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  • NASA study pushing Communism

    NASA study pushing Communism

    The NSA has become a spying-on-U.S.-citizens operation. The IRS has become the punishing-conservatives department. And, now…NASA. “The National Aeronautics Space Administration, also known as NASA, has been most known for its leadership in space exploration through manned missions to the moon and operation of the Space Shuttle. However, not long ago, Obama instructed NASA to engage in Muslim “outreach” as its main purpose.” ?! Crazy!! What does Islam have to do with outer space?! “NASA also funds research studies. The […]

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  • Progressive Jeb Bush in Town  Pushing Common Core

    Progressive Jeb Bush in Town Pushing Common Core

    Dixie shares; “Today, (RINO) Jeb Bush was flown into Nashville by (RINO) Gov. Haslam. The meeting was held in speaker Beth Harwell’s Office at the legislature. After being called to the speaker’s office to meet the unannounced Republican candidate for president,Gov. Bush proceeded to tout the benefits of Common Core to the students of Tennessee. Someone must be very unhappy about the upcoming bills in both the Tennessee House and Senate. Rather than being critical, perhaps those supporting the popular […]

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  • Liberal Tennessean Twists Truth into Lies

    Liberal Tennessean Twists Truth into Lies

    Jaime Page, journalist for The Tennessean, spent three hours in my home doing a “profile” on me. He partially told the truth. But, I have to set the record straight, because he twisted the truth to give my story his liberal bias. (The video of me speaking is accurate, although edited, those were the actual words that came out of my mouth.) First of all, nice choice of photo. You could not have chosen an uglier photo. I wonder if […]

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  • WCS Superintendent Mike Looney’s Response to Pornographic School Book

    WCS Superintendent Mike Looney’s Response to Pornographic School Book

    In reference to this ‘pornographic’ 3rd grade book found in a TN school library, “Stuck in the Middle,” which includes words like “sh*t” as a chapter title, and the word “blowj*b,” as part of the text, story here, Williamson County School Superintendent Mike Looney responded in an email to concerned parent Denise Birnbaum; FROM MIKE LOONEY: “You are correct this book is not used in WCS. However, I am familiar with these kinds of books. Books of this nature are […]

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  • I Met a Christian Martyr Today

    I Met a Christian Martyr Today

    (me, Julie Aftab, her husband) She is alive, but Muslims in Pakistan tried to kill her several times when she was 16, simply because she is a Christian and was wearing a cross necklace. They threw acid in her face, poured it down her throat, operated on her burns without anesthesia, injected her with poison, burned her family’s house down, and then shot her with two bullets. She was dead for 15 minutes, but she is alive. I was so […]

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  • Must See Worship Video with Kari Jobe

    Must See Worship Video with Kari Jobe

    I just discovered Kari Jobe. Be sure to see the monologue at the 6:43 mark on first video, Forever. Wow. Me and my family found ourselves worshipping God prostrate on the living room floor. Praise to the one true God, Jehovah, and Yeshua, our only hope. Here’s a good web site: GospelMusicVideos.com

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  • Obama Sent Me an Email!

    Obama Sent Me an Email!

    I just received an email from Obama! This is what it said: Vicki – The top Republican in the House said Americans should judge them not on how many laws they pass, but on how many they repeal. The top Republican in the Senate said his top priority wasn’t to create jobs or expand opportunity, but to beat me. I want to work with Congress wherever I can to do the job the American people sent us here to do […]

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  • Best Video Explaining Common Core

    Best Video Explaining Common Core

    Chairman of Founded on Truth, “Marguerite “Peg” Ann McKenna Luksik is a conservative politician, perennial candidate, pro-life campaigner, and Constitution Party activist in Pennsylvania. Luksik was born on August 11, 1955 in Huntsville, Alabama, where her father was in the Army. A 1976 magna cum laude graduate of Clarion University with a bachelor of science degree in special education and elementary education, she married James Luksik on June 23 1979. The couple have six children. In a 1998 interview with […]

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  • Bribery in the TN Legislature

    Bribery in the TN Legislature

    According to The Tennessean, as per the vote yesterday at the Capitol, Common Core has been put on hold for two years. Karen Bracken‘s response, “…it’s already been implemented. What’s there to put on hold?” It needs to be repealed. Earlier Karen Bracken had handed me a piece of paper (source: votesmart.org) that listed the names of the TN Senators and Representatives that had taken money from “Students First,” a pro-Common Core organization. What? Bribery? Then Karen emailed me the […]

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  • Is This Book in Your Child’s School?

    Is This Book in Your Child’s School?

    Mama Bears Web Site reports, “A Mom in Shelby County, TN sent us images from a book that her child checked out of his elementary school library. Her son knew that there were some forbidden words in the book that he was not allowed to say, so he showed it to his mom. Smart boy!” Warning: Rated R words and sexual innuendo below The front cover looks harmless enough. “Stuck in the Middle” by Ariel Schrag It appears to be […]

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  • Lies at the Senate Education Committee Hearing Today

    Lies at the Senate Education Committee Hearing Today

    On this video, of the Senate Education Committee hearings on Common Core today, discussion starts at 3:26:59 mark. Senator Campfield brings up SB1985, Senate Bill 1985, House Bill 1825 by Rep. Womick. This Bill – As introduced, “requires the state board of education and the department of education to postpone any further implementation of Common Core State Standards beyond those standards implemented as of June 30, 2013, until further implementation is approved by the general assembly. – Amends TCA Title […]

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  • TN Teacher Told Not to Talk about Common Core

    TN Teacher Told Not to Talk about Common Core

    (Photo taken at “War on Core” Rally today, March 12, 2014 at TN Capital) (My shirt says, “Stop Common Core. “Common Core Abolishes American Culture to Create a Global Citizen.”) This email was sent to me today and I asked if I could post it anonymously. Dear Victoria: “I am a teacher who has researched the horrific Common Core Curriculum and its founders. Our superintendent recently sent an email which, in essence, was a veiled threat against our jobs if […]

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