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  • Why Does God Allow Suffering?   (great audio sermon)

    Why Does God Allow Suffering? (great audio sermon)

    This is a great sermon from Romans 8 by Josh Howerton answering the age old question, “Why Does God Allow Suffering?” Link here. Josh showed this recent picture of ISIS beheading the 21 Egyptian Christians and explained how the Apostle Paul, the author of the book of Romans, could identify with both the men in orange suits, and the men in blacks suits. Before Paul met Christ, he was responsible for the persecution and murder of many Christ-followers. After his […]

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  • Great Video Explaining Radical Islam

    Great Video Explaining Radical Islam

    In this video, starting at the 46:57 mark, Dr. Brown, host of popular radio show Ask Dr. Brown, very simply and clearly explains Radical Islam and how it is not a faction or exaggeration of Islam; it is pure Islam as based on Mohammed’s example and teachings, the Hadith, the Quran, and other Islamic writings. Brown’s web site says, “Since coming to faith in 1971 as a 16 year-old, heroin-shooting Jewish rock drummer, Dr. Michael Brown has devoted his life […]

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  • Point of Grace’s New Album “Directions Home” is Fantastic!!

    Point of Grace’s New Album “Directions Home” is Fantastic!!

    “Directions Home” is the new album from Point of Grace! I love it. I pre-ordered it on iTunes! Go to their website, link here, to listen and to order. Listen to POG on Youtube here. I’ve gotten to know Leigh Capallino, (the brunette in the group,) and her family. They are wonderful people. They live out their faith in Jesus Christ with love, kindness, creativity and a sense of humor. Leigh’s cute husband Dana plays guitar for the group. Leigh […]

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  • BiBi Netanyahu is Awesome

    BiBi Netanyahu is Awesome

    (Netanyahu) (Young Netanyahu, Young Obama) Classy. Intelligent. Wise. Good communicator. Gracious. Truthful. Strong. I wish Netanyahu was our President. His March 3, 2015 speech to Congress was historical, even beautiful, and embarrassing for juvenile Obama who claimed not to have watched the speech. Petty behavior for a “leader.” Pouting in the corner. Netanyahu is a real world leader. He is protective of his people. He speaks the truth in love. I think Obama’s formative years in the Muslim country of […]

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  • “Right Wing Watch”  and “Salon” Lie About Me (Unedited Newsmax Video Proves It)

    “Right Wing Watch” and “Salon” Lie About Me (Unedited Newsmax Video Proves It)

    Newsmax quoted me exactly and correctly. Link here. Crooks and Liars, Salon and Right Wing Watch’s Brian Tashman outright lie about me. Here is the title to his article, “Victoria Jackson: “Obama’s Gay Marriage Support Proves He’s ‘An Islamist’.” This is misleading and a lie. I did not say that and he knows it. Link here. It doesn’t even make sense. My song, “There’s a Muslim Living in the White House” contains a lot of evidence supporting my opinion. But […]

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  • I Was There!  SNL 40…  (in the Overflow Room)

    I Was There! SNL 40… (in the Overflow Room)

    (Bill Murray and me) **Story at bottom, after photos. (Taylor Swift) (SNL fans on red carpet) (Fred Armisen) (Julia Sweeney, Melanie Hutsell) (Will Ferrell)) (Jim Brewer, Louis C.K.) (Bob Odenkirk, Tom Arnold) (Current SNL Women,Sasheer Zamata, Cecily Strong, Vanessa Bayer) (Kevin Kline and son) (Billy Crystal) (the “overflow” room I was seated in to watch the show) (Michael Bolton) (Al Sharpton, Chris Parnell) (Alan Cumming) (Bobby Moynihan) (Whoopi Goldberg) (Aidy Bryant) (Siobhan Fallon, Erin…) (Chris Farley’s brothers) (Kristen Wiig) (Bobby […]

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  • SNL 40 :  Thank You Lorne Michaels

    SNL 40 : Thank You Lorne Michaels

    SNL 40 is everywhere! I have an idea for this Sunday’s show! Jon Lovitz doing The Liar as Brian Williams! I just watched old clips of sketches I don’t even remember. I’m so grateful I got to be part of an American Institution whose goal was and is just…laughter. Laughter is important. Maybe it was more than laughter though. I stumbled across this quote from Lorne Michaels, “Principally, the job is to hold an audience, and to do it in […]

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  • Obama’s Ignorance and/or Lies About “The Crusades”

    Obama’s Ignorance and/or Lies About “The Crusades”

    Obama’s unbelievable remarks at The National Prayer Breakfast today, equating Christianity with Islam (a Satanic cult) are not only ignorant, shocking, and deceitful but proof that he is an Islamic Jihadist throwing around his Muruna and Taquiyya… he’s lying again. His speech today proved he has no idea what Christianity is or what The Crusades were. Tullahoma Parents for Truth in Education said, “The Muslims had been invading Christian countries for 400 years before the Crusaders finally decided to act […]

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  • Haslam’s “Faith” Made Him a Marxist

    Haslam’s “Faith” Made Him a Marxist

    In his speech Feb.2 pushing his new plan,”Insure TN,” while insisting it was not Obamacare, (it is), and that it won’t raise taxes (it will), and that it’s free! (no way, way, no way, Hhh-way)…just like he and Obama’s “free college”!… Gov. Haslam said, “ My faith doesn’t allow me to walk on the other side of the road and ignore a need that can be met — particularly in this case, when the need is Tennesseans who have life-threatening […]

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  • “There’s a Muslim Living in the White House” (new music video)

    “There’s a Muslim Living in the White House” (new music video)

    **Related Story: List of Islamic Terror Attacks in the Last 30 days, link here. **Related Story: Obama quietly reveals names of Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas leaders he met with this week. Link here. **Related Story: “Moderate” Muslim Leader says all Muslims are Radical Extremist Jihadists. (video) Link here. **Related Story: Sharia Adherent Muslims are Not “Extremists.” Link here. **Related Story: Is Violence a Core Teaching of Islam? Link here. ** Related Story: 50 Reasons Why Islam is a False Doctrine. Link here. […]

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  • Muslim Goal:  World Dominance

    Muslim Goal: World Dominance

    Sounds like a James Bond movie. Good vs. Evil. World Dominance. But it’s true and it’s Biblical prophecy happening right before our eyes. Can we stop it? Informative article here. **Related story: Hijab Day in CA school. Christmas is banned, but Islam is taught and promoted. Story here. **Related story: Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s top advisor is an Iranian-born Muslim Marxist. Link here. “The Muslim Plan For World Dominance Bringing The World Under Sharia Law” “I don’t think you can overstate […]

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  • Great Sermon (video) by Bangor Lumberjack Ken Graves

    Great Sermon (video) by Bangor Lumberjack Ken Graves

    Great sermon by Ken Graves, a lumberjack from Calvary Chapel Bangor, Maine, on the Power of Family. Ken’s father left when he was young. Ken briefly explains the difference between liberals and conservatives before he launches into a powerful and entertaining sermon about the power of the family unit. He says that liberals believe man is good and can create a perfect world by just huddling together and talking; conservatives know that man is evil and needs a higher power […]

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