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My 3rd Encounter with Ex-Communist, David Horowitz (must-see videos)

David Horowitz is like a rock star to me. Like Elvis. He’s 74. He isn’t affectionate or ebullient, at least not in public. What attracts me to him is how clearly he communicates the conservative message. He’s been on both sides, his parents were Communists, so he knows what he’s talking about.

I went to hear David Horowitz speak at Trevecca Nazarene University last night. We’d met twice before; once, at the Beverly Hills Tea Party in 2010 when I sang, “There’s a Communist Living in the White House” on my uke, and last August at the Ronald Reagan Library where I ran toward him like a crazed fan, waving my arms wildly and screaming, “David Horowitz!!” He recoiled and looked away from me, frightened.

I recently ordered pamphlets from his web site; “The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration,” “Ten Reasons to Impeach Eric Holder,” “Occupy Wall Street-The Communist Movement Reborn,” “Muslim Hate Groups On Campus,” “10 Reasons to Abolish the U.N., ” etc. They are short enough of a read to give my non-literary friends who are un-informed. They are fact-filled truth. I love them.

Last night, Horowitz gave the clearest explanation I’ve ever heard of the difference between the Left and the Right. I’m hoping to get an audio tape of the event. He said the Left bases their ideology on the concept that man is born good, and humans can redeem themselves with social institutions. The Right bases their ideology on the concept that man is born bad, (Romans 3:23) and only divine intervention can redeem him from evil (sin). The Left believes “society” causes evil. The Right believes “we” (the individual) are the problem. The Left believes in “collective salvation.” The Right believes in “personal responsibility.” Our founders knew that men leaned toward misbehaving and that power corrupts and that’s why they established the checks and balances. The Left’s belief system is a “religion” he said, and the oldest false religion in history, going back to the Garden of Eden, when man wanted to be equal with God.

Horowitz said that when man tried to “be as God” he was kicked out of Eden and an angel with a flaming sword guards the entrance – man cannot re-enter a perfect world unless he is redeemed. Horowitz said the Left wants back into Eden, and believe they can redeem themselves…with social programs. And, the only thing getting in the way of their utopia, their heaven on earth, is the pesky conservative. That is why they are so passionate against the Right.

It was interesting to hear Horowitz quote Scipture and then several times mention being an agnostic.

Horowitz said that redemption can only come by blood, and that in Christianity, Christ’s blood is the atonement for our sins, (Hebrews 9:22, “…without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin”), but in Progressivism/Communism, human bloodshed is the atonement. He says that is why the Left is not concerned with the over 70 million people who died at the hands of Totalitarianism.

Horowitz has authored over 20 books, New York best sellers, he was editor of Ramparts, a radical newspaper in the 60’s and a member of the Black Panther Party; then, a convert to conservatism after the murder of his bookkeeper Betty Van Patter by a fellow Black Panther. His transformation is covered in his book, “Radical Son.”

Horowitz said Christians are fortunate to have faith to give them strength and console them. He said that his activism is a result of the murder that sent him into a 7 year depression, and woke him up to the fact that his Communist Radical cause was evil. He said that his conservative activism is an attempt at atonement. He seemed to be an intellectual who might accept Christ if he would read C.S. Lewis’ book, “Mere Christianity.”

Horowitz said Rousseau (“Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains.”) is the father of modern progressivism. He said America is pretty much a one-party state and very close to Totalitarianism. Political correctness is censorship; you can say ‘kyke’ or ‘spic’ but not the ‘n’ word – next is “re-education camps.” The IRS punishes political opponents, “dissidents” (Tea Party), our cell phones are tapped, the government now controls our health, when we die, and with Obamacare and Common Core will have all of our personal information, i.e. bank accounts, so they can ‘destroy the opposition.’ No Big Gulps. Progressives control us “for our own good.” This is tyranny.

Horowitz speaks logically and succinctly, without emotion.

Horowitz said Jim Wallis and the Sojourners have brought Communism into the church. He said Obama was supposed to be the hope for the poor, but, Obama has created more poor people in the last five years…many more millions are on food stamps, and many more millions out of work, etc.

Horowitz said “There is no such thing as “social justice.” It’s like lightning. It just happens.” He said that the term means “redistribution of wealth,” Marxism, Communism. He said there will always be poor people and that poverty is not an “injustice.” It is bad economic choices made over and over again. He suggested that The Mirage of Social Justice should be required reading for ‘Social Justice’ majors so they can at least see both sides of the issue and not just the “politically correct” (liberal/progressive) side. He said “Progressive” is just another word for “Communist.”

Some Christians try to add the word “Biblical” to the phrase “Social Justice” and I think they are using the label to define missionary work, but I believe the only “Social Justice” in the Bible is that all men are damned to hell, because God is holy and our sin separates us from Him. That is God’s justice. His love brought us a redeemer. Jesus.

Jesus told his disciples to be poor. There is no shame or “injustice” in being poor. The phrase “Social Justice” in our culture infers that a poor person is a victim who was made poor by the actions of others. Gary DeMar wrote a good article about it here.

In conclusion, I did get a photo with David Horowitz, but forgot to tell him about the film project I am presently working on called, “The Incorrect Man.” It is a comedy about political correctness gone awry. “It is a film so funny and politically incorrect, it just might save Western civilization.” The script is excellent, written by Baxter Taylor. It will affect culture. We are fund-raising now, looking for investors, and will have some skits posted soon offering prizes to anyone investing in our project. So, if you’re reading this David Horowitz, gimme a call. And, thank you for what you are doing to educate the brain-washed masses into awareness.


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  • Kaptivator1

    Excellent Article

  • Matt Dentino

    Excellent article Victoria! From someone who also was there your article exactly expresses what
    Mr Horowitz unveiled re: the left’s relentless war on our Nation and where We, The People must look for redemption and solutions to counter their statist global agenda .

  • Glynn

    I first knew of David Horowitz through his chronicle of the journey from left to right, Radical Son. It is perhaps one of the most important pieces of literature where a life change was so dramatic. It is a book of great import. I adore and honor David Horowitz, much like ex-lefties before him, he made his journey almost alone, losing his friends and support system along the way. There can be almost no bigger price to pay. Because he made this journey, his insight is especially salient, for he lived in the belly of the beast that was the violent radical left back in the day. I feel one of the issues to which Mr. Horowitz speaks regarding the radical left of the 60s and 70s was the fact that while they virulently opposed the war and everything about it (including the troops) and the lives they supposedly valued as being lost in the war, this very same crowd then turned their back on the millions of men, women and children left behind when the United States withdrew from South Vietnam. THAT is a tragedy and one the leftists never acknowledged or owned, for there can be no doubt that the American antiwar movement played a part in the end of the Vietnam war. A fine article. David Horowitz deserves this kind of attention and recognition. He is one of my heroes. I just wanted to edit this to say, that David Horowitz continues to visit leftist college and university campuses on a regular basis and is often heckled and intimated. That might be one reason he was a little skittish. Thank you so much for writing about him.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Well said. Couldn’t agree with you more. And it’s so very true that when you ”change sides”, you really learn who your real friends are. The Leftists, like petulant children, don’t seem to have the capacity to tolerate anyone who dares to disagree with them.

  • Screeminmeeme

    Excellent interviews, Vicky. I have nothing but respect for Horowitz and we should all pay attention to him because he knows well the Marxist line, having lived it for years before recognizing the truth and converting to conservatism. Love the guy for his guts and love for America….and for daring to step into the line of fire at one university after another as he debates the liberal idiots there.

  • Judith77

    Young people are groomed and indoctrinated like no other time in history. From pubic schools through universities. Some parochial schools as well. Home schooled are getting bombarded when they enter the work force. It’s an entirely different planet for them. Some succumb to the NWO progressives agenda. Elections are rigged. There must be a way to save our nation from this insidious multi-headed beast. Has freedom always been an illusion?