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  • Why the Political Left is Married to Islamic Jihad

    Why the Political Left is Married to Islamic Jihad

    Here’s a great article explaining why the Political Left is Married to Islamic Jihad, link here. John Guandolo writes, “Let us begin with the fact that the Political Left is responsible for more murders in the last 90 years than all other ideologies combined, including the Islamic Jihad. From Vladamir Lenin to Mao Zedung to Pol Pot to Adolf Hitler to Josef Stalin the communists and socialists in the 20th century killed tens of millions of people – in brutal […]

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  • I Was There!  SNL 40…  (in the Overflow Room)

    I Was There! SNL 40… (in the Overflow Room)

    (Bill Murray and me) **Story at bottom, after photos. (Taylor Swift) (SNL fans on red carpet) (Fred Armisen) (Julia Sweeney, Melanie Hutsell) (Will Ferrell)) (Jim Brewer, Louis C.K.) (Bob Odenkirk, Tom Arnold) (Current SNL Women,Sasheer Zamata, Cecily Strong, Vanessa Bayer) (Kevin Kline and son) (Billy Crystal) (the “overflow” room I was seated in to watch the show) (Michael Bolton) (Al Sharpton, Chris Parnell) (Alan Cumming) (Bobby Moynihan) (Whoopi Goldberg) (Aidy Bryant) (Siobhan Fallon, Erin…) (Chris Farley’s brothers) (Kristen Wiig) (Bobby […]

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  • Great Sermon (video) by Bangor Lumberjack Ken Graves

    Great Sermon (video) by Bangor Lumberjack Ken Graves

    Great sermon by Ken Graves, a lumberjack from Calvary Chapel Bangor, Maine, on the Power of Family. Ken’s father left when he was young. Ken briefly explains the difference between liberals and conservatives before he launches into a powerful and entertaining sermon about the power of the family unit. He says that liberals believe man is good and can create a perfect world by just huddling together and talking; conservatives know that man is evil and needs a higher power […]

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  • The Jill and Julia Show is Great but…

    The Jill and Julia Show is Great but…

    At the 45:50 mark on first video above is – “Somewhere in New Mexico” – I love this song. It’s beautiful and sad. It sounds to me like a desperate cry to Jesus from someone who wants to believe but can’t or won’t. Jill Sobule sings, “I have a friend who swears she saw Jesus hovering above her lonely bed, she said it changed her life forever, “whatever works” I said, I sit at home changing channels, It’s so hard […]

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  • “We Support Israel” Rally August 6, 2014!!   Nashville, TN Capitol

    “We Support Israel” Rally August 6, 2014!! Nashville, TN Capitol

    Many Christians, Jews and others, waving American and Israeli flags, gathered today at dusk at the TN Capitol to tell the world that we support Israel. Many of the Pro-Israel speakers, interrupted by applause from the crowd, referred to the Bible verse, “I will bless those who bless Israel, and I will curse those who curse Israel…” Genesis 12:3 I happened to have that verse written on my protest sign and a woman suggested I place it over by the […]

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  • Sneaky Snakes in Williamson County

    Sneaky Snakes in Williamson County

    (Williamson County Schools Superintendent Mike Looney) When I first read this article about a local “well-funded conservative group’s secret game plan for Williamson County Schools” and read the list of secret activist members who want to keep “the ugly stuff private and out of the press”, I was intrigued. The names included in the list of sneaky snakes were my friends. The last time I met with my conservative friends, Debbie Deaver and candidates Candy Emerson, Susan Curlee, Dr. Beth […]

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  • SEIU behind “Williamson Strong” !  Uh oh

    SEIU behind “Williamson Strong” ! Uh oh

    Common Core has created a bit of friction on the local political landscape. Progressives are pushing Common Core. Conservatives are exposing its evil components. I put “common core” in the search box of “The Tennessean.” Every article that popped up was PRO Common Core. Ok. That paper has a BIAS. As the silent (conservative) majority got bolder and started to show up at School Board meetings and the Capitol with Stop Common Core T shirts/buttons, even flying in an expert […]

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  • You Must See the Movie “AMERICA” by Dinesh D’souza

    You Must See the Movie “AMERICA” by Dinesh D’souza

    Did America really kill all the Indians (Native Americans) and steal their land? And, enslave Black people? And, make wars with other countries to steal oil and stuff? Is Capitalism greed? That’s what liberals say. But, where are their facts to prove this and why would they make up lies? Well, D’nesh D’souza, an immigrant from India, brilliantly answers all these questions and proves the truth with facts in his new film, his second hit film, America: Imagine a World […]

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  • Come to Ray Stevens’ Book Signing Sunday June 22, 2014

    Come to Ray Stevens’ Book Signing Sunday June 22, 2014

    Nashville Public Library: Sunday, June 22, 2014, 2:30 p.m. – 5 p.m. Ray Steven’s Book Signing/Release Party! His new autobiography is titled “Nashville.” I can’t decide which videos of Ray Stevens’ to show you! I like so many. And, I’ve just discovered his grown daughter Suzy Ragsdale’s whimsical, honest music. I love her voice and her songs, “Virginia,” “Two on a Tightrope,” and “I Found Jesus” … I love this Ray video! “I Need Your Help Barry Manilow!” And this […]

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  • CBS Reporter Quits over Liberal Media Bias

    CBS Reporter Quits over Liberal Media Bias

    Last month, CBS News Investigative Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson resigned from her position after 20 years at the network. It was reported at the time by POLITICO that liberal bias was a major factor in the submission of her resignation.Sharyl Attkison “described being classified as a ‘troublemaker’ for looking into serious stories like Benghazi and explained how the network slowly killed off investigative pieces about Operation Fast and Furious and Obamacare. Story here. She is currently writing a book — “Stonewalled: […]

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  • What is “Biased Photography” ?

    What is “Biased Photography” ?

    I’m a woman. I’m 54. I don’t think I’m vain…but, I want to make a point. I don’t get The Tennessean newspaper, so my friend Zack at Starbucks saved the ‘profile piece’ they did on me. He handed it to me yesterday. I was surprised to be on the front page. I was even more surprised at the photo of me that was chosen. I showed it to my family and they started laughing. It looked like a grotesque cartoon […]

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  • Sarah Palin for President!   (video)

    Sarah Palin for President! (video)

    Wow. Palin, you are so awesome! I loved your CPAC 2014 speech. I loved your Dr. Seuss poem. Where’s Joy Behar now? No snarky remarks about your fulfilled prophecy about Russia? The crowd went crazy when you said, “I’m probably being too hard on the President, after all, who could’ve seen this coming?” There’s nothing better than a good “I told ya so” moment. You listed the state of our union under Obama’s last 5 years; Less insured Less people […]

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