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  • Just Opt Out!  (of Common Core)

    Just Opt Out! (of Common Core)

    WND says, “Now parents are being given a turn to take a whack at the one-size-fits-all program that relegates George Washington to a half a sentence and compares the Declaration of Independence to a high-school romance breakup letter.” And, that relegates Christianity to one religion of many, and Islam to truth. (See proof of error, inaccuracies, bias and socialist/Islam indoctrination at Textbook “The Michigan-based Thomas More Law Center is urging parents to opt their children out of the restrictive […]

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  • Al Yankovic Did a Great Job at the Emmy’s !

    Al Yankovic Did a Great Job at the Emmy’s !

    Al Yankovic, original, comedian, singer, songwriter, musician, icon, whose new album, “Mandatory Fun” is number one, thrilled the star-studded Emmy audience with a medley that Rolling Stone called “show-stealing.” Al is on a roll! Yay Al!! I think the orchestra played the song in a key too low for Al’s voice, but beside that it was adorable.

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  • Cops Good – Thugs Bad

    Cops Good – Thugs Bad

    Bill Whittle does a brilliant job in this video explaining the truth about the Ferguson situation, and the FACTS about black on black crime, white on white crime, white on black crime, and black on white crime and how the Progressive coalition including Holder and Obama encourage racial conflict, envy, anger, entitlement, lawlessness and lies. They encourage this riotous behavior because they want riots. They want to employ martial law. It fits into their CPUSA agenda. (If you didn’t know, […]

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  • ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Do It!  I Did!

    ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Do It! I Did!

    Join the fund raising efforts of the ALS IceBucket Challenge! I did! To donate go to ALS Website here. I challenged Jon Lovitz, my brother James Jackson, and Joe Dan. The reason I was wearing a wig is we were filming my character Harriet for Weird Al’s, George Bush’s and Ted Cruz’s are my favorite Ice Bucket videos. I think people are supposed to either give money or get ice water over their head, but people are having so […]

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  • TN Tech University Mandates Muslim Indoctrination Book

    TN Tech University Mandates Muslim Indoctrination Book

    (mandated book) (TN Tech Pres. Dr. Oldham) Daily Roll Call reports that Dr. Phillip Oldham, the President of Tennessee Tech University is excited to announce this years’ choice for the TN Tech University’s Common Book Project; Acts of Faith by Eboo Patel. Dr. Oldham stated, “Acts of Faith provides a message of faith, hope, choice and service that spans across disciplines.” (Only Honor students are not required to read the book.) Who is Eboo Patel? “Eboo Patel has been identified […]

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  • Rob Reiner – Really?!  Are you nuts?!

    Rob Reiner – Really?! Are you nuts?!

    (Rob Reiner playing the Liberal “Meathead” on All in the Family) (Rob Reiner, the Liberal, now) Rob Reiner compared the terrorist group Hamas to the Tea Party this week, saying they are both extremist groups who need to be eliminated. Story here. Hamas = Tea Party Seriously ?? Rob Reiner, are you nuts? Hamas cuts peoples heads off. Tea Partiers pray for peace, sing Amazing Grace and hold American flags and signs. Hamas cuts children in half. Tea Partiers read […]

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  • Joe Piscopo Publicly Leaves the Democrat Party

    Joe Piscopo Publicly Leaves the Democrat Party

    (Cheri Oteri as Barbara Walters, Joe Piscopo and me) “Comedian, radio host and Saturday Night Live alum Joe Piscopo is leaving the Democratic party to become an Independent, citing increasing disenfranchisement and frustration with lack of progress in America’s inner cities. In an op-ed penned for the Washington Times, Piscopo recounts his life as a Democrat, and says the party is leaving him, not the other way around. “I was a Democrat because I believed in civil rights, like Lyndon […]

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  • An Interesting Piece of Hate Mail I Just Received

    An Interesting Piece of Hate Mail I Just Received

    Usually I ignore my hate mail, and the mean/vulgar comments on Facebook. But, I read this one because somehow it got into my personal email, which was recently hacked. It’s a very interesting email. The sender does not reveal his/her name but the return email address is [email protected] So, I looked up the web site. It claims to be a “green” church. Hmm. The environmental movement has a “church” ?! So, it’s a religion! I knew that. It’s a false […]

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  • CA Parents Protest Porn in School Textbook

    CA Parents Protest Porn in School Textbook

    “FREMONT (CBS SF)— More than a 1,000 people have signed an online petition protesting the use of a controversial health education book in the Fremont Unified School District’s 9th-grade curriculum. The book, titled “Your Health Today” is almost 400 pages long and among the subject includes information on bondage, orgasms, vibrators, along with explicit drawings and diagrams. The text also describes how to buy and use condoms and addresses masturbation, binge-drinking and shows sex organs in various stages of arousal.” […]

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  • “We Support Israel” Rally August 6, 2014!!   Nashville, TN Capitol

    “We Support Israel” Rally August 6, 2014!! Nashville, TN Capitol

    Many Christians, Jews and others, waving American and Israeli flags, gathered today at dusk at the TN Capitol to tell the world that we support Israel. Many of the Pro-Israel speakers, interrupted by applause from the crowd, referred to the Bible verse, “I will bless those who bless Israel, and I will curse those who curse Israel…” Genesis 12:3 I happened to have that verse written on my protest sign and a woman suggested I place it over by the […]

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  • I Lost…But, my Peeps WON!!

    I Lost…But, my Peeps WON!!

    (Dr.Beth Burgos, Susan Curlee, littlest conservative, me, Candy Emerson) Sitting with friends at Brixx Pizza in Cool Springs tonight, I was thrilled to hear of the victory of school board candidates Dr. Beth Burgos, Candy Emerson, Susan Curlee, Dan Cash, and Rep. Glen Casada! I fought for their win. They are against Common Core! Yay! I felt for my first time the feeling of being involved, boots on the ground, for a good cause and seeing political efforts rewarded! How […]

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  • The Meaning of the 4 Blood Moons of 2014

    The Meaning of the 4 Blood Moons of 2014

    There are 4 blood moons this year. And, they all land on Jewish holidays! What is the meaning of this? Has it happened before? Pator Hagee discovered that it has happened before and always in a year of significance to Israel. This video is a must-see. I watched this video about end times prophecy twice. I highly recommend this video to everyone I know.

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