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  • I Love This Book:  “Of Moose and Men”

    I Love This Book: “Of Moose and Men”

    Torry Martin and Doug Peterson wrote a new book, “Of Moose and Men: Lost and Found in Alaska.” I’ve always wanted to know what it is like to live in Alaska. They tell me. I also like to read about people struggling with their Christian lives because I do. Torry explores that. My curiosity was fed. My funny bone was tickled. And, my love for Christ was strengthened. I highly recommend this original work of art from this original red […]

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  • Filmography

    MY MOST RECENT WORK IN FILM… “The Matchbreaker” “Fat Chance” “Andy’s Rainbow” Some other recent work… HERE IS A link to IMDB for a FULL LIST OF MY WORK IN FILM.

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