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4 Blacks Torture, Kill White Couple

At the risk of being sucked into Obama’s vortex of Saul-Alinsky-Rules-for-Radicals-goal-of-stirring-up-racial-conflict-and-class-warfare, (“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon, The (white) police acted stupidly”), I must point out what the Mainstream Media won’t – Blacks kill Whites, a lot, and over 70 Blacks were shot by Blacks over the 4th of July weekend in Chicago. Did they look like Obama’s sons?

Why wasn’t this Knoxville story, “4 blacks kill white couple” on the TV network news for months? How does the media decide which murders to sensationalize?

James Patrick Riley says, “… If there is any racism in the system, it is skewed so far in the favor of blacks, that, frankly, it should be an embarrassment for those in the “race industry.” FBI crime stats show that when there is a black/white incidence of violence, in 88 to 91% of the cases, the victim is white. Just last week, in St. Louis three black men were arrested on a “kill whitey” crime spree. Was Rachel Maddow wringing her hands over that? No. As to the case in question, I’d have to look, but I would defend anyone who was forced to defend themselves — even a gung ho neighborhood watch guy who was getting his head slammed on the cement.”

Here’s one of the racially motivated “hate crimes” the Mainstream Media refuses to report, let alone turn into a 6 month story;

“Channon Gail Christian, 21, and Hugh Christopher Newsom, Jr., 23, were a couple from Knoxville, Tennessee. They were raped, tortured, and murdered after being kidnapped early on the morning of January 7, 2007. Christian’s vehicle had been carjacked. Five suspects were arrested and charged in the case. The grand jury indicted four of the suspects on counts of capital murder, robbery, kidnapping, rape, and theft, while a fifth was indicted at the federal level. Of the four charged at the state level, three (Letalvis D. Cobbins, Lemaricus Davidson, and George Thomas) had multiple prior felony convictions. After a jury trial, Lemaricus Davidson was sentenced to death by lethal injection and Letalvis Cobbins and George Thomas were sentenced to life in prison, Cobbins without the possibility of parole and Thomas with the possibility. Vanessa Coleman has been convicted of facilitating the crimes and sentenced to 53 years in prison, and Eric Dewayne Boyd has been convicted of federal charges as accessory after the fact to carjacking and sentenced to 18 years in prison…”

“Christian and Newsom were leaving an apartment together to go to a friend’s party when they were abducted from the apartment complex parking lot. Christian’s parents found her abandoned Toyota 4-Runner two blocks away from the Chipman Street house the following Monday with the help of her mobile phone provider. An envelope recovered from the vehicle yielded fingerprint evidence that led police to Lemaricus Davidson and 2316 Chipman Street. When police went to the address on Tuesday, January 9, they found the house unoccupied and Christian’s body in a bin in the kitchen.

According to the testimony of the Knox County Acting Medical Examiner Dr. Darinka Mileusnic-Polchan at the subsequent trial of Eric Boyd, Newsom was repeatedly sodomized with an object and then blindfolded, gagged, arms and feet bound and his head covered. Barefoot, he was dragged outside the house to a set of nearby railroad tracks. He was sexually mutilated, shot in the back of his head, neck and back and his body was then set on fire.

According to the testimony of the medical examiner, Channon’s death came after hours of torture, having suffered injuries to her vagina, anus and mouth. She was raped with an unidentified object and beaten in the head. It was also reported that her body was scrubbed with bleach which was also poured down her throat, in an attempt by her attackers to remove DNA evidence, while Channon was still alive. She was then bound with curtains and strips of bedding, her face covered with a bin liner and her body stashed within five large bin bags, before being placed inside a residential waste disposal unit and covered with sheets. The medical examiner said there was evidence that Channon slowly suffocated to death. (Wikipedia)

“Five Cases of Black on White Crime People Want on National TV.” Story here.

There were no cars overturned, no spray-painted police cars, no crashed-in store windows, no fires, and no angry mobs when these white people were killed by black people.

(Channon Christian and Hugh Newsom)

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  • Well Done

    Well, Victoria is several orders of magnitude more insightful than most people in showbiz.
    Comes down to having respect for others and understanding there there really is only ONE true story.
    Make up stuff all you want, it’s only entertainment. Maybe that’s where showbiz folks lose the plot.
    I’m sure it helps if your fantasies make you a lot of money.

    • kyslim

      Are you saying this story is a lie?

    • kelly

      This is not a made up story it really did happen.

      • NoName

        It is true. My family lives in Knoxville. I live in Alabama. I should post for you all the crazy crimes against whites in my area. All of them committed by black males in their 20’s and younger. It is sad. But very true.

  • VeeDub57

    It is no secret there are very distinct differences in the way children learn. The minority community is devoid of anything but hatred for the white community (because they’ve been taught we are to blame for their parents being sorry scum) and they are covetous of what the white community gets by hard work (believing everything is owed to them).
    But at this point I must completely agree with Dr. Martin Luther King. We SHOULD judge his people by the content of their character. Unfortunately the character of most (certainly not all) of them, leaves much to be desired.

    • Wingernut

      You are so wrong its stunning. You dont speak for the minority populations. You dont know how they are raised. According to your logic the Jews, 2% of our pop.hate whites and want freebies. Think again please

      • VeeDub57

        You assume, conclude and insert your own thoughts into what I wrote. So your assumption of my “logic” is totally illogical!
        If one’s example of how to behave is to party till 4 in the morning, catch some sleep, wait on the welfare check, food stamps and all the other freebies to come in, then go out and rob, steal, or beat, then yes they are learning from scum! Again, refer back to my “CERTAINLY NOT ALL” comment. There is scum of every color in our society.

        • ash

          you old ass paula deen lover. i do not appreciate your stereotypes but youre old as hell so it really doesnt matter. i wish the world was devoid of racists like you. fyi im a black female, who is college educated with a MASTERS DEGREE in computer science and im almost making 6 figures and im not 30 yet. suck on that, racist! I also went to school with one of the white victims in this story and we were friends. get over yourself.

          • Heidi

            For someone with a master’s degree, you certainly don’t articulate yourself very well…

          • VeeDub57

            Wow! A master’s degree, yet your spelling and sentence structure are that of a 3rd grader? I guess your degree was handed to you because you showed up.

            Oh wait are you Rachel Jeantel’s mother? That would explain a lot!

            How old am I? Are you naïve enough to think my icon represents my age?

            What is my race? Are you stereotyping because of your hatred and bigotry?

            I don’t give a rat’s arse if you don’t like my “stereotypes”.

            BUT I would like to thank you, as your hateful, bigoted words towards me and about Paula Deen, PROVE what I wrote, and that YOU, and your ilk, are the racists!

            Facts can never be anything other than a fact, Facts can never be racist, as they are what they are, based on evidence.

            Keep up the good work, as your tax dollars (assuming you really have a job) are helping your people get more “free” stuff. And I typed this very, very slowly to help you understand it. Here a link to help you with the big words.

      • VeeDub57

        So would it be racist to state that black kids are too stupid to keep up with white kids and that they should be educated to lower standards?

        Because THAT is EXACTLY what has had to happen with the no child left behind act. AL is one of 33 states that have to make it easier for black kids to get a degree.

        Instead of demanding they do the same work for the same grades, they are given a pass… which is what they get and demand their whole lives.
        Welcome to the real world!

    • Brian Holland

      That was very well put.. I don’t think I could’ve said it better.

    • Duane

      IMO you need to ‘get out’ in to the ‘real world’ and meet some people … of all ‘colors’. At this point, I’d say the ‘distinct difference’ in the way your have learned has left you with a very sorry view of real world indeed.
      Bless You – and I hope you find the help you need.

      • VeeDub57

        Just so you know, the “real world” is not to be found on the internet, watching TV, or going to the theatre. I am a retired Combat Veteran who has traveled the world and met all types of wonderful people.

        I’m also a retired cop who met the scourge of our society. I know who and what I arrested. I know who and what committed “most” of the crimes. I know who and what committed “most” of the violent crimes. And I know much better than you that around 90% of ALL violent racial crime is committed against whites by non-whites.

        No stereotypes, no personal opinion, but rather FACTS found in the REAL “real world”. If by “help” you mean liberal indoctrination and blinders, you can keep it!

        No group of people, anywhere in the world I traveled, were as violent and demanding of society as the blacks in America. Unless of course you want to count the terrorists I killed in the Middle East. Oh wait, they’re all related aren’t they?

    • nobodycares

      “for their parents being scum” is definitely a racist statement at the least. Atleast OJ got off :)

      • VeeDub57

        OJ got off in the criminal protection (formerly known as justice) system.
        He got hammered in the Civil system.

  • mperkins2

    This is about the same point I was making earlier on another site. Blacks want to riot, loot, and destroy property of others when they think they have been wronged but say nothing when something like this is done to whites by blacks. If they really cared about their black bothers and sisters they would be promoting dignity, respect, and the importance of a good education instead of telling them it’s “whiteys” fault they are where they are today. They need to get away from listening to the Democratic Party who is the true cause of them living in poverty with a meager monthly check just to buy their votes. As long as they continue to accept this “free” check they do not deserve nor earn, they will always remain in the state they are in. Every man, woman or child regardless of race can improve themselves and become what they want to. If they would speak out against such atrocities instead of pretending it is all right or say nothing at all we could begin a healing process in this racial divide. But as long as those like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and the Black Panthers keep stirring up hateful feelings we will never become better than we are.

    • Melinda Massey

      Your words are simply perfect! I totally agree with everything you stated.

      • mperkins2

        Thank you for the kind words.

    • DublinIreland

      I presented the Zimmerman case as a reverse color scenario to a black woman friend of mine who is vicious about the acquittal of Zimmerman, and asked what she would think if a black defendant had been acquitted. She has ignored me and refused to give any answer to that question.

      • Brian Holland

        The funny thing is… I had the exact thing happen to me today while talking with a black friend of mine. seems to me that whitey is at fault for everything bad that happens to blacks. before anyone attacks me… I do believe there are low class slum diggers in every race, creed, and color. I also believe that ignorance and stupidity are color blind. With that said… when is the DOJ going to open a federal investigation into the case where a 13 month old baby boy(white was shot in the face by two teenage black kids.(14 and 17). who’s going to protect his “civil rights”.? oh wait, White people aren’t allowed an advocacy group, because that would be racist. but the NAACP and LULAC are allowed to exist and that’s not racist. C’mon ppl, time to wake up and either live together in harmony and peace… or… segregate completely and live and let live.

        • Hard Boiled

          true, sad but true.


          seems to me we are already segregated by ignorance of people who just want to put blame on the color of skin.. and it is so sad.

          • deshawn

            put the blame where it belongs

        • Bill Gordon

          It all show plain stupid IGNORANCE.

          • Thomas Harris

            There’s an agenda here, with all of this.

          • Andy Jordan

            A point very few people seem to notice – this subjective sensationalism has Alinsky’s fingerprints all over it….divided we fall.

          • Michael K Jackson

            agenda? yeah,I want a safe way for black kids to grow up,where it IS a crime to stalk and murder them.Our kids just want to grow up.TOO much to ask?

          • Scott Dunbar

            It is when they want to act like little punks,and blame all their problems on the color of skin. What do you think, only black people get shot?! If Trayvon was white, do you think this would have been more than a footnote in the news?!

          • Gary Ruth Saxon

            After being robbed twice at gun point and beat up by four blacks, my son now legally carries a 357 and I carry when not at home. I wish I could get some of perks the blacks get.

          • Tracy Miller

            What perks? Are you serious. Google the name John McNeil, Cobb County, GA. You don’t want that perk.

          • hopeless

            Unlike you Tracy, I actually HAVE done some in-depth research on this case (McNEIL v. The STATE.No. S08A122)1. There are facts about the case that the ‘race baiting media’ don’t want people like you to know (and by people like you I am not making a racial statement, there are people of ALL races who allow themselves to be brainwashed by the race baiting media). The race baiting media apparently has worked its magic on you. McNeil was found guilty of aggravated assault and felony murder in connection with the shooting death of Brian Epp. It was proven, beyond a reasonable doubt that McNeil drove home that day with the intent to “whip Epps ass” which is what he told the 911 dispatcher, as he was driving home. McNeil claimed self defense as the reason for the shooting and while witness testimony supports that when Epp was killed he WAS approaching McNeil, the comments made over the phone and to the 911 dispatcher showed that McNeil intended to do harm to Epp out of anger or retribution. It was not proven his use of a gun was to ‘protect his son’ because his son was already safe, inside the house and out of harms way. McNeil also lied to the responding officer and said he shot Epp because Epp had pulled a knife on him. A knife WAS found in the pocket of Epp, but it was still folded. proving that at the moment Epp was murdered, McNeils claim that Epp held his knife in his hand could NOT be true. The courts determined that deadly force was not justified in the shooting.

            McNeils claim of self defense was thrown out because it was determined that McNeil COULD have avoided confrontation with Epp. Since He had already called the police, the proper action would have been to wait for police to arrive. Instead, McNeil parked his car, opened his glove box, took his gun from its case, loaded it with rounds and got out of the car and the two men began arguing across the yard.

            and while I’m on the subject, since you like to drop names, I’m going to drop some names for you to google;

            ···Tevin Geike, stabbed by pack of racist black men for being ‘white boys” 10/5/13

            ···Joshua Heath Chellew, 36, of Mableton, killed after being picked randomly by three blacks who sneek attacked him, beat him and pushed him into traffic, where he was struck by a vehicle and died

            ······Vincent and James, neighbors beaten, kicked in the head with intent to do great bodily harm by Cortez Hawkins, Juan Hawkins and Donrico Hawkins at a gas station.

            ···Timothy Edwards, Carroll Oakes, Vernon Leggett, Haywood Whichard, Jr., all shot in North Carolina by Lakim Faust because they were white.

            ···Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom, tortured, raped, burned alive, stuffed into a trash can be a group of black people

            ···Delbert Belton!! 89 veteran killed by two black teens

            ···’Ken’ man from Astoria random racially motivated beating on a city bus

            ···Robert Pierson, , 17 shot and later died by Quinzell McCall who had traveled from North Philly into the art museum neighborhood with the intent of ‘robbing and beating white people’ , according to testimony from some of Mcalls accomplices. McAll was acquitted on the murder charge and was only hit with ‘weapons’ charges.

            Tyler Hinkle, 19, of Pensacola was fatally stabbed by black male suspect who fled the scene.

            ···White teenage female gas station clerk punched in the face by black man because he was 41 cents short when he tried to buy . . . wait for it . . . .

            a swisher.

            ···store clerks sucker punched by Matt Wayne Sweeney

            ···Michael Rutledge, 35 robbed and killed by three black thugs.

            ···Lewis Crocker, white homeless man beaten viciously by two black teen females, while a black adult egged them on and recorded video of the ‘event’.

            ···White couple in Calgary savagely and mercilessly beaten by 10 ‘urban youths’. fight was broken up by UFC fighter.

            ···Safeway manager punched in the face for no reason by black man in San Leandro

            ···Mia Katherine Zapata, singer, beaten raped and murdered in front of her home in Seattle by black criminal.

            ···several people, mostly whites and hispanics attacked and beaten by black frenzied mob in Dallas following a game.

            ···Evelyn Wagler, burned alive by group of black teens in 1973 for walking on a public sidewalk while white.

            ···Darrel Johnson, 69, murdered after being pushed down, kicked and stomped in the head by Andrew Brown. It was reported the motive was robbery, but nothing was taken from Johnson. A relative of the accused Andrew Brown complained about the length of the 30 year sentence, stating that Johnson wasn;t going to live that much longer anyway.

            ···James Wilbur Lybrand III, 20, shot point blank in the head because he was white and walking down the street.

            ···Troy Knapp, stomped and beaten into a coma, (dying 10 years later) while he was riding his bike on a public road.

            ···Jerry Newingham, stomped and beaten to death by a gang of 9 black teens for riding his bike down the street.

            ···Kevin S. Wilson, also attacked by the same teens, 71 minutes later, in a park. Wilson survived the beating, where teens were jumping in the air and landing both feet impacts to his head, while he lay there, motionless.

            ···Wendy Fisher, murdered by gunshot to the chest by Trayon Washington, because she yelled at him to from her house, for Washington to slow down, as he sped through her neighborhood in his car. She was shot dead, in front of her daughter.

            ···Julien Soler and his girlfriend Kennia Durran, shot and killed after being robbed. The criminal/murderer, 16-year-old Eric Ellington said he shot them because they didn’t act ‘scared enough’.

            ······Joyce Russell, attacked in front of her home by six black males calling her “white bitch”

            ···Joshua Farmer, victim of the ‘knoukout game’ punched and died of hematoma by Brenton Hills (Hills only got a two year sentence).

            ···Jason Rivenburgh, white trucker robbed and shot in the head ‘execution style’ by three black criminals.

            ···Ryan P. McCal, robbed and shot to death because he didn’t have ‘enough’ cash to give the (still at large) black criminal/murderer.

            ···Jeremy Moore, shot and killed in Oklahoma for $ 42.00 in Pizza, wings and soda shot and killed by Zonta West.

            ···Thomas Cunningham Murdered in front of his young daughter when his dog “dissed” a black thug by sniffing him.

            ···Chris Kernich, Beaten to death after he “dissed” some black thugs by yelling “Watch where you are going” after almost being run down by their car..

            ···Darrel Johnson Beaten to death for “dissing” 3 black thugs by walking with a cane near his home.

            ···James Wilbur Lybrand III Shot in the head for”dissing” black thugs by walking on a public street.

            ···Troy Knapp Beaten to death for dissing a black mob by riding his bicycle on a public street

            ···Jerry Newington Brutally stomped to death by black mob for dissing them with his presence on a public street

            ··· Wendy Fisher. Gunned down by a black thug in front of her home for “disrespecting him by yelling at his speeding car to slow down after it nearly ran over her dog

            ···Kennia Durran and Julian Soler, both murdered in cold blood despite being helpless and cooperating with their attackers. Male victim “dissed” black thug because he “didnt seem scared enough” so they were gunned down.

            ··· Andrew Arosemena Shot in the head and murdered for dissing a car full of blacks blocking the exit of a parking garage by telling them to “Hurry up”

            ··· Carl Berry Beaten to death for dissing a group of 6 black thugs with the wrong kind of eye contact.

            ···Gordon Rees Jr. Gunned down on the street for dissing blacks in a car driving recklessly by yelling for them to slow down

            ···Carl Berry, 44, was attacked by Michac Jones, now 17, and another youth last May outside a Louisville store.

            ···Gordon Rees Jr, shot and killed by speeding motorist after the motorist ‘clipped’ Rees’s leg, Rees yelled for the driver, Markus Solomon to slow down.

            ···Thomas Cunningham, shot and killed in front of his daughter , Chelsie Ann because his dog sniffed a black mans leg.

            ······Christopher Simpson 7-15-13 beaten by black mob “for Trayvon”

            ···Jeffrey Babbit (deceased victim of random beating in Union Square)

            ···Mark LaVelle, and his wife terrorized by mob of black teens. He was beaten with a pipe and numerous fists and threatened, the following day by the arrested youths mother because she was outraged that Lavelle had “gotten her kid locked up”.

            ···Ginger Slepski 8-28-13 beaten by black girl mob

            ···Autumn Pasquale, 12, killed by two black teens, for her bike. The two boys stuffed her body into a trash can

            ···Troy Wolff, professor in Seattle stabbed to death randomly by black man for no reason

            ···Jason McClay, Rite Aid manager shot to death by black man and his girlfriend

            ···Christina Edkins, stabbed to death on a bus by a black man, unprovoked.

            ···Heather Frink, Waitress at Red Lobster, racially attacked and beaten viciously by three black women.

            ···Two unidentified white men and one white woman were savagely beaten, in April 2012 (justice for Trayvon/hurt whitey season) outside the Windsor Inn in Baltimore, punched, head kicked/stomped and robbed by group of 10 or more black youths, who laughed and cheered the suspects on. While the victims lay unconscious the suspects removed items from their pockets, while others laughed.

            ···Unidentified man in Gainsville who was stomped and kicked by a ‘Trayvon pack’ after he tried to retrieve his girlfriends purse which had been taken by another black criminal.

            ···Trisha Babcock, shot in the chest and killed by a 12 year old black boy.

            ···Unidentified white teen beaten by two black teens on a St. Luis school bus in 2009 while other teens cheered them on and laughed riotously when the childs nose was broken and blood began to pour out.

            ···Brian Kennedy, Larry Schuff, John Lloyd, all killed for fun by Myron Farley

            ···Jenna Caiazzo, robbed by two black teens

            ···Joyce Roth, stabbed to death by DaJuan Porter because she was a witness to him in a sexual assault case.

            ···Andrea Kruger , shot at an intersection by Nikko Jenkins and his accomplice (his uncle) Warren Levering

            ···Joshua McLean, gunned down by two black males in a robbery

            ···Gary Colley, killed. his girlfriend Margaret Jagger, injured in robbery by two black men

            ···Sheena Marie Good, death by blunt force trauma, killed by black assailant

            ···Marley Lion, shot dead in a parking lot by four black assailants.

            ···Taylor Walker, raped by Tyrone Batts in a parking garage.

            ···Lawrence Howse, followed, robbed and executed by two black males.

            ···Michael Stinnett, Navy Veteran beaten by three black men who drove by in a car.

            ···Richard Daughenbaugh, beaten to death by a ‘pack’ of black men in parking lot.

            ···Jimmy McMillan, grocery store owner killed by black robber Corey Graham Jr.

            ···Denver man attacked by two black women and one black man even beating him as he lay injured and unconcious on the ground.

            ···Taylor Hotzoglou, shot several times, died after offering a ride to Giovanne Treymane Johnson and Rakeem Rashan Jones, who robbed him and killed him.

            ···Jonathan Foster, 12 killed and burned, his body dumped in a trash receptacle.

            ···Amelia Rudolf, 93, attacked by a 17 year old thug, raped, strangled and beaten in her own home.

            ···Jason Taylor Paul, stabbed by Mychal King because Mychal ‘had a bad day’ Paul was picked at random.

            ···71 year old man eating a hamburger in a park. his attacker, Jorge DelaPaz, who beat him in the face several times told the man he “shouldn’t be in his park where young black kids are playing.”

            ···Deloy Dupuis, shot at three times by Martin A. Duckworth. beacause Duckworth didn’t feel he had to pay a fare.

            ···White woman beaten and kidnapped by Charles Lewis Black (caught on dashcam video)

            ···George Leroy Baker, killed at age 81 by black man who claimed “I’m gonna kill the next white person I see”

            ···Dorathy Mink, 71, killed by black home invader

            ···Teen white soccer player beaten repeatedly by vicious black teen soccer player from rival team.

            ···Andrew and Matthew Bohannon, brothers shot and killed by group of blacks as retaliation over the Zimmerman verdict and a ‘free Zimmerman’ sticker on the Bohannons truck.

            ···Emily Elizabeth Haddock, 12, killed by black home invaders, shot at close range in the face, and again, execution style in the back of her head

            ···Aysha Ring, 16, throat slit by black coward who surprise attacked her while she stood in line at a Baltimore convenience store.

            ···Paula Martin, 56 killed by a black neighbor.

            ···Janie Fullilove, 80, beaten and shot by black robber.

            ···Kari Myers, shot in the face and killed by two black robbers.

            ···Brittany Watts, killed by Aysha Ring to get his ‘message’ to the white people. Two other pretty white women were also shot during his rampage.

            ···Teen white woman (unidentified) beaten by mob of black teen girls. The girls kicked and stomped her head so badly that she went into seizures. The racist morons filming the event (while cheering and laughing) so they could achieve internet fame by posting the video on WORLDSTARHIPHOP cheered on the suspects and aided them by informing them that the girl was having a seizure so they’d better go before the “poh leese” come.

            ···James Addlespurger , knockout game victim caught on tape 20012

            ···13 year old boy on Florida schoolbus 7-9-13 beaten by 3 black teens

            ···Donnie Mehrtens , Dallas Choina 8-24-13 both beaten by black mob

            ···Marjon Rostami, Dave Forster 4-18-12 both beaten by black mob

            ···Matthew Owens 4-21-12 “now thats justice for Trayvon” mob beating

            ···hot dog vendor 8-22-13 name not disclosed beaten with hammers and trying to get his cel phone back

            ···Heidi Glum 6-24-13 beaten for being gay/white

            ···Gary Nagy, 7-29-13 beaten and killed on schoolyard by two black teens

            ···Christina Edkins stabbed on a bus by several black men for no reason

            ···Bailey O’niel, 12 years old beaten into a coma by black schoolmates, taken off life support

            ···William Zachery, killed by blacks during Oklahoma home invasion

            ······Heather Frink 8-29-13 red lobster mob attack black (4) women against one white woman

            ···Baltimore man 7-26-13 beaten by 4 black teens (victim not named) 24 years old

            ···Alexander Coelho, David Parker 7-28-13 beaten and stomped by bouncers

            ···Melvin Richardson, 62 beaten and face stomped because he was white

            ···unidentified white man attacked by group of ‘men’ (how it was reported) suspects threw a brick through the car window while he and his wife were in it.

            ···Men attacked outside gas station while using a pay phone by bash mob who looted the station

            ···Leona Faye Swafford, 83 beaten to death after a black man car jacked her

            ···Leonard Sims, 91 year old veteran beaten repeatedly in the face and head by Deontae Bradley during a car jacking, several black males stood around nearby, cheening and laughing at the defenseless man.

            ···Eve Carson, murdered by Lawrence Lovitt and Demarius Atwater, shot with a shotgun, first in the head and then FOUR MORE TIMES!!!

            ···4 teen girls attacked by black mob in Madison Illinois

            ···Krzysztof Wilkowski, Jesse Andersen 2012 40-50 blacks flash mob violence victims

            ···Wisconsin state fair victims (18 people injured), black mob violence 8-2011

            ···female mother victim of Shawn Custis attack/home invasion New Jersey

            ···New Jersey boy ‘beaten for fun’ by black mob of teens

            ···flash mob at King convenient store Detroit 7-20-13

            ···Cassandra Struve, 7-26-13 Saxaphone player attacked for song choice

            ···Abbey Niezgoda, news reporter ,6-5-13 stone thrown, dogs called to attack, “white #$%$”

            ···Joseph Roundtree, attacked in park and robbed, beaten 4-15-13

            ···Christopher Lane gunned down 8-16-13 by three black teens called a ‘thrill killing’

            ···Two women in Delaware park 8-29-13 10-12 black teens gang rape assault

            ···white man in Washington beaten “This is for Trayvon” 7-27-13

            ···Damien O’Rourke (13 years old) beaten by black teen mob 2007 (wiped off of youtube almost completely)

            ···Woman beaten by black girl mob in Seattle 7-13

            ···15 year old white boy beaten at Brookline rec center by black mob for ‘WORLDSTARHIPHOP’ video views.

            ···David Santucci Memphis Tennesee 8-12-13 killed

            ···Shirley Gordon elderly woman in Minesotta 8-18-12

            ···MISSISSIPPI jogger kidnapped and beaten

            ···Memphis man shot and killed by three black males , reported as a ‘failed robbery’ despite several witnesses reporting an ‘execution style’ shooting and victim still having all valuables with him post mortem.

            ···Ray Widstrand st Paul Minn. 8-12-13 beaten into a coma by 30-30 black & hispanics, robbed and stripped

            ···Baltimore man beaten and robbed by group of teens 8-13

            ···John Peyton 11-3-12

            ···Sarah Kreager viciously beaten on Baltimore bus by 9 blacks

            ···Morgan Bravlon , 12 years old beaten by black boys for not going out with them.

            ···Laralynn Stock Caldwell, and the three other (unidentified) white victims stabbed in Las Vegas because the perpetrator, Lee Sanford was angry with white people.

            what was that you were saying about perks?

          • hepette

            you have no references for your post…..where are they?

          • CW Dalloway

            rock on!!!! Good research….shoot the hepette your references so we can be on our way ……good job!!

          • 3923mmdx
          • shaunthebrummie

            segregation is what we want from people of your race…

          • Tommy Wheelclocker

            There are no perks…motherfucker

          • hepette

            exactly what perks do they get?

          • Gary Ruth Saxon

            Free schooling, they can have black only clubs, can call all non-blacks racist, get help from ACLU, target and kill someone of another race without it being a hate crime. Just a few I have experienced.

          • skbbks

            So did this couple. So did the baby shot in the face. So did the 31 year old man attacked by black men and shoved into traffic where he was hit by a car and killed. The cases go on and on, but you’ll never hear about them in the MSM. In the meantime, most blacks are killed by blacks. FBI statistics. Look it up. Stop blaming whitey for everything, and fix your own community.

          • plotguy

            We never said that white people committed most of the crimes, we said they did most of the discriminating. Oh, and remember when we had our own affluent communities in the very early 1900’s? It was called Black Wall Street. You won’t find it on Google. We FIXED our own community and “whitey” attacked it like a terrorist country. They called it a “race war”. What the hell is that? Our success is seen as intimidation by paranoid racists. Plain and simple.

          • howardfrombroward

            well, could you please explain the black racists who attacked me when I worked as a white summer college student in the Wilberforce university library? I got thugged for the crime of trying to buy a lunch in the cafeteria. after that incident, I always brought my lunch to work, ate it in the library’s employee breakroom.

          • plotguy

            You didn’t mention how you knew that they were racists. Did they call you a derogatory name? Were you one of the very few white people in a predominantly black college? I just want to know what evidence you have that they were racist, other than the fact that they were black and you were white. They could have just been some idiot thugs that would have attacked anyone at that exact time and in your exact position.

          • howardfrombroward

            the fall semester after that summer job, I attended a southern Baptist college in southern Kentucky. there were very few blacks on the campus as either students or workers, but they were always able to dine in the student cafeteria in peace, no “accidental” bumps, jostles or shoves. what a difference.

          • Guest

            They were niggers attacking a white for being white!

          • 3923mmdx

            “Bump day” all over the south was well known, is it still?

          • DoYouNeedToKnow1

            I doubt they were racist. Instead, these attackers more than likely saw you as easy pray and easily intimidated. That’s very different from racism.

          • howardfrombroward

            I was not easy “pray” (did you mean prey?). two other whites working in the library quietly told me they always brought in bag lunches after they had suffered similar racial hate problems at the same cafeteria. stop covering up for blatant racism.

          • shaunthebrummie


          • J-M

            Over 90% of Interracial murders between blacks and whites are commited by black men and over 95% of Interacial relationships between blacks and whites are between black men and white females. That being said If so many black men hate the white race why then are there so many relationships between black men and white females? Simple It’s, called painting the white females black. Even though they hate the white race they will still empregnate white females to prevent them from carrying all white babies the racism goes on and on. The black race Is just plain evil.

          • ishala smith

            Are you seriously calling the black race evil? Sir/Ma’am educate yourself and your percentage points are valid, but please understand the saying “the pot calling the kettle black”. This speaks volumes to your comment. Sit back, breath and think about what you just wrote. Do not let your own racism get in the way of stereotyping an entire color. Thats not humanly at all! Most people have enough sense to not mistreat someone unless they are mistreating them. People who are evil are just that….. evil, color does not make one more evil than the other. White supremacy that leads to hatred and murder, is no less than Black supremacy which leads to hatred and murder. Think! Not Hate! Let Grow People!

          • LaSantaHermandad

            Many of us have been educated by living the life of fear and brutality perpetrated against us by Blacks. If percentages are important There hasn’t been White supremacy for years if there ever was at all.
            The percentage of Whites whose ancestors owned slaves or who perpetuated Jim Crow laws more than a half century ago is now miniscule. Maybe you’d better concentrate on educating yourself.
            White people don’t get up each morning and think. “Hmmm, what can I do today to screw up a Black person’s day?”
            Blacks are encouraged to go out and “Kill some crackuhs and kill their little babies”. King Samir Shabazz-NBPP leader Philadelphia on election day 2008.
            Black couples out on an evening date aren’t abducted by White thugs and tortured, sodomized, raped in every bodily orifice, mutilated, shot,burned and suffocated.
            People draw conclusions based on experience.
            ” Experience is a hard school but a fool can learn in no other”.
            The problem is that many of the so called fools are in their graves.
            The “civil rights advocates” decry the increasing number of young Black men and some women who are murdered every day. They are being murdered by other Black men and Women.
            ” We’ve got to address the issue of Black men killing other BLACK men”.
            The only inference that can be drawn from that eloquent race huckster is that things would be better if Black men where killing Whites.
            Whites are being killed and/or raped or beaten on a daily basis and don’t even try to defend themselves because they don’t to be perceived as RACIST.
            Black men are also killing other Black on a daily bases in Mother Africa; the deaths tolls being in the hundreds of thousands. No White involvement there either.
            Color doesn’t make a person evil? Perhaps you’d better try for a better thesis.
            Remember that “perception” derives from “EXPERIENCE”

          • 3923mmdx


          • shaunthebrummie

            segregation will allow blacks to grow…and whites wouldn’t be murdered by the 1000 by blacks…go on youtube and type in white women murdered by blacks..

          • 3923mmdx
          • InDaTruth

            No, the race that viciously enslaved people, including their own kind all over the world are the evil ones. “If you can convince the lowest white man (or woman) the they are better than the best black man, or woman, they won’t notice when you pick their pockets.” President LB Johnson. You must be one of the lowest of the low.

          • shaunthebrummie

            if you feel threatened….neutralise the threat…i cant tell the difference between a black neighbourhood…and riseofthe planet of the apes…

          • shaunthebrummie

            LBJ was a commie who was buying black votes…you’d be happier in africa…and we’d be happytoseeallblacks..and nonwhites returned back tothe mud huts and shitholes they come from…europe would be beautiful minus the blacks and asians…and i include part whites as black…asthey carry the black destructive gene….

          • Julie Moore


          • InDaTruth

            “If you can convince the lowest white ( trash ) man that he is better than the best colored man he won’t notice you picking his pocket. Hell, you convince him he’s better than anyone and he’ll open his pockets and give you his money.” President L B Johnson.

          • shaunthebrummie

            he was a black cock sucker like all liberals.

          • InDaTruth

            White men and their fixation with Black cock…..

          • InDaTruth

            Ahhhhh, white racists and their fixation with black cock. give it up, you’ll never be able to compete. Racists should move to Denmark, I believe bestiality is still legal there. No competition there.

          • Glenn Huffman

            Hey you just look what is going on in Chicago ,what about all that Black on Black crime are they fascinated on black penis’s , that is Obama’s home town is it not.

          • InDaTruth

            Actually, white on white crime is sky rocketing these days. But no one wants to talk about it. Black on Black crime is highest robbery and food to live on crimes. White on white is the nations leader of murder. White men killing each other and their women and whole families. “Family Annihilators” – you kill your kids and then kill yourselves. White women got that one down to a fine art. They kill their kids at the drop of a hat.

            A black mom may spank her kids into next week, but a white mom will lock them in the car and run them into a lake.

          • Lawrence

            Well, have you considered that the blacks that date whites actually are not the ones that “hate” white people?

          • Mary Jones

            Atleast in the USA you have FREE top notch education,top notch healthcare,high quality food,and more oportunities than you would if you lived in africa ok? what you don’t realize is the reason why other races discriminate against black people is because most blacks are more racist than white people.most black people choose to not have the FREE education they have here in USA.the reason blacks get discriminated against is because they are overly aggressive and crime minded. they choose to play the “knockout game” or go on killing sprees than getting off their lazy government entitled butts and be honest citizens.And this goes for all races as well too,and yes even white people.and plotguy you do realize this wasn’t your community but the indians were the first ones to live here before it was called USA.I have high respects for african americans who maded something of themselves without lying,cheating,stealing ,and killing one another to get what they want. I applaud their hard work and their humble tenacity to live a better life and make their familes live a better life as well as future generations.stop with the hate crime man and move on.

          • Linda Spaulding

            Black people are racist always calling white people crackers. Dont forget white people voted for Obama. It was black people that voted him in because of his skin color who is racist?

          • deshawn


          • InDaTruth

            That the justice system is racist. And that so are you for being so willing to accept racist mis-information.

          • shaunthebrummie

            avoid the groid….segregation is wanted by whites…but not by blacks…why is that…

          • InDaTruth

            lazy white racists were the ones that stole us, we didn’t come looking for you. HA ha ha. I’m all for racists seceding from the union. All the american blood spilt on her soil was caused by lazy racists. The seminole wars, the mexican american war, and the civil war. which states are draining the country? you whites with low self esteem need to get the hell out and let the normal healthy whites live in peace with everyone else. no one wants you. even your own kids. they dress like people of color, listen to music written and sung by people of color. talk like people. your women hate you so much they can’t wait to get out of your meth filled houses. If they can’t find a healthy white man, they look for a man of color. soon you will be nothing but a hint of blond hair on your mocha colored great , great, great, grand child’s head. now , be gone – you are a hunk of grunt!

          • InDaTruth

            Hey idiot, you brought us here. get used to it. or go back to the prisons of Europe.

          • shaunthebrummie

            we did not…you crawled like the maggots you are…now get your ebola shots like a good boy….and i’ll give you a banana…..

          • InDaTruth

            you must have gotten knocked up and got kicked out of school before you got to american history, huh?

          • Glenn Huffman

            Actually 67% of crime commented in the U.S. is commented by Afro -Americans , just look at the population of our prisons.

          • 3923mmdx

            Proof, please. Show me the numbers.

          • Lizzie Wade

            U suck
            It doesn’t matter white or black but thats fuckn racist too say we need to fix our communities whn where i live whites do drugs murder and rape difference is they get avdlap on the wrist lt sumone blacj look wrong and yall racist ass ppl r ready to put bullsht like this

          • Whatever

            Good question, we have the same concerns for our children too.

          • Jeff Price

            Where thugs can wander around high on other peoples property and when someone has the gall to observe them throws them to the ground and pounds them. …With no consequences. That is too much to ask.

            Kids don’t just grow up, they have to be raised.

            If Treyvon had parents, he would have known his behaviour was unacceptable. The real tragedy here is the culture in which he was raised lead him to this place. He was well on his way to arrest or early death when Mr. Z had the misfortune to encounter him on that path. The issue that should be addressed is how do we prevent another young man from heading down this path? And why haven’t we heard any leadership on this from the White house?

          • blessedtruth

            Try Kenya!

          • nyr4life

            you dont get it do you stupid

          • gypsydancer64

            How about rephrasing it to,” I want a safe way for ALL kids regardless of color, to grow up.”

          • shaunthebrummie

            you forgot to say SEGREGATED…

          • 3923mmdx


          • J-M

            When has a black kid ever been killed by a white man?? It’s the white kids that need protection from the black negros

          • KatieMyLady

            Ever been to Brooklyn dude?

          • Sally Dean Schnider

            I agree..but personally, I would like that for All our kids, not just black kids as you’ve just stated! (This is the typical one sided Al Sharpton comments)

          • shaunthebrummie

            we want segregation….then black kids killing each other would be a problem for blacks to solve….and to raise your own taxes for your baby mommas…segregation will stop the black on white murder epidemic…black enters a white area boom and its gone…same if a white enters a black area…trouble is NO white would want to live amongst blacks if given a choice….segregation means kids like these would be alive as would eve carson..lauren burke..megan boken..ann pressly..emily haddock..the harvey family…autumn pasquale…and all the rest…

          • 3923mmdx

            So are you implying most black kids that die in street violence are killed in their own neighborhoods by someone white? Do you have numbers proving this? I’m open to seeing the evidence, seriously.

          • Arrow Smith

            They are beyond Animal. They are scum of hell.

          • blessedtruth

            Yes they are AS!

          • stacy

            Ignorance all around… (Sigh)

          • shaunthebrummie

            well said…avoid the groid..

        • Suzanne Kelly

          amen brother, and this occurred in my hometown, in the early noon…right in the middle of a downtown area..when the boys should have been in school…and crooked locals on the board of commissioners, are involved in several other crimes, including this one…but..he’s would be racist to run investigation on him…right?…always

        • krinks

          I used to think that we are all equal. I then used to take short cuts through the black part of town to avoid rush hour only to be attacked twice something that has never happened in the white part of town.

          • deshawn

            well there you go

        • Michael K Jackson

          If that baby shot in the face thing really happened the black suspected of it and everyone who knows them is in prison RIGHT NOW,and going to get the death penalty.Any black ever accused of any harm to any white person is going to get either life or the death penalty.Even if they live in a separate state and never met the victim.The only exception ever in american history is OJ simpson,and he got justice cause he was able to buy a great defense team.Now he’s broke so it won’t happen again

          • Scott Dunbar

            You call OJ’s verdict was justice?! Why, because a fellow negro got away with murder?! Yeah, that’s justice, (yeah,right).

          • Michael K Jackson

            I thought he was innocent ( most blacks polled did) you thought he was guilty (most whites,except on the jury,did also)what I celebrated was that he got a fair trial.I am no negro,I’m BLACK!

          • soupson10

            Can’t be innocent when the blood leads right to his door, the glove actually did fit, he had motive and no other leads have ever been found.

          • skbbks

            The word negro means black. And of course you thought OJ was innocent. You never think any black has done anything wrong. It may surprise you, but white America is tired of the racism coming from blacks. You should check out the recent poll that shows that blacks are thought to be the most racist group in he country.

          • Dom

            Black is a crayon color.

          • preta

            White is also crayon color, right?

          • Daviecrockett

            Absolutely but if you call me caucasian I wont say that I am not caucasian I am WHITE.

          • wombleranger

            Black and White are not considered colors- Black is the abscense of light and White is all primary colors blended!

          • Jay Orange

            Neither black nor white are considered colors. Look it up. I learned that in elementary school.

          • Dom

            Tell that to Crayola!

          • blessedtruth

            Whoop dee do!

          • Daviecrockett

            You are a Negro by definition even MLK would call you that. But you are wrong if a black person defended themselves against a white attacker they would be aquitted also. And how can you think OJ is innocent but not believe Zimmerman, because you are a racist.

          • Jay Orange

            Please make up your mind. First, you were called “colored.” Later, negro. then black. Then, “people of color.” Then, African-American. Funny how I’ve been White all my life, while you folks have changed your description at least 5 (five) times over the past 60 years! I just call you all Africans; that’s what you are, because you choose not to assimilate through language and culture.

          • KatieMyLady

            JJ not that I would EVER in my right mind defend MKJ over there but it is society that has labeled the African Americans not themselves…

          • J-M

            racist pig

          • FlPatriot98

            Amazing how your so skeptical that this crime even happened but you have not doubts or questions about anything the media said concerning the Zimmerman trial. You swallow hook line and sinker the racist accusations that the media propagates instead of weighing the facts of the case before jumping to the racist conclusion!!!!

          • Michael K Jackson

            I weighed the facts.Forget about the “media”. I assigned greater weight to the more important facts,and less weight to minor or less significant details.Also,I had a problem with some so-called facts.I am 60 years old,black 5’8″,180 lbs,no martial arts training,yet nowhere on the face of this planet do I believe there is a 150 lb 17 year old who, without a weapon or 10+ years of expensive,highly specialized martial arts training,could place me in fear for my life.Maybe Mike Tyson at 17 ,but at 17 he weighed over 200.Also,if there was ANY possibility of danger or Mike Tyson,I WOULD HAVE STAYED IN THE CAR.This process,in law is called the “reasonable and prudent man theory” meaning would you reasonably do exactly the same in the same situation.HELL NO.

          • PityTheFool

            You do realize that Trayvon Martin was trying to kill George Zimmerman by smashing his head into the concrete repeatedly? Seriously, if Zimmerman was planning on killing him, don’t you think he would have gone with his gun drawn, instead of getting his head smashed into the concrete? Wake up.

          • blessedtruth

            Should have emptied clip into thug!

          • plotguy

            Sure, he didn’t get out of bed saying that he was planning on killing a kid named Trayvon Martin, but you don’t need hours and hours to plan on killing someone. No doubt that he was trying to at least maim Zimmerman, but the main argument is how Zimmerman provoked it. It’s easy to get a rise out of a quick tempered 17-year-old. Zimmerman knew something was going to happen and he appeared to be looking for trouble. Don’t act like this all plain and simple, then say “wake up” as though God himself has approved your comment. Makes you seem like a wannabe Rush Limbaugh.

          • blessedtruth


          • shaunthebrummie

            love the ebola outbreak in africa….karma is a bitch…first it was aids…now ebola…someone upstairs does not like africa/africans…

          • John Grimes

            What about the black on white crime called the knock out game? Who has been prosecuted for that?

          • Michael K Jackson

            never heard of it.If any black person has done it (whatever it is)or seen another black person do it ,talk about it on facebook,or took pictures of “it” they are going to jail.

          • skbbks

            You are so wrong. You honestly believe OJ was innocent? If so, why can’t Zimmerman be innocent. Juries spoke, but you only choose to believe one. And you have studied all cases throughout the history of the US, and can swear that OJ is the only case where a black man was found not guilty? A ridiculous statement. You, sir, are a racist, plain and simple.

          • Michael K Jackson

            I don’t know about innocent,but He didn’t seem guilty.I didn’t see how one guy could kill 2 people in the same spot with a kitchen knife.Also had a problem seeing why a cop would plant evidence on a guilty man.Or why anyone would kill someone 5 years after the divorce-The facts of the case just didn’t make sense.Just like in the zimmerman case the facts don’t make sense.No where on the face of planet is there a 17 year old boy who without a weapon is capable of placing me in fear of my life.Im 60 years old,about 185 lbs,and that kid is what 150 soaking wet.I just don’t believe it.Maybe Mike Tyson when he was 17,but he was a phenom,and no way in creation am I getting out of the car on Mike Tyson.That’s self defense-staying in the car.When the people who agree with me get worked up and get the matches out we will fix this real quick.

          • blessedtruth

            Baa one more time racist!

          • shaunthebrummie

            choke on a skittle…

          • Eric Stephens

            MKJ knows that OJ is a murder and that Treyvon would have become one, had he not been out gunned. He also knows that Z-man was a Latino/Jew and that the media called him white for race bating purposes. The reason he is lying about it, is because he considers whites to be the enemy. We don’t praise the merits of Saddam Hussein or Bin Laden, but their supporters did. MKJ believes that any crime agains white people is honorable and any black accused of it was justified under the articles of the Race War. Don’t let this insidious NEGRO fool you, he is a devious conspiritor. More alarming is that the majority of American blacks agree with him!

          • Breanna Ward

            17 year old boy at any color can be dangerouss. They are young adults. I was held hostage by a black man for 5 hours in a hotel room. One thing he kept telling me is how much he hated stupid blonde white girls like me. I didn’t even know this guy! He tortured me because he hated my color and didn’t even know me. I am very lucky I survived.

          • Valencia Barcliftshawdemuscurt

            Wow, I’m just appalled at all of this. As an African american female, I too believe that some of the things blacks blame whites for is bogus and the same can be said about white blaming blacks. There are ignorant racist on both sides, but the media plays on the color of the skin, and since so many people depend on television to tell them what is happening this will continue to happen. People in general just need to investigate a little more to find out the real story for themselves.

          • shaunthebrummie

            you cant fool the whites any longer….and can you imagine segregation bliss for whites….

          • Dom

            OJ was guilty as sin and you know it!! He bought his way out.
            Now he is screwed in another case. Tough..rot in jail douche!

          • Michael K Jackson

            don’t try to tell me what I know,your jedi mind tricks don’t work on me-I know what I think and Believe.

          • blessedtruth


          • Dom

            Go ask Sharpton or the other fool reverend! You keep your mind on the Jedi!

          • shaunthebrummie

            keep your kids away from white kids….got it…

          • Tom McBride

            The baby shot in the face thing is true. Aren’t you surprised you didn’t hear about it on TV or read about it in the news? “ really happened” and then you go on to a delusional rant. Good luck America dealing with delusion people like him.

          • Michael K Jackson

            Delusion-a FIXED,false BELIEF DESPITE consistent evidence TO THE CONTRARY.Perhaps the baby thing did happen,I don’t hear about every crime in america,but I do know that if anybody black knows somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody that could look like somebody involved,they were ALL arrested the day the thing happened,and will die in prison.That’s the difference here.If the baby was black they’d call it “self-defense”

          • Tom McBride

            You seem to care about your children but not about the incredibly horrid act of that killer of the baby. You are delusional. You fit the definition exactly. If that crime had been the other way around we would still be hearing about it, As it was hardly anyone knows about it. How quickly you changed the subject with the delusional notion that the police made a ransom arrest of four blacks is despicable.

          • blessedtruth

            Go to Hell cretin!

          • ehuff

            The baby shot in the face happened, Georgia, Brunswick (I think). The child was in a stroller and the black guy demanded money from the mother and she had none. Then he said money or I kill the baby, then he shot it in the face. Follow up? None I am aware of.

          • Michael K Jackson

            trust me<i saw pictures of 2 black youth suspected of knowing something,and they are in prison,awaiting court proceedings.They will die there.believe that.

          • ehuff

            Trust you! For what sir? No offense. I have no idea for what should I trust you.

          • blessedtruth

            Closer to trusting Lucifer jerk!

          • Gary Ruth Saxon

            Do you have any idea how many unwanted babies those 2 words have produced?

          • Tammy McPherson

            Mr. Jackson,
            I am late finding this conversation, but please go back a few comments to see what I replied to your comments with.ANYONE WHO IS LATE GETTING IN ON THIS CONVERSATION PLEASE GO TO MY PRIOR COMMENTS. It is late and I am going to sleep, but I do not agree with most of the comments that are being hurled back and forth like kids having a food fight. I hope that you will receive my words with kindness. I love you and I hope to meet you in Heaven. :)

          • blessedtruth

            Take off black blinders creep!

          • Tammy McPherson

            I just posted on your prior comment. You sir, are blinded with prejudice. I am disgusted with the thought of any human being suffering at the hands of another, no matter what the circumstances. You need to realize that money talks and B.S. walks, which is what weighs in heavily on the scales of justice. It is politics, money, and minds that think like yours (in all colors of the rainbow) that perpetuate hate and the continuation of innocent blood shed. You can tell the name of a tree by the fruit that it bears. What sir, will you tell your Heavenly Father when you stand before him? Will he judge you with the same scale of justice that you used to place judgement upon the victims that were murdered for being born the way your Heavenly father made them? If we are all human beings, are we all not the children of our Heavenly Father? And if we are, are you condeming your maker for creating variety in the creation of mankind? I beg of you to purge yourself of the poison that you have consumed and take off the shackles of hate that hold you back from contentment, unless you seek to find company in hell with those who are guilty of committing these types of heinous crimes, and those who are guilty of tampering with the scale of justice in order to hide the truth!

          • J-M

            Only 25% of murders are solved 90% of murders are commited by black men witch means 90% of unsolved murders are probably commited by black men so when It makes you sad that a black man Is convicted of murder just think of the 3 black men that got away with murdering a white person and that should make you a very happy racist negro

          • deshawn



          sweetie, I think you’re missing the point. If a black man had committed this crime, he would have been arrested on the spot and tried for murder. And rightfully so. And it would still be a tragedy, as it is for this poor couple in TN. Vicky Jackson is calling up this case to prove what, that people who kill innocent people are…mean? Of course its awful Vicky. That is why we as a society must COME TOGETHER to fight violence. Pull it up at the root. Now, what is the root?

          • Michael K Jackson

            the root here is that it’s not a crime to hunt,shoot and kill unarmed black kids,unless the shooter is also black

          • soupson10

            There was no hunt involved here. I think if we lay all the cards on the table we need to call it even and start understanding that we are all Americans and ultimately we are on the same side. Better start paying attention to what is going on in our government. We the people have become their enemy.

          • Guest

            You are a delusioal thinker.

          • blessedtruth

            Talk about ignorant!

          • Curtis Davis Sr

            9/11 America has not learned it,s lesson pure stupidity

          • Tammy McPherson

            It IS a crime to hunt, shoot and kill unarmed black kids, it is a crime to hunt, shoot and kill kids…period. The thing that people are missing is the fact that politics and people having a “get out of jail free” card because of who they know with under the table hand shakes occurring is what likely got Zimmerman off of the hook. It had nothing to do with Trayvon’s color in court. Zimmerman evidently has a paranoia of anyone black minding their own business, walking at night. We all know that he hunted that poor boy and put himself in a situation that he (Zimmerman) had created. With that statement out of the way, the killers hunted for a “white” victim, then they tortured and murdered those innocent people. NO ONE deserves to die at the hand of another because of the color of their skin, and their is no justification in an “eye for an eye” attitude, because in both of these cases innocent people died. Unfortunately, two of the victims were not just killed, but endured horrible torture and suffering before they died. Why? Because they are not black? Trayvon died. Why? Because he is black? Two wrongs don’t make a right, and until people start coming together this will continue. The blood is on the hands of those who did the hand shaking under the table. God sees all, and upon judgement day we will all be judged according to our deeds, so be warned. There is one race, the Human Race. Stop being deceived by the false questions on forms that ask us to check a “race” box, because “other” is the only one that applies. We are all human, under one God. Do you want to have innocent blood on your hands when you stand before our Father, God on judgement day???? May God bless us all with the wisdom to see through the vail of lies that Satan, our true enemy who seeks to devour all that have become consumed with hate of difference, has placed over our eyes. Do you not see what is going on??? I love you all, and will continue to pray for peace among mankind.

          • Daviecrockett

            That is not true self defense sees no color, convicted felons have used stand your ground as a defense when they werent even allowed to legally own a firearm and they were not charged. And guess what they were black. The police had no reason to arrest GZ he was beaten to a pulp, he was doing his job as hood watch and there were witnesses.

          • Jay Orange

            The root is Black. Easy to spot.

          • shaunthebrummie

            the easiest way tostop black on white crime is SEGREGATION…what blacks do to each otheri could not give a damn…

        • Black_Nationalist1

          When Trayvon was murdered it was not on the news he had been dead for weeks and his parents pressed the issue, and that’s how it came to the light. If you would like to the DOJ to do something speak up, organize, and protest to be heard. Why would white people need an advocacy group where are your needs or rights being violated because of racism or Black supremacy, they are not. One thing is true Whitey is not at fault for everything, but whitey has created such a hostile environment the fix is almost impossible. It takes resources, public policy, and personal responsibility to fix the current condition of all oppressed communities. These communities are diverse in their make up. So poor me or us is not going to work anymore, if want things to change, you have begin with self and current dysfunctional beliefs systems, and demand that this president and every president after address the needs of the millions of people, and not the wants of a few.

          • blessedtruth


        • blessedtruth

          I prefer latter BH!

        • ThomasER916

          You have no black friends. They all hate you.

        • 3923mmdx

          If I thought the latter (live and let live/geographical separation) could work and that separation would bring peace I would agree. But there are those on both sides who are filled with hate. Maybe a third place for them?

      • Jemareius Ford

        Well I will answer you, one of two things would have happened. The police would have immediately arrested the black defendant and would have done a proper investigation. Or the exact same thing would have happened and all the white people would be outraged. That is honestly where our country is. Now I am a 31 year old black man and I don’t think Zimmerman was wrong in shooting Trayvon. That’s not my issue. My issue is the actions he took leading up to the altercations that led to Trayvon’s death. If the roles were reversed I would be just as upset because I am terrified of the implications and reactions in this trial. Let’s be honest here, race relations in this country are pretty much non-existent. You’re black, white, Hispanic, Asian, or something else. We get along until something like this happens and that is sad. And I say that I am terrified because of the implications and reactions of this trial is because my wife and I are raising 5 children that have to navigate this buffoonery and I am afraid for them. What this trial says is that regardless of your ethnicity, appearance, upbringing, or any other superlative you can think of, you child is not safe walking in your neighborhood. The profiling Zimmerman did caused this incident, like it or not. Now should Trayvon have considered how he looked before walking on the streets at night by himself, sad to say but yes he should have. And that is the reality of the nation. Because people don’t know you personally, you are what your appearance say you are and the country refuses to acknowledge that, especially my young black men. As long as that is the case, more Trayvon’s will be killed. A lot of white cases never get this kind of attention because the suspects never get the treatment that Zimmerman receives. Meaning those individuals are caught, tried, and convicted for their crimes. They aren’t acquitted. So those cases don’t receive national exposure and they should. Now if for some reason in those cases the defendants are acquitted then, yes it should get attention from the DOJ and get all the national exposure as every other case.

        • Troy

          When OJ was acquitted, I don’t recall one white person screaming for the DOJ to file federal charges. The family filed wrongful death charges but the were no Jesse Jackson nor Al Sharpton screaming for the feds to step in. I demand an NAAWP be founded immediately for white folks to get fair treatment!!!

          • Jemareius Ford

            Let me be clear, I feel that Trayvom Martin was unjustly killed, not murdered. I think Mr. Zimmerman should have been held accountable by being convicted for involuntary manslaughter. But the DOJ getting involved to me is irrelevant at this point because a court of his peers found no fault in his actions. As I have stated numerous times now, the implications and reactions of this trial are far more reaching than anything the DOJ can do. It has sparked all the right conversations. Let’s see what the future yields from this. And although OJ was acquitted I knew he got off and was not okay with it because I knew the message that it sent was wrong and set a precedent. Look at how we are all reacting all these years later. There is no difference. Maybe this time we can all learn something and finally start to possibly heal this country because acknowledge it or not, we are broken.

          • Rosanne Howard

            Above all, it was a local issue and was handled by the local court and it is over and done.

          • Jemareius Ford

            Let me play devil’s advocate here. What if that was your child? Would you be satisfied with everything thus far? Would you willing to let it be if your son’s killer walked free? How would you feel if you were out and about in town and you crossed paths with the man that killed you son? I can’t speak for you but I know how I would feel.

          • NotTrayvon’sMother

            If that had been my child, he would not have 2 suspensions from school, he wouldn’t have a criminal record for burglary and assault, and he wouldn’t have been on drugs. He wouldn’t have been out skulking around the complex, and he would have been polite to anyone who came up to talk to him. A tragedy might befall my son; that’s how life is sometimes. But he would not have invited tragedy and violence through his words or actions.

          • Jennifer McQuillan

            are you sure about that? Be careful what you say. You do not know the
            future and the first person to assume something, that unfortunately, can
            cast that curse upon their own homes. My son was a saint but lost his
            way. Thankfully with God’s grace nothing bad has happened and prayer
            works. Is he thug? No, a good person who made mistakes. Not a lot, but a
            few. And he is improved. You can’t learn without the experiences
            sometimes. That’s how we mature in the first place. Our kids are living
            in a much different world than most parents want to acknowledge. Never
            before has so much violence, drugs, crimes in general, propaganda,
            influences in entertainment, existed and the list goes on and on .And we can’t always shield them Not forever.A good person can get lost in this world young and old. And Zimmerman?
            Arrested for domestic abuse, and assaulting a police officer. Play fair.
            I don’t want this to be about a race war. and this Law is Flawed and
            needs repealing or revising. How do we now teach our kids Stranger
            Danger then? Stand and take it? Lead them home?..

          • dan sager

            Arrested for domestic abuse and assaulting a police officer?? Well he wasn’t charged or convicted because he wouldn’t have been able to apply for or receive a concealed carry permit..You have to have a criminal background check which he obviously did and passed..

          • blessedtruth

            Tripe bullshet!

          • Michael K Jackson

            You are too much of an idiot to raise children.None of those things is any reason for a kid to die.George bush had a worse criminal record and no one shot him.You are just lucky no zimmerman saw yours at night.Hope your luck holds out.That,by the way (Being polite to armed stalkers following you on dark nights,is how children get kidnapped and raped)good job, go

          • blessedtruth

            Go to niqqer Hell racist baboon!

          • Godfrey


          • blessedtruth

            There ya go!

          • truthdetector101

            If it was my child, I would apologize to the man who killed my son, because I raised a thug who tried to murder him by beating him to death and smashing his head against the concrete..of course this is the difference between whites and blacks at the core…whites hold themselves and their kin accountable for their actions..blacks blame it on everyone but themselves…

          • Byron Starnes

            talk about racist remarks.

          • blessedtruth

            Go to Hell!

          • grover9559

            George Zimmerman did not have any significant injuries when he was taken in for questioning just after the shooting. CNN showed these tapes several times to make sure they didn’t miss anything.

          • blessedtruth

            CNN? You are fukin kidding right? What a doucebag!

          • donaldwestington

            And that’s the problem with America today… too many idiots like you out there that actually takes what anti-white-agenda-pushing government-funded CNN has to say seriously.

          • DivaEl

            The parents should have the maturity to realize their son provoked his own death. But if they did have such maturity, they would have done a better job of raising Trayvon, and he would never have attacked Zimmerman for trying to protect his property — and the father’s girlfriend’s property as well! And maybe if the parents were a well-functioning parental team instead of the creators of a broken home, they wouldn’t have a dead son. It’s time to take some responsibility, people!

          • Michael K Jackson

            If the kid had been in a gang he would also be alive.Cause he would have shot that fool in the face for following him in a threatening manner.Treyvon was no threat to that man’s property.Maybe if he’d have driven his punk a** home he could have protected it better.He can explain it to the Black Panthers,while we burn stuff till justice arrives.White parents divorce without their children being murdered.I have raised 4 kids and when they were teens they dressed however they wanted,maintained straight “A’s” while every white kid we know drank and drove every weekend smoked all the dope they could importand wer way more single-family than any blacks we know.they wore plants 6 sizes too large hoodies daily like a uniform,and never did any white parent fear the murder stalking or shooting of their child.I always did.

          • Andy Jordan

            Jemareius, I noticed while reading your posts, you describe yourself as a 31–year old black man, and I will tell you, from the perspective of a 41-year old white man, that while we disagree on the outcome of the Zimmerman case, at least I can appreciate your thoughtful approach to the matter, and so I’ll ask you to consider something else, something outside of the particulars of the case, yet related: Do you ever wonder why this case has received so much sensationalized scutiny from the media ? Do you wonder why, of all the cases of black-on-white, white-on-black, mexican-on-black, etc crime, some cases are thrust into the national spotlight the way this one was, and others, even those far more vile and cruel in nature, are glossed over by the media ? Without asking your personal political affiliation, I’ll just tell you, I believe it is because our current leadership NEEDS this kind of divisive national issue to perpetuate its stranglehold on American politics. Read Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, the very playbook socialists use to impose statism on this nation. In there, you’ll find the “divide and conquer” strategy as a basic tenet. What better way to divide a freedom-loving country than to stoke the flames of racial hatred and bigotry on BOTH sides ? If we are to survive as a nation of different races and cultures, we cannot fall for this. The entire Martin/Zimmerman situation is tragic, but think about it, is there not much, much worse going on in the world, in our own country, that our attention is being directed away from as we are at each others’ throats ? Food for thought. I enjoyed reading your thoughts, just the same.

          • Michael K Jackson

            these stories get attention because people are concerned about these things.Stop with the conspiracy stuff.These are hot button topics that draw viewers,like sex topics.Movie stars getting cheated on ,or doing drugs.Inquiring minds wanna know

          • Andy Jordan

            Conspiracy theory? Conspiracies are clandestine endeavors. This is right out in the open, right in front of us. You and I NEED to hate and mistrust one another, Michael. That is the story behind the story here, hiding in plain sight. Do you and I fall for it and grab one another around the throat and squeeze, or do we wake up and realize what’s happenning to our country and who is doing it to us ? I don’t expect you to agree with me, maybe ever, but if you haven’t already, read Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” sometime and you’ll see that divisiveness is a virtue for those seeking to bring America to her knees. Then decide for yourself whether that scenario fits the Martin/Zimmerman situation with its associated media frenzy, as well as interjection not only by the Dept. of Justice and Attorney General Holder, but also the President himself. Bear in mind, “Rules for Radicals” is one of our president’s all-time favorite reads. We the people of every creed and color are being played, my friend.

          • Godfrey

            Boy are you missing the point. You think EXACTLY the way the powers that be are banking on by doing these very things. I pray that you and many others eyes be opened to the truth of what is going on. It is not “conspiracy theory”. They also came up with that phrase just to keep the ignorant thinking wrongly.

          • Godfrey

            Thank you for this Andy – it gets to the real truth of the matter. Anyone who falls for this stuff is ignorant, which is just want the government is counting on.

          • James Burke

            Jemareius, you sound like a very decent man, and I agree with you from several thousand miles away in Iraq, that the racial divide appears to be greater than the 60s. From a distance, in the midst of impoverished people with little to no skills, a failed government promises to reinstitute power and utilities and services. But there are two very interesting parallels between the ‘racial divide’ suffered currently in our country, and the governemental overdependance in Iraq. Lack of Opportunity…based on lack of scholarly education. Yes there are many who have degrees here in Iraq, but if and when granted a VISA (yes, legally immigrated into our USA) the Baghdad physician must return to Medical schooling to bring the standards of his former successful practice, to US standards of medicine. The same is true for all professions and trade skills. The saying here is, it is “Iraqi Good Enough”, which infuriates me. The lack of education of a people presents the impervious “Glass Ceiling” for all of us. Experience is the only teacher here in the Middle East, in the absence of higher level learning. But alas, we in the US seem to be headed in the same direction as here in Iraq. We do not need a “Ruler” as the Kings of the Middle East proclaim themselves, but we do need a “Leader” (not a visionary orator). I voted for Obama, I believe there should be no vigilantism in the US, but our tax burden is so great, we are thankful for the “Guardian Angels” of the Bronx. We have lost respect for ourselves, and in exercising the ‘Freedoms’ (Speech, Right to Bear Arms…etc…you know “The Bill of Rights” we have lost sight of how great our nation is. This is potentially catastrophic in my view….(Remember Rome anyone?). We need to police up ourselves. There needs to be a different kind of renaissance in our country…and the catalyst cannot be another tragedy, another riot, torturing, hanging or dragging of humans behind a car. In war everyone is a believer…and in God’s eyes, and with recognition of our laws, ‘All Men are Created Equal’. This renaissance needs to begin from there. Government handouts cripple a society…on the margins. For those destitute, unable to work or care for themselves….yes. But if every able bodied man, woman, adult, teenager or child just picked up on piece of trash, it would be a miracle in our country….and this is needed. We are Americans, not niggers, spicks, kikes, honkeys or crackahs. We need to take PERSONAL responsibility for our words, thoughts and actions and remember what this great experiment…America was started for. Freedom..not Tyranny.

          • Godfrey

            Has anyone ever even stopped to think about how Zimmerman may feel. He took a life and he has to live with that for the rest of his life. If he has a conscience, that could very well be more punishment than any other could possibly inflict.

          • blessedtruth

            Spare us bleeding heart niqqer wannabe!

          • Dan Gardner

            was a neighborhood watch man profiling a hooded young black man, yes, why? because several homes have been robbed in that area by young black men… does that mean ALL black men should be profiled… no… but when one is ducking between houses looking like theyre on drugs walking in the rain.. seems suspicious to me. and if he didnt check martin out and another house was robbed people whould have said what a crappy watchman he was and say a suspicious person and didnt check it out. It is messed up all the way around, however following someone is NOT a crime as long as you are not restricting their free movement. and if someone follows you it does NOT give you the right to smash their nose in and beging bashing their head into the ground. A couple of things I can think of off the top of my head that could have saved Travons life…1 he could have went home after Zimm lost sight of him and told his friends about the weirdo cracker (who is as white as Obama) and left it at that.. 2 he could have jumped out like he did punched Zimm in the face and took off when Zimm hit the ground and did the same when he got home! but after you get a broken nose and are on your back that blood from your nose (which Travon has bragged in text messages about knowing how to bloody someones nose) runs into the back of your throat and can choke you or at the least make it hard to breath. So now as you can bairly breath you try to roll over to spit the blood out or cough it up you cant because someone is on top of you, then they start beating your head into the sidewalk… Really, what would any of you done! I would have fired a shot into my attacker as well. The only problem here is sadly Travon was black… If it were completely reversed and a Black neighborhood watchman was following a suspicious white man and was severely beaten by him and shot him, all these people screaming for justice would be jumping up and down how awesome our system is. And whites would not be breaking windows and looting and setting fires… I remember OJ way clear he murdered TWO white people, plenty of evidence to support it when he was innocent, NO riots…. This is a tragic situation these men were in but self defence is exactly what happened, and ALL of the available evidence pointed in that direction…. Sucks that a young man was killed.. America needs a change… Now onto the REAL subject, the media needs to stop race baiting and turning Americans against Americans… If were are always fighting with each other we are not looking at what the government is doing and we are ALL weak if we are devided…. just my opinion….

          • Jennifer McQuillan

            Dan, his ego on whether or not he didn’t catch the robber should have no relevancy. Leave the ego out of it. Boo hoo he possibly won’t get to patrol anymore at the worst. And he did check it out, he phoned it in

          • Michael K Jackson

            If a black neighborhood watch,police,doctor,or anything else follows any white teenager 2 blocks,YOU ARE GOING TO PRISON,for suspicion of child molest or rape.No way is he getting out of the car.Im pretty sure a black neighborhood watch man is gonna watch whatever incident from his living room window,call the cops,and be done with it.

          • Ben

            You cannot make such assumptions. It is speculation and ridiculous. Go to jail for child molestation for following someone? Please. This is what happens. Since there is a good example to use as a rebuttal, you make up these scenarios that are not based in reality.

          • Michael K Jackson

            reality is,no black person is following any white person anywhere unless they are in a gang and about to jump.We still have concerns about accusations that end with “your word against theirs” I considered that example and it felt completely alien to me,like something I would never do (or any other black would do,including 2 of my brothers who are police)

          • blessedtruth

            Brains are a terrible thing to waste. What happened to yours?

          • KatieMyLady

            Blessed we know where yours are…you’re sitting on them.

          • Daviecrockett

            He had to get out of the car to find an house number for the cops to meet him at the point he exited the car TM was long gone or so he thought and then he was attacked idiot.He didnt follow him down the street the dispatcher asked him to get somewhere he could see TM and that is what he was trying to do, he was on the phone with the cops the whole time does that sound like someone trying to commit a crime to you idiot.

          • Godfrey

            Well said – and it is exactly why this is happening. The government wants desperately to keep our attention averted from all their little (and not so little) antics and agendas and have absolutely no conscience about how they go about anything they wish to achieve.

          • FlPatriot98

            You are so right Dan, the only mistake I think Zimmerman made was that he should have had a partner with him!! If he had another man with him It’s doubtful Treyvon would have attempted to ambush him. And if he had the other guy in the car could have called 911 and come to his rescue and subdued Treyvon until the police arrived!!! So there is an important lesson here, never do neighborhood watch alone!!!!

          • skbbks

            He was on his way to the story when he spotted Trayvon.

          • Michael K Jackson

            He could have,should have stayed in the car.What would the cops have done? They already said stop following him,he was outside the parameters of the neighborhood watch.Lone vigil ante.Parents say he’s still scared,of what 9 year old black kids?

          • FlPatriot98

            First off it wasn’t the cops Zimmerman was talking to, it was the 911 operator. Secondly they said he didn’t need to follow him but then kept asking what he was doing. The point is Treyvon could have walked away, instead he decided to circle back and assault Zimmerman breaking his nose and knocking him down then getting on top of him to ground and pound him. Just think if that was you and your choking on your own blood going down your throat from your broken nose?? If you had a gun you would have used it too!!!!

          • blessedtruth

            Sooner than Saint George did!

          • Daviecrockett

            It was not 911 it was non emeregency dispatch.

          • blessedtruth

            Niqqer jumped him from behind racist! Like all niqqers by themselves not in packs do.

          • Daviecrockett

            Why would he have another man with him, he was on his way to the grocery store when he spotted Martin, its not like he was patrolling the neighborhood looking for people. He was going to the store and saw someone acting suspicious and puylled over to alert the authorities. Then he was attacked and defended himself.

          • donaldwestington

            Damn straight and well said.

          • FlPatriot98

            Now the city of Sanford Florida has banned carrying firearms for any neighborhood watches. Way to enable the criminals and neighborhood watches will consist of looking out your windows now!!!

          • Michael K Jackson

            if he went home he (clear thinking) would have been placing his family at risk-allowing a likely predator to know where he lived.saved his family.

          • Miss Ellie

            You know what Michael Jackson, you are a living example of YOU JUST CAN’T FIX STUPID. The error in judgement that Zimmerman made was he should have stayed in his vehicle. As for Trayvon, check out the facts. He was not the young angel that his family would lead you to believe. That doesn’t mean he should have been killed. He was guilty of smashing Zimmerman’s head into the concrete. Yes, unfortunately you need to think about looking like a thug in today’s society. You only get one chance to give a first impression. I wish that the white couple that were tortured to death by 5 black men would have gotten as much attention as Trayvon got. I just today heard about it. Whaaat, we have a double standard in this country? Reaaaaaaaaaaaly!

          • Michael K Jackson

            BURN,BABY BURN.leave the panthers to talk to zimmerman.

          • Kevan

            You know there are more skinheads, kkk, neo natzi’s than panthers right? Panthers are thugs and skin heads are psychos only people who will get hurt will be the innocents(of all colors) stuck in between them. You advocate their actions you are just as guilty as them.

          • John Grimes

            Did you ever for one minute consider that Zimmerman is telling the truth? When I first heard about this case I tried to keep on open mind. But after seeing the baby faced pictures of 12 year old Trayvon not the current ones and hearing about withholding evidence by the prosecution, I started paying close attention. I
            still am not sure about what really happened, but I do believe there was reasonable doubt and the verdict was correct.

          • skbbks

            This comment I can agree with. Thank you for stating it so well. I disagree with the manslaughter comment, though. That would have carried a 10-30 year sentence, and that would not have been justice because GZ acted in self-defense.

          • Michael K Jackson

            right now,other black kids are at risk from strangers,forced to comply with the demands of any white stranger or risk “self-defense” execution.

          • Charles Hudson

            you know jemareius ford. i knew from the beginning they were not going to find zimmerman guilty of 2nd degree murder or manslaughter. i do however think if they would have tried to go after him for involuntary manslaughter. they would have had a better chance to find him guilty.

            do i think both parties were at fault? yes. should zimmerman have followed trayvon? that is a tough call. if i was in zimmermans shoes. i would have asked the kid (trayvons name was not known yet) if i can help you? are you lost? remember this is a private gated community.

            as for trayvon. i think he was in the wrong also. if i had someone following me and i was scared. damn skippy i would be on my cell phone talking to 911. trayvon also had a chance to go home. he didnt. he looped back around and attacked zimmerman,

          • blessedtruth


          • Duane

            The ‘case’ mentioned above is despicable, horrible, beyond belief … but I doubt that ANY of us ever even contemplated that these ‘4 blacks’ would be acquitted.
            And quite frankly, that’s a big difference between the two ‘cases’.

            From first hearing/reading of the Trayvon Martin Murder, a whole lot of people believed that ‘justice’ would not be ‘served’ in the State of Florida.
            Meaning that a whole lot of Americans believed that George Zimmerman would not be ‘held accountable’ for murdering a young black male. And, at this point in time, he hasn’t been. (The ‘trial’ resulted in a ‘not guilty’ verdict.)

            Troy: “When OJ was acquitted, I don’t recall one white person screaming for the DOJ to file federal charges.” < ah, you may not remember it Troy, but yes we (I'm white) 'white people' did.

            I agree with a whole lot of what Mr. Ford has to say. (You should have actually read it Troy – just as you have probably quit actually reading this by now because you are too angry about my 'opening' comment, but I could be wrong.)

            Mr. Ford: "Now should Trayvon have considered how he looked before walking on the streets at night by himself, sad to say but yes he should have. And that is the reality of the nation. Because people don't know you personally, you are what your appearance say you are and the country refuses to acknowledge that, especially my young black men." < I am surprised (and pleased) that Mr. Ford has posted that Trayvon 'should have' considered how he was dressed (his appearance). For Trayvon was in a 'white' gated community and (IMO) he needed to 'protect' himself by 'dressing differently'. For some reason, he didn't. (I'm not saying that Trayvon 'should have had to', I'm saying that the 'reality' is that he was in a 'white' gated community,)
            I attempt to be 'aware' of how I dress so as not 'excite the natives' wherever I go. We consider this when going out to eat (burgers or fine dining?), when attending sporting events (am I supporter of the 'home' team or the 'visiting' team?), when going to concerts (rock, country or symphony?). These are just the examples that immediately come to mind. I believe I do it a lot of the time.

            Troy: I demand an NAAWP be founded immediately for white folks to get fair treatment!!! < You 'demand' that a NAAWP organization be 'founded immediately'? The government didn't 'found' the NAACP, if you want a NAAWP, 'found' it yourself.

            I'm an old (61) white (according to my family history) male and I agree a whole lot with Mr. Ford.

          • msimoneaux

            I want to thank Duane and Mr. Ford. I’ve been reading a lot of these postings and I want you to know that I believe your responses to be the most impartial, sensible and intelligent I have read so far. It’s sad that there are not more people who believe as you two do and are willing to post it. Thank you again.

          • donaldwestington

            Another brown nosing media trained fake poser that thinks he looks morally righteous by parroting TV-provided platitudes and sucking up to (of course) a black man because you have no real moral substance or a mind of your own to form your own moral values, so you use what is already provided to you by the media as a moral high-ground. You’re such a good person! /s You: “Thank you! Your posts are so great because you are black! I hate myself! If only I could tattoo my skin brown!” You’re so fake, it’s painful to read your brown-nosing post.

          • Jennifer McQuillan

            hey Duane I agree with a lot of what your saying but I disagree about how he dressed. (Should we all be wearing Burqa’s or something?) He had a picture button pinned to his sweater. Think about that. No one should have to dress according to anyone’s ideals, opinions, etc. Our society is greater than that and we have already broadened those kinds of boundaries. Swimsuits come to mind? Let’s focus on a law that our children are in danger of. For it doesn’t protect them from strangers. The kind we warn them about it. The kind of Trayvon’s, or any child is afraid of

          • Michael K Jackson

            I think that,ironically,if T Martin HAD, in fact,been a gangsta or gangsta wannabe he would be alive.Perhaps we should as a right of passage, at 15,join all black kids to neighborhood gangs and buy then loaded guns as their only line of defense and hope of survival in case zimmerman (who is getting his gun back) should see them

          • CP


            CHECK THIS

          • Michael K Jackson

            Im not suggesting a solution,cause I don’t think there is one save burning the whole nation to the ground and starting over.I( just think it might keep some black kids alive from “self defense” killing.When they see someone about to “self defense” them they will have some recourse

          • skbbks

            Stupid comment!

          • Michael K Jackson

            Is survival stupid for black children?

          • blessedtruth

            Will get back to ya on that douche!

          • donaldwestington

            He was 17, not a child. Get that media d*** outta your mouth, brainwashed media-zombie.

          • blessedtruth

            If Saint George needs firearm there is no shortage of friend donors negro!

          • donaldwestington

            I’m so glad he’s getting his gun back. Second amendment for life baby! Oh, wait, does that make me racist? Ah man! I’m breathing! Does that make me racist? Should I be a cowardly suck-up like msimoneaux in order to not be a racist? Whatever shall I do!?!?

          • FlPatriot98

            Duane, you miss the whole point!!! Self defense is not murder!!! If you were on the ground getting your head smashed into the pavement and had a gun you would be a complete idiot not to try and use it to defend yourself or die!!! Zimmerman most likely didn’t want to kill Treyvon but when Treyvon told him he was going to die and attempted to get the gun away from him he pulled the trigger. Treyvon should have kept walking and not circled back and cold cocked Zimmerman. He would still be alive today if he hadn’t made that dumb decision!!!

          • Newzjunki

            Zimmerman should have not pursued Treyvon as he did. I would have fought him too. There is a fear factor there when one is being stalked. Fight or flight kicks in.

          • donaldwestington

            He didn’t. He went back to his truck and Trayvon approached the creepy ass cracka (as racist Trayvon called him, but oh boy do you wanna ignore that, you anti-white media lap-dog)

          • skbbks

            What about whites who walk in a black community at night? Are they safe? I don’t think so, so quit with the one-sided reasoning. And, yes, I did read Mr. Ford’s comment, as well as yours. Don’t judge others without knowing your facts.

          • Michael K Jackson

            I don’t let my kids walk around in black neighborhoods at night either,without me,or an armed escort,for fear the cops will kill them,for 1 thing

          • Daviecrockett

            You really are delusional man, and I bet only white cops too right and the black ones are uncle toms right. You deserve everything you dont have.

          • donaldwestington

            EXACTLY! I’ve had attempted robberies pulled on me TWICE in the neighborhood I live in (predominately black). All these media-trained cowards that slander Zman most likely don’t live anywhere near a black neighborhood. But I guess it’s my fault for being white in a black neighborhood. EVERYTHING is whitey’s fault, according to the media, disingenuous self-loathing white-guilt cowards, and blacks. I’m really getting sick and f—ing tired of this country, and I plan on moving to Czechoslovakia.

          • donaldwestington

            You’re so non-racist & hip and progressive! I wanna delude myself too, so I won’t get called a racist, because that’s worse than being called a murderer in this backwards brainwashed country! I wanna be a coward and close my eyes to facts (like Zimmerman’s innocence being proven by FORENSICS, not emotions that you’ve pathetically subscribed to) just like you, so I can be “in” and “hip”! How’s that media-provided pseudo moral high horse doin’ for ya?

          • Duane

            What? What ‘in the hell’ are you talking about? (Because wherever you are must surely be hell.)

          • patcol

            no they just found another way to throw OJ in jail…POW!!!!

          • patcol

            and it’s funny how you all fall into this racial crap……these men are free to roam, hell i’m black and would shoot them down if I saw them. Zimmerman was set free with no initial investigation and was never intended to be a trial. They prepped for the not guilty verdict weeks before the verdict. There are even white people who were unfairly thrown in jail for truly defending themselves in home invasions where they were genially threatened… those stories as to why white people should take to the streets

          • Michael K Jackson

            white people are always truly free to take to the streets wherever and whenever they like.But they don’t because they don’t care enough about anything to sacrifice for it except money.That there is largely the truth of it.I own a thriving business,but I’d love to see this entire nation burn to the ground.What Id lose is nothing if we can win safety by law for all/our children

          • Michael K Jackson

            that is the ONE single time EVER in the history where we have ever seen a black man get a fair trial,and we were OVERJOYED.Don’t compare the complicated,disfunctional relationship between 2 adults to the stalking and murder of a 17 year old child by a grown man with a gun (molester?)

          • skbbks

            Thank you, Troy. I agree 100%. And a Caucasian Congressional Caucus.

          • Dawn

            I don’t understand why people insist that ‘white folks’ need an association to be on their side. I’m sorry, the entire SYSTEM is on your side. If it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be a need for minority protections.

          • Michael K Jackson

            you already have organizations for the superior treatment of white folks.You are also free to, every one of you protest all day every single day to do whatever you like.I would guess that white folks don’t care about anything enough to protest about it,except the ones with us.For the rest of white america,it’s probably “all about the benjamins”

          • donaldwestington

            Thank you. Jemareius Ford is yet another racist black trying to obfuscate his racism. Whites don’t riot over that kind of stuff because whites (except for the self-loathing media-trained disingenuous white guilt liberals, who are racist towards their own kind in a cheap attempt to seem moral and egalitarian) are not the racist party in this country. The only racists I see are blacks.

        • Wayne

          First off, and it seems no ever remembers this, George Zimmerman was the Neighborhood Watch Captain. What does that mean? It means that he is supposed to keeps his eyes open for people who aren’t supposed to be in the neighborhood or who are exhibiting suspicious behavior. Seeing a you kid walking around with no apparent destination when it is raining would fall under that classification. Now if Trayvon had just gone to his girlfriends house instead of wandering around suspiciously there would have been no problem.

          • Russ W.

            So by your theory if I see you in my neighborhood I should think your up to no good just because I have never seen you before, and could confront you and shot you at your first aggressive act towards me???? BS!!! Yes Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch captain NOT a police officer, as a NW Capt his duty was to call in the suspicious person and let the police handle it. I am very pro 2nd amendment and think if you are in grave danger you have every right to protect yourself, but I don’t think the stand your ground law should be a defense for those seeking and escalating a violent confrontation. The law is flawed plain and simple. This last part doesn’t have to do with your reply but people are making this a black v. white issue, but Zimmerman is Hispanic not white.

          • Wayne

            You really haven’t paid attention to the FACTS of this case have you. He was found not guilty is the first fact that you are ignoring. The second fact is that Treyvon attacked George Zimmerman not the other way around. The third fact is that GZ called the police dispatch not 911 and the dispatcher asked him where the individual was going and when GZ was told to stop following the individual he started back to his truck. At this point if all people involved had gone onto their respected destinations nothing would have happened and we never would have heard about this. Now why don’t we look into the information that was excluded from the trial. Treyvon had been kicked out of school for having drugs on campus along with having stolen goods in his possession. He posted on his Facebook page photos of himself with wads of cash that for a 17 year old who was in a household that was not in the fortune 500 was very suspicious, unless he was a drug dealer. So if the facts fail to sway your standing or even influence your thinking, it appears that the only thing that would satisfy you would be the death penalty for George Zimmerman, which even though he was found innocent of any crime would make you a vigilante with no respect for the law of the land. Let me add this one little thing, if someone were walking in my backyard without my permission to do so, I would call the police to come and collect the body.

          • Michael K Jackson

            but there is a problem now,ain’t there.We ain’t gonna leave one stone resting upon another until this is made right.

          • Wayne

            And what would make this right MJ, murdering the man who was found innocent? WHY aren’t blacks more upset with the killing of young black men in Chicago? I read today that since this shooting in Florida there have been 700 young black men killed in Chicago without one peep from the press. WHY are there no screams from the black people of the fact that 91% of the murders of black youths are killed by other blacks? Please if you respond have answers to these questions before you rant about anything else.

          • Andy Jordan

            The reason we don’t hear about it is because those 700 murders (in Chicago area alone, for God’s sake) of young black men, mosty at the hands of other black men, do not fit the proper political narrative being foisted upon us to stoke the flames of racial hatred. It’s a classic Alinsky-style divide-and-conquer technique by a corrupt, statist administration and a fawning liberal news media carrying water for it. When will we wake up and stop falling for it ?

          • Mom Of Two

            Let me start off with the fact that we live in a tragic world. Full of hate
            for the other person due to the fact that we have been told they are no good
            because of the color of their skin. I have read all the comments posted here,
            agreed with some and not with others. I live in a country where I can go on the
            Internet and read other opinions and express my own without being beheaded. For
            that I am grateful, at this moment. If more people used this awesome way to
            communicate as a way to learn about different cultures and people in general,
            maybe a better understanding of “our differences” would prove that there are
            not many differences at all. This could be a means to get to know others
            in a way you would not otherwise be afforded to for whatever the reason. For the
            African Americans posting, when is the last time you went to dinner or had a cup
            of coffee with a Caucasian person? Are you to say that ALL Caucasians are the
            “devil” because they were born Caucasian? This same question applies to
            Caucasians, are all African Americans gangsters? The answer to that is no.
            People from all walks of life commit violent crimes, against others and against
            those of their race.

            This racial divide must come to an end. What will it prove in the end? We
            all bleed the same. Any crime scene photo I have seen shows people dead of all
            skin tones, yet the blood on the scene is always red.

            This is for Michael K Jackson that posted – What stone can you rest upon
            another to make anything right? Have you become God? Your thoughts of revenge
            and your desire to act out on emotion and not rational thinking is exactly what
            fuels this divide. The Black Panthers to talk to Zimmerman? That’s like having
            the KKK talk to the four young African Americans who killed the young Caucasian
            couple. That’s just insane. I choose to talk to my kids about tragic events such
            as this so they can learn from others bad choices. I teach them for every
            decision you make there are consequences – Think your choice through to the end,
            are you prepared to deal with the final consequence? If not, you better give
            that choice more thought. There is always another way. MKJ you speak of being
            afraid for your children, I get that. But yet you speak of right of passage, at
            15 blacks joining gangs and getting guns as a hope of survival and ” WHILE WE
            BURN STUFF TILL JUSTICE ARRIVES” Whether or not you like the outcome or not,
            justice arrived. A court of law determined this man not guilty, a jury of his
            peers state so. So you can’t talk about having safety by LAW for all our
            children if you don’t believe in the laws of the land yourself and argue the
            decision if its not to your liking. Why have a legal system at all? Now I don’t
            always like the justice system, and I agree it does not always work. But that’s
            what is in place and it’s not going to chance anytime soon. I don’t agree that
            OJ was innocent, my opinion is that he killed his ex-wife and the poor young man
            with her at the time. However, it was not my opinion as a member of the jury to
            decide that. So the decision was what it was. At the end of the day, two more
            people were killed and removed from this earth. Taken from their families,
            friends and kids earlier than maybe what God had intended. I don’t know I am not
            God. Still tragic, no matter the decision. Can’t argue that. If your teaching
            your kids to think as you have posted, you should be afraid for them. Not
            because of what society is teaching…more so for what your planting in their
            heads. The statements you make will stick in their heads, and when faced with a
            major life choice (who knows what that may be) its your words that will ring in
            their ears when they choose their fate. Ask yourself are you prepared to live
            with the consequences of the choices they make because your words are the first
            thing to ring in their ears before they thought of thinking their choice
            through? If your teaching them these things, your not even giving them a choice
            to determine their own thoughts on the world or other people for that matter.
            Not every “white kid” or cracker as you like to call Caucasians, does drugs.
            That’s like saying its all “black kids” that sell drugs. MKJ how can you teach
            your children to step outside of the mainstream box of thinking, if you are
            stuck in it yourself. Again if your teaching your children to believe the things
            you have posted, you should be afraid for them. That’s the best recipe I can
            think of to watch your children live a miserable life, wind up in prison or
            worse placing flowers on their grave. The saying goes, “When nothings changes,
            nothing changes”. The change starts with the people, we are all human
            beings….we all bleed red.

          • grover9559

            A neighborhood watch person is supposed to be the eyes and ears for the police but not the enforcers! BTW Zimmerman was no longer an official neighborhood watch person after he assaulted a police officer in another town. He was strictly acting on his own when he got out of his car with a gun and went after his target. Maybe next time he will go after someone who shoots back!

          • Wayne

            Grover if you actually paid attention to what happened and what was said by the dispatcher, he asked George where the individual was going. Also at no time did George pull his gun, it was in his waistband holster the whole time until Treyvon saw it and went for it at which time George fearing for his life drew and fired. Now if the Treyvon had just kept going to his destination instead of attacking Mr. Zimmerman the two would have never met. So Grover WTF up and pull your head out.

        • Dale

          Very well said…I agree with you on most of your points..

        • ChuckWonDo

          I disagree. Zimmerman had every right to “profile” Martin. Profiling isn’t “illegal” and the word gets abused by a manipulative , dishonest, media. Martin could have just continued on his way home. He did not need to turn around and confront / assault Zimmerman. Its also not illegal to follow and watch someone, especially, if your part of a neighborhood watch program. Zimmerman was doing what he was supposed to do…”observe and report.” The police dispatchers instructions are not compulsory. Zimmerman did not break the law by ignoring the dispatcher. The ONLY person who broke a law was Martin when he walked up and assaulted Zimmerman. Martin chose to become a thug. He chose the wrong “creepy ass cracker” to screw with. In fact, the only indication of “racism” in this case came from the mouth of young Martin ( via his girlfriend). This case received far more attention than it deserved. If Zimmerman were a “black” neighborhood watch person this would have been a passing blurb on the back page of the local paper. FBI statistics show that a white person is far more often the target of a racial attack than a “black” person. Its an inconvenient truth but you can look it up. UCR (Uniform Crime Report) any year.

          • Michael K Jackson

            I saw a white cop following me at dusk once and I stopped and looked at him till he asked me why I was acting so nervous so I told him,”Im black,it is almost dark you have a gun,and I do not.If I’m gonna die tonight Im gonna see it happen.” He got back in his car and left. I’m an adult.Treyvon Martin did not have my knowledge wisdom or readyness to die.He was in fact only 17.If zimmerman were black,he’d have watched from his living room window,called the cops,and then watched “Bernie Mack”.And it wouldn’t be cause a kid in a hoodie is buying candy.Why is that creepy ass cracker crying about the Black Panthers want to talk to him.He’s getting his gun back.

        • jimmy

          Jemarius, what is wrong with profiling? Multiple crimes had been committed in that exact neighborhood in the preceding weeks. ALL of them by young black men. So, if you see a young black man you don’t recognize, I say, you MUST profile. Just like if all the crimes had been by a blonde haired blue eyed female with a lisp. You see a blonde-haired blue-eyed female you watch. And that’s all Zimmerman did. He watched. Racial profiling should not be wrong. If it is illegal, it should not be. And if your name is mohammed, or Ahmed, or if you are from Afghanistan or Iraq . . . or anywhere in the middle east . . . then YES you should be double-checked before being allowed on a commercial aircraft. The reason racial profiling was ever done is because IT WORKS. It isn’t racist. It’s good crime-fighting.

        • Michael K Jackson

          THAT”S ridiculous.White kids don’t get shot for wearing hoodies.These folks are just as threatened by our cleancut president with a Harvard education and expensive as they are our kids in hoodies.The one black person dressed in a satisfyingly non-threatening way is Tyler Perry in his dress! My son wore a hoodie and sagging pants all the way to Stanford and Harvard,because I didn’t impose a burdon on him of dressing to make white folks feel safe.That,is not our cross to bear.

          • Michael Draven
          • Wayne

            That is the dumbest thing I have ever read. Because you didn’t require your child to dress appropriately, you will probably say that he should get a fortune 500 job but won’t because of racism, not because he doesn’t present himself as someone who has respect for himself and for the job he is applying for. You need to read the book that Dr. Carson wrote, and if you don’t know don’t know who Dr. Carson is you should go hide yourself in your closet because you are an idiot.

          • concernedparent

            I feel so bad for the parents, being a parent myself of two sons. I look at this as a horrible thing that has happened. He was just a kid, 17. I did and I know a lot of people did not make the best decisions at 17. But GZ and should have made a better decision, he was older and by age was allowed the ability to make better decisions. He should not have followed. The police told him to stop. I am white, and now I fear that this has spurred hate toward me and my family and I do not feel same. The actions of one do not define a group, I learned that in grade school. Please do not define all “whites” as being racist. Because I do not define any other race by the actions of one. Plus, I am not just “white”. I am Irish, German, Native American, French, and Swedish. Just as our President is from different backgrounds including African American and white, he mom was English and some Irish, his dad was from Kenya.

        • Jon Rhoads

          Even if Zimmerman had profiled Trayvon; which he didn’t, he has the right. He is not a police officer or any other kind of public servant that is bound by discrimination rules. Trayvon could have changed the outcome just by running home, instead of confronting Zimmerman. Even if he did confront him, he could have just told him he lives there with his father and walked away. There was no reason for Trayvon to attack him, but he did, and he paid the ultimate price.

        • skbbks

          I appreciate your comments, but this case was manipulated by the media from the beginning. They sensationalized it to sell news, and, also, because most of the MSM are liberal/progressives. They are biased in their reporting. You need to recognize that fact. Also, Obama should have kept his mouth shut about the case until evidence was brought forward to support that a crime was actually committed. Where are his comments when all of the black on white violence occurs? According to the witnesses and the injuries to GZ, this case never should have gone to trial. The prosecution had no case, and yet they overcharged GZ because of political pressure. They put forth no evidence to support their premise that GZ shot TM because he wanted to. That was just ridiculous. Now the New Black Panthers are putting a $10,000 bounty on GZ’s head. How racist is that? Why isn’t Holder investigating their remarks that “the white man’s time is up?” How racist is that? When TM called GZ a “creepy a** white cracka,” you don’t think that is a racist comment? I certainly don’t like it, or honkey. But it’s okay for blacks to call whites names, but not the reverse. To be honest, I think white America is sick and tired of being called racist for everything under the sun. Enough is enough!

        • Tom McBride

          Another example of delusional thinking. There was absolutely NOTHING to indicate that Zimmerman followed him because Trayvon was black, PERIOD. If you think so you are IGNORANT of the facts but if you do know the facts and still think race was involved then you are surely delusional.

        • Joe

          I agree with most of your post but one part. How does wearing a hoodie make you a threat. If I was walking to a store on a rainy night I would most likely wear a hoodie. Every time an issue like this comes up a lot of white people want to bring up black on white crime and black on black crime. When you have any group of people who are kept at the bottom of the economic ladder that group of people will result to any means to get ahead, right or wrong. White crime is on the raise as well as single white mothers all due to economics. Poverty is color blind.

        • Wingedgodd3ss

          Sorry-the prior incidents of crime by black youth in that particular neighborhood caused this to happen. There had been several incidents which is why Zimmerman was out to begin with. Trayvon was a thug and a drug user and dealer. He had purchased the makings of some special cocktail that he was known to make sell and use. He was not out for a stroll during a heavy rainstorm-he was out to make a fix for him or someone else. The other case where a baby was shot in the face got no press because we have a terrible media who is only out to promote their agenda. And black on white crime doesn’t fit the bill.

        • Daviecrockett

          The actions he took as in calling the cops to report suspicious behavior.

        • Newzjunki

          Well stated.

      • Templewind

        On another Zimmerman/Martin story today, what I assumed as being a black female, finally answered a similar question from me. When asked why I haven’t ever heard a pro-Trayvon commenter respond to questions about black-on-black murders in Chicago, she said that the only murders which are important in the “over-all scheme of things” were the ones motivated by pure racism. I thanked her for being honest and said I would think that all murders were pretty important in the, “over-all scheme of things”.

      • krinks

        Ask them this. Why is it that in any part of the country where the population is all white there is no crime?

      • Michael K Jackson

        A black defendant would have stayed his a** in the car.I am 60 years old and no where on this planet is there a 17 year old 150 lb kid of any nationality capable of placing my life in danger ( or fear of danger) without a weapon! The one exception ever,was the legendary Mike Tyson when he was 17,and no way in hell I’m getting out of the car to approach him! Had I been dumb enough to do so,I’d take my beat down and crawl back to the house.PERIOD.On the other hand what chance did Treyvon Martin have.He could have run,but the car was too fast.From the moment zimmerman say him he was as good as dead.And he did whatever he did cause he knew it.He should have rolled his fat a** over (he out weighed Martin by 100 pounds),ran to his car and left.

      • mperkins2

        Sometimes it’s just hard to face the truth.

      • Tracy Miller

        Anybody who kills somone under the circumstances Trayvon Martin was killed should be in jail! ANYONE. Get real. If your friend didn’t say anything, she might just hate whites. You need a new friend.

      • blessedtruth

        No argument to use D!

      • wwj745

        here is a real life reversal. Where the black shooter actually left his house and shot Christopher Cervini for just lunging at him.

      • wwj745
    • TheCircle000

      That is a very generalized and racist statement. You do realize that msny black people actually do work and choose education as a way to triumph over poverty. So you are on the right track with your statement about education. Problem is that education in poor black communities is highly unequal. They study in run down, over crowded schools with books from 1977 while wealthier white schools have state of the art facilities and faculty. Look at Philadelphia where they shut down several poor black schools to fill a $300 million shortfall, but then spent $400 million for a for-profit prison. Do you really think we can meet the goal of using education to get poor blacks out of the “poverty mindset” as long as they have poor schools? I think not.

      • Hard Boiled

        But that is not white peoples fault. white people were run out of those cities by the blacks, and all the crimes. so the ones paying your taxes are the black people who live there. you need to make them responsible for their actions and get the officials involved. as long as all they do is blame people who dont live there because of their color, and take no responsibility for that mess, they will continue to wallow in it.

        • TheCircle000

          Well actually it is technically “white people’s fault” although not directly YOUR, or most white people’s fault if you look at history. It is the generations of institutionalized racism that has created this mess. The only way to help them break free of this nonsense is to have empathy for the plight and work with these communities to provide great education and fight to defeat the generational “curses”, etc. I am fortunate to be an African American who grew uo in privilege, as my father was very successful in production of music and worked with many successful artists. I don’t think of myself as better than peoole born in poor neighborhoods just because I sm successful todsy. I understand that they had far more barriers in front of them, so it is totally unfair to pretend like we are on s levek playing field. I am certainly not justifying the barbaric behavior displayed by these offenders, but I understand the science behind what leads to it.

          • Hard Boiled

            Not all white people can continue to be blamed for what is happening. as long as that continues, this will only get worse. Liberals feel guilt. i do not. i was not born in privileged, no one ever gave me anything. i worked my way through college, i was not given any scholarships. i dont riot, i dont shoot anyone, i dont blame another race for my situation. my family and i dont deserve to live in fear or deserve to be murdered for something we didn’t do. i live a decent life, and no one is going to tell me i deserve to die or have less because someone else refuses to change their situation. as long as excuses get made, there will be no change. I am married to a black man who does not agree with this barbaric behavior, and he certainly doesn’t blame anyone for anything he didn’t have. instead he took care of it himself, went into the military, got an education, got a skill he could carry with him. he doesn’t understand those who refuse to do anything for themselves and continue to blame another race for their problems. His family certainly doesn’t act like this either, so its not all blacks who are this way, i am the first one to know that.

          • TheCircle000

            It takes exceptional people to break free of generational poverty. Your husband (if he grew up poor) is an exceptional person. But not everybody is as able to cope with adversity the way he has. We have to start investing more social resources into improving the schools in these areas so that we can educated people on how to break free of poverty. If we do that, you will gradually see improvement of these crime statistics.

      • mperkins2

        Yes I am completely aware there are many blacks working and have a good education. They have what they do through much hard work and studying. That is my point hard work and not handouts is the way to a successful life. As for the school problem, there again you will have to blame the Democrats because where these things you mention take place are where the democrats run the cities. Look at all of your large cities that they are running, the cities like Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia and others. These cities lay in ruins because of their poor leadership and managerial skills, not to mention their greed. The schools in these places are in such shape because they are spending your tax dollars on themselves instead of where it should be going. Most inner cities are predominately black but I don’t think that is the main reason they are in such shape. It would not matter to the greedy politicians who is going to these schools the results would be the same. You say the books are from 1977, which I would say the information in those books is probably more accurate than the watered down and rewritten to fit their agenda books that they are teaching out of today. But if you need or want new books for your schools you should be knocking on the doors of your city councils every day demanding them instead of blaming someone who has no control over that situation. As far as the prison system goes it has turned into a big money making industry. Why do you think more people are going there, for sometimes minor offences, because the more they lock up the more money they get. I was in no way making racial statements on the subject above but only stating facts. The Rodney King beating (which by the way I thought was wrong) the blacks instead of going about settling it in a lawful and peaceful manor they just destroyed their city by going on a rampage and just hurting anyone who wasn’t black. You can see the same thing happening in the Zimmerman verdict. And the place most of the rioting is going on now is in California, where the incident with Rodney King took place. My only objective was to try and make you see that this type of action is wrong, and achieving thing on your own is more rewarding than a hand out. This is not the time for our citizens to be fighting amongst ourselves when there are much greater problems facing our country. It should all be said and done but our government is keeping it stirred up so while we are fighting amongst ourselves they are trying to take away more of our rights behind our backs. If you think your situation is dire now just wait until they pass this dream act then we all will be second rate citizens. Lets fight together and save our country from those who are selling us out instead of fighting with each other over things we cannot control.

        • TheCircle000

          You made some great points here. But the only way we will enable more impoverished black people to realize the reward of earning, we must first supply the tools to achieve in the first place. I generally find that conservatives lack the empathy required to provide the resources these communities need to educate their populous. We simply can’t expect the condition to improve if these kids are still learning in run down schools while wealthy (mostly white) kids go to world class schools. I live in Chicago, and while most schools in black communities are falling apart, New Trier high school, which serves the wealthy North Shore suburbs is a world class facility with teachers with PhDs, etc.

          • mperkins2

            That is why it is so important to get together with other parents and demand your officials to do something about these problems. It seems those we elect forget that they work for us not us for them. If you can’t get what you need from those who are in charge vote them out and elect some one that will help you solve problems not create more just to keep their pockets padded. Chicago was once a great city, but since these progressive Democrats started running it the city has declined rapidly. The mayor you have now is no more than a gangster who only rewards those who can benefit him. You also are faced with the problem of having a very high crime rate and a high rate of black on black killings. Why won’t anything be said or done about that. It’s because it does not fit into their progressive agenda. If those in power wanted to stop crime they would go after the criminals and quit trying to take the guns of all you honest citizens, which is your main way of self defense, while the criminals keep theirs. I truly hope you can get the schools you need so bad, but until you direct your anger towards those who deserve I afraid those in charge will continually keep you down and hold you back from your true potential. Be wary of the Democrats because they say they care about blacks with lip service but show me what they are actually doing for you. Good luck.

      • Absolutely fedthef-up

        Really?!? So, what you’re saying is that in order to learn one only needs state of the art equipment? The ABILITY to learn comes from the WILL to learn. Do you seriously think black neighborhoods are the only ones with problems in their education? There is a school in my city that was mostly funded with money from the Gates Foundation. Million of dollars were poured into building and furnishing this “state of the art” campus with computers at EVERY desk in EVERY classroom (no books, they were all on-line)… in a BLACK neighborhood…97% of students attending this school were BLACK. Success rate? They still have the LOWEST graduating rate of any school in the district. More than half of the administration was fires for falsifying test scores to keep the grant money and Federal funds coming in. Please, explain to me again how “state of the art equipment” betters a persons education? Ever heard the expression “Where there’s a WILL there’s a WAY?”

        Maybe if the Liberals would stop dictating what is taught during “BLACK HISTORY MONTH”, stop victimizing this generation and stop blaming everything on the white people, and really taught “HISTORY” then the black kids of today could learn about what “SLAVERY” was really like and they could find better role models than scum bags like Mike Vick.

        • TheCircle000

          Well funded is what they need to be. But people in more state of the art facilities certainly have an advantage. But beyond underfunded schools, you have to take into account the socioeconomic challenges students in impoverished neighborhoods face. Kids in wealthy areas generally get to come home to a safe home with no food security issues, and generally have 2 parents. Kids in run down, impoverished neighborhoods deal with the constant threat of violence (bullets flying through their walls and the air), food security issues (lack of food, particularly healthy foods affects ability to learn and concentrate), peer pressure to join gangs via threats of harm to self or family and many more. It would be foolish to pretend as if learning in such a challenging environment is the same as a wealthier area. Sure people can triumph through it, but it is 100x harder, so to compare these kids as if they are on a level playing field is simply a fallacy.

    • Rosanne Howard

      More recently, two black teen-agers shot and killed a baby sleeping in his stroller by shooting him in the face because his mother didn’t have any money.
      do something about that, Holder. That baby was denied his entire life.

    • poeboys

      Now lets look at the a fact reported in this article by a Tea Party member named James Patrick ” FBI crime stats show that when there is a black/white incidence of violence, in 88 to 91% of the cases, the victim is white.” This is just not true. I have looked at the stats and according to the report found on the FBI website 48% of the people arrested for murder were white 49% were black. Arrest for forcible rape 65% white 33% black, robbery 43% white 56% black the list goes on with most of the numbers larger for the white population. The total for violent crimes is 68% white 28% black. But unlike this gentleman I will state all the facts. All this information is given to the FBI voluntary by law enforcement and most hispanics are classified as white. Also is does not tell you who did what to whom only the number of incidents and what type of people were arrested as a whole. For example it doesn’t say this black guy robed this white guy. So the information is not supremely reliable to draw conclusion. Now what Mr. Patrick is referring to is hate crime or crime done to someone because of their ethnic ,religious, race or sex orientation. And the FBI tracks that to of the 6222 hate crimes reported in 2011 49% were racial motivated and of the 49% ,72% were anti black offense. 18% were religious and of the 18%, 62% were anti-jewish. 20% of all hate crimes were attacks against people concerning sexual orientation.

      • cbr0422

        Yes, “Hispanic or Latino” is an ‘ethnicity’ designation, not race. You can be nearly any ‘race’ and still classify yourself as Hispanic or Latino by ethnicity.

      • VeeDub57

        You’re distorting the facts.

        The FACT is that 88 to 91% of ALL “violent inter-racial” crime is committed against whites by non-whites.

        That does not mean that 88 to 91% of all violent crime is committed against whites or that they are committed by non-whites.

        Huge difference!

      • VeeDub57

        You are distorting the facts.

        The FACT is that 88 to 91% of ALL “violent inter-racial” crime is committed against whites by non-whites.

        That does not mean that 88 to 91% of all violent crime is committed against whites or that they are committed by non-whites.

        Huge difference!

        I’d be surprised if you could find new accurate numbers though, as the justice department/FBI have been ordered to stop publishing data on violent black on white crime since around 2010. Most of what you will find is what you documented.

        Also fact, that information IS NOT given voluntarily. Each and every person arrested is fingerprinted, each and every time. Each and every fingerprint card, whether hard copy or electronic is sent to the FBI along with every bit of personal info on the person fingerprinted and the crimes they were arrested for.
        It is also a fact that it is not “politically correct” to charge minorities with hate crimes or race based crimes, therefore many, like the one in this article, never get charged with them. This case did go to the FBI for race crimes, and the FBI refused to prosecute.

    • Michael K Jackson

      are you kidding me.We are happy to have a black president which does real good to see in our community.The fact however that the,dignity,respect,and power of his great education still makes the president the object of hateful,racist statements makes it clear that we will always be hated and feared because of our skin.I don’t get any free check,I own real estate investments,and I’m a partner in a business.I don’t know anyone getting any free checks.Probably cause they’re white.Our children would be stalked and murdered daily,It isnt EVEN A CRIME TO KILL AN UNARMED BLACK KID! So yeah,I thank God for the black panthers,and Jesse Jackson.White people murdered the unarmed Dr King,and wore t-shirts on tv stating “OUR DREAM CAME TRUE” Maybe if all 15 year old kids were given a gun to carry with them,they could possibly survive high school.I know,it’s our fault for being black,and looking dangerous.

      • mperkins2

        I do not recall saying anything about the President. I was referring to those who just accept a check and have never even worked. The problem is to continue to accept those meager checks they are getting they are holding their selves back. You can never go any further than the government will allow you to. I know and understand there are many well educated blacks who are doing very well for themselves. But they did not get where they are at by setting at home waiting on a check, no they worked hard and studied hard.
        I see no wrong in helping those who really need it and can’t do better, I just believe if you are able you should work and support yourself. It is always more satisfying when you earn something for yourself. Further more I never made any racist remarks and I fear no one over their skin color. I never said anything about Dr. King and never will, but I stand fast on the things I said about the others. All the do is play with peoples emotions incite them to violence like you are seeing now. The Black Panthers are no more than a black KKK. You would do well to stay away from them. By the way, I guess it’s all right to shoot an unarmed baby.

    • Teamzippy

      Well, I assume you don’t care. But GZ chased and murdered a 17 year old person armed with skittles. Then was NOT charged. And when he finally WAS charged, was eventually acquitted, and is now a free man. The 4 black men in this case were or were not charged when caught? RIGHT! They WERE charged. See the difference there? And were they acquitted? NO! They are in prison and/or on death row. See the difference there? Black people aren’t upset because of the crime (well, they are). What they (and liberals like me) are upset about is that apparently its ok to kill an unarmed person in Florida. Just claim self-defense, claim you were afraid, and so you HAD to shoot the murdered person, you just had to do it! I presume none of you can even remotely see the difference there, I realize I am wasting my time.

      • mperkins2

        Evidently you don’t know the whole story on Trayvon Martin. He was on expulsion at the time of this event. He got searched at school and they found pot on him. In a prior event he was found with women’s jewelry and a man’s watch. According to the school official who found these items said they matched descriptions of things missing in a recent robbery. In neither incident was it reported to authorities only as in school discipline. The neighborhood he was in had a rash of robberies. That is why they had the Neighborhood Watch. When he followed to keep an eye on where he went, all the while talking to 911, until he was told to turn back, which he did, it was sometime during that time the incident occurred. Witnesses confirmed Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman beating him. Afraid for his life shot once to get his attacker off. Anyone in that situation would have reacted the same. The prosecution had no proof or no real case against him. The whole trial was a show for those who were made to believe this was a racially motivated event. Had the roles of these two people were reversed we would not even talking about it. If the school official had turned him in instead of worrying about his outage records, maybe he would be alive because he would have been in custody. So if you want to find someone to blame try the schools, or maybe the liberal media who played the race angle the whole time or you could blame Tryvon for being in a neighborhood who cared enough for to protect it, but you cannot blame George Zimmerman who was where he was supposed to be and doing what he was supposed to be doing.

        • Teamzippy

          I just realized you claimed that GZ turned back when asked to by the dispatcher. That is a complete fabrication on your part. If he stayed in his car as directed, then how did he end up in a physical altercation with Trayvon?

          AND, once again, whatever crimes Trayvon may have committed (not that there’s any proof that he did commit such a crime, but I forgot, we’re at the convict him stage, no trial, no evidence). But say he DID commit a burglary. What’s the punishment for that? Is it MURDER? Well then, what’s the punishment for murder? Because that’s what George Zimmerman has committed.

          • mperkins2

            You are so blind and dumb. This was a case of self defense. You have let the liberal media brainwash you into believing every thing they tell you. They played the race card all along and when they were proved wrong they started a whole new campaign. Learn to accept justice prevails when you are on the side of right. You would not know what truth and justice was if it slapped you in the face. If you feel good defending him because he was “black” and all white people are bad be my guest. He was where he had no business and bullied the wrong guy. You need to stay on your feel good sites and stay off the ones that offend you so much. “Nuff’ said”.

    • justice4travon

      Stop talking about what you don’t know. the media and your prejudice friends and family would have you think we don’t care about education. well that is so far from the truth its so funny. Every member of my family has a college degree Masters and above. I work with many blacks that are educated as well. So what are you talking about. ha-ha no one is rioting over the travon Martin case so you can’t pin that on us. we will boycott white American and hit you guys in the pocket book. we spend a trillion dollars a year in this economy .I bet you don’t even know any black people your basing your statement on fictional characters you see portrayed in movies & on TV not real life. I wish you could get all those white women to stop throwing themselves on black men since they are the bad guys but no that will never happen they know where that good sex is they want something they can feel. I’m not angry about the trayvon case you win some and loose some I personally got to witness the verdict of the OJ I cheered ! so that balances it out for me because we all know he was guilty right .how dare you speak against our strong good leaders, they are not stirring up any feeling we know how you white blue eyed devils operate, so to let the truth be told can’t any one stir up any thing but you guys by continuing to be racist hatemongering dogs. more race crimes have been committed by Caucasian people then any other race of people on earth. Keep your mouth off our black King leaders. big liars ..I would hate to live my life based on a lie. Your not a super race that is superior to all human beings. quite the opposite. Ya’ll manufacture lies and spread them to your children to keep the hate going. by saying we are violent and don’t care about education. where is this coming from. I don’t think a black man could get in the white house if he was so uneducated and a thug as you would try to make us out to be. he is a Harvard grad. how do you explain that accomplishment if we are all idiots. I bet you or your children couldn’t get accepted into more fact Google serial killers in this country in this century you will notice the common thread they are all middle aged white men they did some unthinkable acts to their victims. Who is really the animals and violent. Blacks do not do mass shooting at schools, movies, or public places or serial killing. I’ll pray for your lost souls that don’t see your race for what it is ya’ll are truly a sick group of people. that frightens me. I trained my kids how to watch you guys so if you walk into their class room they can escape with their life. doesn’t take much to set you cowards off then here you go to a school and go postal. Thank God in heaven I’m a strong black person. We are born with it in our DNA. that why we ore the best at everything we do from Michael Jordan to Barack Obama. lastly we have to protest because we never get justice when you guys break the law against us but we do one little thing the white racist cops are beating us over the head with night sticks when we are not even resisting arrest. you guys have so much animosity toward black people except when we our winning championships for your city and college then you love us. if it was up to me I’d pull all black men out of every pro sport and see how well you would start treating us then because with out us there would be no game days to look forward .

    • mollllllyyyyy

      Why you ask? Simply in Americas history whites havr committed wayyyyyyyy mote attrocities against the black race riots occurred after decades of oppression dip fck not after a handful of white on black crimes..regardlessly of the race of the individuals involved a crime is still a crime.

    • JustOneProletarian

      Vested interests, vested interests.

    • InDaTruth

      “For the second year in a row, Kentucky has been bounced from the NCAA tournament. And, for the second year in a row, riots broke out on and off campus in Lexington.” They were all white kids. So when white kids riot and destroy property because of sporting events white people are very quiet. But when the people you enslaved, raped, hung, castrated, and are now turning your heads when not proved guilty , but are shot by cops, you start whining.

      • mperkins2

        I don’t know why you waited 2 years to reply to this comment but I will answer your questions. I did not know about these “white kids” doing what you claim but if they did to others what these boys did to these people then they should be prosecuted also. Rioting and destroying property is one thing but torture and murder are another. These boys should be convicted to the fullest extent of the law. There is no place in society for trash like that, black, white, yellow or red. Furthermore I have never enslaved, raped, hung, castrated, bent, folded or mutilated anyone. I would have made the same comment regardless of the race of the perpetrators. Right is right and wrong is wrong, makes no difference who or what race you are.

        • InDaTruth

          This country was built out of civil disobedience. The founders of this country rioted and looted and spied, and murdered, in order to get out from under the rule of the British oppressors. We celebrate civil disobedience, rioting and looting, every time we teach about the Boston Tea party. “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” — Tom Paine, 1776

  • Kieth Brackett

    It was in the news for a long time, I know because she was a friend of mine, my 2 cats are named after her 2 friends that she was with before being carjacked that night. Hope you don’t mind, since you’re the one making it political, but you’re a (very explicit language) (more explicit language) (lucky I’m only reading as you trash my friend and use her as a political pawn)

    • Fsnook

      Please stop lying, it doesn’t help anything.


      It was not news where I lived and certainly was not talked about by the mains stream media. I can bet good money most of the people I know have not even heard of it and if they did, would make excuses!

      • tjbuckey

        How is this trashing your friend? I believe everyone on this post is shocked and saddened by this story. :(

    • The Reader

      I live in Chicago , it was never on the news.

      • GREG

        I live in North Carolina which borders Tenn, today was the first I heard of this evil deed. I suggest that if the colors were reversed, it would have gone international!

      • johnhorse

        Nothing the negros do is ever on the news,only if it is white on black then it goes national.

  • maxam

    Great Graphic: Racial Consequences of Stand-Your-Ground Laws / By Marc Chandler / SUNDAY, July 14, 2013

    people are shocked at the jury’s finding in the Zimmerman case. In the
    context of stand-your-ground laws (SYG), they ought not be. This Great Graphic from the PBSshows why.

    US states have passed SYG laws that allow the use of force in the face
    of a perceived threat. Homicides in those states are judged justifiable
    at nearly twice the pace as the states that do not have such laws.

    laws give juries more latitude in considering for the defendant. The
    benefit of the doubt as it were is more likely to be given to some
    defendants over others.


  • kenpo5

    Ankle holster, check. Keltec in ankle holster, check. back up clip, check. large engined SUV, check. back up club, check. back up knife in car door “cup holder”, check.

    Okay, now where we about being tolerant of blacks and other nefarious souled individuals who would want to harm me, my family or attempt to carjack me while in the car? I’m tolerant until you jump bad with me and then it’s a new ball game.

  • TxGCB

    This is horrid and brings tears to my eyes. I have two early twenties daughters and can not imagine the horror that the couple endured. The men were probably laughing as they tortured them. No news, no outrage, no nothing. The justice system worked there as it did in Zimmerman trial.

    • DublinIreland

      This story was shown on one of the documentary type programs on TV. Dateline I think. It is so vicious and heinous but you know, if I posted this on FB, the black women friends I have would be totally indignant.

      • crazystuffonhere

        black women friends? lol, you people are deluded

  • ER12696490

    The pictures of above of the Four Killers look like Obama son, the illegal, Muslim, liar. How come no Federal Racial trial was brought against these four blacks. In this country we must go to our elected officials and have certain laws change and if the black community don’t like it give them there walking paper to where our illegal, Muslim, lying president came from, Kenya. PS he should take along with him Eric the racist Holder and Obama wife.

    • Skylerzane

      No federal Racial Trial was needed. They were all convicted and serving their times/been executed/on death row. The KKK sat out and protested this entire trial and there were tensions and other things that happened because of it. If you actually read about this trial and the details of it or even watched the Dateline show, 48 hours show and Investigation Discovery show Sins and Secrets you would see there was a big racial thing that happened around this case as well and it was well publicized. However, I love how this has shown people’s real feelings on race in America. I also like how it shows what people think the real problem is. I did my masters thesis on Stereotypes in education and music. Yes, there is a bigger problem with how an educated minority child is viewed in their community and this is what effects “poor minority children” from excelling in school, but that is not the case with Trayvon/Zimmerman. The boy was in the wrong place at the wrong time, Zimmerman disregarded the advice he was given not to follow, he didn’t identify himself, there was a fight when an unknown man started to follow the boy, Zimmerman had a gun, the gun went off that was that. There are consequences for your choices. Zimmerman chose to disobey an order from the police, he took matters into his own hands and a boy ended up dead. Was it racial? Maybe. Did he over react? Yeah. Did he make a bad decision? Yeah. Second Degree murder? NO. Manslaughter, sure. But he has to live with what he’s done for the rest of his life and think about what would have happened if he had listened and not followed Trayvon that day for the rest of his life. Of course I love how this gets blamed on Obama (who I didn’t vote for) or on black people being slackers who want to blame the white people for not succeeding. This whole thing was a series of mistakes and had nothing to do with race.

  • hiskid1964

    the family of the perpetrators need to be prosecuted as well

  • Jim McCormack

    The left wingers could care less about the horrible crimes described above. Fairness screams to be exposed but the left hates white and loves black..particularly Hollywood. Had this been a white on black crime ,there’d be a movie made and Holder would be shouting for “social justice ” from the roof tops.

    • Bass_Goddess21

      Wow. What a complete load of crap that is. I am a liberal, a “leftie”. You are painting all people with the same broad brush. There are crappy people of all ilks in this world. Being hateful toward ANY “group” is what us LEFTIES get pissed off about. How about taking each person at their own face value for their own character? Almost all of the posts on this thread are terribly racist and full of hate and vitriol. I abhor what was done to this young couple. The people that perpetrated this revolting crime are animals and should never see the light of day again.. Social justice is needed..for EVERYONE because this is the United States. Black, white, gay, straight, left, right it doesn’t matter to me. All that matters is how a person treats me and my family..with decency, dignity and respect. That’s what’s lacking in this country, respect for one’s self, respect for others, their lives, their property.

      • dizzy

        Thank you for that :) whhile there are those of any association and ethnicity that are one sided, the individual should be the value.

  • michael lawless

    blacks cant be racist only white middle class taxpayers are racist and some ” white hispanics”

  • Steelerdude

    Old old old….over 8 years ago….and it didnt happen this way…..this is bullshit !

    • NoCrud

      Over 8 years ago? The more the shame. And your vulgarity reduces the comment to near-Zero value.

    • kelly

      2007 is 8 years?? Hhmm check your math my friend its 6 years.

    • twotabbies2

      IT DIDN’T HAPPEN THIS WAY!?! Let me assure you that it did indeed happen this way and ALL of it is not represented in this story. Trust me, there was a lot more torture done to both of these young people. And, how do I know? Because I live in Knoxville and even if the main stream media did not report on it, our local media did. Anyone that lives in this area has seen the scum bag thugs go through 2 trials…we have watched as the families have remained stoic and strong through out it all. Did they riot? NO Did they call on the President and the DOJ to bring civil rights charges against the animals that did this? NO. But, believe you me, this was a HATE CRIME, Black on White, and those that live in Knoxville, Tn, know it and will never,ever forget it! and I would love to see you tell any of us that it is bullshit. SHAME ON YOU!

  • Ladybug91

    Reading this story sickened me to no end! Why didn’t the public ever hear of this heinous crime? Is it due to the liberal media who continues to white wash most stories or to water them down so the public won’t think to hard about it?
    When black fathers take responsibility for their offspring and little black children can be raised by their parents instead of their grandmothers’ maybe these kinds of crimes won’t happen. This is America, we ALL have the same opportunities if we want them and want to work hard enough to realize our dreams. There is so much help for blacks who wish to go to college, what keeps them from going? I see our country falling and decaying from within, just as Rome did all those millennia ago and I don’t see Obama doing much of anything to pull us up and bring back the pride of being an American.

    • Brian Holland

      while i tend to agree with the majority of your statement, I do need to interject. I was raised by a single mother for most of my adolescent life and we did not have “white privilege” She worked everyday and we suffered and did without… allot… but you know what… I made a conscience decision to make good decisions and be a contributing member of society. I’m not crying racial injustice robbing and hurting people because i don’t have what I want. People, of all races, can make decisions to be a good person, or a bad person.

  • johnhorse

    It looks like the negros don’t care about the law of the land or the court system.The Court and jurors found Zimmerman NOT GUILTY their going to have to live with THAT verdict.If they want to start riots and think they will get away with it because of the Not Guilty Verdict they will have a very rude awakening,and there will be consequences for their actions.

    • NoCrud

      After a series of acts of vandalism, shoplifting, “lifting” things from neighbors’ porches, etc., etc., — and getting away with it — there comes a day for those who do those things that they begin to think they are immune from personal responsibility. They then begin to ace almost impulsively, feeling no hesitation or remorse, and then they are actually outside of society and in a world of their own making.

      I must also add that those we see committing those things, the ones that are reported, at least, are the ones that stick in our minds. But this must be tempered with the fact that there are many in that same general group that are good people and do not do those things and are just as resentful of the misfits’ actions are people throughout society. Let’s not forget that the rascals referred to in this article should not mark those who are good people and are hurt when anyone thinks “they are all that way,” because they are not! We can see “minorities” in politics who are model citizens and if we look around, we find them spread throughout society. And they also know this is a problem that needs to be addressed.

      Therefore, let’s not “throw the baby out with the wash-water,” so to speak. To do so hurts us all.

    • kmartin173

      Bet your ass they care when its OJ

      • nobodycares

        Im just glad OJ got off. Makes me feel better :)

  • kabulgeorge

    I think the reason most of the sponges hate whitey is that they are given money, food stamps, Obamaphones and are made to feel that this is their only hope of surviving in the unjust world where you are rewarded for hard work and sacrifice. The liberals have been telling them that it isn’t your fault, it is the corporation, Republicans fault so here are your handouts, don’t worry about trying to better yourselves, the government will take care of you. Been down so very dang long, that it looks like up to me! Until they teach that you are responsible for your action and that there are consequences, either good or bad, for those actions, things ain’t getting any better.

    • NoCrud

      There is also some element in the “despicable Black element” (this also means that there are many who are NOT despicable) that are a lot like many Islamists to whom America gives aid: The attitude is that if we or American society gives them money and goods without working for it, then we are the fools and suckers. And they will take full advantage of it.

      • kabulgeorge

        Amen to that, brother! Value is lost when you are given everything. Pretty soon being grateful for the hand turns to rage when it is demanded and resented. I don’t have much hope that POTUS even cares because he has been rewarded for mediocre, under-achieving performance with no expectations. Not much of role model for anyone producing things other than fatherless children.

        • Imojean Collett Valentine

          In the last days ( now ),people will bite the hand that feeds them, and lick the foot that kicks them. Says so in the bible…

    • Brian Holland

      you know what funny about your statement about the dems……? The democrats started the KKK and fought against the abolition of slavery. That’s right… look it up… The dems blame for Repubs for everything and the Repubs blame the dems for everything.. The worst part… not ONE of them stand up, be honorable, and say… We are sorry… we screwed up and now we’re going to try and fix this. NOT ONE…

    • Duane

      You need to get out more. Turn off the tv, get out, and meet some Real People – of All Colors. You Will Absolutely Be Amazed at the Wide Range of ‘Folks’ out there in the ‘Real World’.
      Good Luck!

  • Joe Gozimas

    Race you to WalMart for another load of ammo!

  • armydadtexas

    Where is the “Black CaucASS”?, where are the loud mouths from the NAACP?, Where the hell is Eric Holder? Where is the D.O.J?., Where the hell is the so called “objective” News Media? Why haven’t the Rev. Jesse Jackson or Al (the loud mouthed racist) Sharpton stood up to the podium and with their usual hate filled passion, CONDEMNED THE ACTS of these vile inhuman THUGS? Matter of fact, where has Obama been to comfort and “encourage” the families of these two tortured and MURDERED Americans? The answer is as clear as the day is long. All those mentioned are nothing more then racist or race baiters. All these mentioned would try to silence and make this story go away. This is an example of RADICAL EXTREMIST covering for they own.

    • madeuce42

      They have no right to the title reverend that cannot apply to those who are not colorblind or those without humility. they are total frauds.

      • Duane

        My goodness – do you realize how ‘racist’ Sunday mornings are in the United States?
        You just eliminated over 90% of the Pastors, Priests, Ministers, Rabbis and Reverends in these ‘United’ States of America!

    • Duane

      This happened in 2007. The ‘4 Blacks’ were found guilty of their crimes.

      It was despicable, it’s even difficult for me to read the horrors that this young couple endured. It saddens my heart tremendously.
      But I don’t believe there was ever any doubt that the ‘4 Blacks’ were going to be convicted of their heinous crimes.
      There are a whole lot of differences between the two crimes. It’s even possible that ‘4 Whites’ doing the same to a ‘young black couple’ in Sanford, Florida would be convicted.

    • nobodycares

      Thank God OJ got off. Atleast we have something :}

  • cae973

    The difference is not so much skin color but something deeper called civilized behavior. Whites in general are civilized meaning they know how to support themselves, pay their bills and follow rules and laws while sadly many blacks are totally uncivilized.

  • MarcJ

    Under this Obam-Holder marxist-Muslim-racist dictatorship I am powerfully reminded of that communist hell from which I had escaped loe so many years ago.

    • shutit

      Man after reading all of this nonsense, I see why black ppl don’t trust whitey!!! OJ 2016!!

  • cdegler1

    We all are sucked in by Obama. If he gets us discussing Trayvon and not the IRS scandal, taking our information and downloading it into a ready made unit, Benghazi then he wins and the rest of the subjects loss. He is more ruthless than we know. He also can skate by the ban of guns and appoint his own police force. He has learned all there is to be learned by his parents, Chicago, and all his teachers, don’t forget his minister.

    • liberaltraitors

      BOOM! Exactly what that traitor POTUS wanted … and he got it. Benghazi anyone? Oh yeah … Fast and Furious? Oh yeah … Spying on us all … oh yeah.

      Liberal scum.

  • earnest.roberts

    evil.. pure evil..

  • Endoxa52

    Flush the media…they are worthless. I have more respect for porn stars.

  • Informed

    The difference here is that these men were ARRESTED & CONVICTED for this horrible crime as it states in the article. George Zimmerman walked free despite the MURDER he committed. If you’re going to make a point, make sure it makes sense, and don’t just spout hate. Shame on you Victoria and many others.

    • Thomas Weiss

      Guess you didn’t watch the trial, unless you think the 6 women jurors all decided to give Zimmerman a pass on murder because he was 1/2 white? Is that what you believe?

      • LaineyLizzard

        the jury decided what they did, it is what it is. Many people feel that you lose your right to “stand your ground” when you become the aggressor or pursuer in a situation that did not warrant his involvement. Talk about not watching the trial!

        • Informed

          Thank you Lainey! Thomas not once did I bring up race in my comment, yet you felt compelled to mention it. Since you did, neither of these comments including yours provided a “reasonable” explanation as to why Zimmerman pursued Trayvon in the first place. We all know what that reason is because Zimmerman said it on the call.

          This can be debated forever. If Victoria and the people commenting on this website was soooooo concerned about the tragedy that happened to this couple, then you all should made it a point YOURSELVES to bring it up 8 years ago. Please don’t be confused because in no way am I saying that crime that was committed as it relates to this article was not horrible, because it was indeed awful. The point still remains that they men were immediately arrested, unlike Zimmerman, convicted, unlike Zimmerman and is now in jail…unlike Zimmerman.

          • Thomas Weiss

            Zimmerman in not in jail because a jury of his peers came to the conclusion he was not guilty. If you believe he was legally guilty STATE EXACTLY WHY you believe that. Angela Corley may very well be the criminal going to jail, and I’d love to see it happen.

          • liberaltraitors

            She is an immoral person. She will lose her job, at the very least, for what she did during this fiasco.

        • Thomas Weiss

          So answer my question, Do you think the 6 women jurors all decided to give Zimmerman a pass on murder because he was 1/2 white? Is that what you believe?

          Zimmerman was the pursuer, which he had every right to do and no one disagrees with the legality. Martin lived very close by, HE chose to confront GZ which makes him the aggressor, not to mention no respect for adults.

          No to mention how stupid it was to confront someone in the dark in a state that allows stand your ground.

        • liberaltraitors

          “Many people feel”

          But that isn’t THE LAW. Put your feelings away, and deal with reality. Liberals control with emotion, not facts.

          • Pinback_Sherman

            It is the law. Look at the black lady given twenty years for shooting a warning shot and unable to use SYG because they said she put herself in that position. Much like George did. Only thing is she didn’t harm or kill anybody. How fair is that?

          • liberaltraitors

            Apples and oranges. Stop crying. This was all about Obama, Holder, Shart-on and Jackson drumming up a race war so they could gain more power.

            If you can’t see that, you are just plain stupid.

    • janmaus

      According to the evidence in the trial, Zimmerman made a mistake when he exited his car. Prior to that, he had only followed–in his car–someone who looked like he didn’t belong in the neighborhood, called the police, and then, instead of remaining in his car, got out in order to see where the guy had gone. He was stupid. Look at the transcripts and pay close attention to the 4 minutes between Zimmerman’s call and Martin’s attack on Zimmerman. Martin had plenty of time to flee the scene and get safely home. Instead, he decided to force a confrontation.

      Both men made mistakes, and tragedy ensued. It’s very sad and appears as though Martin’s death was the result of poor judgement on the part of both men, but is not in any way an act that rises to the level of murder.

      • Informed

        “Flee the scene” for what?!?! He was walking from a snack run when he realized he was being followed by stranger. When approached and questioned for doing absolutely NOTHING wrong he “stood his ground”. Do you “flee the scene” when you’ve done nothing wrong?

        • haknslice

          Did you watch the trial? Did you see the 911 transcript part where GZ says, “He’s running away” ?

      • liberaltraitors

        “According to the evidence in the trial, Zimmerman made a mistake when he exited his car.”

        Please cite the Florida statute that Mr. Zimmerman broke by exiting his car. Thank you.

  • LaineyLizzard

    yet justice was served to those who committed this crime, and there was never a discussion about letting them be free before trial or even the possibility of walking. So your point is exactly? This makes no sense.

    • Pagewtf

      What makes you think they should of ever had the chance to be free they deserve the same fate the forced upon this young couple, to be brutally beaten, raped and tortured then left to suffer so they can feel what they put those poor WHITE ppl through

      • LaineyLizzard

        I dont think anyone said they should have had a chance. There was just dissappointment in the fact that Zimmerman did have the chance to be free first and that it took pressure from the media to look at this case and let a jury decide.

        • liberaltraitors

          It took pressure from the racist in the White House and the traitors in the DOJ. The media is their propaganda arm. Liberals are vile scum traitors, or ignorant fools being manipulated.

          • LaineyLizzard

            why, because people felt a court should be involved? Lets not be so silly. The courts work, right? Didn’t it in the above case mentioned? Why be so scared to let it go through the court system if there is a question about the application of stand your ground in a shooting that happened with provocation from the defendant?

          • Thomas Weiss

            Silly? the silliness was not taking the advise of both the Police Dept AND the District Attorneys office that there was no evidence for 2nd degree murder, and now we know it wasn’t sufficient for manslaughter either. Destroy an mans life, waste millions of dollars and turn the country upside down,….now THATS silly.

          • liberaltraitors

            You said it nicer than I could.

            This was an agenda-driven story. The agenda came from the top, and you can easily see who is awake and aware of the evil that grips this nation, and who is a blind sheep following the sound of the herd, based on their reaction to this nonsensical trial.

          • Pinback_Sherman

            This man destroyed his own life once he decided to get out of his truck.

          • Thomas Weiss

            “””All that’s required for evil to prosper if for good men to do nothing”””

            There is too much of that spineless kind of thinking going on in America already, sell it somewhere else.

    • kmartin173

      The point is the media completely ignored the Knoxville story which is 100 times worse, while the Trayvon story is wall-to-wall news in every media outlet. Make sense now?

      • Jemareius Ford

        No the point is that it didn’t make the news because justice was served. Those involved were punished as they deserved to be. The Zimmerman/Martin case and many others like that make news because those that committed the crime go unpunished.

        • liberaltraitors

          There was NO CRIME. It’s sad the kid was killed, but there was NO CRIME.

          • Jemareius Ford

            Oh yes sir, there was most certainly a crime, Zimmerman willingly put himself in that situation which negates the self defense claim. He sought out Trayvon Martin, not the other way around. All Mr. Zimmerman had to do is stay in his car, that’s it. He had had done his job as the community watch volunteer once he called the police. Everything that happened after that was all on the shoulders of George Zimmerman which makes the death of Martin a CRIME! Now if it was the other way around and Trayvon approached Zimmerman, there would be no argument as he was not the aggressor/initiator in the situation. The sad part is how people are trying to demonize Trayvon for defending himself because Zimmerman is trying to make himself the victim. He was no victim. Again George Zimmerman decided to pursue and innocent citizen just walking down the sidewalk minding in own business. Imagine you were approached by some stranger(not a cop) in this situation just minding your business on the phone with your girlfriend walking back home from the convenience store with candy and a drink. I can’t speak for you but I would be quite perturbed as well. I can honestly say that had a cop stopped me I would not have been upset because it is their job to protect and serve and part of their is job is answering calls of suspicious people in a neighborhood. But this wasn’t the case, once again. You simply are not allowed to pursue someone and question them without cause. Hell cops can barely do that without reason, much less a wannabe guy that’s a simple community watch volunteer. I’ll say this again, George Zimmerman’s decision to get out of that car and pursue Trayvon makes him killing him a crime of manslaughter. He was the initiator and the aggressor. Trayvon had the right to defend himself just as Zimmerman did. The only difference is that Zimmerman had a gun and Trayvon didn’t. Luckily for George Trayvon didn’t. The next time he decides to pursue someone he may not be so lucky. Imagine the cockiness it took to pursue and question someone because you thought they were suspicious and didn’t recognize them, you being just a normal citizen yourself. People are pointing out how Zimmerman claims he was being beaten, guess what, Zimmerman might as well had beat himself because he put himself in that situation. He assumed Trayvon would be nice and cordial and answer his questions, he found out otherwise. I’m not sure why people find it so hard to fathom that Trayvon felt the same way that Zimmerman did, he feared for his life and he fought to stay alive. I don’t know about you, but putting myself in that situation I would fight for my life as well if I felt that my life threatened. I get it, that’s what Zimmerman did, okay, got it. But he was they one that went looking for trouble and Trayvon protected himself as did Zimmerman, however with Zimmerman being the initiator/aggressor, that’s what most courts call manslaughter.

          • liberaltraitors

            You can’t see the forest for the trees.

            Please cite the Florida statute (that’s a law) that Mr. Zimmerman broke.

          • Jemareius Ford

            On the contrary, I see them quite well. And for the record sir i know what a statute is. Before I go any further, let me say this, I don’t know you and it is not my intent to insult your intelligence, if I have I apologize. But please understand you will not insult mine in anyway and not be checked. So please spare me the parentheses definitions.

            The jury considered Zimmerman to be standing his ground when he killed Trayvon and that’s why he wasn’t convicted. That was on the prosecution to prove and they were unable to convince the jury. While I don’t agree with the verdict, according to the law and what was presented to them, they made the decision they felt was right. I get the evidence that was presented didn’t convince the jury that Zimmerman acted in self defense. And honestly I’m not discounting that he possibly did in that moment. I would never doubt anybody that says they did or said something because they thought their life depended on it. However, no one has considered that Trayvon possibly acted upon the same instincts as Zimmerman. He is automatically painted as the bad guy when he was the one who was pursued and confronted for walking down the street minding his own business. Even if the act of ZImmerman actually shooting Trayvon was self defense, the decisions he made prior to that moment made Zimmerman responsible for the altercation. I don’t care what anybody says, all George had to do was stay in the car and let the police talk to him. Even if he just followed him in the car, he was asked to let the POLICE do their, job, Not an over zealous community watch guy. He put himself in the situation where he was getting beat up. Now like I said if he felt his life was in danger, in that moment that he shot Trayvon I can’t say I blame him if that is how he truly felt. But because he initiated that, I feel he should have been convicted of manslaughter.

            I will say this 2nd degree murder was a stupid and impossible charge to prove and frankly not what happened. I don’t think he murdered Tryavon at all. I just think he got himself in a situation that could have been avoided which led to him fatally shooting an innocent citizen walking home from the store.

          • liberaltraitors

            Again, Please cite the Florida statute (that’s a law, for ANYONE who reads this) that Mr. Zimmerman broke.

          • Jemareius Ford

            Manslaughter is a legal term for the killing of a human
            being in a manner considered by law as less culpable(sufficiently responsible
            for criminal acts or negligence to be at fault and liable for the conduct) than
            murder. The definition of manslaughter differs from jurisdiction to
            jurisdiction. The law differentiates between levels of criminal culpability
            based on reasons or state of mind; or the circumstances under which the killing
            occurred. Manslaughter is two distinct categories: voluntary manslaughter and
            involuntary manslaughter; but is not the case in all jurisdictions.

            Now that I’ve educated you on manslaughter, how did George Zimmerman not commit involuntary manslaughter. But in Florida they felt he stood his ground thus finding him not guilty. I’ve already addressed that. However that does not make the verdict right and neither does it mean I have to agree or like it, I just have to live with it.

          • tjbuckey

            Bottom line, you don’t believe Zimmerman’s story. Well no investigators, policemen, judge or jury found any reason to disbelieve him. What additional insight do you have that they were not privy to?

          • Pinback_Sherman

            That if he didn’t interact in the situation – like neighborhood watch rules say – and stayed in his truck this would have never happened.

        • tjbuckey

          He will be punished for the remainder of his life by society. Prison couldn’t be much worse than what he’s facing.

    • Thomas Weiss

      Do you feel that the 6 women jurors were racist liars that all decided to give Zimmerman a pass on murder?
      And that their reason was because he was 1/2 white? Are you kidding me?
      Do you realize how absurd you sound?

  • Thomas Weiss

    Unbelievable how racist our media really is, what a horrible story, makes Zimmerman look like a Boy Scout.

  • Jemareius Ford

    I am a 31 year old black man and I think this crime is despicable. I feel everyone involved got exactly what they deserved. As a matter of fact I think they all should be put to death. With that being said the Zimmerman trial is different because Zimmerman put himself in that situation. He was getting his ass beat because he decided to pursue someone minding their own business, not committing any crimes, who simply defended himself when a stranger approached him. Zimmerman put himself in that situation by deciding to pursue this young man. Now if Zimmerman truly felt his life was in danger and the recourse he had was to shoot Martin to get him off of him, so be it, I can accept that. The point everyone is missing is the profiling by Zimmerman that lead to the altercation that cost a innocent 17 year old his life. Was Martin perfect, by no means was he, but at the time he was profiled, and then followed and ultimately lost his life, yes he was very innocent. I wouldn’t wish this kind of hurt or pain on any family. If our country is at the point where it is okay to kill a teenager walking through your neighborhood because he looks suspicious, then God help us. O have no problem with Zimmerman calling the cops because Martin looked out of place in his neighborhood, he was doing his job. However once the cops were called, that should have been it. Let the cops take it from there. But he decided he had to pursue the “suspicious character” which lead to an altercation where Zimmerman put his own life in danger. Martin had every right to protect himself against the initiator/aggressor of this all, George Zimmerman. This should not be acceptable to good upstanding citizens. If this is the “new normal” if you will, then I pray that your children and mine never walk the street with candy and a drink and get profiled by a over zealous cocommunity watch volunteer.

    • Thomas Weiss

      You didn’t watch the trial, that’s not what happened at all.

      • Jemareius Ford

        Okay, you can surmise whatever you want. But the bottom line is Mr. Zimmerman committed manslaughter and should be held accountable. He placed himself in the situation to have to defend himself. Young Mr. Martin did not seek out Mr. Zimmerman. The decision to follow Trayvon was the reason he had to defend himself and you think otherwise then that is your opinion and I respect that, it is simply not the truth.If I’m walking alone at night and I’m approached by someone I don’t know and I’ve done nothing wrong, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will defend myself as well. In that situation I’m more than likely going to be defensive from the onset of the confrontation not allowing whoever the stranger is to get a drop on me because I don’t know his intentions. That’s what Trayvon did. Now if you read my post, you will see that I said that I don’t have a problem with the shooting itself if Mr. Zimmerman truly felt his life was in danger. Regardless of what led up to that moment Zimmerman didn’t want to die. But the issue is he killed someone defending himself in an altercation that he started. He was the aggressor, he sought out Trayvon, as far as I can tell that is manslaughter. I don’t agree with the character assassination that George Zimmerman is suffering, but he should have to suffer the consequences of his decision.

        • liberaltraitors

          Again, you don’t go punch someone for following you. How stupid is this argument?

          • thaddeus49

            I do !!!

          • liberaltraitors

            Then you will die.

        • Steve B

          The problem with your argument is that you seem to be insinuating that Zimmerman was following Martin with an intent to commit him some harm. All the evidence provided indicated that he was only following him (possibly in error) to keep an eye on him and prevent him from getting away. Everyone makes mistakes, and this was probably a mistake on Zimmerman’s part. The problem is we don’t know, other than what Zimmerman has said, is exactly what transpired to lead to a physical altercation between Zimmerman and Martin in which Martin ‘ended up on top of Zimmerman beating on him. Based on the evidence I don;t think you can assume Zimmerman did something to justify the altercation and the beating he was getting other than following martin and possibly saying something to him. We could also postulate that Zimmerman, when asked why he was following Martin, in turn asked this young man why he was in the neighborhood and subsequently Martin turned on him physically. Thus a mistake on Martins part.

          There has been a call for an end to racial profiling. We don’t see too many crimes being committed by teenage kids in slacks and a polo shirt. And unfortunately our prisons are filled with young black men who, according to an older statistic make up ~46% of the prison population while the black population in the US is around 13%. The same situation exists with the profiling of muslims as terrorists. When the majority of terroristic crime is committed by young it is a natural inclination to be wary or distrustful of someone who matches that type, especially if the circumstances are questionable. The incidence of Black on White violent crime is considerably higher than the opposite. And in this case it wasn’t even a “white” person involved.
          There are so many forces in our society that seem to be hell bent on putting the races at odds and for reasons that simply escape me. Exactly WHAT does this accomplish other than to foster more violence and crime. I guess if nothing else it helps sell a lot of papers and ad space . . . .

          • Jemareius Ford

            @disqus_TjT7NT5j1q:disqus Sir this is the most eloquent rebuttal I’ve read all day. That was all I was looking for. Someone to present me a legitimate argument. While I disagree with some of your statement, i can agree that Trayvon, according to the evidence presented could have been the aggressor, with Zimmerman being the initiator. I guess we will never know. For the record while I don’t agree with the verdict, I don’t have a problem with the jury’s decision based on what the law says how the prosecution presented the case. The prosecution could have been a lot better as well as the way the crime scene was handled and everything that happened immediately following Trayvon’s death. I feel that the lone decision to get out of his vehicle with what intent he had led to the altercation that took place that I felt he initiated. While I think Zimmerman did not give an accurate account of what happened that night, I will never doubt when someone says they acted a certain way or did something because they felt their life depended on it. If this makes any sense, I think Zimmerman’s act of shooting Trayvon was self defense in that moment, but the decisions that led up to that upgraded it to manslaughter.

            My intent here is not to highlight race, simply the profiling that caused this whole incident. Also to to shine light on the fact that it is not okay or cool to approach innocent people because they look suspicious or out of place to you. I agree that race wars accomplish nothing but further division of this country.

            I’ve never seen this country so divided at a time that we should be standing together the most. I can tell you personally as a member of the Air Force that the threat we have out there is real and people HATE America. There is unique disdain for the U.S. all over the world and they don’t hesitate to let you know. Being stationed and deployed to various countries, We should be standing together like never before as one because everybody else is noticing our division and it is hurting us in the world view. We are perceived to be weak and their boldness and willingness to say and do things is a problem.

          • Steve B

            Jemareius – I certainly respect your viewpoints and which do make sense to me when I view this from a different perspective. Frankly, my wife shares many of your views and makes the point that none of this would have happened had Zimmerman just stayed in the car. No doubt, he wishes he would have stayed in the car too. This whole event did serious damage to many people and families, most significantly to Trayvon Martin’s family because of his death but also to George Zimmerman ho will carry the burden of killing someone for the rest of his life in addition to the focused vindictiveness of so much of our society.

            Like you I don’t wish to focus on race but it seems that the news media and so much of our society seem intent on just that. I think most of us would wish for the day when the type of profiling that may have occurred here and certainly does occur every day across this country because we have a concern that someone who looks a certain way (skin color, manner of dress, talk or attitude) might potentially do us some type of harm. I think most recently there are elements in the media, in politics and in society in general have done great disservice to our nation as a whole as they seek to divide us and some how benefit from the division. Even if its simply to please some distorted midset that they have.

            Thank you for your service to our country. While I have not served, my father did and because of that relationship I have the utmost respect for your service, your effort and your sacrifice. I agree that there are massive threats tour contry from those that do truly HATE the US and what she stands for. I think your statement: “We should be standing together like never before as one because everybody else is noticing our division and it is hurting us in the world view,” is DEAD ON. This country has not been perfect by a long shot be as you pointed out it is more divided than ever and this is a serious compromise to the internal structure of this Republic. This is a problem from within and it may take doing all we can to eliminate this disease before we can truly deal with those threats from outside our borders. Stand strong!

          • Jemareius Ford

            Thank you sir I really appreciate the well wishes and the spirited conversation. It has been very pleasant and eye-opening. One more point I failed to make was the vilification of George Zimmerman is sickening because it is just a continuation of that tragic night. I think everyone should be allowed to genuinely apologize and move on from their mistakes. I don’t think he is a bad guy, but right now his life will never be the same and no one should ever have to live in fear of people within their on country. That to me is ridiculous and for the life of me I can not understand it. Let the justice system do the punishing and if it doesn’t go the way you think it should, voice your opinions and move on but try to improve upon a broken process, not add further hindrance.

            And tell your father I said thanks for being a pioneer. Veterans of yesteryear hold a special place in my heart for the sacrifices they made. Those guys had a hard way of life and they did all for love of country which is one of the most admirable acts. They truly paved the way for guys like me to be able to defend our country with the upper hand. With all the people in the world that hate us, there are those that respect us and there is no greater feeling than walking off a plane wherever we go and people have a look of relief on their face because they know the cavalry has arrived. It makes it all worth while.

            Again thanks for the well wishes and I hope more of the world can have civilized discussions like this to help our country heal.

          • Pinback_Sherman

            No he doesn’t wish he would have stayed in the car. This guy thought he was going to be a hero and he hunted Trayvon down with the intent to kill him if given the opportunity. If it wasn’t Trayvon now it would have been somebody else later. This guy had a hero complex and a gun and a few screws loose as we have seen reported. If this coward didn’t have a gun he would have never gotten out of his truck.

          • Tricia

            Jemareius, Can I just ask you this? If there were a series of rapes in my neighborhood and it came about that this rapist was a white man in his thirties and I happened to spot a white male in his thirties walking thru my neighborhood late at night and notified the police….am I profiling?

          • Jemareius Ford

            No ma’am, that isn’t profiling at all. You have cause to be suspicious of anyone fitting that description because of the rapes that have been happening in your neighborhood. Now if their were no rapes or other crimes going on in your neighborhood and you called the police because of how he looked, then that would be profiling. Don’t get me wrong, profiling is necessary. I said in an earlier comment that Trayvon should have chose different attire when he decided to go to the store that night because of what young black men with baggy clothes on hiding their faces represents. My issue was never that he called the police, in fact I have no problem with that at all. My issue is that he didn’t leave it at that.

          • Pinback_Sherman

            So a girl at the club or whatever in a short sexy dress is at fault if she gets raped? Okay, I see your point. *rolls eyes*

        • Thomas Weiss

          Get a grip and watch the re runs of the trial man. Zimmerman lost sight of Martin for over 4 minutes which was plenty of time for him to run home TWICE And he had every right to follow a stranger after a rash of burglaries AND a home invasion, the home invasion victim identified the criminals as “black, late teens”

          Now The state of Florida disagrees with you about GZ being guilty of manslaughter, If you have REAL EVIDENCE to the contrary present it. If not go away. This case is way past speculation.

        • Brian Holland

          Jemareious: you seem well spoken and possibly educated. Let me ask you a question; why do you keep saying that Treyvon was defending himself? What, exactly was he defending against? The evidence in this case clearly showed that Treyvon was the aggressor and not Zimmerman. I will give you that Zimmerman should have listened to the dispatcher; He didn’t have too( not a good decision). According to the timeline, there was approximately 18 mins between the first 911 call( from Zimmerman) and the police showing up ( 2 mins after Martin was shot ). I was taught to pick, in situation of that sort, one of two choices. “fight or flight”. Seem to me that Martin had plenty of opportunities to escape and run home but chose NOT too. The cell call to the girl( prosecutions witness ) showed that he said he was being followed by a “creepy ass cracker” and He( Martin ) was going to “handle it”. That, in my mind, means … He was going to confront Zimmerman. There was no evidence given to show Zimmerman as a stalker, hunter, or anything other than someone who was watching out for the neighborhood and did what he was supposed to do right up to the point where he screwed up and exited his vehicle. Treyvon did jump out at him and confront him, we know that. How it actually went down, we will never know. what we do know. It was a tragedy. They both made very bad decisions and unfortunately they lead to Martin loosing his life and Zimmerman being marked for the rest of his life. Maybe you can help me understand why the DOJ is investigating this incident when the courts have already done their job. Seems like a witch hunt to me… I’ve seen posts asking for the DOJ to convict Zimmerman of something… anything at all… just convict… why is that?
          I’m not being argumentative, so don’t attack. I’m just trying understand

          • Jemareius Ford

            Brian I will be happy too answer your question. First off there is no disputing the 911 tapes. They are fact and did establish a time line and let me say this, Trayvon was no saint. In fact even in death, because of his social media accounts he has done much too discredit himself. Now with that being said, as you have been taught that you have two choices fight or flight, I’ve been always taught that if I have done nothing wrong, don’t run because that will imply guilt and if I have done something wrong don’t run because I must suffer the consequences of my actions and decisions. Now let me be clear, I do not feel Trayvon was wrong for confronting Zimmerman, but If he did so in a physical manner without asking Zimmerman why that was a bad decision on his part because he did not know if Zimmerman had a weapon or not or even what George’s reasons or intentions were for following him. Now as to actually answer your question, I say he was defending himself because all he knew was there was a guy following him for reasons unknown and he knew that he was doing nothing wrong so he decided to confront Zimmerman and ask him why was he following(strictly my assumptions) him. And as you stated from the time they came face to face we will never know what happened. Now while Trayvon in hindsight probably should have just ran, I’m glad he stood his ground because there was no reason he should have been followed in the first place. And yes it is a tragedy that he lost his life because of it. And while some may put Trayvon as the aggressor, and in some instances he was, he was not the initiator of this altercation which ultimately cost him his life. Now I agree with you and have commented in this same post, Zimmerman was doing his job when he spotted Trayvon and called the cops. I don’t even have a problem with him following Trayvon in his car. But when he got, that, to me, changed the whole dynamic of this situation. How strong was Zimmerman’s suspicion of Trayvon that he felt he needed to get out and follow somebody he saw doing nothing wrong. That is my issue with Zimmerman and everyone defending his actions, why did he follow someone he had committed no crime, who simply looked out of place and was walking home with some snacks. That is why this bothers me so much. This serious case of bad judgement cost a young man his life and he walked away with no consequences.

            Now the vilification of George Zimmerman is grotesque. He made a bad choice that he should have been punished for. The choice to shot Trayvon is not his bad choice, that was just survival if he truly felt his life was threatened. His choice to put himself in an unknown situation for someone only suspicious who he had not see do anything wrong, that resulted in a death that he ultimately was responsible for, to me that spells out involuntary manslaughter. I never thought he murdered Trayvon, that was the wrong charge to begin with.

            As far as the DOJ getting involved, I think they should be very cautious moving forward as it pertains to their involvement with Zimmerman. Do I think Zimmerman violated the civil rights of Trayvon, I’m not sure about that one. I can understand the possible arguments for both sides. But even with that the DOJ still must tread lightly with this one because it is such a hotbed for anger throughout the public. People want Zimmerman to pay for profiling Trayvon and profiling is not a crime. Yes the courts did their job as it pertains to murder and the manslaughter. Although I don’t agree with the manslaughter part but that’s already been addressed. Now the DOJ can charge Zimmerman with violating Trayvon’s civil rights when he decided to get out of the car and follow him. Zimmerman’s defense can say that Trayvon was the one that initiated the confrontation but I’m not sure how much weight that will in court. But the notion they should just charge Zimmerman with just any ole thing to punish him is ridiculous.

            Brian you presented your points and questions very eloquently and I appreciate spirited conversation. Debate and difference is the formula for progress. Without them we are stuck in the same ole rigmarole as I’m sure you can read in these comments. Hopefully I’ve answered your questions. I appreciate your presentation of facts without being argumentative and insulting as well. I hope I have done the same.

        • sportsmom62

          ok first of all jemareious you have no idea what really happened that night no one does but god and George Zimmerman but my question is trayvon was talking on the phone to his friend he told her he was being followed why didn’t he hang up with her and call the police to report some strange man following him if he was afraid or worried about it George reported a stranger in his neighborhood or why didn’t he run home while Zimmerman had lost site of him he was only about 70 yards from his backdoor? there are a lot of unanswered questions that will probably never be answered but in my opinion and its just an opinion I believe that all the rioting and protesting that is going on over this case is useless what good is it really doing except making the racial gap even bigger. the real issue here is we lost another child and that is such a tragedy!!! I am a 50 year old white woman and I hate all this racist bull crap we are all gods children and are equal we all have the same opportunities its what we chose in life that makes us who we are, we are all taught the same thing in school and I believe the same things at home we are taught what is right and wrong its just a matter of how we use what we have been taught. I don’t believe in violence but I also know it happens all the time I have to admit I have profiled men before but not just black men pretty much any that looks like they are up to no good or just plain look like they could harm me. but that is a normal response from anyone. and I sure wouldn’t approach one of them I would run the other direction and if you read the transcripts from court trayvon did run but not home or somewhere safe and that is why Zimmerman thought this young man was up to no good possibly if he would have just kept walking and went to his fathers girlfriends home then maybe Zimmerman would have followed him there and he would have realized trayvon belonged in that gated community again there is always what ifs and why nots but the fact still remain that this young man was shot and his life was ended long before it should have been and the sad thing is its not the first time this has happened and will probably not be the last. but as americans we need to come together and try to change these things instead of making the gap between races bigger the song that Michael Jackson wrote a few years ago called we are the world is one of my favorite songs and one that everyone should live by

    • liberaltraitors

      You don’t attack someone when they approach you. That’s thug behavior, and that’s why the kid got shot.

      • Jemareius Ford

        okay sir, let me break this down for you. Answer this question for me, Why did Zimmerman wait to have his head beat in the concrete before he decided to pull his gun out. Secondly, If already decided Martin was suspicious, why did he approach Trayvon so casually. I don’t know about you, but if I feel someone is suspicious and I’m going to go approach them at night, with no witnesses, and I know I have a gun, my weapon will be drawn before I approach that individual. Third and most important, If the 911 operator has told you that the police are on their way to check our your suspicions, they why did you decide to follow someone minding their own business not currently committing any crimes. And to your statement, Trayvon didn’t immediately attack him, he attacked him once Zimmerman decided that he was going to detain Martin. And Trayvon defended himself. Zimmerman underestimated the young man and was Trayvon was getting the best of him so he shot him claiming he felt his life was in danger. Again, no issue with that. My issue is why did George Zimmerman feel it was okay to pursue an innocent citizen simply walking through his neighborhood. Zimmerman did nothing wrong until he decided to get out of the car and pursue Trayvon, at that point Zimmerman became a vigilante taking the law into his own hands following someone who simply was walking home. Tell me you don’t see the wrong in that? Tell me you don’t find fault in that and I will show you a hypocritical liar. If that was your son or someone you know tell me you wouldn’t be upset as well. That is why I am upset. I tell you this right now, if I see you walking though my neighborhood and for whatever reason I decide that you may be a threat to me or my family and for some strange reason I decide not to call the police, hell or even better I call the police and decide to confront you myself. Please believe that my gun will be in plain sight and you will understand at that very moment what my intentions are when I approach you. But that’s all hypothetical because most people don’t go around taking the law into their own hands putting Themselves in uncertain situations where their life my possibly be in danger. Now how stupid is your argument?

        • SRVES339

          Please sir… you trying to talk sense to a hate filled bigot, and are wasting your time.

          To the host of this site… please, just go away. You have nothing of substance to add to any meaningful conversation. As for your specious argument… go find another one where the black murderer was questioned for an hour and given a ride home, and police did no more than a cursory investigation into the death of an innocent white citizen!

          • liberaltraitors

            What in the heck are you jabbering about? Zimmerman wasn’t even white, and neither am I. You are a racist pig.

          • SRVES339

            Something in the translation I suspect… my neanderthal not 2 good

          • liberaltraitors

            @ Jemareius Ford — Oh, there you go, your first line starts in with the racist
            cry. Good God, man, look at yourself! Look at what you did. You instinctively
            dismissed reality by calling me a racist. How sick is that? Don’t you see what
            a puppet you are for them?

            NEWSFLASH: I am not white. Your silly racist cry doesn’t affect me, in fact, I
            roll my eyes at it. Deal with what I STATED. Can you answer for that? No, you
            can’t, you just say I don’t like blacks. I stated facts. I am from a poor
            ethnic neighborhood, and we didn’t act like black folks do now. NO, not all,
            but enough that the stereotypes are damn accurate. What’s so sick, you are told
            it’s OK by black leaders. How can you justify that? How can you justify
            Sharpton and Jackson becoming millionaires off of the misery they keep drumming
            up for blacks? How can you not see that this has been going on for 200 years?
            They ARE the people Booker T. Washington tried to warn you about, but you still
            dance for them anyway.

            It makes me sad how closed your mind is. Look, don’t answer me about this, just
            go pray about it. Go search your soul about it. You know it’s true, deep inside
            you know it’s true, and the cognitive dissonance is killing your soul.

            On to this topic at hand:

            Sure, be pissed off that someone profiled you and followed you. Be
            furious. But don’t dare touch that person, or this is the result.
            You need to be mad at your own people for the actions they take that keep this
            cycle going.

            If you look different, and you are walking through my gated neighborhood, you
            are going to be followed, and if you don’t like it, I could care less. Get the
            chip off of your shoulder, the race traitors put it there for you at a young
            age. Cast off the chains they have you in. You are not a slave to them. Think
            for yourself. If you come around where I live, and you look like a thug, I
            don’t care what color your skin is. All I want to know is what you are there
            for and where you are going so I can show the cops. If you dare to touch me,
            you will be shot. If you die, I am sorry, you made the choice.

          • Pinback_Sherman

            Oh – so now you have to be only white to hate blacks?

        • liberaltraitors

          1. Because he wasn’t doing anything that justified having a gun out until Martin attacked him.
          2. How do you know how casually he approached him? Allegedly Martin jumped out of the bushes and attacked.
          3. This is the least relevant question, but since it’s all the blind sheeple people have, they are grasping on to it like it is some sort of Holy Grail. It is COMPLETELY irrelevant what some 911 operator says, and all she said was, “We don’t need you to do that.”

          I see nothing wrong with what Zimmerman did, I do the exact same thing all of the time. I am active in my area, and I don’t CARE what color people are, if they aren’t doing anything wrong, they have nothing to fear. If they attack me, they are going to die. There is no middle ground. Having said that, it is a tragedy that Martin was killed, but he made his own choice, and it was a mistake.

          Open your mind. The black community has problems because of the black community leadership. Instead of marching for fathers to take care of their kids, or to stop the gang/doper violence, or to stop the baby slaughter, or to stop the rampant sex that occurs in a lot (certainly not all) of black neighborhoods, they do this race baiting garbage that is not only shameful, but immoral.

          If you want respect, cast off the liberal yoke and denounce the race traitors and hustlers that, along with an immoral media, put this sham trial on the TV 24/7, knowing full well that many in this nation are too ignorant to see the forest for the trees.

          “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping
          the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before
          the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of
          their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising
          their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it
          pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances,
          because they do not want to lose their jobs.”
          ~Booker T. Washington

          • liberaltraitors

            And I am pretty sure you will go on with your life, changing nothing, helping no one, and that makes me sad. Victimization is slavery.

      • Martin Lozano

        If a black man stalked you like GZ did to TM and did not identify himself on a dark and rainy night; I doubt you would want to engage him in conversation. Human nature being what it is would probably lead you to fight or flight. Of course maybe you are the kind of person who might think that he means you no harm and would stop to answer any questions he may have towards your whereabouts.

        • liberaltraitors

          I carry a gun, always, so I stand my ground, always. However, this Martin had a cellphone in his hand, and could have called 911.

          There is no justification for jumping someone. He made a big mistake, and “wilded” on the wrong person, trying to impress that illiterate friend he was talking to.

    • thaddeus49

      I totally agree with your version of what happened. I believe he started a fight that he wasn’t prepared to fight and as soon as he started losing, he “evened the odds”. …….and I am a 49 yr old white man !

      • DublinIreland

        Your belief doesn’t count. Only the evidence via testimony and physical evidence counted in the courtroom. That is why Z. was acquitted.

    • phil

      get on YouTube and listen to them and scream during the 911 call. he called for help and no one came. I think he was an idiot for getting out of his car and following Trayvon but I would have shot Trayvon too. most people haven’t done much research into the case and they only have their opinion.
      Zimmerman deserves to lose a wrongful death civil case but he does not deserve to go to jail for murder or manslaughter.

    • glock 19 fan

      Methinks that you are watching too much of MSNBC. Or a disciple of that con artist Sharpton.

    • Dizzy

      I agree with all but the profiling. I think he thought he was suspiscious and he was unfamiliar. I gotta wonder if there is gang activity, if there is then he may have thought he looked like one? Making connections and being cautious is different than PROFILING, thinking HE Might be isn’t the same as saying he IS. Wasn’t he hooded also? In the dark it makes it hard. I hope it was the case. He didn’t have his gun drawn, maybe he thought he could shoo him off or talk to him, I dunno. :(

      I think you are right he should have let the police handle it. He had no idea what Martin would do.

      I feel awfully for the Martin family, I can’t imagine losing a child. I hope They find peace and the violence against one another will stop. Things like this is why things need to change for the better.

      • Jemareius Ford

        If there was gang activity then he wasn’t profiling at all. I agree that profiling and being observant because of a known assailant or criminal on the loose is entirely different. He was hooded and I stated in another comment that Trayvon and all other young people that fit a profile have to cognizant of the world we leave in these days. He should have chose different clothing if he was going to be out by himself at night. That is the unfortunate reality we live in. Because he didn’t have his gun drawn tells me that he perceived Trayvon not to be a threat at all. As you stated, he probably thought he could talk to him and find out what he was doing or whatever the case may be.

        Regardless of Mr. Zimmerman’s intention a life is still lost for what seems to be no reason at all. As you I feel awful for the Martin family. Things must stop or more things like this will continue to happen. When will the right person get killed that causes somebody with the right power to do what is needed.

        • Pinback_Sherman

          Oh – so if a woman gets raped you’re saying it’s her fault because of the dress she wore?

      • Pinback_Sherman

        So – it’s suspicious to wear a hoodie in the rain now?

  • Red Rush

    Thas because white people are lazy, fat and don’t give a damn about noone. We black folks stick together cause y’all crackas been gunnin for us niggas for hunnerds of years

    • liberaltraitors

      You’ve been gunning for yourselves you stupid fool. Look at your culture … it’s disgusting. Stop crying racist like your leaders (who are a damn sight richer than YOU are). Can’t you see they hold you people (yeah, I said that) down for their profit? Are you THAT stupid?

      Of course you are, and 85% of your race is, too. I don’t even feel sorry for you anymore.

    • 2War Abn Vet

      The fact remains that the greatest danger to young black men in this country is
      other young black men.

      • Red Rush

        Did you edit this or did they? I ask because I posted a lengthy post which was summarily deleted. Hmmm, so much for free speech, huh?

        • 2War Abn Vet

          It has been a couple of days, and I’m old and forgetful, but I believe that’s what I wrote.

    • tjbuckey

      Way to be racist yourself. I’m not fat or lazy, although I am white and know how to spell. If you had more education, maybe you would realize that “whites” “crackas” whatever aren’t gunning for anyone, we all just want a happy life.

      • Red Rush

        What’s funny is your response to my obviously tongue in cheek post. Now, as a black man with a PHd, I have the paper to prove I’m an educated man. I am also an active duty Marine. This topic is dear to me because I see, all too often, people in this country taking everything too seriously. Racism is not just a black and white issue. It’s a black/black, white/white ect. issue. We need to learn to stop taking each other so seriously first. We need to stop looking at each other with the entire purpose of color.

        The Zimmerman case was not, in my humble opinion, solely about race. Were this the case, it would have been an immediate hate crime and he would have been found guilty. What this case represents is the failings of we as a society to educate each other POSITIVELY about ourselves.

        We blacks have a bad habit of making straight up asses of ourselves. We portray ourselves, then project those thoughts in our actions, as hoods, thugs and what have you. Our black children are raised up seeing their older role models acting a certain way and they, in turn, emulate this. We all, after all, need someone to look up to, right? If all you see from your parents and neighbors is stupidity, you think that’s the norm, the way EVERYONE acts. Therefor it would stand to reason that the child would think this was the correct way to act. Were we, as black people, to raise our children to think they were worth something, that we are a smart people, not an oppressed people, that we are a proud people NOT BECAUSE OF COLOR BUT BECAUSE OF INTELLECT, then we would have the next generation of blacks more in the offices and factories instead of in the gangs and prisons or dead. We as a black peoples have done this to ourselves. We have to stop blaming other people for the way we make them think of us.

  • Lee Arnold

    And unlike George Zimmerman, these thugs were convicted of their crime.

    • glock 19 fan

      Zimmerman didn’t shoot to kill; he shot to stay alive. Martin was slamming his head agsinst the concrete and announcing his intent to kill. I have had it up to here with Liberals who insist that we should kneel for execution when attacked by any minority thug. Martin got what he deserved; you live like a thug, you die like a thug. Our criminal government has now tipped its collective hand; beware!

      • Lee Arnold

        So it was Trayvon Martin who pursued George Zimmerman?

        • glock 19 fan

          Yes. Zimmerman lost sight of Martin and stepped out of his truck to look further without success. Exiting his truck was his biggest mistake; he should have stayed in the cab **with the doors locked** so Martin couldn’t yank him out and start pounding. That should be a standard bit of advice: stay in your vehicle and lock the doors. If Martin had simply walked away he would still be alive but he chose to attack and it cost him his life.

  • dannyboi

    This is stupid…. nobody got off for murder in this situation so what does this have to do with zimmerman…… and if its because of the media issue…then understand that everything cant make the news everyday. Whites kill blacks, blacks kill whites, whites kill whites and blacks kill blacks and so on. Hate is all I see in this article were justice was served.

  • Andy

    So, do I understand correctly that the people responsible for this horrible crime were found, tried and convicted? Maybe that is why there wasn’t any riots, because the justice system seemed to work in this case. Maybe if those responsible were found not guilty the situation would have been different.

  • Wingernut

    Well if the police waited for weeks to arrest and charge the known assaillants, then I’d say this wasn’t a false equivalency. Also GZ supposedly acted in self defense, comparing these offenses to that is like comparing apples and oranges no?

    • liberaltraitors


      The media coverage was a set-up. They doctored tapes. They lied. This was all about driving a wedge in between us while the White House commits HUGE crimes. Unfortunately, certain groups only react to big sensationalized media coverage and rumors. Facts are irrelevant to them, since they were brought up as victims and will buy any nonsense that comes out of their corrupt “leaders.”

      This is all about portraying blacks as victims. These vultures could care less about the outcome of the trial. Follow the money. Who made money? Black leadership …

      The media won’t cover horrific crimes like this on the scale they did the trumped up Martin-Zimmerman case, because it doesn’t fit the agenda.

  • me

    do any of you idiots understand this happened 2 years before Obama came to office. Him or Holder had no responsibility in it. And yes dumbass Victoria no acting ass Jackson, it was in the news you horrid bitch

  • Fact

    Yeah, how come there was no media coverage on this one!!??? Come to my house. You’d be shot dead before you got up my stairs!

  • uknowit

    black on white crimes occur often, but with one guy, who is NOT WHITE, the race baiters come out in full force to say he is white and have the liberal media to cover their tracks, over a trial that should have never happened, that in itself is Anti-American, which is also, the creed of liberalism.

  • Paul

    Why isn’t CNN or Fox or even HLN reporting on this?? Because they were WHITE!! This just goes to show how our own “ghost” government sways the media and the system towards racial un-equality. Had they been a black couple the news would be swamped with coverage about how this was a tragedy and how hate crimes must be stopped. Had the perpetrators been white they would have been tried by the media! I am starting to be truely ashamed of our so called justice system.

  • guest

    This story was reported in 2007 when it happened. It was a terrible crime and nearly tore Knoxville apart. They have even made a couple documentaries about it on the Investigation Discovery channel.


      It was not reported much outside Knoxville and had the races been reversed, would have been all over the news, with all the race hustlers chiming in.

  • Leslie

    First of all, this story is from 2007. That is probably why there is no current ‘outrage’ about these crimes. However, almost everyone who has commented on this post has acknowledged how heinous this crime was. Secondly, the all criminals involved were all found guilty and sentenced. They were not acquitted of murder or manslaughter and if they had been, that would have been a gross miscarriage of justice.

    Now, if you don’t think what George Zimmerman did was heinous or find the verdict to be a gross miscarriage of justice, then why? If you feel sorry for the story above but not for Trayvon Martin, then what is wrong with you?

    • Tim Pierre

      Congrats, you’re basically the entire reason that things like this are allowed to happen!

      • Leslie

        How exactly? If your sympathies are divided by race, then there is something wrong with you. Both the Zimmerman case and the above should tug at the heart strings. And no news channel (even fox news) is going to comment on a 6 year old story. Is Victoria Jackson having a hard time find a contemporary outrageous story to make her point?

  • allylloyd

    THIS STORY IS FIVE YEARS OLD. Wake up, people and READ your newspapers!!!!

  • TheCircle000

    There is a huge difference in this case. The perpetrators where immediately arrested. So there is no controversy. If these guys were still walking the street there would be no doubt a high level of outrage.

    • liberaltraitors


  • King Lear

    It’s too bad the local Klan didn’t get their way with these ni66ers. These five pieces of trash don’t deserve to be called black.

  • tired of all the race crap

    hmmm they were raciest against whites thats why they killed them and if you ever really take notice they fight in groups not one on one unless they have a gun

  • linda barnett

    This is the reality of the country we live in today. My only reaction at this point (because I have
    Seen so much of it) is, always, always keep vigilant, and trust no one. Meaning do not let
    People get you into any position where you cannot defend yourself. I do not know the
    Details but maybe precautions could have been taken and these kids would still be
    Around. They look like happy go lucky kids that never thought this could happen to
    Them. My attitude, very sadly, is that I always proceed as if someone will try to kill
    Or rob me–I never let my guard down.


      This is why I believe in being armed and ready. I bet if they had killed those 4 in self-defense , all the black “leaders” would have been involved then, claiming racism.

  • psycho

    Flat out, leaving out race.The people who commited this crime should be hung in public display.

  • Jen

    This is horrible. But it would be horrible if the couple were black or asian or if they were animals. It would be horrible if it were inflicted by whites or a gang of samarai sword wielding Japanese Geishas. It’s horrible because the act is horrible. Whenever you have to preface something by saying, “I’m not a racist or anything”, aka “At the risk of being sucked into Obama’s vortex of Saul-Alinsky-Rules-for-Radicals-goal-of-stirring-up-racial-conflict-and-class-warfare”. Whenever you title an article “blacks against whites” or the like, you are exposing yourself as a racist. When your readers use words like “negroes” and call minority parents “scum” and you do nothing about it, per your Posting Policy, you are endorsing their views. I can’t believe that people still think this way in 21st Century America. I’m disgusting by this forum.

    • liberaltraitors

      You are indeed disgusting, as voted on by members of this forum.

    • Tim Pierre

      If you think it wasn’t racially motivated then you should crawl out from under your rock.

  • Jeffrey Beaudin Sr.

    These acts had better stop, because they will unleash a total bedlam of indiscriminate show of a “free for all.”

    • liberaltraitors

      You are right. Thugs better stop jumping law-abiding citizens because they feel “dissed.” I’d hate to see more young men die.

      • Tim Pierre

        Let them come. At the end of the day it’ll be the ones with intelligence and a better aim that come out victorious.

  • raretreasures95

    12,000. TWELVE THOUSAND. Since the night Trayvon Martin was killed, 12,000 young African American men have been murdered. 12 THOUSAND. Are they less important than he was? They are ALL important, so why don’t we hear about them? Where is all the outrage about their murders? Do they not matter? Have you even heard of many (if any) of them? Where is the black community, when 93% of those murders have been committed by their brothers and sisters? Many seem to upset about Trayvon Martin, but African Americans are killing each other (and others) every single day. I see the faceless names casually mentioned in my community. When is it going to stop? What has to be done to keep the other 12,000 from being murdered? The question, and one that many should be outraged about, is that our media USED Trayvon Martin to incite hatred and division. Would we have even heard about Trayvon Martin if he were Hispanic, OR if George Zimmerman were black? We need to come together, as a community, and demand MORE. Demand more honesty, demand more truth, demand more kindness and compassion for one another. We should be OUTRAGED at our media, who served as judge and jury in this case since day one.

    • Christopher Bowen

      TOO upset. Spelling for adults. . .

    • Pinback_Sherman

      How retarded are you not to see the difference? This case is huge because they initially let the guy go free. If they hadn’t it would have never blown up. It would also never have happened had he not gotten out of his truck.


        If you think every black on black crime goes to court then the retarded one is you! I went to the funeral of a young black man two years ago who was murdered by another young black man but there has been no arrests because there is no official evidence to charge one. His murder did not even make the Los Angeles news, never mind the national news! There were no statements from Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Obama, etc. You have been lead by the nose like a cow and don’t have the wit to even know it!

        • Pinback_Sherman

          Oh – boo hoo, Boo hoo. Boo hoo.


            Hey pin head meet me in person and you’ll be boo hooing for real, you mfing piece of shite!

          • Pinback_Sherman

            You pussy cant. What are you going to murder me in cold blood – too?


    Shame on you for using the horrible deaths of these two people to push your hate filled agenda. Disgusting. You are doing exactly what you claim the media does.

    • Amilcar Cuevas

      And BTW they were convicted. All 4 are going to jail and may very well get the death sentence. Its not like they got off. That’s the issue in the Martin case. Zimmerman got off.

      • Tim Pierre

        That’s the issue, huh? So what was the issue for all those previous months before the verdict?

        • Amilcar Cuevas

          For what verdict. In this case? If you are talking about the above article the issue was less that the 2 white people were murdered than the guys arrested for it were going to be convicted cause they were clearly guilty. People of all races die like crazy in this country if we spent tv time mentioning all of them. Nothing else would be on TV ever again. The only reason this case got play in the news because they were never going to arrest the man and let the courts decide. They were gonna let him go at least now that he was found non guilty the justice system had a chance to work.

        • David Sossaman

          new coverage news coverage news coverage. I didn’t believe it was race based. but i really don’t know. Its no less crushing that the boy was black or white or yellow. He was a 17 year old adolescent. that’s the sad part.

        • Pinback_Sherman

          Um, that he was going to be let go for it without a trial at all. Are you really that dense?

    • David Sossaman

      sorry i didnt really realize that my comment was linked to that horrific incident.

  • Tom Herman

    It’s always the poor black oppressed black man (women)that are the ones who run crying racist when they don’t get their way. Zimmerman was tried and a acquitted of murder of this neighborhood thug who was probably casing out the next house he could break into and Zimmerman stopped him. Why is it the black man always the ones who riot and destroy other peoples property when a thug like this gets rightfully extinguished.I don’t feel one bit sorry for this thug. He got what he deserved…..

  • David Sossaman

    is it just me? No it cant be. People it the media exploiting and glorifying there ideas and broadcasting statements that are not what we the people as a whole believe. That is until after the issue at hand has been broadcast and broadcast so many times that it becomes an issue. POWER OF PERSUASION.

    . Just because I heard it on a news channel and they interviewed a some one with there own opinion does not mean its that how I should feel. It only evokes a thought in our minds that we should believe it racial. So the media runs it and runs it and runs it and now it is a huge issue. STOP THE NEWS CHANNELS FROM EXPLOITING THERE IDEAS AND ASSUMPTIONS OF WHAT THEY Think WE SHOULD FEEL OR BELIEVE. THEY ARE JUST FUELING THE FIRE.


  • slickzip

    The ni – – er loving press never reports those stories ,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Keith Kelly

    There is one big problem with this example. No where are the end of this story did it say that these despicable people didn’t go to jail or pay for this terrible act. The reaction by many blacks regarding outcome of the Zimmerman case comes from a deep seeded history of unequal justice in this country for African Americans. It is hard to understand how black folks feel because there isn’t a pervasive history of unequal just within the White community. African Americans came to this country unjustly in chains and were forced into slavery. From Slavery came Jim Crow in which many law abiding African Americans were killed for doing nothing but being black and many of these folks never saw justice. Their murderers not only were never brought to justice, in most cases they weren’t even arrested. The issues has never been about the act or who committed the crime. The issue has been the outcome and whether the person who committed the crime gets convicted. This article is misleading because it is basically saying that there is more black on white crime, but it doesn’t say that these guys got off. The issue is about justice and also understanding where these feelings come from.

    • Christopher Bowen

      Yes, but it was a major construct of the nation-wide media (and as a potential for outrage) LONG before you or I knew the verdict!


      Our justice system is not based on mob rule and the fact you don’t like the outcome is no excuse to riot and be fools. The point is black leaders never condemn this type of crime.

      • Keith Kelly

        Douglas, I don’t disagree with you. Dr. King would not condone violence as a means of protest. I wasn’t making an excuse for bad behaivor what I was saying is that it is important to understand why many black folks are upset over the verdict. But the major issue for black folks is that how it is perceived and reported in the media basically lumps all of the entire race together for the actions of a few unruly folks. And this is what typically happens to minorities and it is unfair. Think about it. People are saying look at those crazy black folks who are rioting and causing trouble and all that does is play even further into negative stereotypes for black folks expecially black males. It isn’t that black leaders never want to condemn these kinds of acts. It is that they don’t want to add to negative stereotypes about African Americans that ultimately result in an inherit prejudice that cause profling and racism.


          So they say nothing about something that is obvious to the most casual observer. They always want discussion about events except when it shows the negative side of the black community. They are afraid to put dirty laundry in public even though it’s been waving like a flag for decades.

  • SAD

    Both incidents were tragic. I think what the writer here is missing is that the riots came when the one responsible for the killing was found not guilty.

    • liberaltraitors

      Goodness. You missed the point entirely. The point is, black crime isn’t covered like this nonsensical trial was. It’s hushed up, always, unless it’s a rapper or sports figure and the media can get ratings.

  • Phillipe Violette

    Good old double standard

  • mjadea

    Zimmerman is a hero blacks are not better than me and I have a very low tolerance for the ones that act like white people owe them something I would love to go back in time and kick any white man in the a– that ever brought the blacks to this country to start with.


    Disgusted by this. Horrible. Shame on you for using this terribly sad story to spread more hate.

    • CreepyCracka

      I agree…SHHHH… lets sweep this under the carpet.

      The victims deserve some attention

  • allylloyd

    NEWSFLASH—DUMMIES—This story is FIVE, count them FIVE years old. Nice try but it doesn’t work here

    • wisepati

      Actually 6 years old. Do people look at dates?

      • ColinFlaherty

        the last trial and sentence was May. as in two months ago. The story clearly states the crime happened in 2007. nice try, Super Genius.

    • ColinFlaherty

      when was the last trial and sentence handed out, Mr/Ms. Super Genius?


      Yet it is okay to bring up Emmett Till 58 years after the crime. That is FIFTY-EIGHT YEARS, COUNT them , FIFTY-EIGHT years old!

  • MrLowReady

    not guilty

  • makeobamaalameduck

    Just like Muslim clerics will not condemn Muslim terrorists, blacks refuse to see black on white crime for what it id. Sad and shameful and Obams and Holder are leading the pack by examples set by them and liberals! Obama and holder need to be made 100 percent insignificant in our government by electing any one other than a Democrat in the 2014 midterm elections. This is the only way we are going to stop this is to take away their power in the Senate and keep power in the house. Obama must be a lame duck president if America ever plans on winning this battle. But watch carefully because they will cheat steal and do whatever is necessary in these elections to maintain their power so they may destroy America as they have set out to do.

    • Pinback_Sherman

      Oh – wait. Did these guys get to go home for many days before being charged with a crime? No? Then it’s a totally DIFFERENT situation.


        Did the black community rise up and condemn these animals or did they make excuses? What’s your point?

  • Ms. McCain

    I’m more than certain they were not allowed to go home claiming self defense. Which proves the point that white people (and Zimmerman dad is white. so he is white. You are the race of your father since his sperm determines gender) are placed at a higher value. The majority of white people feel a self devined privilege for justice but get mad when other races want the same.


      You are an idiot and a third rate one at that!

  • Brenda Gabel

    I’m sure we didn’t hear about this in the national news because justice was served swiftly. To try to compare this case against the Trayvon case is ridiculous. Zimmerman was told to stop following Trayvon by the 911 operator and to let the police handle it. Zimmerman ignored that advice and referred to Trayvon as a f**king black punk. I don’t see anything like that happening in the case the author offered. History has shown us that when black kills white justice comes swooping down swiftly and harshly. When white kills black it’s more of a struggle to see justice done.

    • Pinback_Sherman

      Exactly. But don’t try to put facts in the face of Republicans.


        Democrats would not know a fact if it slap them in the face.

        • Pinback_Sherman

          What the fuq? You Republicunts are the ones that don’t know facts.


            How typically liberal.

          • Pinback_Sherman

            Typically Liberal? You cant, you just said the same thing. Yeah, hypocritical just like a Republican.

          • Pinback_Sherman

            I rarely use that word. I only reserve it for people I truly hate.


            Whatever, bigot.

          • Pinback_Sherman

            You don’t know what a bigot is, do you? For a good reference. Look in the mirror.


            I have never posted a bigoted opinion to you or anyone else. What I say about democrats comes from being raised by liberal democrats. You , on the other hand , have expressed hatred for people you don’t know based on how they vote. You don’t know a thing about me, yet that never stops you from having uninformed opinions about me. That makes you the same as any member of the KKK or NAZI party.

          • Pinback_Sherman

            Oh – I know plenty about you just from your stance on this whole case.


      It is clear that you, like a lot of people , don’t care to learn all the facts but instead let yourself be manipulated by the main stream media and race hustlers.

      • Brenda Gabel

        Why would you think that? I personally think that Zimmerman should be charged with murder. He went after Trayvon with evil intent and killed that kid in cold blood.

  • Rebecca Lynn Parker

    I think is so sad when a white person kills a African-America the nation is in an uproar and the NAACP is involved in marches and protest. Yet if a white person is killed by an African-American there are no marches or protests. How is this right protesting for one group but not the other. All murder is bad and it should protested and stopped.

  • Bill Gordon

    They are just a bunch of rotten animals. Do these look like your sons, Obama.

  • Barbie Doll

    All of them should have been tortured and killed in a long slow death, suffering and bleeding. Why is our courts so easy on them? And releasing them to do more harm? This country needs to be cleaned up with a 45.

  • Pinback_Sherman

    Because these people aren’t possibly going to get off with it. How stupid are you not to see the difference?

  • Duane

    The “Prosecutor’s” office didn’t want zimmermam convicted – Makes a whole lot of difference.

  • Duane

    Posting Policy
    “We have no tolerance for comments containing violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity, all caps, or discourteous behavior”
    ^ Is that supposed to be a joke?

  • guest
  • BaldBombshell

    The investigators also said there was no sign of it being a hate crime. But I guess comediennes know more than cops do nowadays.

    • Thomas Weiss

      Including the FBI

  • DivaEl

    All this could have been prevented with some good communication and common sense. Trayvon Martin should have kept his cool and addressed Zimmerman’s legitimate concerns about why Martin was in the complex. If Martin had simply explained he was heading for his father’s girlfriend’s residence, where he was staying, and called the residence or escorted GZ there for confirmation, that would have been the end of it. Instead, Martin got offended and attacked GZ, who used deadly force to defend himself. Now Martin is dead and GZ’s life is in danger. GZ was rightly concerned about the presence of an unknown person who fit the description of those who had been breaking into units. If young black men don’t ever want to be reported for being someplace where perps who fit their description have committed crimes, then all young black men need to stop committing crimes. It’s unreasonable to expect non-blacks to let down their guard to spare the precious feelings of young black men. Enough is enough!

  • Martha

    Thanks to the ‘White Guilt’ most white carry inside even though they weren’t involved in the Slave Days, even though their own people sold them as slaves. But because of the Media and all the movies, and the hatred they carry inside is that they get away with so much.

  • Oathkeeper
  • lbjones

    This article fails to make any coherent point. Firstly citing wikipedia as a source highlights the poor quality of the research. Both this case and the Trayvon case are heartbreakingly sad. Both have similarities, the killers are known and identified but that’s were it ends. Who will be punished for Trayvon’s death? Trayvon’s case is further maddened as the police told the man who shot him not to approach him, to desist from his current stalking action. The 4 Black men who horrifically killed this beautiful young couple have been punished to the full extent of the law. Also people forget Trayvon was a child, not a young adult barely a teenager, doesn’t society have a duty to protect its children? Or are black children different? Obama is right if he had a son he would look like Trayvon – a black kid.
    American prisons are full of black men and women. The prison system is hardly skewed in black population. For every case you bring up showing us ‘darkies’ are axe weilding racists and murderers of the ‘whiteys’ and its being hidden by the ‘mainstream media’ I can show you a miscarriage of justice for black people, particularly poor and uneducated black people.

    Your bigotry and willingness to remain so, scares me. I hope the people see through these shock journalism.


      The point is this; where were Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and all the other race hustlers and poverty pimps? Did you just hear about this case or have you known about for the last 6 years?

  • tlaw

    We should all look at the positive side to this. People of all races (black, white, whatever) have proven that they can work together in perfect harmony for a cause. Who? The mainstream media and the American left. What cause? Promoting racism to the point that it actually creates it. But I don’t want conservatives to feel left out, there is another way to answer those questions. Who? The Tea Party. What cause? Freedom and equality.

  • Kim

    I’m half black. And it doesn’t matter to me what color the perpetrators or the victims were. All of them are human beings. Nobody, not even an animal, deserves to be treated like this. It’s horrid. Rather than making it a black vs. white issue, as people seem to like to do, why not see it for what it is? A horrifying act that is a reflection of the failure of our society to instill morals, acceptance, and love for others in our children so that crimes like this stop happening. The souls of all six of these people need to be prayed for. Not just the white people and not just the black people. Do I hope those four men get repeatedly raped and tortured in prison? Yes. Do I hope that only because they’re black? No. Is it right to hope for that either way? No. Do I hope that the souls of Channon and Hugh are resting in peace? Yes. Do I wish that only because they’re white? No. We ALL need to stop pulling the color card, be it black white green yellow or orange. We need to start seeing that we’re all human beings on this world together, like it or not, and we need to start loving one another like brothers and sisters.

  • whitegirl1

    Hey…..There were no Zimmerman Riots except a brief, isolated incident in Oakland!!! I find it interesting that so many posters assumed that there were without checking the facts first. I find the posting policy here ironic..”We have no tolerance for comments containing violence, RACISM, vulgarity, profanity, all caps, or discourteous behavior.” What is the point of posting this horrific crime committed in 2007 if not to provoke racism? I believe, if no one has strung this together, this story may have reached national news if the individuals that committed these atrocities had been acquitted. Bottom line: George Zimmerman was told to stay in his car. Let’s be honest…Mr. Neighborhood Watch was hoping to he would get to do some damage, he just didn’t count on the kid fighting back.

    (Ms. Jackson….please remove that bow from your hair. Anyone old enough to reference Saul Alinsky is far too long in the tooth to play the ingénue)

    • Know Really

      You said: What is the point of posting this horrific crime committed in 2007 if not to provoke racism?
      So what you’re saying is that talking about a hate crime/act of racism / or whatever you’d call this act is verboten because you think it might cause racism? Or to be more clear, we shouldn’t talk about clear racism because it might cause racism? In light the the wall to wall coverage, not to mention the open racism displayed on MSNBC and CNN during the trial, your argument no longer holds water. It’s HIGH time we have a discussion about racism and not led by obama or holder who clearly are prejudiced about it. It’s time both sides have a voice.


      Liberals have brought up Emmett Till, who was murdered 58 years ago yet claim 2007 was too long ago to mention! Are you really that stupid or do you think we are that stupid?

  • Jan Meyntjes

    Since 1995, after the so called ending of Apartheid in South Africa, White people and more specifically White farmers are targeted and killed in their hundreds and now thousands indirectly by the ruling ANC Government and their henchman and the World Media sits quietly and refrains from reporting it. Genocide watch has now rated the threat of the White population of South Africa as a 6 on a scale of 8.Black politicians including this country’s President Jacob Zuma have publicly sang “Kill the Boer(white),Kill the Farmer” and was Nationally televised.

    Your article brings chills of doom to us because we have relied on your media to help us in our struggle to put an end to the senseless slaughter of the White people in South Africa. If it happens in your country and no-one reports on it,why would you worry about our plight. Is it because you now have a Black President and everyone is scared to openly take a stance?

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    We need a White riot.

  • krinks

    This is a six year old story that was reported at WND at the time.

  • Neal

    I think the government run media chose this case to get so much attention to purposefully further divide our country.This happens every day in the U.S and around the world. Why are not all of the murders and killings getting so much attention?

  • Justme

    The biggest point missed in this example is they were CONVICTED!! No matter what race it is wrong! The fact that George Zimmerman and other WHITE offenders are acquitted is what the uproar is about.

    • seravo

      Neal Neal, Neal…
      Who are all the acquitted WHITE (your emphasis) offenders you speak of? Are you saying that you don’t believe that every citizen charged with a crime deserves a trial by a jury of his peers? A conviction was not supported by the evidence presented in this case, and the jury arrived at their conclusion based on that evidence. That is how a trial is supposed to work.
      What are you saying, there should be special or different rules for non-black people?

  • Jimmy

    Problem here is this ” Zimmerman was not arrested in the first place” and that’s what brought the news coverage. If you read this carefully, the perpetrators have been brought to justice in this incident. People had to make noise even before Zimmerman got arrested for his actions. Very soon we’ll hear about the confessions of the biased jury and their bribes. Just wait for it.

    • seravo

      Biased? Please enlighten the rest of us with evidence of this bias. Bribery? Again, where did you find these facts? Point them out to the rest of us.
      We’ll be holding our breath….

  • Byron Starnes

    Let me state me state my option; FIRST: all of these murders are pathetic. Second: there no are riots going on in regards to the Trayvon Martin case. THIRD: the black community was outraged because George Zimmerman was allowed to go home and the investigation immediately after the shooting was done poorly. Had there not even been an outcry he would’ve never stood trial. In some of the cases mentioned above; the people who committed these crimes are behind bars (except for the terrible rape incident whom I suppose they have no suspect). I pray for the families who are suffering due to their losses.

    • Guest

      Zimmerman WAS detained by Sanford police after the incident, Byron. But so clear was the evidence that he was quickly exonerated in a case of self-defense. So instead we have this circus trial and rob an innocent man of a year of his life (and more). The result of that? So clear was the evidence that he was quickly exonerated in a case of self-defense.

      • Smiddywesson

        “However the outcry was more about the handling of the investigation; why and how Trayvon was profiled before he got shot, and Zimmerman going home.”
        -The investigation didn’t show anything different when concluded than it did at the start, legally justified self defense.
        -Zimmerman went home because there was no evidence of weight showing guilt.
        -Travon jumped the fence into a gated community that was experiencing break-ins. He didn’t just stroll through as a short cut as some would have us believe, he lingered and acted creepier than Zimmerman. Psst, neighborhood watch personnel, mall cops, and security guards are allowed to watch (and follow people) people, especially suspicious people who are where they shouldn’t be at 2:00am. That’s not “profiling” which for you appears to be defacto evidence of racism.
        “In some of the cases mentioned above; the people who committed these crimes are behind bars”
        Well there we have it again, a blatant refusal to recognize the facts. Logic says, and a duly empanelled jury say, no crime was committed (by Zimmerman that is). You just don’t like the result and want to torture the facts to support your own biased conclusions. So sorry, when you are proven innocent, you go home.


      You must not watch the news.

  • i_freethinker

    This was 6 years ago. Where was all of your outrage then? Yes I’m talking to the white people.

    The fact is the country is deep rooted in racism – both black and white. It’s pretty pathetic when you just can’t sit down and say to yourself – yep, i’m racist. Seriously – you’re all pathetic.

    One more thing – if you want to understand the law, stop watching judge judy for your legal education.

  • Larry Sullivan

    This is like something out of a third-world country, because White nations ARE turning into third world-countries through massive immigration and forced integration. Whites are about 9% of the world’s
    population. Not only are we a minority in the world but we are poised to become minorities IN OUR OWN COUNTRIES within a few decades. So called “anti-racists” still say it’s Africa for the Africans, Asia for the
    Asians, and White Countries for everybody! Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

  • Annie Maillet

    you would think they are retaliating slavery .. sorry for the spelling mistakes … and why is it bad news is so descreptive .. they tore her tongue out with pliers .. ? they didnt but why not make it as goary as you can.. are we so much wanting to put our mind in that kind of dirt ? 4 Mad men that have no respect for human life and as a group they have balls , alone they have none, at least very few .. What is driving America to this depth of Anger? what went wrong ? The white man showed the same kind of disrespect for life back in the day but 2 wrongs dont make a right .. KLUTJ it looks like Heaven isnt going to over populated thats for sure … Positive energy sure isnt flowing freely thru Americas anymore .. We need to change this and turn on some bright lights because when its over it is over KEEP LOOKING UP TO JESUS KLTUJ

  • Dan Dwyer

    Once we become a Theocratic Islam Nation under Sharia rule all this will stop. Only problems will be female child brides and beating your wives for disobedience…What a great future we have a sheepies..


    I used to have respect for black people but through the years it gets harder and harder. I still have black friends. The black community (if there are any good ones left) need to start doing something about this. A few are making your whole race look like fools and animals. Do not rely on Al or Jesse. They set the black race back hundreds if not thousands of years and the blacks eat it up. To bad Jackson and Sharpton made tons of money off the black race and in secret laugh at them for being their patsy’s





  • schnoorky

    This should better explain the bizarre situations we keep finding Western societies in:


    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.


      I was born here and I am a sixth generation American, so I am not going any where! Throw in the Native American part and my roots go back thousands of years. I am here to stay!


        Personally, I can’t wait for things to keep escalating. Why? Because another civil war is INEVITABLE, and your 13% of the population will easily be wiped from the bowels of America. White America is HEAVILY ARMED and getting fed up and I can’t wait!




  • Zrinski

    Funny how white people are the victims of inter-racial crime 90% of the time; YET, it’s mostly white people who are convicted of “hate” (i.e. THOUGHT) crimes? If integration wasn’t FORCED on white people, none of these crimes would have happened; and blacks wouldn’t “suffer” from “institutional racism”. Even worse, FORCING ALL and ONLY white countries to “assimilate” w/ a global herd of non-whites is White Race Genocide. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • Resa Haukedahl

    I just want to know, when we are going to stop with the race talk, and be able to say, 5 men killed a couple in TN……why does it matter the color of their skin either way…come on people of America, we are better than this…people of all colors died so we could be better than this…


      We’ll stop when the race hustlers stop making a career out of racism. Many black people refuse to admit things have gotten better because they are stuck in the 1960’s and let hate rule their lives. Some of them are my relatives.

  • ER12696490

    PS the poor minority child has been given to his parents over 40 years ago what is called Affirmative Action and by know this should have help but apparently it has not. First education begins at home by your parents and then in school. Teachers can teach all they want but if the ones they are teaching don’t want to learn, than this poor minority child is hopeless if his parents and mentors do nothing for him. Wake up and smell the coffee and you would never call a minority child a boy this is an insult to them, which is BS because my mother has referred to me as buddy boy, this comes from the South. So all of your tale of woe is needs more learning about the minority you are referring to. Education is great but living and working with minorities sometimes is better than an education all by it self.

  • Me

    When do we get to the part of looking beyond skin color? Realize this, once you take off the top layer of skin all of us, all of us human beings are the same color. Color has been an amazing weapon used against nations to keep people divided. Why is it we do not have the sense to see this? What is the disconnect that allows us to use race as a reason for anything?

    Why do we as people have a need to feel that our skin color, financial status, or level of education puts us above or below another human being? What is wrong with us that we need to feel superior to another for any reason?

    Two things are certain, none of us created ourselves and there are two classes of people in the world. The Haves and The Have Not’s. All of us are the Have Not’s. None of The Have’s give a damn about this case or any other case no matter who is murdered. Why because they aren’t driving though our poor or middle class neighborhoods, their children are safely tucked away at boarding school.

    Any time the media is focused on one thing all of us need to start looking at other things like what’s happening on the economic front. When we are being overwhelmed with any one thing it is to distract us from other things regarding our survival. We cannot begin to heal because far to many of us are generalizing races, still feeding into the myths, and still needing to feel as though we are superior to another. All of us should be outraged at all murders! All of them! The Haves are waiting for us to destroy ourselves. They have a plan and we are the sheep being led to distruction.

  • Guest

    Time to fight these black bastards to the death :-)

  • Sean

    This Iz The Dumbest Thing I’ve Heard!! Of Course There IS No Rioting In The Streets justice Was Served TheSe People Are Going To Jail And Are Going To Die Is ThIs The CaSe With Martin? They Tried To DeNy And DID deNy Martin His.. You Don’t Hear About The Hero That Shot The Bad Guy You Hear About The Bad GuY No Need To Fight For Our Rights WhenThey Are Being Upheld

  • taurean tomlin

    Remember when you were on SNL?

  • Curt A

    My mission as a parent would be to Dexterize each of them before I die.

  • JacktheFAC

    Even in his day, Booker T. Washington said there were people who made a living by stirring up racial strife. We definitely have them today. Those of the ilk race baiters like Al Sharp-tongue, Jess Jackson, our anti-America “news” media dis-information/propaganda specialists; the NAA(L)CP. Black Panthers, and other, Obama, the demon-crat party and other assorted black racists. All these seem bent on running this country in a racial civil war blood bath.

    • Cairan

      No segregation no peace.

  • jkpalmdale

    Actually it was 6 blacks in the Case in KY its sick

  • ash

    this makes me SO UPSET!!! i dont understand why the media is so skewed. i am a black female from Knoxville tennessee who went to school with one of the victims of this awful unspeakable crime. i am still outraged by this case and do not understand the media bias. this case should be all over the news now especially after they overturned all the rulings and are making the families victims go through the testimony, pictures and reliving this unspeakable crime over and over again. someone start a petition.

  • JJ_Chester

    “Why wasn’t this Knoxville story, “4 blacks kill white couple” on the TV network news for months?”

    That’s simple…one word, EXPECTATIONS! It’s not news when it is expected. Did you ever see a headline that said, “Sun rises in east!” The Martin-Zimmerman incident is a man-bites-dog story. The FBI stats back that up. When some thing happens about 90% of the time it is an expected, even accepted occurrence. Now put that together with what ever the latest liberal media meme is about racial tensions and it would have been impossible for the media NOT to make a cause celebre of the Martin-Zimmerman case. Besides, when they heard that his name was Zimmerman, the media and the race profiteers surely thought he was Jewish and therefore certain to be white. Maybe next time they’ll ask if his mother is Peruvian.

    Get used to it. There are far too many people who stake their political careers and fortunes on racial tension for it to ever go away.

  • sdlady

    The criminals in this case were convicted and given either the death penalty or life sentences, you ignorant twunt. George Zimmerman wasn’t even going to be arrested and charged until people were up in arms about it. That’s the difference. Why are you so goddamned stupid Victoria Jackson???

  • sdlady

    Wow, Victoria Jackson is not the only ignoramus on this site…all the commentors below me are from the extra-chromosome set as well. She’ll delete this again, but I’m repeating that the criminals in this case were quickly arrested and given sentences of either the death penalty or life in prison. THAT’s the difference you morons…Zimmerman was not even arrested and charged for killing someone’s child until people had to make a stink about it, and THAT’s why the media attention. You are all idiots.

    • Jim Bart

      They didn’t charge him because they had nothing to charge him with.. So the media drug him through there circus and tried to make him look guilty, but the jury, who heard ALL the evidence came up with the same conclusion as the cops right from the start!! . Innocent.

    • Craig Branham

      Zimmerman didn’t rape, sodomize, burn or pour bleach on Trayvon. He shot him after yelling for help repeatedly and the jury ruled it was self defense.


      How typically liberal; you think you are smarter than everyone else and no one could possibly have a different point of view. I can bet any amount of money that you shall be complaining about any death sentences those animals get in the future.


      Here’s a tip, if you don’t understand the law, grab a book. The justice system, although NOT perfect, has rules. I’m so tired of hearing people INCORRECTLY cry that the difference is that “Zimmerman was not even arrested and charged for killing someone’s child until people had to make a stink about it…” No. UNDER THE LAW a cop cannot arrest you without probable cause. That includes a situation concerning Self-Defense. It’s very simple. Cops evaluated the situation and could not legally hold Zimmerman because his story panned out as far as they could tell (the cops cannot hold a trial right on the spot, they have basic authority and certain limitations). They had to keep investigating the situation to finally determine whether there was probable cause for an arrest.

      People cry when cops just stop a person while driving for no reason (aka no Probable Cause) and put them in jail, and they’re absolutely right to cry about that sort of an instance because that’s called tyranny, a violation of our constitutional rights, etc. Have you ever heard of Innocent until proven guilty? These are all cornerstones of our nation’s system, well before Zimmerman or Martin even existed. So being stopped by a cop FOR NO reason is a violation of our rights because we are presumed innocent until there is cause to arrest. Whether you like it or not, there was, at the time of the incident, no cause to arrest Zimmerman (no, a dead person’s body associated in a self-defense situation is not solid proof of wrong-doing; take a victim who defended herself from a rapist in self-defense, the cops would not take her into jail b/c there’s a dead body lying about…they’d see the facts, determine whether her story pans out, let her go, investigate further, if they find any inconsistency, then they come back and arrest her). Therefore, if there was no cause to arrest him (just like a person driving down the road minding their own business), they could not legally take him to jail.

      i agree, though, the only reason the cops were pushed to arrest Zimmerman was b/c of the media frenzy, hype, and push from “activists” like Sharpton. Personally, I think the cops were correct in eventually charging ZImmerman because, after a thorough investigation, there were some questions that needed to be answered. The cops couldn’t make that call as soon as they saw Zimmerman and Martin the night of the incident. Off the bat, they didn’t have anything on ZImmerman. After further research, they decided to arrest him and charge him.

      #1 you don’t know the law, you just see things from your own perspective and what you’ve been fed. Thankfully for the rest of us, for now, the system isn’t based on individuals’ feelings. I don’t agree with a lot of the things that people get away with in our system, but in this case there was a REASON WHY they didn’t arrest Zimmerman immediately. Maybe the cops weren’t perfect in their initial assessment, but it’s not as though they found a mutilated body and decided to let ZImmerman go just because he yelled “self-defense!” It’s a sad story altogether. Maybe Martin would still be alive today if just one part of the story had changed… and that is horribly tragic. However, pick a different part of case to pick at, because you’re 100% wrong in your assessment. #2 The individuals stating the facts correctly aren’t morons.

  • Michael K Jackson

    the suspects have been in prison since the day they were name4d as suspects,and will die in prison or get the death penalty.We just want the same when an unarmed black child is murdered.Period.But it’s not a crime to stalk and murder black children,since courts don’t see value in the lives of our kids.That’s why we should burn this entire country to the ground.Nothing here worth saving.

    • Jim Bart

      Really… I thought you started out okay but you got real stupid real fast. If you don’t like it here leave.

    • Craig Branham

      That unarmed black child threatened to kill Zimmerman, broke his nose and pounded his head into the concrete sidewalk.
      Speak out against all the black on black crime or else you are just a hypocrite wanting to see the world burn while pouring gasoline on the fire.


      Then leave and go to Africa where you will be treated just fine, as long as you are from the right tribe or religion.

  • CJ

    It has been stated several times that African American Men do not receive fair treatment in the Justice system. If this is true then why is the crime rate so high in Black communities. Why so many Black on Black crimes!!!

  • Cairan

    Victoria, BLESS you for being one of the very first “Establishment Celebrity” people broaching this subject. All the TV Media types are lamenting “Black on Black” crimes. NO ONE is addressing Black on White crimes. Blacks attacking Whites have been going on for decades. Research “The Zebra Murders”. Research “South African Farm Murders”. There have been thousands of anonymous victims. How many names do you want? Whites are murdered EVERY single week – and nary a whisper in the press.

    I know a man that was fired. a White man, for simply attending a rally in Knoxville, for Christian and Newsome, shortly after the are brutally murdered. He was a very highly placed military man. He wound up homeless. Whites are punished and persecuted if we object to our own dispossession and slaughter. Slavery, in Human history, is the norm. Not the exception. Slavery has existed in Africa since recorded time. Slavery is thriving and expanding now. White Christians are the ONLY demographic, in the history of the world. that founded an Abolition Movement. And we are being murdered, for thanks. No good deed goes unpunished, eh?

  • Cairan

    Georgetown UNIVERSITY Professor Michael Eric Dyson suggests” more white kids need to die in order for Americans to understand racism”
    How may sacrifices to your madness will be enough, Dyson?

  • Bitter Clinger

    My advice is stay as far away as physically possible from the Hood. Don’t go to the big city anymore. If there is inter-racial trouble, whitey is at an extreme disadvantage for justice no matter what happened.

  • CJ

    It is so unbelievably offensive to see BLACK PANTHERS present at that courthouse in Sanford.
    Feel like we have gone backwards about 40 years
    So much for LEAN FORWARD

  • common sense

    its so sad but so very true that these days the blacks are way way WAY more racist then any whites have ever been… the amount of hatred and evilness they have is way higher then the whites that had slaves… and out of 10 slaves, maybe 1-2 we’re treated as bad as the movies make it seem. the rest were all treated fair. but these ignorant blacks these days are so uneducated that they don’t know the truth, can’t read cursive, and talk along to older music rhythms on a loop and call that music… so pathetic

  • Jos America

    THIS is the reason a slow, painful
    death penalty is needed (for heinous cases of 100% guilty certainty). Should
    be carried out within 1 month of the crime and be as slow with as
    much suffering by the criminal as possible.
    They should ‘enjoy’ this punishment alone with no one to hear their crying
    except God.

  • Princess Dorothy

    You’re comparing apples and oranges here. #stretching

    • Princess Dorothy

      It’s TRAGIC what happened to this couple, but I really don’t see the point in trying to compare these two stories. Just call right, right, and wrong, wrong. Zimmerman getting off is not RIGHT (IMO), if these black men get off it wouldn’t be right, either!

  • SGold

    Unfortunately, murders happen every day. 99.9% of them aren’t picked up by national media. The ONLY reason the Martin case was picked up is because of the quite remarkable fact that Zimmerman was NOT HELD OR CHARGED WITH A CRIME until the MSMs attention was focused on the case. You can rest assured that the killers of this couple will never see the light of day and if their state allows it, they will be on death row soon. So what are you complaining about other than to engage in race baiting of your own?

  • Sick of bigots.

    Trust me, if you “presented” reverse race scenarios to your black “friends” you really don’t have any black friends. You have black people who know you, and black people who tolerate your bullshit because you either work with them or have some social or economic hold on them, but they are not your friends. Back to your cave cracker (PS: lily white here).

  • Scott Raively

    Two points. First, these criminals were caught and charged immediately when captured, not sent home with an atta boy by the police.That alone sets it apart from the Trayvon Martin murder.
    Second, and I mean this with all sincerity, if these men get off, you have my permission to riot all you want.
    A miscarriage of justice is the same, no matter the race of the victim or the perpetrator.

  • Wendy

    I live in Knoxville and have been following this case since day one. The people that committed this crime is trying to get lesser sentences. All but Davidson has had retrials. And they also said the reason why they did it was because the SUV that Channon was driving was newer and they said the those “white people deserved it”

  • Gary1212

    I saw the Channon Christian and Hugh Newsom case on some court TV program. When the prosecutor asked the one black guy ” when Channon Christian begged for a drink of water because she hadn’t had water in three days, What did you do ” ? The defendant said ” well she really didn’t want water she just wanted to suck my d**k one more time ” all of this was said while her parents sat in the court room crying ! Non of this is ever brought to light by Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson is it, yet the scream bloody murder because a thug like Martin got himself killed….and the man who did it went free.

  • jay

    I always wondered why God made a place like Hell, Now I know, Satan Is waiting for you 4 thugs to bad it can’t be televised.

  • CP

    Perhaps al sharpton and Eric Holder should consider this:

  • Arrow Smith

    Sick animals. These cold bastards will surely go to hell and face the same while their sorry butts burn for an eternity in Hell. Sick Sick Sick. For no reason innocent whites who had nothing to do with nothing are murdered so savagely it is hard to understand how a human being can do something that awful. The low information voter and lack of education along with zero moral values. Blacks, 71 percent have only one parent and they are useless in raising their children. Hell is the place those four Animals will be. The News media needs the same treatment to wake up their sorry excuse of reporting. God forbid this did happen to the media but a wake up call is needed to rid us of the bias reporting.

  • DJD11

    They were CONVICTED, YOU TWIT! If the “Blacks” had gotten away with it because of an ludicrously stupid jury, THEN you’d have a reason to whine.
    I guarantee that NOBODY was celebrating this heinous crime the way the right-wingers were regarding Zimmerman killing Martin.

    And, who the hell is James Patrick Reilly?

  • Truth

    That’s because this crime is 5 years old morons. Would you like us too bring up all the murders and debate it now because of the Zimmerman case. You KLAN members need to give it a rest, not Fox nor race baiting Drudge is even winking at this. And these thugs were found guilty unlike Zimmerman.


      Emmett Till was murdered 58 years ago, yet his name was brought up many times. People constantly bring up the beginning of slavery from 400 years ago yet 6 years is too far in the past to mention?

  • VeeDub57
  • soupson10

    Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder and Obama are cheering about this one. There is no truth in them. This was the work of serial killers. Now the blacks have them.

  • soupson10

    This is just a thought…suppose Trayvon didn’t have his hoodie up but rather down where his face could be seen. It may seem like nit picking but sometimes the way one dresses especially at night makes a big impression.

  • John

    Because its my fault these people are too stupid to pay attention in school or work for a living. I love hearing the black community complain about being poor and uneducated. How about some self motivation for once instead of holding your hand out crying about whitey keeping you down.

    Garbage. This country is going to hell.

  • toothlight

    Aren’t we in danger of something similar happening with the dangerous rise of fundamental Islam? IN the UK you dare not make any derogatory remarks about Islam without being accused of being an Islamphobe, but they can make anti-Semitic comments freely.

  • whatchamacallit

    my white friend was raped when we were 15 by 3 black men that drove her to newark. strangled her till she passed out and left her for dead yelling die white bitch. she lived thank god and died two years later commiting suicide from new not hearing her racial story:(

  • NavyBlue1962

    Where’s big-mouthed Sharpton and Jackson now? I hope Zimmerman sues both of these scam artists, along with NBC, back to the Stone Age.

  • Dempseycoleman

    Just to put Reverend in front of these two Race Batters names is a Sin because
    we know they Preach Hate that is all they know how to advocate anything.
    I am absolutely sic of these two ass wipes.

  • mike

    Apparently blacks can do no wrong, are the smartest and strongest race, and the government should give them free money for life. That is how a black person thinks. What a joke. They pull the race card out for any reason if they don’t get their way because only their way is justice. People are sick of double standards. Blacks get away with a lot more nowadays then any race because of this PC crap the judicial system allows. The only race making a big deal about race are black people. They seem to be the only ones who keep bringing it up. They want to be the best they don’t want equality. Enough is enough. No more double standards.

  • art simpson

    God died for blacks and whites. Most choose Hell.

  • Reezon1

    Zimmerman is not white.

  • preta

    Respect is something you have to earn not matter what race you are, I am not white or black, and I know must people from my country can be seen as bad people, even thou I came from that race I don’t act like them and people respect me for who I am, not from where I came from, that’s the beauty of America, if they jugde you bad… guess what? because you are bad! if I don’t like a black or white person , is not because of their color, is because of they attitude!

  • preta

    the white people here are soo good to the black people that they are willing to offer them a spa day after they have killed a couple of whites. How can black people still complain? I don’t get it!

  • preta

    fyi there are more races in the world then just black and white , and slavery wasn’t just in America, this was something that happened all over the world and black was slave of many different races, and why the entire world thought black would be a good slave? prolly cuz they own race was selling them to the world.

  • preta

    I would prolly hate my own people.

  • preta

    and way before black was slave, white people was slave too, back in the bible stories, by the Egyptians now the one of the best country to be, right? nah. At least the white people moved on and now one of the greatest race to be around.

  • Michael K Jackson

    Yeah,and Im trying to kill you by mentally beating your head against my mean thoughts.You will die from that months before zimmerman would have been in any real danger. (“superficial cuts and bruises”)

  • wesley thompson

    All that were involved need to be destroyed as they did to others- I am sure that if the people had a gun or two and fight them off maybe wounding a couple of the attackers, then the white kids would be on trial for fighting back- What a way to go, at the hands of sub-human beasts- Cuff the bunch, put them on a football field shackled and gagged and the parents with shotguns to shoot the bastards from one side line to another until they dropped and kicked out-

  • Lucky Smith

    dear fellow americans all of your arguments concerning your color race or ethnic background are stupid. we are all americans and unless you just stepped foot on this continent with your passport your ethnic back ground isn’t pure. come on and get with the program there has always been rape and plundering on this continent since the 1st explorers landed here. america is like 1 big pot of soup with a lil of this a lil of that and stewed all together. so if you are white with a phobia for blacks or black with a phobia of whites or mexican with phobia of blacks or native american with the phobia of whites get over it we are all humans we breathe air and bleed red and there isnt many if any pure bloodlines here. stop the stupid crap; finger pointing, name calling, and other bs we are not children in grammer school: love to live and live to love. color isnt important whats important is everyone living and making right decisions and when wrong decisions are made accepting responsibility for making them.

  • mwg

    Sharpton will never talk about the loss of this beautiful couple. These baboons need to be executed.

  • deosbo1

    over the past 400 years, have more whites been killed by blacks or have more blacks been killed by whites? I would love to know the numbers.

  • Mike Smith

    What happened to the O/Reilly piece/comment. It just disappeared. It was good.

  • justice4travon

    wow really. this horrible crime has nothing to do with the travon martin case. I guarantee these four blackmen will have to pay for this crime with a death sentence. This is the difference between ya’ll and us . White men have been raping killing and destroying black woman children and men since our arrival to this country but not one has ever sent time in jail for thier crime. Travon Martin was not a rapist theft or murder. nor did he have a gun. but he was shot in the heart for no good reason other than he was black. My God he was a harmless teen just returning from the store with snacks. What. fact can you guys not wrap you pea brain around is it that a black boy could be innocent. you watch and profile our black men daily for no reason. how about you profile young white men that walk into public places with semi automatic weapon slaughtering hundreds of innocent people where is the justice in that. You’ll got a not guilty for that murdering son of a bitch Zimmerman so please sit down and shut your mouth. you’ll love to incite negative feeling by using terms that stereotype black men suck as car jacking. how do you know it was a car jack the two people who owned the car are dead so you don’t know it could have all been consensual. I have had countless white couples ask if my mate and myself would swing with them. ya’ll love those big black dicks. then when things go wrong we are the bad guys. I don’t believe things happened as you stated you don’t or will never know because you was not there.

  • TJ

    Why do we need to use skin color in something like this. All colors of people have people that do horrible things. We need to stop trying to find reasons why we are victims as a race and find ways to prevent horrible people from doing horrible things. We are all Human Beings at our core and we shouldn’t feel a special allegiance to people of our same skin tone. I am white and hearing this kinda story makes me feel sick, not because the victims were white and the criminals were black but because of the horrifying act these individuals performed on innocent people.

  • TJ

    I understand these cases tend to get less attention because the media cant get such an uproar. It just seems like when black people kill white people its just crazy black people but if white person kills a black person its because he was racist.

  • Victor P. Muhammad

    It was horrible what happened to that couple. However, PLEASE dont even try to compare it to the THOUSANDS of cases over recent years of Whites murdering Blacks. As a matter of fact, it goes into the millions over the last 400 years.

  • Camille

    Not all black people are thugs, not all white people are members of the kkk, and not all hispanics are gang members… Children of ALL races are in danger, and it begins with the parents. Don’t continue to teach your children that that neighborhood is the “bad neighboorhood,” teach them to understand that those neighborhoods are “poverty stricken” and they need your help to become better. If we all continue to live our life in fear of being beat up by a black man or lynched by a white man, the HUMAN race will continue to go downhill. Do I think the media is to blame for the continued arguement of race… yes I do, but it’s our fault for continuing to discuss it with them. Pray for better opportunities for all races. Pray for better neighborhoods for all races. Pray for better schools for all races! Pray for everyone!

  • Chill

    All black people don’t think a like. The people on this page speaks for it self. Go back and read the comments that some of you wrote. Listen at your self . I feel sorry for a lot of you cause you just don’t get it.

  • J L Anderson

    Vanessa Coleman, the only female convicted in the crimes, is currently held at the state’s only women’s prison, the Tennessee Prison for Women. Serving a sentence of 35 years, Coleman is eligible for parole in early 2019; the maximum expiration of her sentence is in 2042. Cobbins and Thomas were originally incarcerated at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution until the Bledsoe County Correctional Complex opened in 2012, and were transferred to that facility. Cobbins is serving a life sentence without parole, and Thomas is serving 123 years to life. Davidson, sentenced to death, remains housed at Riverbend, as the state’s death row is at that prison.

    Eric Boyd, who was convicted on federal charges, is currently serving his sentence of 18 years at FCI Beckley, a medium-security prison in West Virginia. With time off for good behavior (there is no parole in the federal prison system), Boyd is eligible for release in early October 2022.

  • Keniece Ford

    Who are you? Why are you so offended by Obama calling stupidity and racism what it is? Why is it so terrible Obama said Trayvon could’ve been his son? Your white guilt runs so deep and is so thick that you and others like you challenge any threat of being exposed. God forbid you actually having to face it and do something about it. This really sad and terrible story you bring up is SIX YEARS OLD!!!
    So, what’s your true purpose here? People kill people. No one should get away with killing another person. Do you get that or do I sound racist? Stand up out of your white privilege and your white guilt and put your energy forth toward justice, love, and change. Otherwise, why are you talking?

  • Tracy Miller

    Ok. First of all. “No one should get killed for what color, culture, heritage they are!” That’s my view. Let’s be honest:The U.S. nor most of the world has not addressed the atrocities that European & European descended people have committed to Africans & continental aboriginal people. There’s been no restoration, sincere remorse, and no care for humanity of people that has been marginalized. NO ON SHOULD DIE FOR NOTHING OR FRIVILOUS REASON. Can we both agree on that? Where was the white outrage when black & brown was dying for nothing?? 50, 100, 200 years ago. Let me sum up the history of the world for you. Thousands of whites have killed hundreds of millions of black & brown people FOR NOTHING! You can’t turn this aroud on the NAACP or any other black organization & say aha, we got you where’s your outrage until we stop dying for b-s reasons. Trayvon Martin shouldn’t be dead right now. He should be in college. The Zimmerman trial sets a precedent that dictates blacks can’t stand up to a bully who’s accosting us. We are supicious & thugs even when we aren’t, & we deserve to die for minding ou business. I don’t think I deserve to die just because I’m alive & brown-skinned. There’s nothing stupid you can tell me to convince me otherwise! We’ve never been prone to European-style violence; even when we were getting terrorized. So go get the elderly white men in AL, LA, GA, & MS who have killed for no reason, & lock them up. If CBS News can find them so can the law. You can’t turn this around because of this article. The numbers aren’t even. Where’s your historical outrage? Black & brown are still getting the crap kicked out them everyday worldwide! You tell us we have mental illness & to forget, sorry I won’t. Why don’t you tell the Jew to forget his atrocity. Oh yeah you’re too scared. Fight for me when I’m wronged & I’ll fight for you.

  • whatdahell

    Why are people always trying to compare apples and oranges? Where these men detained by the police then let go? NO, they were arrested and will stand trial! Black people only get upset when it’s blatant that the justice system is skewed against them. Let me know when a black person kills a white person and the police doesn’t arrest them.

    • maddog2008

      Roddick Scott – Greece NY – appox 2-1/2 years ago – shot and killed a 16 year old 3-4 times – 1st shot into the back – 2nd shot in the neck – 3rd shot in center mass – 4th uknown. Scott was in his (girlfriend’s) appox 2:30 a.m. when he heard 3 teens opening UNLOCKED car doors taking out cigarettes and loose change, wrong, yes, worth dying for, no. Scott was told to stay in his house by 911 but went outside and MURDERED the teen. The big tough guy shot the UNARMED teen from appox. 25 to 30 feet away, again one shot was in the back which the M.E. thinks was the fatal shot. Scott was taken to the Greece P.D., questioned and released. He was later charge with man 2 by the grand jury, went to court and won (the same as Zimmerman). He had his 9mm handgun returned (he has a CCW) The only difference between Scott and Zimmerman is Scott is black and Zimmerman is Hispanic. It takes a real big man to shoot a teen from 25 to 30 feet away in the back, Zimmerman was attacked by Martin before he had to save his own life. If you want to talk stats and facts how about we talk about the fact the black race makes up 13,7 % of the population, but commit OVER 72 % of ALL crimes. So what was your racist point again? Try stirring up your race baiting elsewhere Zippy. S/N: This took place in the suburbs (upper middleclass), Scott was living with his WHITE girlfriend (she threw him out). The MSM made a HERO (sic) of Scott, Jackson, Sharpton, Obama and the rest of the race hustlers never said a word unlike the Zimmerman case. Please tell us all just why that would be. Again check the DOJ, FBI and your local crime stats before you spew your lies and racist hate making yourself look like a moron. Thank you.

      • whatdahell

        First off I said “Let me know when a black person kills a white person and the police doesn’t arrest them.”

        Unlike George Zimmerman, Scott was immediately arrested after the shooting and charged with murder. A grand jury later reduced the charge to first-degree manslaughter. (Hint, that whole “immediately arrested” part just killed your whole argument, but anyway lets continue just for fun)

        Scott, we must remember, was on his own property, defending his own property originally, from three individuals – not one – who were actively engaged in undisputed criminal behavior. (How is this similar? Just wondering)

        The jury deliberated for about 19 hours before rendering a verdict of not guilty on December 18, 2009. If you have never heard about this story it is because Scott was arrested and had to essentially prove his innocence, just as we have come to expect from the corrupt so-called “Justice” system. (There is that whole arrested thing again)

        It is clear that at the time Scott fired two shots into Cervini, he intended to cause serious physical injury to Cervini. He would have had to have been convicted of manslaughter unless the killing was justified. Soooo, what happened to the other 2 shots you spoke about?
        Unlike Trayvon, THESE kids where in the act of committing multiple crimes AND had RECORDED histories of criminal behavior AND were intoxicated at the time.

        Nice try, but like I said Apples AND Oranges, the only similarity is the END RESULT not the events that let up to the result, but I know you will believe what you want in order to justify your belief that the justice system isn’t skewed. You can go back to living with your head in the sand.

        You may want to do a bit more research before you site an event to back your argument making sure it is really relevant before you end up sounding like a moron.

        By the way please don’t put lies in to my post, there is nothing even close to “racist hate” in my post and your post had more lies in it than mine.

        Thank you.

  • El Hajj

    There’s One point to the story These Black men are on death row . Most black men who commit a crimes go to jail can you say the same for white criminals like Geo Zimmerman .

    • Nicole Gray

      El Hajj is what made Malcolm X realize that we are ALL created EQUAL! The faster that’s realized, the faster this will be a better world.

      Black men are the boogeyman to many people, who don’t seem to realize that the majority of blacks are good, law abiding citizens…

  • Woo Child

    So…Zimmerman pursues and thereby instigates a situation, kills a victim and goes free for months, and then is found innocent of killing a person, is the SAME in all of your minds as 4 black people killing 2 white people and being arrested immediately then found guilty. This is what educated people like to call “conflation”. The reality of the situation is, rational people would have been upset if those 4 people weren’t found guilty for killing anyone. A loss of life is a tragedy. The failure to punish those who commit these acts is injustice. Understand the difference.

  • bloggerken

    Here’s the problem. Most of you have only been as close to murder as a news story. But you pontificate as if you have real insights. I’ve had 8 or 9 people killed. Three unsolved. And not for reasons they caused. Last month someone murdered one of my closest relatives as he was walking down the street. HOWEVER, I assure you that as an African American, the men who murdered these people will go to jail. Unlike a system that so callously allows Zimmerman to walk. The issue is about a system. Hell, if you all decry murder, you are preaching to the choir when people have seen it up-close and personal. All the grandstanding is just empty racist cloaked in “concern”.

  • bloggerken

    Google “Sherry West”

  • bloggerken

    How does a washed up actress get attention? Become the resident race-baiter and watch the bottom-feeding begin. smh

  • bloggerken

    Censorship works well. Support a murderer — Zimmerman, but oppose opposing views.

  • Joseph Hardaway Jr

    the whole black/white issue on media coverage is not about coverage of the crime. The whole thing about the “Trayvon Martin” situation is not only that it was white/black. It was about justice. Let me explain: When these stupid, no good, low-lifes did this to this couple they were IMMEDIATELY apprehended and the process of justice began. Even with all the black on black crime if the suspect is known he/she is taken into custody right away. With the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman situation, the uproar began when, after shooting the teenager, Zimmerman was not taken into custody or charged right away. The police did not do their job. So don’t make it like the so-said “white on black” crimes is the issue. It is the way it is handled. And that is why it wasn’t covered because justice was served for this poor couple. My heart and prayers goes out to this couple’s family. This was a senseless crime. I honestly hope these pieces of crap fry for what they did to this couple. But I would feel this way whether black on white, black on black, white on black or white on white

    • TruthSpeaker

      I didn’t know Zimmerman was white.

      • Nicole Gray

        SOME Hispanics identify themselves as white because they think white people actually accept them as being their peers. If they were honest with themselves they would admit that they are treated like other minorities, with disdain. They are incarcerated at almost the same rate as black men so maybe they should rethink their own labeling…

  • Black_Nationalist1

    Is this race baiting, is this person trying to stir the passions of white people, and how is this moving this problem solving is this a edifying approach. are horrific crimes committed only by black people? How is this article going to help the country heal or move forward in a edifying way.? Black people don’t want to be separate from white people, but we certainly don’t want to keep being blamed for all the ills of this country, when we know that there is plenty of blame to doled out equally.

  • Muata Rogers


  • sb

    who cares

  • AryanLiving

    None of this would happen if whites had our own country

    • Nicole Gray

      So go somewhere and form it…

  • Sally Saucer

    Letalvis Cobbins is a cowardly snitch. The gutless wimp told his tale for almost an hour on the stand. He sure is full of himself.
    What kind of creature gave birth to him and his brother?
    Hopefully Letalvis will get shanked in prison and Lucifer will meet him at the gate in person.

  • sandspoint

    This was a heinous crime. The reason whites did not do or say anything is because we have become weak with liquor fast food and cable TV. All I have to say is get a concealed weapons permit and watch your back in dark parking lots.

  • Arrow Smith

    They will burn in hell and their punnishment will be what the did to two innocent people. Burn in hell you SOBs and the one B….. They are no more than animals who breed like rabbits and create more animals like themselves.

  • Arrow Smith

    Satan will have his way with these animals. Sick SOBs.

  • Arrow Smith

    According to the testimony of the Knox County Acting Medical Examiner Dr. Darinka Mileusnic-Polchan at the subsequent trial of Eric Boyd, Newsom was repeatedly sodomized with an object and then blindfolded, gagged, arms and feet bound and his head covered. Barefoot, he was dragged outside the house to a set of nearby railroad tracks. He was sexually mutilated, shot in the back of his head, neck and back and his body was then set on fire.

    God I ask you send them to hell now. I pray for this. I pray they never ask for forgiveness. Animals all need to be in Hell getting the same done to them over and over forever.

  • TruthSpeaker

    I can’t get over this Michael K Jackson fool and his racist ramblings. Lemme sum it up if i’m reading correctly Mr. Black Panther Jackson:
    White People: All criminals who get away with their crimes 9/10 times, are all racists, and have no reason to fear any black person on earth as they are all angels just looking to promote peace and love.
    O and OJ was innocent because “he seemed innocent”
    Black people: A collection of saints who are unfaily harassed, prosecuted, (insert any other negative words here). They do no wrong yet get they short end of the stick in any and every aspect of life.
    O and Zimmerman is guilty because you say so….and despite the fact that he’s hispanic it’s still the white mans fault
    Jackson your a total toolbag and saying your delusional is an offense to the word

  • Jason Estepp

    Also it’s the media they want to exploit the stories that could possibly cause riots to get another breaking story I personally am disgusted with white people and their lack of having a back bone stand up speak up throw a freaking t.v through a store window that will make everything better also have you noticed black people stick together did u see any white actors or musicians any famous white people speak up about any white people being murdered by blacks no because us white people are cowards craving BBC like the little white girls you see walking in the hood

    • TruthSpeaker

      Because throwing a TV through a store window really makes a point…..

  • Jason Estepp

    Also I’m not surprised this stories isn’t breaking news there are serial killers in the U.S that most people have never heard of that made this mutilation look like child’s play

  • Jason Estepp

    Ok I made post that were deleted or not saved…..but to get all bias out of the way I am a white male 29 years old first off the difference in this story and trayvonnes is that these killers were caught and punished as they deserved actually they deserved 7 fold the torture and mutilation but anyways on to the next point when these white people were murdered did u see one actor or actress speak up what about musicians or anyone of fam? Nope no famous white people spoke out actually no white people spoke out my point black people stick together white people just cowar away


      Personally, I can’t wait for things to keep escalating. Why? Because another civil war is INEVITABLE, and your 13% of the population will easily be wiped from the bowels of America. White America is HEAVILY ARMED and getting fed up and I can’t wait!




  • Jason Estepp

    Continued white people cowar away craving BBC like the little white girls you see walking through the hood all I can say is start pulling the race card white people get a back bone speak up for your fellow white people now as far as Zimmerman getting hi head pounded in the concrete did y’all see any photos of him with his head severely damaged ? Nope I seen a picture of him with a small blood spot on his forehead as a teen I had pimples that caused more damage I say white people need to riot throw a tv through a store window then maybe other white people will take the tail from between there legs ..

  • New Century

    I was going to write a long message regarding this as this has to be one of if not the worst crime in history on an individual.
    I am going to instead shorten it to this. I am sick of every Black belly aching perdon. Lets not forget the Black muslims that beheaded a young White English soldier at home in broad daylight. Just another day, where is our OUTRAGE. This has to stop. But it won’t stop without Blood! We must unite and stand for what is right.

  • Nicole Gray

    This story WAS publicized, maybe some people should learn to READ.

    This was a heinous crime and the perpetrators are being punished, as they should be.

    The two cases (zimmerman and this case) are like apples and oranges.

    By the way, more crimes are committed by whites than blacks. Black crime is more publicized to better ratings. Blacks are supposed to be the boogeyman, white is pure, remember…

    • TruthSpeaker

      What makes you come to the conclusion that whites commit more crimes then blacks? I don’t see any numbers so is this just an opinion based statement?

      I don’t know the actual numbers when it comes to color break down of those incarcerated….but i’m pretty sure black has the highest representation. So again, what are you basing this claim on?

  • AryanLiving

    Yeah, we really don’t have a gun violence problem in this country we have a violent niqqer problem!

  • leche1231

    So now we would to compare the black on white crime with the white of black crime……well, let’s start way back in the 1600’s. Count them numbers and then you will see the truth! I don’t condone any violence at all. God’s word says thou shalt not kill. His word transcends racisms and every other demonic force that cause hatred. It don’t matter if you are black or white in God’s eyes. Thou shalt not kill simply means, thou shalt not kill. But God’s word also says that you reap what you sow. If you take a true count of race violence, you will see that blacks on white violence in so miniscule compare to white on black violence. This is fact. White america planted a seed of hatred, and now it is biting them in the butt. You can’t turn a blind eye to the pass. In order for us as human beings to come together in unity we must look to the pass. See what the root of the problem is, and then find a solution to pull up that root. An apology for what was done to Black people by someone in a prominent position in America would be a great start. What would be really awesome is if we really did live up to what the constitution says, and there was true equality for all people!

  • karol koehler

    lynching is justice in this case

  • Troy Wright

    Yall just ignorant. This is racism at its finest. How is this an incitement of the welfare system, voters monthly checks blah blah or blah? 2 life sentences one death sentence and multiple years in prison for two other convicted felons. I doubt very seriously the State of Tennessee needs help from the media to win convictions against Black Americans. I read this and what Mr Glenn Beck has stated. Problem is details are lacking. As with any fabricated lie…it lacks details. Key detail missing is what make this a “Hate Crime” ? Second what does this have to do with Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman. The both stories are sad enough. What makes them worst is that Victoria Jackson actually twisted this story to suit her own needs. Glenn Beck does that all the time. For me the worst part is all the negative and hutrful comment obviously White Americans took the time to post about all Black Americans. We are not done yet obviously. And for the jack meat that mentioned the Brunswick Ga. teens…Google that again I think you will find the entire story was fabricated. Shame on you White America. Again

    • Roxy E Ryan

      Victoria Jackson does not know that when Black or Latinos commit crimes and the police know who the killer is, somebody IS arrested.
      George Zimmerman was let go because he killed a Black man. Had the victim been White, George would have been arrested. He would be in jail with Ariel Castro

      • FreeThinker

        yer an idiot, kill yourself.

  • blessedtruth

    To Hell with divine justice. Past time for a return to vigilante justice. Only type White people will get! Believe it folks.

  • Mark N Starla Traina

    JOIN U.S, as we WORK together to make U.S. a SAFER PLACE!

  • Wanette Carter

    All I can say Ms. Jackson is YOU ROCK!!!! As a East Tennessee native I can tell you this atrocity rocked the entire area to it’s very core, never in the history of this state has there been a crime so horrific, so demonic, so unbelievably animalistic in it’s nature. These victims weren’t just raped, weren’t just murdered, weren’t just beaten. They were all three of the previously stated X’s 1000!!! These animals (and I feel I am insulting animals to call these perpetrators that but that’s the strongest word I could come up with) committed a HATE crime…I know I am so politically INCORRECT by stating this because after all, according to our fine lame-stream media blacks just cannot commit HATE crimes, only straight, Caucasians can do that, please allow me to say from the bottom of my heart that this is a load of HORSE-HOCKEY!! This crime was NEVER talked about on national news, the ONLY two people I know in the media that spoke about this is Nancy Grace from CNN because the “female” involved, Vanessa, had (now get this) a SPA-DAY makeover before her retrial because her hair looked to awful during her first trial!!!!!!!!!!! Yes folks and WE paid for it, a deputy with Knox County had to be pulled from his regular duties to stand guard while this disgusting creature enjoyed complete hair, nail and facial make-over!! Nancy Grace just flew all over this, as she should have….LONG BEFORE NOW as far as I am concerned. The other news personality was Glenn Beck, he was covering the Trayvon Martin ruling and a lady from Knoxville e-mailed him the information regarding this story and the fact that NO NATIONAL NEWS MEDIA EVER SAID ONE WORD ABOUT IT!! He quite understandably was appalled and went into great detail, at the end he apologized to the families of the victims and stated he was ashamed that he nor anyone else had covered this. This is a crime that I believe will haunt the hearts and minds of anyone who knew what had happened, it still bothers me and I did not even know these two obviously intelligent, coed, college student and Christian young people. Everyone plays that “race” card when it suits their immediate needs to do so….yet these two will never EVER get a chance to tell THEIR side of the story, because they were murdered and victimized in a heinous HATE crime, plain and simple!!!

  • LeeH

    Well Victoria, it wasn’t on the TV for months (back when it happened in 1997 — before Obama was president) probably because the perps were caught right away, tried and convicted. Oh, and police and prosecutors said it wasn’t a racial crime. The couple had been picked at random. No evidence that the crime, as horrible as it was, was racially motivated. The closest Fox News could come to introducting race into the picture when they reported it (I guess you didn’t watch Fox News back then?) is calling it “racially charged.”

  • LaTarence Dunbar

    As heinous as this crime was…..the facts are not accurate. This originally posted by someone with their own agenda….they did not feel one bit for the victims. I don’t support hate crimes at all. My question is who’s the blame for the lack of media coverage? I cant recall one black owned National TV are RADIO station. That’s what media do. AS A BLACK LEADER, I will support this story if justice is not served. All of the party has been charged for what they did. PLEASE don’t compare this story to what happen to Trayvon Martin. Thanks. CRIME HAS NO COLOR…

  • Charlie Jackson

    It is time to start putting indigent blacks in federal sanctuaries

  • Charlie Galatas

    1) Boycott companies that disrespect white people in their commercials.
    2) Arm yourselves.
    3) Travel in groups. Protect eachother.
    4) White families must have at least 3 babies.
    5) Stop sending aid to Africa.
    6) Vote down “affirmative” action.
    7) Banish domestic terrorists.

  • Jesse Rose

    I’m white. Seriously, I wish ignorant white people would take a different stand on things. Like, don’t use a serious murder to make your points. Start a movement for equality and do not stoop to the level of the ignorance that lies within every race (racists). At the end of the day, it is the same exact thing. I think we should all take the time out of our day to realize that the human mind (regardless of skin color) has the potential of great wickedness, such as the story shown above.

  • imho

    Hey Obama, more of your sons are at it again. Effin animals!

  • Jan

    The only way to solve the problem of black crime is to repatriate all the blacks back to Africa where they belong. These savage people have no place in a civilized society. They are descended from savage stone age tribes. Ship them back before they destroy our society.

  • HangOneMore

    If any of the whites had balls in Knoxville the DA African KNEW the judge was a druggie! But she used that as a way to get them a lest prison term..Don’t believe me? Have her picked up and treated as they treated Christain/Newsum she will spill the beans on how she used whites to keep these niggers from death!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    I decided i wasnt going to bow down to apes my grandfather was a commmunist I love my Russian roots im armed and dangerous ready for the apes.Join the old commies be safe from monkeys.

  • Steve Delossantos

    Thats so horrible you have to be armed ready to fight the apes you guys watch them play football basketball listen to there music horah touch down and they harm and rape you after the game and music is over .

  • Philissa Gilliard

    You white people cannot get it through your brain why it is like this. We as Blacks, Negros, African American have been going through since the 1600’s. After slavery was removed, Blacks were getting lynched and photos taken of them as post cards while they dangled from trees, burned, with limbs cut off and that went on until the 1960’s probably even later. Then there was not giving Blacks jobs so they became dependent on welfare. Whites put drugs and guns in the communities and diseases. Blacks have recently been able to come into riches without selling drugs and that is mostly because they are soft shoeing and entertaining. The Blacks now are what is left of what was done to us and we need time to heal. We have been abused mentally, physically, emotionally for hundreds of years. We as a people need to pull together and retrain ourselves. We need to love ourselves, become self aware and goals oriented and think of our future and the future of our children. We don’t need the whites we need to produce our own. Build ourselves up. We now have to freedom to become gods that God intended us to be. We were born to be happy. To live without worry and pain. And now we have the chance to do so. Black people do not waste your precious energy on the whites use your strength to strengthen our children and our community.

    • Reverend Bacon

      I realize your limited capacity to reason in this area, but try to understand this: fewer than 3,500 blacks were lynched between 1882-1968. There are that many whites killed by blacks every year; there are ten times that number of white women raped by blacks every year.
      You claim you don’t need the whites? Show me any majority-black city that thrives. Nope, the whites leave and the blacks cause, and preside over, the death.

    • hopeless

      OMG , after reading your post I NOW see that IQ’s can drop lower than I ever thought possible… .

      Here is what you REALLY said;

      I hate you white people. My parents and role models ALL told me to stay away from the white devil. they told me that you were evil and that you killed a hundred gazillion blacks and that,since that happened, that is why I should NEVER EVER trust a white person. I’m furious about the kind of segregation and civil rights violations I heard and read about. I hate ALL white people because of it. I look down on white scummy pinky rednecks, they are usually pedophiles, serial killers or mass shooter, Yeah I’m aware that there have been several black serial killers, black men who open fire on innocent people for fun, I’ve been made aware that when a group of black teens get together and head over to white neighborhoods so they can whoop some old defenseless cracker, film it with their phones, chanting Worldstar “Worldstar Worldstar Worldstar Worldstar Worldstar” or “Youtube YoutubeYoutubeYoutube” I think it is totally justified, because I’ve been taught to hate you people, and you all deserve to be wiped from the face of this earth. I don’t care about ANY of you, you hurt black people. I don’t care if you (personally) have done anything bad, but if something bad happens to you, its justified, it will ALWAYS be justified.

      I can easily accuse you of being racist, but then tell you that I want your race of people to die and leave this earth, that whites are beneath blacks and they are subhumans who don’t deserve ANY kindness or brotherhood from the black race (the superior race)

      I smile every time a cracker is hurt, tormented, killed, tortured, knocked out etc . . it’s very entertaining. and praise be to all the foot soldiers who are taking vengeance on the white people.

      I ONLY care about the livelihood of ebony gods and goddesses like me . . . any one else is just a rodent with no right to live and be happy.

      ******I think that’s pretty close . . . if you were smart enough to admit thats how you TRULY feel.

  • Sad to be apart of this earth.

    I wish man kind would die before any chance of the sun died. Ignorance spreads way too fast, Racism by ANY race is a disgrace to intelligence.

  • MelD.

    Just got a headache reading all this. WOW!!! We are people. And no matter what anyone says, we are a divided people. There’s a lot of black/white going on here, but it reaches so much farther than color. We are prejudiced within cultures too. We will destroy ourselves at the rate we’re going. Sometimes I believe there’s hope. Sometimes. Those are the times I’m blessed to be around those where life is more important than the color of anyone’s skin or whatever faith or religion one follows or from what culture one stems. A time when people come together for whatever common cause for the good is comprised with people of all different backgrounds, and we respect one another and help one another to help others. So much hate, and in that hate feelings of neglect and that the world is unfair and that minorities get more than whatever color the majority carries in some particular area. Fed up of it. Blacks want to riot, well, check your history, whites have done it too, Asians, Indians, it goes on. For every case of one color against another, you will find a very similar case somewhere in the past or God forbid, that will happen in the future. We are a vicious people. Vicious, malicious, insecure, and love to lay blame blame blame …
    There will come a day when we will have no choice but to either come together or perish. Until then …

  • Steven W

    These evil savages are the lowest of the low. I never heard of a more sickening crime ever.

  • SuzieJoeBob

    Dumb niggers

    • mroncetwice

      dumb hick bitch.

      • SuzieJoeBob

        Go back to worshiping O.J. Simpson

        • mroncetwice

          OJ is a piece of living excrement, much in the same way you are.

      • SuzieJoeBob

        Go play around in Ferguson. Hopefully, the same thing that happened to Michael Brown will happen to you.

  • Newzjunki

    Everyone associated with this crime should die a slow death. Pour honey over them and air-drop them (low altitude so they don’t die right away) in the middle of the desert.

  • bruce101

    because of feral knee grows, I never go out with out a gun that way if bad knee grows bother me I can make them into good knee grows.



  • donaldwestington

    Victoria Jackson is still hot to this day.

  • Jay Orange

    We’re still waiting for the outcry over De’Marquise Elkins, aka “mommy’s little angel” who blew the face off that 14-month-old baby in a stroller in Brunswick, Georgia. As always, the Black community and its leaders are stone-cold silent. The baby was in his stroller and out for a walk with his mother when he was shot between the eyes March 21.

    Elkins,18, stood silent and showed no emotion as he was sentenced in a courtroom less than two weeks after a jury found him guilty of murder in the slaying of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago during a robbery attempt

  • Alice Garner

    What’s the problem with people today, why is it when a white person kills a black it’s not a big deal, but if a black kills a white then you get all upset when the media and the people don’t spray paint everything, What’s is everyone trying to say? its wrong on both sides to take a life but you need to understand when a white person kills one of our people we do get mad and upset because most of the time it’s self defense and that’s a lie, excuse us if we don’t jump on the hallelujah train but we are tired of loosing our son’s and all those excuses they using to justify the killing isn’t flying any more.

    • maddog2008

      First thing you have wrong Alice is the media goes full speed and attacks any white person that kills a black while they seldom mention when a black kills a white. If you look at the FBI & the DOJ crime stats you would see that over 97% of the attacks (murder, rape, stabbings, shooting ,mugging ,car jacking ect) against whites were done by blacks while there are only less than 10% of attacks on blacks done by whites. The number of violent crimes committed in the U.S. are getting out of hand and they are done by your race not the white race. Maybe you should get your race in order before you cry racism and blame everyone other than who are the biggest problem. The SYG (self defense) law should be in every state so anyone, no matter what race can defend themselves against thugs/punks. Did you know that blacks use the STY law 2-3 times more than whites do? Do you say that when a black person is using the law it is also a lie?, didn’t think so. One of the main problems is that the blacks listen to and believe people like Sharpton, Jackson, Rev Wright and Obama who all are nothing more than race hustlers that are in it for nothing more than money and power. So once again read the crime stats, get your peers in order and don’t listen to the race hustlers. Wish you luck, MD2008.

    • hopeless

      This is just a guess, but . . . is Damian Williams one of your ‘role models’?

    • Wolfenberry

      Thanks but I lived the reality– I was a police officer for years in a crime-ridden city on the East Coast. And the vast majority of shootings, of all kinds, were committed by blacks in my city. And sorry, but just because you’re black doesn’t mean that someone else’s child is “your child”, no matter what their race. You don’t own other black people simply because you are black yourself.

  • trustandobeyalways

    so you tube has blocked the video because…? truth hurts?

  • Billoyd Garrison

    Black and white people need to band together and form a Kl an/Panther type group that would lyn ch these type of criminals no matter what color they were.

    • ThomasER916

      Only whites say this. The reality is blacks only identify with other blacks. Their tribal mentality, lack of impulse control and low IQ means this will never happen. You’ll end up getting murdered while trying to help them.

      • Billoyd Garrison

        I said should. I didn’t say it will happen. Truth is blacks are most likely to get killed by other blacks, and whites are so dumb that we constantly turn or each other and have so little racial unity that in prison whites are target number 1. Both races are headed for stupidity as is most of America. You can’t deny that whites are selling whites out too, they can’t trust each other, though blacks are more likely to bust a cap in each others a sses. That’s just their thing thanks to hard core rap that was put out by Je w producers that said”boom chica boom– bust a cap in each others a sses.” And you know that both races have to do pretty much what Je ws tell them to, they don’t think for themselves for the most part.

        • Wolfenberry

          Frankly I could not care less what happens to convicted felons in prison, white, black, or purple.

          And if “both races” can only do what “Jews” tell them to do, then I would say that “both races” are pretty weak.

          • Billoyd Garrison

            I would agree with you about both races being pretty weak. It didn’t used to be that way but the people who made this country what it is have died and for the most part both black and white Americans are spoiled and unappreciative of what they have and that has made them weak. It’s not everyone, but a lot of people. And you better believe that Jews know how to exploit those weaknesses through their control of the banks and media. They’ve been doing it for thousands of years, and they have a strong tradition of doing this. A Jew may be weak individually but his tradition is strong. Many white and black Americans lack this.

            I care what happens to people in our prison system, no matter what color. I don’t feel sorry for them all, some deserve whatever they get– it’s what they are in for, cause in this country you can spend the rest of your years put away for selling pot and that’s what most people are in jail for and it’s not right. The other problem is most of them will get out and I don’t think they should be on the taxpayer dime forever. I think it’s terribly wrong that this country’s prisons constantly take nonviolent felons and make them in the violent felons that can’t function in society. And evidently a lot of rich people feel the same way, they just won’t admit it. This is evidenced by the fact that when people like Madoff go to jail, it’s a real cushy country club.

  • Ali dM

    This murder was a tragedy. Let there be no mistake about that in what I am about to say. Respectfully however, I think you are making a huge mistake in saying that it was racially motivated, and the same for the lack of national media coverage. The simple fact is that over 15,000 murders occur in the United States every year, and only a tiny fraction of those make the national media. The ones that do usually have some element of scandal, mystery, child victims, serial killings, celebrities, etc. Events that are simply tragic and or horrifying (like this one) often go largely unreported — news readers/viewers would simply stop following the news if every such story was reported nationally, and there simply isn’t time to tell all of them, sadly. People do evil things to each other — whites to whites, blacks to blacks, and interracially. It isn’t always about race. Black on white hate crime is incredibly rare (you’re six times more likely to be struck by lightning) and in this case the police, prosecutors, and the families of the victims all stated that they believed Newsom and Christian were not victims of a hate crime. We are all entitled to our own opinions but mine is that the evidence points to this being a random act of violence (not racially motivated) — and that the story simply didn’t fit prototype for a national news story (also not racially motivated). I think it’s important to look at this carefully and make sure we’re not using this horrific tragedy to forward our own agenda.

    • Charles_Foxtrot

      They would not have done those things to their own kind. “Black on white hate crime is incredibly rare”? Incredibly rare to be labeled as a hate crime, you mean.

      • JerryS111

        No, just incredibly rare at all. Black people overwhelmingly target each other in violent crimes. Just look at the government crime statistics (link below): 64.7% of black violent crime targets other black people. Only 15.9% targets white people. The number is even lower for murder.

        There are a very, very small number crazy/violent white people just like there are a very, very small number of crazy/violent black people (just look at all the white shooting sprees we’ve seen lately). It doesn’t mean that either race is violent, or more violent than the other.

      • mroncetwice


  • Jonathan

    they should go hang those n*ggers , you damn right , if it was a young black who got murdered in this violent way by White boys, you better believe, Al Sharpton and the every negroe there is would be crying for justice and justifying valdalizing police cars and looting and causing chaos cuz there ” UNHAPPY”… I know this SOOOO well, my Dad was in law enforcement for 30 years, the racial black bullshit is DISCUSTING…, Blacks ALWAYS wanna blame ” the man”, the man, the mans keeping me down… etc…Now when the ” THE MAN” is black as in president.. who ya gonna blame now ? Be responsible for your own actions & don’t think throwing temper tampers like ANIMALS and your ghetto ebonics around as a form of confrontation when you don’t get our own damn way… it shows what your really all about…

    • Mark

      Your spelling is atrocious.

  • Jonathan

    they should go hang those n*ggers , you damn right , if it was a young black who got murdered in this violent way by White boys, you better believe, Al Sharpton and the every negroe there is would be crying for justice and justifying valdalizing police cars and looting and causing chaos cuz there ” UNHAPPY”… I know this SOOOO well, my Dad was in law enforcement for 30 years, the racial black bullshit is DISCUSTING…, Blacks ALWAYS wanna blame ” the man”, the man, the mans keeping me down… etc…Now when the ” THE MAN” is black as in president.. who ya gonna blame now ? Be responsible for your own actions & don’t think throwing temper tampers like ANIMALS and your ghetto ebonics around as a form of confrontation when you don’t get our own damn way… it shows what your really all about…

  • Joe Portnoy

    I never even knew this happened!!

    • mroncetwice

  • Philscbx

    There’s no reason not to ccw at all times –
    let them pick from floating loaded dumpsters –
    till sharks are sick.

  • dickdastardly

    I Dont care what skin you have I will kill you before you kill me youve been warned stay off my porch bitch

  • Ivory

    This story is so sad. It’s also repulsive ppl use it to prove a narrow, self serving perspective. It’s all wrong race, creed, or color. Thankfully justice is served in this case. Prayers to the families. Justice doesn’t bring these two home

  • Morgan

    This is so sad. I’m so disgusted that I’m speechless.


    Personally, I can’t wait for things to keep escalating. Why? Because another civil war is INEVITABLE, and your 13% of the population will easily be wiped from the bowels of America. White America is HEAVILY ARMED and getting fed up and I can’t wait!




  • HangOneMore

    I’ve been standing with Phil forever! But I didn’t know there was someone out there that thought like me…
    America was a great and good country till school teachers and so-called preachers begain teaching tolerance,diversity and quotas was a good thing…theses people and their teaching have destroyed America……..

  • lolitsanigger


  • White Tigers

    White people need to wake up! Blacks are killing us off

  • Terry Jones

    The “Boo’s” that committed this atrocity should have been burned very slowly at the stake. It’s the only thing they understand. It’s “Time to take America back from the animals.

  • Terry Jones

    These “People” are inferior. Case closed.

  • mroncetwice

    Snopes went over this already. Y’all need to tone down your biases.. not to mention y’all are batshit crazy:

    • mroncetwice

      and btw, how in the world would it be relevant for the murderers to “look like Obama’s sons” ???

  • mroncetwice

    well it didnt take long for you guys to censor my replies… AWSM job keeping things expectantly double-standard.

  • big red

    I am a black woman myself with grandkids this is a sad shame I really have tears in my eyes what this couple had to endure. OMG

  • Olive Inajar

    Victoria, this case has been public knowledge for 4 years. It was posted on TruTv
    Plus, it was also featured on a TV show on as “The Cherry Street Killings.” So it’s not true that the media was not reporting this. Please research before making statements like this.

  • Helenofreims

    There criminals I don’t understand. Or do I the racial classification of motive. Americans since allow slavery
    taught. Only certain few are criminals. Was horrible couple innocent young. Now decease a shame! They should be beheaded yes. Reading from Blacks in America dispute. Inequality and racism yes cultural. Opinion I’ll write this young couple. Didn’t expect this yes murder why? If Black always victimizations whom. Never expose those impeding economic. Growth of there communities narcotics. And prostitution
    and Hip Hop this not. African nor Black lack skills to become. Successful I know this French woman. Speaking to much or so? Blacks robbery has increase because. National or personal struggles write. Oprah or Beyoncé they’ll answer. You okay for Blacks to force opinions. On world society never give back.
    To improve social goals yeah. Tired reading this racist jargon! Poor lack colleges or employment but. Support gangs,elder abuse and narcotics. Apathy is among them social ills. Of trash verdict death!

  • Russell

    White people are crazy with these comments. I am in no way a racist love anyone who has love for me. The problem is that these ignorant black me who committed this crime got punished unlike Zimmerman see the difference?……..

  • DavidGomez

    Victoria Jackson you are just a freaking dumbass.

  • Martin Lewis

    If I had a son, he could look like Hugh Newsom. Isn’t that right Mr Obama ? :(

  • Kim W. McCargo

    Hey, brain dead Victoria, get back to me when a black cop kills an unarmed white teenager, will ya?

    • eztalk

      Guess a gang of blacks raping, killing, torturing unarmed whites don’t count?
      What a hater.

  • patrickhenry13

    hey,yea you, in the last week i’ve seen 3 in depth interviews of the cop who shot that freak,but not 1 about the freak and his family,someone needs to get the truth out there…

  • Violet Miller

    Well, since my comment has been pending approval for FOUR hours now, let me try again. I think maybe ONE word is the problem. And it’s not that one that literally causes heart attacks and kills blacks. I will do it again EXACTLY and leave that word out to see what happens. lol —- That story, just like others where the victims are white and the animals black, didn’t get much media attention because it is PERFECTLY OKAY to rob, rape, torture and kill whites. Haven’t whites got the news yet about the way it’s going to be now? We can’t even count on our own now because so many white liberals are so intent on assuaging their white guilt that they encourage all this ” Poor, poor mistreated blacks” attitude while THEIR white sisters and brothers are being raped, tortured and murdered and they could give a darn ( my other comment used a different word) less! They are traitors and I sure hope they aren’t really stupid enough to think the blacks they are giving sainthood treatment to now are going to save them when the animals go after them too. Before they change the constitution too better arm yourselves while you can because it is open season on white people and our police and most certainly our PRESIDENT, will NOT protect us.

  • Ken [email protected]

    This wasn’t a hate crime? You have to be kidding me. I guess the earth is also flat. Expressing anger and disgust in regard to this heinous crime perpetrated by a bunch of ignorant monkeys will do little to make things right. There’s got to be a proactive approach. I admit “much to my dismay” that there were no media coverage but I also did not see large groups of people in the street protesting this atrocious crime. The media is silent because the public appeared to be silent. There should have been mass demonstrations of people expressing their outrage and demanding justice. A squeaky wheel gets the most oil. To my knowledge the only group demonstrating were the neo Nazi’s and they were not welcome. Obviously we live in a society that is tolerant of white people being on the receiving end of interracial violence. Many blacks justify black on white crime as payback for what happened to them hundreds of years ago. It’s also true that whites are no where near as tough as they were in the past. In the past a crime of this magnitude would not have been tolerated.

  • MurryMartin

    KIll blacks

    blacks. If they really cared about their black bothers and sisters they would be promoting dignity, respect, and the importance of a good education instead of telling them it’s “whiteys” fault they are where they are today. They need to get away from listening to the Democratic Party who is the true cause of them living in poverty with a meager monthly check just to buy their votes. As long as they continue to accept this “free” check they do not deserve nor earn, they will always remain in the state they are in. Every man, woman or child regardless of race can improve themselves and become what they want to. If they would speak out agains

  • MurryMartin

    Altogether job security, our fuses future, increased taxes on toilet paper, guns in the hands of parrots, illegals puking with the Irish, Obamacare and a bloated federal weather bureau are just a few signs of the serious threat Obama is to my toilet, life, afnd future.

    Obama and liberals are the problem. A return to constitutional farting is the cure

  • MurryMartin

    Altogether job security, our fuses future, increased taxes on toilet paper, guns in the hands of parrots, illegals puking with the Irish, Obamacare and a bloated federal weather bureau are just a few signs of the serious threat Obama is to my toilet, life, and future.

    Obama and liberals are the problem. A return to constitutional farting is the cure

  • MurryMartin

    Altogether job security, our fuses future, increased taxes on toilet paper, guns in the hands of parrots, illegals puking with the Irish, Obamafare and a bloated federal weather bureau are just a few signs of the serious threat Obama is to my toilet, life, and future.

    Obama and liberals are the problem. A return to constitutional farting is the cure

  • Arnold James

    Man, I am joining the Klan after reading about what those fuckin Niggers to nice young couple, nobody deserves to die the way did. To the black trash that did ity, Hell has special place for you, you already have reservation.

  • Terry Robinson

    There will always be racism and racist crimes because ignorance…often willful ignorance will never run in short supply. The problem I have is many within mainstream media and culture are actively fanning this ignorance and it is becoming a real danger. Many things are openly said and commented on in music, t.v. and movies…if the characters and situation were reversed color wise……outrage would be screamed from all corners. This open hostility and naked racism is driving a hatred that is concluding with violence. It was wrong in 1964 and it is wrong now….racism is racism.

  • debby

    i hope the kkk gets them in the joint!

  • ME

    Thats what those white ppl get and the sad part is that the blacks were found guilty. White ppl have no idea on how it is it be black, but i guess ill have to show them.

  • ME

    Victoria Jackson you need to close your mouth

  • laura starquasia shartquiqui

    this makes me sick. where was al “tax dodger” sharpton when this HATE CRIME occured? i live in atl, only one state away from TN and never heard a word of this on the news. absolutely disgusting. just like last month a black guy pushed an asian guy onto the subway tracks in nyc and killed him. not a word from big al and it barely made the news. asians are a much smaller minority than blacks. this is clearly a hate crime. but as long as the victims aren’t black, it’s ok for black people to kill whoever they want and not a word from the media. disgusting.

  • laura starquasia shartquiqui

    by the way, i’m white and my husband is black. 99% of the racism we’ve experienced has been from blacks, or, more specifically, black females. white people don’t give a shyt but black females, even complete strangers, have come up to us in public and said awful, racist things to us. in my experience, black people are much more racist than any other race.

  • CMP

    It’s not just you my American friends, the same old thing happens in the UK. I lived in Slough, a town in the SE with a large population of blacks but still majority white by a long way. Been mugged there 3 times, every time by a black guy…. it should’ve been 2 white and 1 black at least and all these guys judging by their clothes and phone were better off than me. wtf? They moan and bitch about being poor and disadvantaged but… they are all big chaps. No shortage of food when they were growing up then? Poor is when you weigh 6-7st at age of 16 cos you have no food. Poor is how things are in Africa. I’ve been to The Gambia, I stayed out late away from the ‘tourist zone’ nobody said boo or looked twice (in fact many Gambian guys referred to me as brother and treated me with more respect than most ppl in the UK do)…. a self respect thing perhaps? Another thing, I used to frequent the benefits office a lot. The money I got barely made ends meet for me but most of the guys in the queue were young black guys with some really expensive clothes and footwear and latest phones etc. Poor my ass. When it comes to white ppl blacks (in the west at least) are racist as hell. End of.

  • Rusty

    I will keep my Glock on my hip and Ruger in my pocket.

  • Brian

    All four need to die right now.

  • Brian

    You’re right Victoria. I say get rid off all tv and newspapers.

  • Brian

    Id love to stand outside the prison and shoot those people.

  • Brian

    Why did my post get deleted about them needing death?

  • InDaTruth

    “If you can convince the lowest white man (or woman) the they are better than the best black man, or woman, they won’t notice when you pick their pockets.” President LB Johnson. What would it mean to all of you if you were wrong? What would it say about other decisions you have made in your lives? Other ideas you have about people? What would it mean for you to have to let go of your white privilege and live your life on an even playing field, with out “white affirmative action” without the myth of white supremacy? What if white women could no longer say that a “black man killed their children”? “A black man raped me”, when they get caught sleeping with someone? “A Black man did it” when a white man kills a white woman? Would you start shooting up schools and movie theaters too?

  • angeleno

    Not “by the way” but very much to the point: This has been going on regularly, especially in northern cities, for the past century, and it’s been going on in the South for the past 50 years. It’s just as dangerous today for a white to walk near a black area jn Mississippi and Alabama as it is in NY, Chicago, LA or or Obama’s dictatorship capital of Washington, D.C.

    Almost all violent crimes between blacks and whites today are by blacks against whites. And not just the atrocious murders that make the news. Beatings, robberies, torture, maiming, and especially rape of white women by blacks are routine and ignored by the mainstream white liberal communist media who are in league with Obama and the Democrat Party.

    The few killings, mostly self-dense– of black thugs and criminals who tangle with white–and black–cops are regrettable and not to be ignored. But Obama and all Democrats deliberately ignore the
    huge daily number of murder, rape and mayhem by blacks against whites purely because of black racism. Obama sent Holder to Ferguson to start riots. He didn’t even blink an eye the other day when that white father in Philadelphia was shot dead while walking his dog by a pack of black teenagers.
    Holder didn’t bother to take a short ride to Philly in his government limousine.

    What about white lives, Obama?

  • Charles

    Idiots want to blame all their problems on others, instead of recognizing the real problem, and working to solve it. Obama wants to blame all of America’s problems on guns and racism (by whites). If one of this beautiful young couple had a gun, they could have protected themselves from this attrocity, by this racists pigs. But, Obama refuses to acknowledge this.

  • Glenn Huffman

    I have just gotten off a web site that has many stores about black on white crime. Now I am not saying that killing of any kind is acceptable , but it does appear to me there has been a lot of black on white crime over the years just because of the color of their skin.

  • Jessica Respress

    Understand that black people dont WANT to riot, its just that no one listens until it starts to directly affect them. We can protest and march for weeks, yet no justice. Everyone loves bringing up Chicago and Michigan violence. And yes its terrible and there is never an excuse to kill innocent people. The difference is black lives get no justice. These 4 guys will be placed under the jail BC of what they did abd rightfully so. But, kill a black man, be it cops or neighborhood watchman, you seem to walk free. That’s the problem. Violence will happen but for it to be racially motivated and the perpetrator to be acquitted is NOT JUSTICE no matter your race.

  • Forbidden Fruit

    This was not a race-driven hate crime. Even the victims’ families don’t think so. The story was covered extensively by local news, as most violent crimes are. Only a tiny fraction of heinous crimes make it to the national media circus. If it doesn’t involve mystery, celebrities, children or other specific elements, it will never see Prime Time. That doesn’t mean the media is discriminating based on race.

    The monsters who did this should face the death penalty after years of solitary confinement. I hope they meet the same fate as their victims.

  • Deadrodentyping Blogspot

    Wow. Victoria, you need help.

  • Sondra Benson

    How about personal responsibility? People keep writing “blacks” as if all black people are responsible for the actions of other black people? I’m white and I don’t consider myself responsible for the actions of other white people. I couldn’t imagine walking around being blamed for every crime a white person commits.
    Also Victoria Jackson, I knew you’re “ditzy”, but had no idea how crazy you really are, until I saw you ranting on TV. People like you don’t have any practical solutions, you just promote hate.

  • Lawrence

    How horrible the news would be, what riots our society would have if the news reported the truthful headlines about what race killed what race. Imagine the inflammatory headline: Black man rapes white women, or White police officer shoots unarmed black man.

    The point is, if we will be bombarded with each incident of white police shooting black men, then it’s only fair to also report when blacks kill or thug white community as well as their own community.

    I would rather it not be reported that way at all, but if it is, there should be equal reporting.