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  • Here’s the Irishman!  (from Mark Levin Show)

    Here’s the Irishman! (from Mark Levin Show)

    We all fell in love with him as he spoke on the Mark Levin show, expressing his love for America and his frustration at waiting for 9 years to be a U.S. Citizen, only to see illegal immigrants get special treatment. Jonathon Dunne writes a weekly blog for Young Patriots. God bless him and bring him here to join our fight to save freedom!

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  • “On Fire For God”

    “On Fire For God”

    My young friend Tessa texted that she went to church yesterday and was inspired to be ” On Fire For God.” That phrase is sitting in my brain and won’t leave. “I am second” is also stuck in my mind. Pressure and stress leave me when I realize that the world does not revolve around me; when I realize I was created to bring glory to God, our Creator, not to myself. “It’s not about me,” is how Rick Warren […]

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  • Obama Fails E-Verify –  (good video)

    Obama Fails E-Verify – (good video)

    Homemaker Linda Jordan decided she was the employer of Barack Obama and she should run an “E-Verify” on the guy. Like about 59 other American citizens, she legally challenged Obama’s identity. In August, 2011, using his current Social Security #, E-Verify said that Obama was found “ineligible” to work in the United States! The story broke on 9/11/2011. Jordan spent a year making a case, which was dismissed. She filed an appeal. The Washington State Supreme Court dismissed Linda Jordan’s […]

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  • My Gun Story

    My Gun Story

    In 1981, I was held up at gunpoint by a 6′ tall man with dreadlocks in the parking lot of the Variety Arts Center on Figueroa St. in downtown L.A. I was leaving my cigarette girl job in my French maid costume with my bag full of 20 hard-earned one dollar bills. Tips. My stupid-red-Dodge-used-car wouldn’t start as usual. It was 1 a.m. Suddenly, a man’s face and a gun were at my window, the gun pointed toward my face. […]

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  • Vietnamese Survivor Escapes Communism Only To Find It In America

    Vietnamese Survivor Escapes Communism Only To Find It In America

    Vietnamese Communist Survivor , Quang Nyugen says communism is here in the U.S. 1) Obama’s Associates (Frank Davis,Jarrett, Axelrod, Ayres, Van Jones, etc.) 2) Obama’s Policies. (Executive Orders, Socialized Medicine, Ignoring Constitution, etc.) Quang says, “The only difference between socialism and communism is one has an AK 47.” Coming to the United States as a 12 year old immigrant, and then learning English and becoming a U.S. Citizen the legal way, Quang explains that SB1070 is not “discrimination.” Quang says […]

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  • I Love Weird Al

    I Love Weird Al

    Stumbled upon this Weird Al video, “Tech Support.” I laughed out loud. I was lucky enough to play his love interest in his movie, “UHF.” Watch it. The best comedy is clean – Weird Al, I Love Lucy, Seinfeld, etc.

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  • The History of Guns in America

    The History of Guns in America

    Dave Perkins explains, “The more I talk to people about gun control and the Second Amendment, the more I realize that many Americans have no understanding of the history of arms control and attempts to disarm the American public committed by the Crown, part of many outrages leading to the Declaration of Independence and war. Would you put up with your government doing these things to you? It’s not just the disarmament, it’s the contempt, the criminality, the thuggish arrogance. […]

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  • Who is Tim Scott?

    Who is Tim Scott?

    Kevin Jackson writes on The Black Sphere, “Tim Scott is a modern day Hiram Revels. In case you weren’t aware of it, Revels was the first black Senator and was sworn in Feb 25, 1870. Republicans in the Senate chambers at the time broke out in applause as senator-elect Hiram Revels entered the chamber to take his oath of office. Meanwhile, Democrats conspired to keep him out of the Senate, claiming Revels was not qualified. According to the racist Democrats, […]

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  • “Change Yourself” by Adam Corolla

    “Change Yourself” by Adam Corolla

    I’m a big fan of Dennis Prager and it’s great to see the funny, deadpan Adam Corolla standing up for “the right” these days! I love this video. It’s smart, common sense. It’s wise advice I can use personally. And, so can you. Now, change!

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  • Kelly Clinger: Pain to Purpose

    Kelly Clinger: Pain to Purpose

    I just discovered Kelly Clinger! God has changed her life’s pain into her life’s purpose! Listen to her new album. (This baby is 12 weeks old) Kelly writes on her web site, “I have been singing and playing piano for many years. I was once an extra on the Mickey Mouse Club and a background vocalist for Britney Spears. In 2003, I was rescued after years of heartache and pain caused by rejection, divorce, addiction and abortion when I began […]

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  • “I Lament the Abortion of my Grandchild”

    “I Lament the Abortion of my Grandchild”

    James Patrick Riley, of Riley’s Farm, and Producer of Courage, NH writes, “Saddest thing I saw at the… Walk for Life. …towards the end of the parade, an older guy, in his mid seventies was standing on the side of the street. He was holding a sign that read “I lament the abortion of my grandchild.” The words might have been different but I could read the sentiment on his face. He looked heart broken, watching all the teenagers and […]

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  • Protect Michele Bachmann Now

    Protect Michele Bachmann Now

    Sign this petition to keep Michele Bachmann in Congress. Ann Marie Murrell writes, “What’s the point of having a gov’t committee that tries to root out things like Islam in America if you’re not allowed to say, “They’re here!” without being threatened? Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has been one of the few American politicians who’s dared question our dealings with Islam worldwide. Instead of applauding her, people like John McCain denigrated and ridiculed her for speaking out. NOW, a radical […]

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