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  • Preach Politics Preachers!

    Preach Politics Preachers!

    Will your pastor be arrested if he talks about politics from the pulpit? No. According to the Constitution we have freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Funny thing is, only the conservatives clam up. The Democrats rule the black churches. Obama’s pastor shouted, “God “Da**” America” from his pulpit. We saw that clip over and over on TV. Liberals aren’t afraid to use synagogues to push their candidates. Why are Christians afraid? See link. Show this video and website […]

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  • A Light in the Darkness – District 11 School Board Member Mark Gregory

    A Light in the Darkness – District 11 School Board Member Mark Gregory

    Finally, a School Board member who reflects the heart and soul of Williamson County! Mark Gregory, District 11 School Board Member writes in The Tennessean: “I have been privileged to serve on the Williamson County School Board, representing District 11, for the past 10 years. I am currently in my third elected term. My time on the board has been spent fighting for fairness within our school district and working to establish better zoning lines. But there is so much […]

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  • VJ Campaign Video # 4

    VJ Campaign Video # 4

    Why should people vote for me on August 7 for Williamson County Commissioner District 2? Because I listen to the people. I’ve been going door to door and have only met three Democrats! So if this is a conservative county, why is the current School Board made up of Pro-Common Core liberals? Because at the last election, only the liberals voted! We need a strong turn out of Constitution loving Christian conservatives to reclaim TN August 7 and in November. […]

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  • War in Williamson County  (and Liberal Media Bias)

    War in Williamson County (and Liberal Media Bias)

    There is a war in Williamson County, TN. It is the Socialists vs. the Constitutionalists. It is not a fair fight. The media is biased. Channel 5 and The Tennessean are guilty. Because less than 20% of voters showed up at the last election, this conservative-dominated county has a School Board that is currently controlled by Liberals/Progressives. They support the new, untried, federally mandated “Common Core,” because they support Big Government and Socialism. Some of them have an R next […]

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  • A True Story about Common Core in TN

    A True Story about Common Core in TN

    A mom from Ravenwood High School approached me recently to tell me her experience with Common Core. Her 10th grade daughter’s Language Arts book was lying on the dining room table and Kathy decided to flip through it and see what her daughter was being taught. Kathy was shocked and very upset to find that the “rumor” about Common Core Curriculum textbooks was true; it was socialist propaganda, pro-Islam, and sexually inappropriate. Kathy’s daughter was concerned because students were discouraged […]

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  • Sneaky Snakes in Williamson County

    Sneaky Snakes in Williamson County

    (Williamson County Schools Superintendent Mike Looney) When I first read this article about a local “well-funded conservative group’s secret game plan for Williamson County Schools” and read the list of secret activist members who want to keep “the ugly stuff private and out of the press”, I was intrigued. The names included in the list of sneaky snakes were my friends. The last time I met with my conservative friends, Debbie Deaver and candidates Candy Emerson, Susan Curlee, Dr. Beth […]

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  • Muslims Protest and Pray on Nashville City Street

    Muslims Protest and Pray on Nashville City Street

    Daily Roll Call reports today, “…What looked like a scene from the U.K, the local Muslim community in Nashville took to the streets on Friday July 18 in what has been described as an angry and intimidating pro-Palestine demonstration. Led by local activist Drost Kokoye, Muslims lined the street screaming “not a nickel not a dime, we wont pay for U.S crimes” and “brick by brick, wall by wall, Israeli apartheid has to fall”. But there seemed to be some […]

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  • Vote for Joe Carr for Senate

    Vote for Joe Carr for Senate

    Joe Carr is running against incumbent Lamar Alexander, who in 2012 voted with Barack Obama 62% of the time. This is important. Please vote out the folks who are destroying America. “Joe Carr has received the endorsement of conservative leaders including Conservative Campaign Committee, Gun Owners of America, Laura Ingraham, Tea Party Nation, Conservative HQ, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, Tea Party Leadership Fund, dozens of tea party groups in Tennessee, and more than 20 Republican legislators in Tennessee.” I […]

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  • Williamson County Early Voting Starts Today!

    Williamson County Early Voting Starts Today!

    (photo: Dr. Beth Burgos, Susan Curlee, Katie Curlee, me, Candy Emerson) If you love America, God, and the Constitution, I suggest you vote for Joe Carr for Senate, (Lamar’s voting record is liberal), Shaun Crowell for Governor (Haslam appoints Liberals/Progressives), Glen Casada for State Representative, Jeremy Durham for State Rep., Steve Gawrys for State Rep. (not RINO Charles Sargent), James Amundsen and Paula Uhlir for State Executive Committee, Dr. Beth Burgos for School Board, Candy Emerson for School Board, and […]

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  • Weird Al is a Genius  (see his new video here!)

    Weird Al is a Genius (see his new video here!)

    Weird Al is a genius. While I’m banging my head against the wall, trying to make people wake up and realize that Obama is a dictator who is stealing our freedom, Weird Al is saying the same thing but disguised as comedy, in his new, brilliant album, “Mandatory Fun,” where he’s dressed like a dictator on the cover. Each day this week he is releasing a new video. In this video, he expresses my frustration with the bastardization of the […]

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  • TN Gov. Haslam Caught in Fraud

    TN Gov. Haslam Caught in Fraud

    (Gov. Bill Haslam) The latest scandal linked to Gov. Haslam, besides that one with his brother Jimmy, and his appointment of Radical Progressive Liberal Kevin Huffman to oversee TN schools, is that he has been caught using fraudulent fiscal notes to kill legislation, carried by conservative members of his own party, that would otherwise pass. Link here. Vote for JOE CARR and get America back to its conservative Republican roots.

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  • VJ Campaign Video # 3 :  Why You Should Vote for Me August 7

    VJ Campaign Video # 3 : Why You Should Vote for Me August 7

    (photo: Joe Dan Gorman of IntellectualFrogLegs.com) This video is from last year at the Manchester Event where the State Attorney held an Islamic Outreach Event to tell American citizens they were not allowed to criticize Islam on the Internet. Hundreds of us showed up with “Freedom of Speech” signs, protesting the government’s attempt to steal our 1st Amendment. Near the end of this edited video I refer to “Communism” (Progressivism) taking over America. Ex-FBI Agent John Guandolo (understandingthethreat.com) told me […]

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