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‘Gay Rights’ is Trojan Horse for Totalitarianism


Brilliant observation by WND’s David Kupelian – The ‘gay rights’ movement is a trojan horse for totalitarianism. He explores this in the October issue of Whistleblower available here. A “Trojan Horse” is “any trick or stratagem that causes a target to invite a foe into a securely protected bastion or space.” (Wiki)

WND Story here.

David Kupelian says, “this particular issue – this revolutionary sexual anarchy movement, which more than any other ideology, including Marxism, Islam or atheism, has the potential of permanently corrupting our nation’s core ‘operating system’ called the family – is the one issue that almost everybody is afraid to confront.”

Breitbart told me, “There is no ‘gay agenda’. There is a Marxist agenda and they are using the “victimization of gays” movement to achieve their ends. Gays aren’t victims.”

I think everyone has an agenda. Homosexuals want their lifestyle validated. Marxists want to replace America’s free enterprise system with a totalitarian utopia. Globalists want a one world government ruled by an elite few. Islam wants the world controlled by Sharia Law. Christians are commanded to spread the gospel throughout the world, “to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” Secular Humanists are looking out for number one.

Kupelian writes, “When it (The Sexual Revolution) started, who could possibly have known it would turn out like this?

After all, it emerged right after the historic ’60s Civil Rights movement, which nobly outlawed racial segregation in America. And in the warm glow of the Martin Luther King era, many people came to believe “gays” were simply the next group needing protection from discrimination.

Of course, being an overwhelmingly Christian nation meant millions of Americans strongly objected to homosexuality on moral and religious grounds. But Americans are also the most pluralistic, tolerant and open-minded people on earth, and were increasingly inclined to give “gay rights” activists the benefit of the doubt.

Eventually warming up to a growing “gay-friendly” culture (promoted at every turn by the news and entertainment media), Americans abandoned their previous caution, flung their doors wide open and heartily welcomed the “gay rights” agenda with open arms.

However, it was a Trojan Horse. And most people had no idea what lay in waiting.”

Kupelian lists current evidence of ‘gay-rights-caused’ totalitarianism:

“1. legislation that flat out prohibits counseling help for minors who want to overcome unwanted same-sex attractions
2. the prosecution and criminalization of ever-larger numbers of Christian businesspeople for simply declining to promote
homosexuality on moral and religious grounds
3. the new California law decreeing that boys must be allowed to use girls’ restrooms and locker rooms if they identify with the
opposite sex, and vice versa
4. forced integration of open homosexuals into the military
5. the imposition on the nation of homosexual marriage.”

But, Kupelian warns “those are just the issues that have made it into the news cycle. The bigger story – what’s going on behind the scenes, and what’s coming down the tracks – is even more troubling.”

Highlights of Whistleblower’s October issue titled “THE NEW SEXUAL REVOLUTION” include:

“Where sexual anarchy is leading us” by Joseph Farah, identifying the totalitarian movement whose name no one dares utter
“Transgender madness” by David Kupelian, who tells the astonishing story of how psychiatrists are being bullied into “normalizing” sexual derangement
“Transgender teen to become latest Hollywood hero” – maybe you haven’t heard, a new TV show will portray a transgender youth as the sanest person in his family
“‘Gay’ power vs. religious liberty” by Peter LaBarbera, documenting how “homosexual rights” are destroying freedom of conscience in America
“The Bradley Manning syndrome” by Linda Harvey, on understanding the intersection of sexual deviance and treachery
“The new ideologies of sex” by Stephen Baskerville, on how today’s most destructive movement has become the least examined
“Librarians oppose banning books – except for this one topic”
“The war on fathers, masculinity and manhood” by David Kupelian, on how the ongoing, progressive feminization of America is destroying it
“America’s fall: The modern-day Roman Empire” by Matt Barber, on how St. Paul described today’s self-destructing nation to a “T”
“The rainbow belongs to God” by Dr. Scott Lively, who says a trap is being laid by the homosexual lobby for February’s Russian Olympics.”


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  • Michael Chandler

    Not surprised. When socialism fails, the same few that believe it just make another mask for it and do their best to ensure its survival, even indoctrinating their children. Disturbingly similar to pro-Nazi parents murdering their children (from watching Downfall) because,” I don’t want my children to grow up in a world without Nazi socialism.”

    Wonder if it’s connected to the dumbing down education used in public schools? Sure thankful that my mother homeschooled me.

    • Susan

      Promoting Sexual deviancy is an easy way to corrupt children—passions can’t be controlled by children who are immature. Maturity is the only way to control base urges. They are inculcating evil behavior as “Good” to kids…with concepts like “homosexual” marriage which is totally irrational and a Vice; it erases Reason and Logic in children. Removes Truth/God from their worldview. Replaces it with paganism/occultism/muslim Ethics. They are flipping “Good and Evil” because even Socrates knew that Virtue is essential for civil societies. Destroy Virtue in children, and you collapse culture. Lukacs used Sex Ed to collapse Hungary in the early 1900s. It is a Cultural Marxist construct. Marxists want chaos—groups all in discord and immoral, so they can take total control. “Angels don’t need masters”. Fear/hate is being instilled in our children (hate for Christianity)—–esp. hate for God and God’s Design of the human body. All hate, evil is the removal of God.

      • shara70

        Great post!

        • Simon McEnery

          If you are short on the facts.

      • Simon McEnery

        More ignorant drivel, full of Christian bias and misinformation. And you talk about erasing logic and reason? Laughable. Get informed instead of spouting this tripe.

        • jack

          Wide is the path and narrow is the way.

        • Susan

          You’re so ignorant of Natural Law Theory which was founded by the Ancient Greeks—Stupid! That Christians became Platonists and Aristotelians—-just means that Reason and the Faith of Christianity is NEVER in conflict!!! GOT THAT????? There is a REASON that CHRISTIANS created the AGE OF REASON and the ENLIGHTENMENT AND THE USA—-greatest concepts in the history of man. Newton was a Natural Philosopher (you idiot)—people who studied Natural Law Theory became “Scientists” in the 19th century—but you are too stupid to know that, aren’t you?

          • Simon McEnery

            Firstly, you’re in breach of the posting policy, just so you know (though your name-calling is quite funny). Second, I’m very aware of Natural Law Theory, and the idea that some Christians have that they can never be wrong because of it, because they conflate so many things erroneously. You probably also know that the European Enlightenment has quite a lot to say that contradicts your position, as do a lot of 19th and 20th century philosophers and scientists. Your constitution may indeed have references to God; you also have enshrined a separation between church and state. You may find homosexuality irrational, but that is why I say you are uninformed. It’s as logical as saying you find left-handedness irrational (as some people still do), and I’m afraid saying it louder and more crossly doesn’t make it true. It’s a lie. Sodomy and homosexuality are not the same thing – you’re conflating again. More straight men sodomise their wives than there are gay men in the world. Your children are only being corrupted by the lies people like you tell, as you were corrupted before them. Your vitriol only suggests to me that you know you’re wrong deep down, that unjustifiable anger and spite (or bullying) is your only recourse.

          • Susan

            Postmodernism (19th) was a break with Natural Law and Truth—it is the irrationalism of Marxism and the stunted Darwinism: the faith of fools. It is just a hate for God and God’s Design of the Universe and the human body. Your “logic” is so absurd—sodomy was never a part of “married” life until the Kinsey marketers–Shades of Grey group of hedonists- -as well as the Satanic sodomites in Hollywood (Corey Feldman rapers) started marketing ideas (to the children) in the “Edward Bernays” mold to “normalize” vice and erase Christian Ethics—by flipping Good and Evil in the classrooms and program little boys and girls to take “Pride” in anal sex like the Shades of Grey author so focused on Sadism. Postmodernism—as stated by Nietzsche—led to Stalin and Hitler and Mao and Pot and homosexual Brownshirts all “State replaced God” ideologies–and man is nothing but a godless animal to be herded and controlled and programmed with irrational, Wundtian psychology to force “Up is Down” like the Brave New World.

            Your ignorance of plumbing/biology is stunning and your irrational concepts of the ideas of Natural Law is staggering, as the Christian Ethics of the Natural Philosopher, Newton, formed the “Age of Reason” and Enlightenment.

            The erasing of Christianity and God and Natural Law (bases of USA Law) didn’t take root until the vile, dirty Marx spread his irrational, dehumanizing philosophy throughout the Continent, and, then, throughout the World. We have seen the result of the narcissistic”lifestyles” and “nihilism” of the Postmodernists, who worship Mother Earth and the State and are nothing but “matter in motion” commanded by the State and “group think”.

            Don’t ascribe your irrational, puerile views to the history of Western Civilization unless you are starting with the Postmodernists who want to erase Truth and Reason so their irrational concepts can be programmed into the gullible children who can’t even look at their own body and know the Truth. You are so brainwashed and programmed with your hatred of God and Truth….LOL

            Facts…….please… You “know” nothing about Biology and Natural Law Theory and History.

          • Simon McEnery

            Sorry Susan, I hadn’t realised quite how disturbed you are. I’m sure you won’t listen to me, but it’s clear you’re in need of a mental health professional and I’d urge you to seek help.

          • Susan

            LOL—good try again, dear Marxist! Facts?????? Big Lies—foundation of Marxism….hmmmmm

            No Truth, no Facts, no understanding of Biology/Science. Just this desire to play with excrement and normalize moral relativism in children with the “Pleasure” Principle—instant gratification, no matter how insane, irrational and stupid and devoid of Nature or Truth, which is just narcissistic immaturity. LOL….. Anyone who advocates playing with fecal material is the one who needs a shrink.

          • Simon McEnery

            1. I’m not a Marxist. 2. Homosexuality has nothing to do with a desire to play with excrement – as I pointed out, more straight men engage in anal sex than gay men, but I don’t hear you bullying them. The point is, your opinions about homosexuality are not just wildly erroneous but paranoid and delusional, and consequently harmful, to yourself and others, hence my previous comment.

          • Susan


            Just because a dog eats excrement doesn’t make it moral or Good or a “Right”. Your Logic is non-existent and puerile and vile.

            You are a Marxist, because you propose Marxist ideology of “radical egalitarianism” which reduces man to Godless animal without Reason and Agency and a disregard to Reason/Biology and Truth.

            We have a teleological end which you (or anyone) can never deny. We are above other animals and have dignity and worth because of Mind/God/Reason.

            We have Moral Duties—that come from Natural Law (Science/Reason) which is NON-religious…..but humans do have Faith–all humans—and you claim your disproven “faith” in “base urges rule Reason” of radical immorality, and using the body as toilet tissue covered with herpes, is “Good” and actually, a “Right from God” since in USA our ONLY Rights come from God in Just Law.

            No—Moral Law would say it is IRRATIONAL to use body parts in dehumanizing, degrading, vile, irrational ways, where you reduce the life-giving organ to excrement. Yuk—how icky and puerile to take “pleasure’ in activities that even four year olds know is “icky” and “creepy”.

          • Simon McEnery

            It strikes me you’re the one who is obsessed with excrement – you can’t stop talking about it. Why is that? Why can you not dissociate body parts and bodily functions from human sexuality? Is it possible to just be straight without it being about actually having sex? And is human sexuality not more complex and generally messy than you would like it to be?

            As you’re so determined to decide things about me without ever having met me, let’s find out about you. Perhaps you’d be so kind as to tell me about your sex life, which I presume is perfect and conforms entirely to biblical rules. Married? One partner all your life? Missionary position every time? Information please.

            And why are you so determined to assert your values over those of other people who happen to disagree with you? Does natural law have no room for live and let live instead of constant judgement? What happened to ‘judge not, lest ye be judged’? Jesus wasn’t too keen on those who were supremely confident in their moral superiority…

          • Susan

            Well, it is true, I had no problem changing diapers of my children, but even they knew how icky and disease-ridden fecal matter was by age 3.

            I do NOT advocate group masturbation/playing with oneself in corners—for a “civil” productive (no pun intended) society.

            I proclaim Truth with Reason/Science and Biology and realize (as you lie) that homosexuality and sodomy is a Learned Behavior—as ALL credible scientists state—like Moberly (Psychogenesis). Misusing genitals which are designed for intimacy and marriage and procreation—-is so Marxist and destruction of Natural Laws (Reason/Biology) that I “LAUGH” at your “claims” which are based on Darwinism/Marxism silly and evil idea that there is no Design in Nature—-(which is the only reason we have the ability to “predict” in Science and get to the moon).

            Your removal of Truth/Science/Design/Biology is trying to FORCE insanity and irrational Marxism on the masses and my children. SO INSIDIOUS AND EVIL TO REMOVE LOGIC AND REASON AND BIOLOGY FROM MY CHILDREN.

            Won’t work on me…..I refuse to adopt the irrational concepts of mass slavery and ignorance and playing with oneself in my mother’s basement..

          • Jack Dillon

            Simon: quit with the fantasy world. Homosexuals aren’t born that way. For many decades now, science has been trying to find the physical connect with the malady: homosexuality. It’s a matter of nurture, not nature. Some are born left handed. No one is born homosexual. There is no DNA connection, i.e., “my genes made me do it”. What was the abuse that warped your mind? Let’s hope you don’t run into a “Colin Ireland”, for example, or you may have your sphincter muscle hanging out of your mouth.

          • Simon McEnery

            Your evidence for this? You don’t present any. And even if that were the case, why would that give you the right to abuse gay people? Why are you so obsessed that you can’t just leave us alone? There is an increasing amount of evidence for nature over nurture, but ultimately it’s irrelevant. It’s not about gay rights, it’s about human rights. Fair enough, you can’t handle the existence of gay people: but that doesn’t mean we should have to make allowances for you. Stop being a bully.

          • Jack Dillon

            Shut up, Simon. It’s the radical LGBTQ groups and ideological cohorts in crime that are shoving their agenda down the general public’s “throat”. In the name of human rights. But, it isn’t a human right to silence anyone who disagrees with you. Or, to curry special favor with the government, or be protected by special laws. The fact that you choose to stick your pecker up some guy’s butt, or have it done to you, shouldn’t be rewarded. You are the people driving health care costs up due to the inordinately high occurrence of diseases amongst yourselves due to your promiscuity. Then you want the government to fork over large research grants to find cures for the diseases you fall prey to.

    • Simon McEnery

      The dumbing down (and your home schooling) is what has led to your complete ignorance. Any chance you were indoctrinated?

      • jack

        You’re name calling and attempting to degrade those who don’t agree with you. Naughty naughty boy.

        • Simon McEnery

          I think you’ll find that’s what most of these posts are doing. And name-calling? Where? (PS Careful of your grammar.)

  • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

    You are a brave brave brave woman to tackle this topic in any manner, it is one I try to avoid because of the absolutely vile way they retaliate. Many of Hitler’s goons were gay.

    • Simon McEnery

      I’m not surprised you get vile comments! Many of Hitler’s goons were gay? Do you realise how many gay people were killed in the concentration camps? That they were forced to wear pink triangles? Did History pass you by?

  • Phillipe Violette

    Remember how the Dracula following got going? There ended up being a certain sub-culture that actually thought they were/are vampires. There are clubs and organizations and even magazines dedicated to vampires by vampires. Well, I bet that is the way it goes with the homosexual movement. They will be in schools, have their own TV show sit-coms and that will draw many children into that terrible lifestyle even to try it and maybe ruin their lives. Where if it wasn’t shoved into our faces 24/7 everywhere we turn maybe there would not be so many practicing homosexuals about. Homosexuality is comparable to a drug addiction and eventually we have to pay for our sins.

    • Simon McEnery

      Please take the time to get educated. This post is so ignorant it beggars belief. You might equally ask why heterosexuality is pushed into our faces (which would at least be true).

      • jack

        Are you a homosexual?

        • Simon McEnery

          Why, do you not know any non-prejudiced straight people? They do exist… In fact, some of my best friends are straight.

  • Mike Kimm

    Michael Chandler, what you call the “dumbing down” of public schools is exactly at the center of destroying the pillar of society, the family. If our children don’t know the truth, what is there to guide them in the future? God be with us all!

  • WrinkledThought

    Thank you Victoria!!! You are so absolutely correct and I applaud you for your bravery and courage to speak the truth!!!

    • Simon McEnery

      It is so far from the truth it’s a joke. It’s a completely ridiculous point of view based on a lack of information and education. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous.

  • AG Dot Com!

    Socialism does not work without “victim” classes. America, conversely, is founded on the accomplishments of the individual and the notion that “All Men Are Created Equal” – which is distinctly NOT “all men are equal”. The marxists, socialists, and communists (MSC) require the underpinning philosophy of America – that individual accomplishment is to be celebrated – be suborned with false accomplishments like the “equal treatment” of groups like gays and transgenders, which do not in fact work and end up creating a climate of fear and resentment, which the MSC then exploit to generate “Useful Idiots” to propel them to power. Remember, kids, what happened to homosexuals in Germany during the Nazi reign and in the Soviet empire….

  • Jack Dillon

    I knew there was a reason I liked you. You take a strong stand for the truth. The visciousness of the american political left, and the LGBTQ advocates won’t fall short of what was seen in Nazi Germany. The spiritual source is the same (Ephesians 6:12). A book that gives great insight into sexual deviancy and the third reich is Scott Lively & Kevin Abrams, “The Pink Swastika”.

    • Simon McEnery

      You want viciousness? Read this page. You want the truth? Try getting some facts. The Nazis killed gay people – did that fact pass you by? Why are you so in denial about human nature and so full of hatred for others who’ve done you no harm?

      • Jack Dillon

        The Nazi’s killing of homosexuals was primarily the effeminate ones, whom they regarded as useless. The majority of Hitler’s high ranking officers, as well as virtually all of the SS, were homosexuals. But, the militant kind. So, the reality is that homosexuals killed homosexuals. Kind of like the Matthew Shepard case, i.e., homosexuals killing a homosexual. A substantial percentage of serial killers have been homosexuals. Better keep a lookout when you are cruising.

        • Simon McEnery

          Where do you get this stuff? The effeminate ones?! And virtually all of the SS were homosexuals?! The militant kind?! A substantial percentage of serial killers?! Perhaps you’d like to present your sources, because frankly this tosh is homophobic propaganda of the worst kind. And my suspicion of your generalisations about gay people doesn’t diminish when you assume we all go cruising. Statistically, most violent people on the planet are, of course, straight men, so, assuming you’re a straight man, surely the rest of us have most to fear from you.

  • WITommy

    So many of today’s television programs are featuring – if not revolving around – the gay/lesbian lifestyle. Some are comedies; some are dramas. If comedic in nature, they encourage the watcher to laugh off the antics of the gay characters as purely innocent and fun. If dramatic, they include enough cliff-hanging drama to make one overlook the gay/lesbian activity. It’s not much different than saying, “Hey, I only read Playboy for the editorials.” One good example is Grey’s Anatomy. Lesbianism is rampant in this show, but many viewers like the medical drama, as well as the sexiness of the cast (there are no homely or overweight doctors). I’ve seen enough episodes to conclude that the producers are not dealing with an occasional gay or lesbian character, but with a lifestyle that they want to be routinely accepted by all. I’m not buying it.

    • Simon McEnery

      I think you’ll find the vast majority of television – and all American culture – revolves around the straight lifestyle. (By the way, what is a straight lifestyle? When did you choose to be straight? When you chose the colour of your front door?) No wonder you’re not buying it, you’re choosing to be ignorant. (That’s your lifestyle – it’s a free country.)

  • twiceshy

    As a Christian, I see this corruption just the devil using his best weapon……..liberalism. We have invited many Trojan horses into our midst. Allowing our public schools to become the training ground for almost every leftist clause. Satan has had time on his side and for the past 50 years, we’ve allowed the liberals to take God out of school, public buildings and squares and pumped filth pumped into our homes through the television. When good people are elected like Ted Cruz, they are demonized and diminished at every turn by the establishment media………..and even so called conservative media. I think we must continue to fight, but I’m afraid America has gone too far down the road to destruction to be saved.

    • Simon McEnery

      Reading your post, I’d have to agree, if you represent America. No wonder the world is so disparaging about America. Posts like this give your better-educated countrymen and women a bad name.

  • zappo777

    Gods will is to stone to death anyone who practices gay lifestyle—leviticus 20:13—–It is written–“Not everyone who says LORD, LORD, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but those who do the WILL of MY FATHER Who is in HEAVEN!” For those who support the gay lifestyle–“you are DOOMED!” Eternity has no stopwatch it is FOREVER–weeping and GNASHING of teeth! You can not Love God without HATING EVIL….And you can not have faith in GOD and promote what God CONDEMNS!!Gay Marriage has nothing to do with equality–it has everything to do with “Mocking God”–and Wrath will God Repay—–

  • DrRGP

    We–those espousing the traditional values of an earlier era in America–always seem to lose. The juggernaut of secularism and its progeny (including homosexuality) just keeps coming, like an inbound tide, as the older generations and their values gradually die out.

    • M Jackson

      Right, it’s called “evolving”.

    • Simon McEnery

      Traditional values? What does that mean? Slavery? Segregation? No votes for women? Or biblical values like not eating shellfish and keeping menstruating women out of church? Your not espousing traditional values, you’re trying to justify your unjustifiable prejudices.

      • jack

        Are you a bigot? Are you making fun of ones religious beliefs? Are you prejudice? Hmmmmm?

        • Simon McEnery

          Belief is a lifestyle choice, but I have no prejudice against it – my husband is a priest after all. But if you are interested in bigotry, read most of the posts on this page. Are you anti-gay? Are you a bigot? Hmmm?

  • jack ward

    The gays were given their rights by a tolerant and caring American people. Many put aside their religious beliefs. The gay movement has now become tyrannical in nature. Enough is enough.

    • Simon McEnery

      What rubbish. Do you expect to be tolerated? Why would you expect it of anyone else? Call yourself American? You’re a disgrace. What happened to Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. You make it a land of oppressive cowards.

      • jack

        Sounds like you have a narrow approach to a social or political agenda which means you are unable to debate without insulting or name calling. Well, goody goody for you.

        • Simon McEnery

          Have you seen how insulting this page is? How self-righteously moralistic and judgmental? And yes, ignorant? I say this because so many posts here spout on about the truth while denying actual facts that stare them in the face, and while saying they speak The Truth which is generally an opinion or belief. And if you want a narrow approach, look no further that this page. However, if you are interested in the truth, learn this: homosexuality is not a choice; it is not the same thing as sodomy; it is not a lifestyle; it is not learned; gay people have no wish to convert others; it is not a political statement; the desire not to be discriminated against is a perfectly reasonable one worthy of respect; marriage is a human construct that each society defines for itself, and does not have a pre-ordained divine definition; none of the above are part of an agenda – they are simply facts which some find unpalatable because of their culture, religion or how they were brought up, but that doesn’t stop them being facts.

  • Camp Taji

    Without their knowledge homosexuals today are what “Uncle Joe” 100 years ago called usefully fools. The distraction caused by gay marriage (oxymoron), radical homosexual scamers of suing bakers and photographers along with the forced homosexual miltray assists the Neo-Marxists in their quest for national instability.

  • Jimmy Joe

    Why are these “Christians” using pagan theology to make their point?

  • Simon McEnery

    I notice racism is not tolerated in these posts, but homophobia is, apparently. The level of ignorance I have read here is astonishing, based on false premises, sexuality being a ‘lifestyle choice’; like people being able to change their sexual preference (which of course some people want to, when faced with the levels of hatred and ignorance that are espoused here); like Americans being a pluralistic and tolerant nation (when Americans statistically have the greatest level of ignorance about foreign cultures of most countries on the planet with the exception of North Korea and a few others, and when many states still have plenty of anti-gay legislation). My point is: you all sound like you’re under attack from a liberal majority of pro-gay propagandists, when actually the gay minority has been under attack from an illiberal majority that doesn’t like it when it has the truth (the real truth, not the ignorant misinformation spread here) finally and belatedly put under its nose.