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  • Great Sermon on War

    Great Sermon on War

    Here’s link to a great sermon on “war,” based on I Samuel 17. “I recognize we must be cautious in claiming God is on our side, but I think it’s all right to keep asking if we’re on His side.” Ronald Reagan This is a great sermon I just heard. Was Pastor Berger preaching on David and Goliath? Israel vs. Islam? America vs. Islam? Christianity vs. Islam? …or was it a metaphor about the spiritual battle in a person’s personal […]

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  • I Speak Out of Turn at Common Core Town Hall in TN (excellent, informative video)

    I Speak Out of Turn at Common Core Town Hall in TN (excellent, informative video)

    I spoke out of turn. I kinda shouted. My husband tells me not to speak in public when I’m angry. But, it’s hard not to get frustrated when a Town Hall Meeting pits 3 Pro-Common Core “experts” against 1 Anti-Common Core “expert,” and when the Pro-Common Core “experts” tell outright lies or ramble on and on incoherently, because they have no actual argument for Common Core. They are simply being paid by leftist organizations like SCORE. (Fox News 17, local […]

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  • Victoria Jackson Campaign Video # 1

    Victoria Jackson Campaign Video # 1

    Hi! The Williamson County Election is August 7, 2014. This video is my first public speaking as a candidate. There was a forum held in Franklin on April 29, 2014, where candidates for commissioner could answer questions and explain their views. It’s pretty clear from this video where I stand. I’m very concerned about my country and want to be an example to other non-politicians to get involved. Local government is the way to save America. (On the issue of […]

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  • Ralph Reed vs. Bill Maher

    Ralph Reed vs. Bill Maher

    Ralph Reed (Faith and Freedom Coalition) does a great job defending the faith in this appearance with Bill Maher. Reed’s new book is called “Awakening.” I was a guest on Bill Maher’s show “Politically Incorrect” 12 times back in the 90′s. That’s the first time I outed myself as a Christian on national TV. Usually it was me against 4 atheists. One time I brought my Bible and actually quoted Ephesians 2:8,9 aloud. The reaction from Bill Maher’s audience was […]

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  • American Anger Mounting Toward Government

    American Anger Mounting Toward Government

    Glenn Beck explains how every people group in America has been lied to by the Obama Administration and now Obama breaks the law to release the five most dangerous enemies of the American public. Anger is rising. Will it lead to violence? Is that Obama’s goal?

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  • Why Are Movie Stars Against U.S. Oil Independence?

    Why Are Movie Stars Against U.S. Oil Independence?

    Isn’t it good to be independent? Wouldn’t it be wise to extract the oil and gas we need, out of our own land, giving jobs to our fellow Americans, (Fracking is turning U.S. into a bigger oil producer than Saudi Arabia- story here), and not be dependent on Middle Eastern Muslim countries who hate us? Who wants us dependent on the Middle East? Obama…Susan Sarandon…Mariel Hemingway…Ed Begley, Jr….liberals, communists, Muslims… James O’Keefe, (Project Veritas) effective and courageous seeker of truth, […]

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  • “Campin’ Buddies” Looks Like a Hit!

    “Campin’ Buddies” Looks Like a Hit!

    Local Shreveport, Louisiana TV News Story on the filming of our movie “Campin’ Buddies” written/directed/produced by Tom Logan, produced by Debra Lynn Hull, and Debbie and David Pyle, and starring Tom Lester, Ray Stevens and me. It was so much fun. I got to play 7 characters! It will be out later this year.

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  • She Fell Flat on My/Her Face!

    She Fell Flat on My/Her Face!

    I’m having a blast filming the comedy “Campin’ Buddies” in Louisiana this month, with Tom Lester, Ray Stevens, Buddy Kalb, Don Most and writer/producer/director Tom Logan. Working with a great cast and crew. As the shoot comes to a close, it is bittersweet. We’ve become good friends. Today I watched my stunt double Taryn Terrell, dressed in my old lady character costume, fall flat on my/her face! She did a great job! But, when I looked her up on Youtube, […]

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  • Tom Lester’s (Green Acres) Testimony

    Tom Lester’s (Green Acres) Testimony

    Tom Lester is 75 years old and co-stars with Ray Stevens and me in the movie, “Campin’ Buddies” that we’re shooting this month in Louisiana. Tom’s gentle, loving spirit touches everyone on the set. He shares funny Hollywood stories about playing “Eb” on the Number One Show in America in the 60′s and 70′s, and he also shares his faith in Jesus Christ. He prays with people on the set. He is always positive and is a joy to be […]

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  • Bob Barr for Congress!!  Vote in GA –  May 20!

    Bob Barr for Congress!! Vote in GA – May 20!

    I got to sail the high seas on a cruise ship with the famous Constitutional Lawyer and Professor Bob Barr who is now running for Congress in Georgia! Yay! I highly respect him and I endorse him. He once led the charge to impeach Clinton. His book, “The Meaning of Is: The Squandered Impeachment and Wasted Legacy of William Jefferson Clinton” details the experience. Maybe he can impeach Obama and Holder. That would be my goal for him. He’s had […]

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  • On the Set of the New Comedy “Campin’ Buddies”

    On the Set of the New Comedy “Campin’ Buddies”

    (photo: Ray Stevens, Tom Logan, me, Tom Lester, Don Most) On the set of “Campin’ Buddies,” a new comedy film written, directed and produced by the brilliant Thomas Logan and starring Ray Stevens, Tom Lester (Green Acres), me, Don Most (Happy Days) and co-starring Debbie Pyle – I was fortunate enough to attend church with Tom Lester and exchange show biz stories, (he accidentally saw Ava Gabor naked!); tell Donny Most (Happy Days) how I crashed the set of Happy […]

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  • Why is CNN Praising Remziya Suleyman?!

    Why is CNN Praising Remziya Suleyman?!

    Who is Remziya Suleyman? (see videos at bottom of this article) She is an “anti-America” spokesperson for Hamas/CAIR – which are terrorist groups tied to The Muslim Brotherhood. She is “the enemy within.” SHAME ON YOU CNN. Suleyman is a fixture at the TN Capitol in Nashville, where she daily sits at hearings, continually texting on her cell phone. I’ve seen her there myself many times. In a recent tweet, she says America was founded by Muslims. Story here. She […]

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