria Jackson, your kool-aid drinking friend is right. Both Christians and Muslims are just as credulous, but every religion has their wacky extremists. Let me let you in on a little secret, all murder is wrong — no matter what you believe in, I don’t care. Your biased facts are shrouded in prejudice and hypocrisy, with the up most laziest research I’ve ever seen. Take courses in Philosophy, Religion, and Journalism then create an unbiased discussion. What does it matter what religion you have when you support murder? Having some religion you were raised on doesn’t make you a good person, your actions do. People change their beliefs all the time for their own personal reasons, mainly to create some inner-peace, and everyone and anyone has a right to believe in whatever they want. Beliefs are not real, not fact, nor truth, they’re taught. Just like anything else we learn in this world. I’ve met dozens of Satanists and they are nothing but kind to everyone. The Saudi Arabian college students who lived in my dorms were the most polite people I’ve ever met. So that must mean it’s all in how you express your said belief. If you’re a self-righteous chauvinistic fear-mongering pious nut job, it will show. America demonizes and dehumanizes whoever they please, so you are obedient to the US government and abide to their morally ambiguous decisions, justifying war and murder in the name of Christianity. Religion is the root of all evil, all everyone does is bicker and rip each other apart, and the irony is they’re probably worshiping the same God. No stats on Christian murdering people? Really? The Klu Klux Klan? Does that ring a bell? The Army of God cult; anti-abortion terrorists, attacking abortion clinics and murdering doctors, across the united states. Hutaree was a Christian based militia/patriot Movement was heavily watched by the FBI. And there’s plenty more but I digress. Wake up! We don’t need religion! Believe in whatever you like, just drop the dogma! Open your mind, accept others, listen to the earth, observe the cosmos, and see that we are all one.

  • MoonBeamWatcher

    My fondest hope was that Al Jazeera would provide enough angst to cause the LameStream media to reHIRE the Journalists they fired to make room for the BEAN COUNTERS!

  • MoonBeamWatcher

    Ahhhhh, for the reBIRTH of a Will Rogers!
    We need another or even a Pete Seegar to breath some reality
    into the country! We will recover from Obama – those who voted
    for him a second time . . . I have my doubts! Who could sit and wait
    for HELP and stare at a parking lot full of YELLOW School Buses?
    All the Helpers had taken care of their families! A MT south bound lane
    with bumper to bumper NOT MOVING traffic heading NORTH with NO
    POWER to pump gas at the gas stations . . . some kind of Dumb and Dumber!
    Thanks to the Goberment Plantations the traditional American “Can-do”
    self sufficiant attitude has shrivilled up and died!

  • Elizabeth Dales

    Did you know that 94% of this years terrorist attacks in the US were NOT done by Muslims? Did you know that Christians have done more terrorist attacks than Muslims? Also did you know not to eat everything that the media feeds you? The reason you know so many Muslim attacks and so few Christian attacks is because the media doesn’t want you to know. Research your information first before blogging otherwise you look like an idiot.

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