“I can’t stop crying. America died.” These were the very words tweeted by Tea Party Activist Victoria Jackson on the night of Obama’s re-election.

As many of you know, Victoria has had a very successful career in TV and Film, most notably her 6-year run with Saturday Night Live. In 2008, Victoria became a spokesperson for the Tea Party and the Christian Right. Since taking this stand, however, she has been viscously attacked and mocked by the Left.

Huffington Post, The Daily Beast and many other sites picked up on her election-night tweet and set out to destroy her once again.

Here is an excerpt from the HuffPo hit piece:

“Victoria Jackson hasn’t exactly been a beacon of rational political analysis, but her post-election meltdown on Twitter may take the cake. After Barack Obama was declared the winner, the former ‘SNL’ castmember proclaimed that America had ‘died.'”

Here are just a few of the venomous tweets that came in showing the hatred toward Vicki and conservatives just like you.

Many of you feel the same way as Vicki. We are all distraught by the results of November 6, 2012. But we are not going to give up and let the Left mock our beliefs. We must stand up, push back, and fight!

Please let Vicki know that you stand with her by signing the “I Stand With Vicki” Pledge. Let’s show the Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, and other left-wing political hack sites just how many of us there are. The sleeping giant of American conservatism has awoken from her slumber.

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