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Kol Ish sings National Anthem


Kol Ish is a Jewish a cappella group of singers I just discovered through Lou Ann Zelenik. Enjoy our National Anthem.

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  • jazztrpt1

    Very, Very good. Nice, flowing, great use of alternate chords…..and IN TUNE!!! Nice contrast to my other favorite group, the Cactus Cuties (and I don’t care for but a handful of vocalists)

  • Kenai


  • Domino

    I thank the dear Lord for our many blessings in this country and I solemnly pray for mine & our future. Please God, enlighten those who have been lost so they might find you & have you bless this nation again.

  • Val

    Thank you, that was just wonderful, such feeling were in their voices. Brought tears to these old eyes.

  • Zoomie72

    Well done, gentlemen.

  • mymanz2

    really nice