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  • I Have Cancer!

    I Have Cancer!

    Me and my grand daughter Ever Grace, age 4, singing a piece of my new song, “A Happy Ending.” It all happened pretty suddenly. I went to the Walk In Clinic for a cough. I asked the Nurse Practitioner if the numb spot near my underarm was my lymph gland fighting the cough. He quickly sent me to the Vanderbilt Breast Clinic, (God bless him), an awesome place full of great people. Suddenly, I was in surgery (double mastectomy) and […]

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  • Excellent Chuck Missler Video on Revelation

    Excellent Chuck Missler Video on Revelation

    I highly recommend this deep, rich, fascinating study of the book of Revelation by Chuck Missler. His passion for the Bible is contagious as he points out that its 66 books penned by over 40 authors over thousands of years, “is an integrated message system, and I don’t mean thematically, every detail, every number, every place mark, even the mathematical structures underneath the text, exhibit very skillful design, and that design had to emerge from outside space/time because it anticipates […]

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  • Johnny Crawford Rocks!

    Johnny Crawford Rocks!

    (me and Johnny Crawford in the play “Lovers and Other Strangers” circa 1983) I stumbled upon a bunch of Johnny Crawford videos on Youtube. When I met him in 1980 at Summerfest in Birmingham, AL, I’d never heard of The Rifleman or Chuck Connors. We didn’t have a TV when I grew up. He was the lead actor in “Meet Me in St. Louis” and I was in the chorus line. He says my flip flops (back handsprings) caught his […]

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  • “Campin’ Buddies” Nominated for Action On Film Award!

    “Campin’ Buddies” Nominated for Action On Film Award!

    The Action On Film Festival just nominated Tom Logan’s “Campin’ Buddies,” starring Ray Stevens, Tom Lester (Green Acres), Don Most (Happy Days) and me as best comedy feature film and best comedy TV pilot. It’s just come out on DVD. Yay! There will be a screening in LA Sept. 23, 2015 at 6:30 pm, at the Krikorian Premier Theater in Monrovia, CA. Super fun movie! Link here. I got to play 6 roles!!! Including these two!

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  • “Marriage Retreat”  – Brings Hope!

    “Marriage Retreat” – Brings Hope!

    Pureflix’s “Marriage Retreat” was a joy to shoot in the mountains of Los Angeles. Great people to work with. “If we get closer to Him, we get closer to each other.”

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  • “Marriage Material” the Movie now on I Tunes!

    “Marriage Material” the Movie now on I Tunes!

    Go to to learn more about this fun romantic comedy written and produced by Ann Fishman.

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