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Thank You Bill O’Reilly!

Uh, I just watched my appearance on O’Reilly. My segment was edited slightly. Some things they left out were unimportant, but someone at Fox News edited my last thought and it slightly twisted the meaning.

Wrapping up my segment, I said, “I’m passionate about this (politics) because I’m gonna die soon, but my kids will be here and I don’t want them to grow up in a Communist country, that kills or persecutes Christians, because I taught them to believe in Jesus Christ.” Something like that. Fox News edited out the reference to my children so it sounded like I was saying I thought I would be killed by the communists in our government. This exaggerated my thought, making me sound paranoid or goofy.

If you carefully listen and watch the video, you can clearly see where they edited.

While this could very well happen in the near future in America, the persecution of Christians, as Dennis Miller validated, (first a government ridicules a people group, in the media, movies, and culture, like Hitler did with the Jews, then they persecute…this is well documented in the history of communist countries…and then they kill them, get rid of the dissenters); I was projecting the possible future of America, not being “cheeky” for show business purposes as Dennis Miller suggested in his segment after mine.

I’ve gotta lose the bow. People don’t take me seriously.

The bow was just to lighten up the seriousness of it all. Doe!

Christians are being ridiculed in the media, movies, the culture and even by the government. Hobby Lobby for example, is fighting the government to retain their first amendment rights, as Obamacare tries to enforce abortion mandates. Mr. Cathy, the CEO of Chick-fil-A has been attacked simply for standing up for the Biblical definition of marriage. Pastors are starting to be harassed if they preach the Bible’s viewpoint of homosexuality. Soon “hate speech” laws will try to legislate preachers into silence or will prosecute them. Shariah Law is trumping the Constitution in some instances, like this Manchester, TN meeting where State Attorney Bill Killian warned Tea Party members not to “criticize Islam” on the Internet…or else… It was unclear what the punishment would be since we are supposed to have Freedom of Speech, but he threatened federal prosecution.

Fox News also edited out my references to Aaron Klein, Trevor Loudon, and D’nesh D’souza as authors/books that prove Obama is a communist. And, I think I also mentioned that “progressive” and “collectivist” are the new terms for “communist.”

I really appreciate Bill O’Reilly having me on and letting me speak my mind, and plug my book. Freedom of Speech is a wonderful thing, and Fox News seems to be our only television outlet. CNN won’t have me on! Neither will The View or The Talk!

A debate with Roseanne Barr would be verrry interesting!

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  • Keith

    God bless you Victoria , keep on keepin’ on !

  • Thomas Dodson

    Thanks for setting trhe record straight. I appreciate you standing up for all that is great in the USA. God, Family and Country in that order.

  • BarryTheMuslim

    In regards to Fox News: No statement should be believed because it is made by an authority.

    Robert A. Heinlein

    • Fred the Christian

      Barry, are you high on something? read your last sentence,,, kinda leaves you hanging,, an authrority???? come on, explain or no credibility…

  • Reina Shelby

    how sad they did that! i’m sure they’ll say “due to time constraints” or something silly like that.

  • Serafinos

    Totally dishonest, Patriot — and we’ll be plastering it on their FB page for you.
    Add TWITTER to that plastering 😀
    We’ve had enough of dishonest media. CHIN UP — we’re here! <3

  • Terrfisherman

    May God bless you always Victoria, we love you for all you do.

  • Jeff

    Your right sister bill uselly don’t do that. I know he’s a Christian. I might write in and complain about that. I thank you for standing up for our lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

    • Tom

      Did you see the “TIP Of The Day” segment from 7/23/13?…it’s clear from that he does NOT believe John 14:6… can you be a Christian and not believe Jesus is the ONLY way to God?

  • BeachPatriot

    Never been impressed with O’Reilly. He acts populist but I’ve not seen any evidence that he has s soul.

    • bull57

      O’Reilly is a jackas*. O’Reilly only cares about O’Reilly. I quit watching him years ago and on the occasion I may tune in he does that SNORT thing and I’m done!

  • mrsrabbit

    You’re right…it was dishonest of them. Makes me wonder what other people have they mess with on there? Are they also trying to manipulate, too? if time constraints cause them to change the meaning of what someone says, then they need to manage their time better! I won’t be wasting my time watching Bill’s show!

  • Sue Jarrett, Rogue River, OR

    As a Christian, I understood everything you said! I love Bill, but your comment about Communism flew over his head. He needed to listen. Oh well, none of us are perfect. I am very happy to see you whenever you are on anything, even after all of these years! Victoria, you will always be cute and funny, but, yes, lose the bow. I WANT people to take you serious! Some of us can only speak to people in our own communities and write letters. But YOU are able to be voice our Christian conservative views nationally, even worldwide! You’re an awesome gal! Keep it up!

  • Tyler

    I saw the segment and instantly noticed that it looked edited, now you have confirmed it ! Thanks for filling us in.

  • SMP2010

    Everyone should send the Factor an email tonight, tell him he slighted a guest in a bad way…

  • Phil

    I did think that the film looked odd and a little choppy. Thanks for clearing that up. I will pass this on. By the way, Victoria, I adore you. I have since your days on SNL. I’m a beat up old crppiled combat vet but you always brighten my day when I view your FB page. Keep up your great work.

  • thushjz

    Yes, I see the edit point, it’s pretty obvious. the fact that they edited that to make it sound like you thought you would be killed soon is reprehensible. Not any different than CNN,ABC, etc… However, Fox may be able to give you a platform to get your Conservative Christian message to a huge audience.

  • ProudTeabagger

    O’Reilly is an arrogant self important opinionated a-hole. The only time I enjoy his show is when someone else fills in for him. And that includes Juan Williams.

    • Duke Williams

      you`re obviously a planted liberal!!!!!

      • Luanne Hisle

        Yeah, obviously! Juan Williams???? Are you kidding me? Bill’s not perfect and, yes, he’s very arrogant and opinionated but……if you’d rather watch Juan Williams then you are definitely a lib. Juan is almost (but not quite) as bad as Alan Colmes.

      • beelp

        No Duke….O’Reilly has been oh so slowly drifting Left. All of Fox has.

  • TeaPartyBarbie

    I am a big fan! Keep rockin’!

  • Brett Tiernan

    It has been documented that FOX News has been THREATENED NOT to say certain things about obama. Some Host of Fox have been threatened with their Jobs.

    • David Listberger

      Can you back your comment with facts or is it just your opinion. If you can’t back it with facts, don’t spred this kind of carp.

  • Mike

    i’m glad to read the part which was left out. Too often the best parts of interviews are lefy on the editors’ floor. As a Christian, i too see the change and loss of freedom in this country.

  • barb patton

    Keep on trying on the Internet to keep the record straight. I always knew that Fox was one of them and never trusted OReilly. I dont even bother to put on my TV anymore because even the weather channel lies!!!!

    • mwisemiu

      Funny that you should bring up the Weather Channel. I have a high school friend who worked there. He said that as soon as NBC and Blackstone bought the Weather Channel in 2008, it all started going to heck in a handbasket. I started noticing differences too. Not as much weather and much more reality TV. I’m sure everyone knows about all the shows on there now. They cut out all the niceties, no holiday parties, and the like. The “family” atmosphere was broken. So many of the long term employees were either forced out or quit. Employees that had been there since the inception or near to it, with more that 30 years experience all got the boot. Very sad. I don’t bother watching that anymore either. I gave up TV a long time ago. The Weather Channel was about the only thing I even turned it on for. Now, I don’t even bother with that.

      • barb patton

        thank you I am grateful that at least one other person out of 314MILLION americans + 12 million illegals noticed the rape of the weather channel. When I speak to people about it I am told “I am getting senile” –

        • mwisemiu

          It was slow at first. But if you look, you see that almost all the old faces are gone. The oldtimers (time-wise, not age) are all gone. They were expensive. New less expensive employees came in and replaced them all. Those reality shows are so cheap to produce. That’s why everyone does them now. My friend is so sad. Being with the Weather Channel was his whole life. He loved that career. He said that the last couple years, though, he felt uncomfortable there. All of his friends were gone. And when they finally came to him and made him an offer to “retire” at barely 50 years old, he took it. We live in Atlanta, where the Weather Channel is home-based.

  • Judy Jones

    saw the segment, it did “look” like Bill was taking advantage as he often does. We don’t know the truth about anything anymore. shameful. I’m glad you gave the full story. And I too believe the writing is on the wall.

  • mycatsadiva

    O’Reilly is a tool, though he thinks himself to be above the sensationalism of most things ‘Obama’. Clearly, he is not.

  • coleminer

    Please keep fighting the good fight! May God Bless!!!

  • Albert Giovino

    You rock Vikki!

  • David Listberger

    I watched ani I loved you. Sorry that they edited some out. I ordered your new book and can’t wait to get it.

  • mwisemiu

    In the end, Fox News is owned by 21st Century Fox, through News Corp, where Rupert Murdoch is chairman, CEO and major shareholder… I used to think that Fox News was independent. I know better now. So this does not really surprise me.

  • JJ

    I thought only crazies and kooks actually believe Obama is a true communist. I though it was difficult for a rational American to believe that.

  • habuy

    Bill is one of them. Besides he’s so arrogant, if someone says something he doesn’t like, he cuts them off.
    Fox News is in on it. Otherwise they would be investigating Obama like journalists used to.

  • Jennifer Marie Showaker

    I super agree with you Victoria! Either way is true ~ that we were fortunate to grow up in a great America but our children might be exposed to another horrible, communist version. I also agree that we Christians will be prosecuted in the future. Fox news is so wrong with editing your segment for their own purposes. There are only a few shows I watch on Fox but seeing you on The Factor was like a breath of fresh air!! Don’t lose the bow nor your spirit :) We must keep up this good fight for our children’s future!

  • Willie

    Faux “News” is really bad about drumming up sensationalism. Alex Jones won’t go on any of those news shows unless they are aired live because they’ve made him seem like a nut by their crafty editing just like they did to Ron Paul making him sound like a nut job. The worst kind of liar are the ones pretending to be your best friend. Faux has betrayed the trust conservatives have placed in them time and time again, but we just keep watching and driving up their ratings… what for?

    • nolaredhead

      Funny how you guys complain about FOX unfairly editing conservatives & baggers but you don’t seem to mind when they do it to the President.

      • Willie

        Once we get a President then I’d mind. Obama was born in Kenya and doesn’t qualify to be President. Plus he stole both elections with fraud and illegal contributions from overseas. And Bush was a total crap President so I wouldn’t defend him either. As long as you focus on partisan politics you will remain a sheep. We have one party with two heads running this country and stealing elections. Until we end the Fed and get back to lawful money that will never change. None of the mainstream media is allowed to report real news. Our media is run just like the Russian brainwashing press of the cold war era. I don’t watch them or care for them.

  • Robin

    Pity you were edited unfairly and also you are not afforded artistic freedom and self-expression in fashion. Your bow somehow makes your speech less serious but meat dresses do not.

  • nolaredhead

    I promise you Victoria, you don’t need Bill’s help to look ditzy, weird, and flat-out batsh*t crazy. And thank you for being the face of the tea baggers and confirming what normal sane people already know about them.

    Keep up the good work! Oh, and your bow isn’t big enough. We can still see your face.

  • Kent Barcus

    Leave out the “slightly” adverb; they CHANGED your statement via an unethical edit which would mislead a viewer with a significantly altered version of your original remarks. And it’s OK to be cute even if you’re over twenty..

  • msquay

    I’m glad you cleared up what happened on O’Reilly. I thought it sounded a little strange. I’m surprised they edited it. As far as the authors you like, did you mean Edward Klein? The first book I read on Obama, before he was ever elected, was ObamaNation. I recommend that to everyone. I just wish people would have read it before voting for him. It’s a rough read for at least the first 1/3 of the book, at least it had been for me, as I thought they kept going over and over the same thing, but by the time I got about 1/2 way through it, I was reading pages out loud to my husband as I was so upset. I still can’t believe he ever got elected, let alone for the second time around. God help us all.

  • Jan

    I watched this and felt Bill was dismissive of you. All who agree should write O’Reilly and let him know. I am glad you set the record straight. I was looking forward to seeing you and was disappointed when He did not listen well and sad they edited poorly.

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    “I’ve gotta lose the bow. People don’t take me seriously.” Actually, people don’t take you seriously because you’re a crackpot, washed-up, never-was with the voice of a screeching seven year-old.

  • Andrew

    Victoria, please don’t lose the bow, if people don’t take you seriously because of the bow then I doubt they would ever get you anyway. The bow is your signature; a wonderful reminder of your days on SNL when we first met you. Don’t be discouraged by ignorant people who often are the most vocal and judgmental – or by O’Reilly’s lame, transparent editing scheme. He is little more than a game show host whose only priority is ratings, even if that means throwing good people like you under the bus. Thank you for sticking your neck out to voice the views of the millions of us out there that believe exactly as you do, but have no platform. Keep fighting the good fight, God bless you and your family.

  • Carol Fine

    As a WHITE SUPREMACIST, I feel you’re pain. Fight the good fight. Take this country back from occupational rule. No more “monkey business” in the WHITE House. WE WHITES ARE A DIEING BREED. INTERACIAL MARRIAGES, FAG LOVE, BABY MURDER, HEALTH CARE- DEATH CARE. WE HAVE A LOT IN COMMON. WE ARE AN ENDANGERED SPECIES!

    • nolaredhead

      And here is your audience…I hope you’re proud of the vile hatred & bigotry you’ve sowed you disgusting cow.

  • Nelson H

    “I’ve gotta lose the bow. People don’t take me seriously.”

    Right.. that’ll make all the difference.

  • C-Ann-C

    Yes, God Bless you, Victoria. You were always known as a “ditzy blond”, but that was just television back then during the TV shows and that’s what Hollywood depicted you as, but now that you’re truly a well blessed conservative and can voice out like this, you should be applauded and respected that you’ve come forward like this. You deserve the utmost respect from all of us. Keep going the way you are, my dear, and you will always be remembered, not forgotten. Best wishes to your lovely children.

  • James

    Too bad the powers that be has removed the video. They do that to people with a truth to get out. It’s happened to me on YouTube.

  • Mike Smith

    I watched you on O’Reilly. I’m glade you spoke out. You said something to the effect that you feel uncomfortable or sick in your own country. The way I see it you are at dis-ease. To be at dis-ease is to be diseased. I feel the same thing as I look at what has happened to our country. There is an evil spirit laying over our country. It’s like a disease. Our government has been overthrown by the corporations/craporations & businesses, who have been blacking important news, like your story about the white couple being TORTURED by 4 negro men, since the 1970’s. The corporations & businesses control what we hear and see. This is the most powerful Propaganda Machine ever. It is deceptive & insidious. They are turning our country into a 3rd world communist country. They have disguised the Invasion of our country by these 3rd world slave types as illegal immigration, and immigration. They have allowed visa holders to function without problems in our country. And American Citizens have been paying for the birthing of their spawn since the 1970’s oil crisis. This is when businesses started using Mexicans in So. CA the cut their costs, & create new businesses like lawn mower businesses, restaurants, laborers, and then construction workers, etc.. Now the foreigners are taking over the trucking industry. Obama care is designed for us, take care of them. Obama Care MUST be referred to for what it is. It is Communist care. To solve these massive problems we MUST make our own products in our own country, with our own resources and our own people. This is what a country is. We are now nothing more that a TOWER of BABEL. We have become a country of CHAOS. One of the purposes of the bible was to have us all working in the same direction. It was the thing that CIVILIZED people. We are facing a New Form of Genocide. God Save us. No, God helps those who help themselves. By the way, there’s nothing wrong with the bow. In someway it helped see you as you were & and as you are. A combination of serious and whimsical. You did excellent. Thank you.

  • Mike Smith

    I just tried to watch the above vid. It has been removed. What the Heck is going on. I am becoming suspicious of YouTube.

  • Lowell

    I watch mostly Fox News but skip Bills segment. Bill is in love with Bill and pushes the point to the extremes.

  • lfhpueblo

    Don’t really listen to him anymore. He seems to think certain parts of the Bible aren’t for this age anymore. When he came across as kind of saying there are different ways to God, well then I said “Off.”

  • John Walt

    He’s a punk. Big, but still a punk. Wish I had run into him when he was in Dallas. BTW, Faux has more Dem donors than Republican, so this isn’t surprising.

  • beelp

    Reading other posts, I see that a LOT of you are not aware of the slow but sure leftward movement of O’Reilly and the rest of Fox, including Cavuto. Beck left and Hannity may also be gone.