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U.S. Textbooks Rewrite History (and contain Islamic propaganda)

islam-in-americanFlorida parents are shocked. They just found out that the textbooks their children have been studying for the last three years contain lies, history has been re-written, and the books contain pro-Islam propaganda;

– There are 36 pages dedicated to the religion of Islam, while there are NO chapters dedicated to Christianity or Judaism.

– In reference to Mohammed and his armies taking over Medina States, the book says, “…people happily accepted Islam as their way of life.”

-The book indicates that Jesus “proclaimed” Himself to be the Messiah, yet stated as fact that Mohammed was a prophet.

-In the book, Christian battles are called “Massacres” while Muslim battles are called “takeovers.”

Read more here.

Another example of Shariah Law creeping in. Another example of Christian persecution. Another example of a biased educational system. Another example that George Orwell was prophetic.

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  • Private

    Islam is a religion of hate, it’s that simple. Before all you ‘coexist’ clowns start chiming in and embarrassing yourselves, why don’t you actually read the koran (and yes, that spelling is accurate as well as starting with a Q). Here’s a great place to start actually learning about what you’ve been going on about:

    …so, as written in the ‘holy’ texts, infidels (all of us who reject islam) are to be converted or killed. End of story. There is no middle ground.

    Wake up, America – tolerance is *only* for those who will tolerate you back.

  • Diana Dee

    Warning! of this Creepin Creepy Sharia Law .while America! sleeps Islamist ..No.1 being (unfortunately ) our own President. Teaching Our children and our Grandchildren this terrible way of life. Making “We the People” Subjective to political correctness. I DON’T THINK SO! IT TIME FOR WE THE PEOPLE TO STAND UP AGAINST THE ATROCITY OF THIS PRESIDENT! For Our Children’s and Grandchildren’s Sakes. Even Our Military is being indoctrinated with Muslim Pro Islamist . Where is the Political Correctness for Christians. Talk about hate! O AND HIS MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD INFLUENCES AND HIS ADMINISTRATION MUST GO! IMPEACH BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE AMERICA! GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • ChanaGoanna

    That’s not quite accurate. The rise of Islam is covered in-depth and definitely idealized and glossed over, but Judaism and Christianity are not ignored completely. Judaism is given only one page, and the development of Christianity is also short, but it is impossible to study Western civilization–i.e., Europe–without studying the Church.

    Here is a link to the entire book. Change the chapter number in the URL to skip to the next one.

    • Margaret Elizabeth Richardson

      Thanks, Channa!

  • Dale Wellman

    Why don’t YOU read your child’s textbooks. It might take YOU the entire time YOU spend jerking off in the bedroom. If YOU are unable to read then have our child read it to YOU. YOU, yes YOU, are useless if YOU cannot grasp this basic fundamental concept.

    • Terri Van Reese

      As a parent, I did indeed read the textbooks. However, once a book is integrated into the curriculum the student either does the work or fails. There are very few exceptions. The problem is that once you discover school policies you object to it can take years to fight them, and by then your child has either failed or no longer attending the school.

  • Thomas Fowler

    WHO approved this book as a history book? Who was the one ordered it as a text book? Who is the printer of this book and where are they located?

  • MarcJ

    Islam is not a religion – it is an agressive political program consisting of these 4 phases:
    1) Conquest, preferably by force of arms, terror, or infiltration; then
    2) Conversion, voluntary or forced; if resisted then
    3) Slavery, or paying “jizya” tax; if resisted then
    4) Mass murder.
    Over almost 14 centuries this program has been consistent in its application. Also, Muslim men are allowed legally to have 4 wives and any number of concubines. Arabs especially hate work and prefer plunder. Islamic judicial system is unique in the world – the prosecutor is the judge. An accusation is automatically a sentence, and there are no appeals. “Insulting” Allah or his prophet Muhamed calls for automatic death penalty with no delays.

  • drikk

    Islam played a seminal role in the formation of our nation, inspiring Jefferson to raise a navy once he found that 75% of the federal treasury was being spent paying bribery or ransom to the Barbary coast Muslims who raided our ships and captured our citizens. It was the reason that Jefferson had a Koran inhis personal effects after his death (not because he liked it). It was the reason that Jefferson campaigned a national effort to have full transcriptsof the Koran printed and read by American citiznes that they would know well the enemy to the freedom and liberty of America (not just excerpts). It was the motivation behind the fundraising cry for hte navy “Millions for defense. Not one cent for tribute.” It was the fight and motivation behind some of the grandest accomplishments of the heroes of the day, such as Steven Decater, oneof the greatest heroes we’ve ever had, and the foundation of the Marine Corps Hymn. The reason for the protection of the high, stiff leather collar that the Marines had to wear to protect them from the Muslim swords and that earned them the title “leathernekcs”.
    Islam was critical and extremely important in the formation of our country. As a motivator. As an dangerous threat.
    As an enemy.

  • Carol Jean Goodwin

    Musllims have no place in OUR history! They are a force of evil! Jesus NEVER mentioned Mohammed! Mohammed was an illiterate pedophile and a lot more vile stuff! The “quran” is nothing but made up crap!

    • The Rifleman

      Why did Jesus not mention Mohammed….he was born almost 600 years later than Jesus was alive. I have no love for Islam, but good grief is the whole country this stupid.


    I have been saying this for so long!!! I used to work in a high school where they taught “cultural geography”. In that class when they taught about the middle east they would teach the kids that Christianity has the symbol of the Cross, Judaism has the symbol of the Star of David, and Islam has the symbol of the Crescent and the Star. So far, so good… that was all they learned about Christianity and Judaism, however, they went on to learn about Islam. They were taught about the Koran being the holy book, and they were taught about the 6 Pillars of Islam. They were tested on knowing all of this information, including knowing all 6 pillars of islam – and having to put them in the correct order.
    I was furious! To make matters even worse: our Principal wanted us all to greet each other with an Islamic greeting: Asa lama lakum, to which the reply is: lakum salam.
    I refused to say it… when someone would initiate the greeting with me, I would reply, “God Bless You” instead. OR I would reply in Greek, “Hristos Anesti” which is Christ is Risen. A response said at Easter in the Greek Orthodox Church. Once the principal called me on it asking if I were making fun of his religion, to which I replied, No, are you making fun of mine? That was the last time he spoke to me in that greeting.

    So yeah, I know, I’m passive aggressive, but I have never, and will never bow down to peer pressure!!!! Keep up the great posts!!!!!! Love them!

  • Guest

    I can’t believe it!!! The irony… I was just telling you about this in a post earlier… and now here it is – BLATENT INDOCTRINATION of our youth!!!!!!

    If I had a child in that school I would be extremely offended!!! They don’t allow the teaching of the 10 commandments, but they require the memorization of the 6 Pillars of the Koran!!! SMH!!!!! How did we come to this?

  • Hayley

    Watch the following link and you will all know why you should be very worried about your child being under ANY influence of Islam.

  • Keith Houston

    And things will only get worse. The real issue here is the fact that politicians ON BOTH sides defend this crap. That is just more proof of the fact that neither republican nor democrat policies support the truth, much less Liberty and Freedom from Oppression. As I keep saying, our true enemy is the two parties ruling over us!