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  • CBS Reporter Quits over Liberal Media Bias

    CBS Reporter Quits over Liberal Media Bias

    Last month, CBS News Investigative Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson resigned from her position after 20 years at the network. It was reported at the time by POLITICO that liberal bias was a major factor in the submission of her resignation.Sharyl Attkison “described being classified as a ‘troublemaker’ for looking into serious stories like Benghazi and explained how the network slowly killed off investigative pieces about Operation Fast and Furious and Obamacare. Story here. She is currently writing a book — “Stonewalled: […]

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  • What is “Biased Photography” ?

    What is “Biased Photography” ?

    I’m a woman. I’m 54. I don’t think I’m vain…but, I want to make a point. I don’t get The Tennessean newspaper, so my friend Zack at Starbucks saved the ‘profile piece’ they did on me. He handed it to me yesterday. I was surprised to be on the front page. I was even more surprised at the photo of me that was chosen. I showed it to my family and they started laughing. It looked like a grotesque cartoon […]

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  • Sarah Palin for President!   (video)

    Sarah Palin for President! (video)

    Wow. Palin, you are so awesome! I loved your CPAC 2014 speech. I loved your Dr. Seuss poem. Where’s Joy Behar now? No snarky remarks about your fulfilled prophecy about Russia? The crowd went crazy when you said, “I’m probably being too hard on the President, after all, who could’ve seen this coming?” There’s nothing better than a good “I told ya so” moment. You listed the state of our union under Obama’s last 5 years; Less insured Less people […]

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  • “Progressive” Kirsten Powers is a Jesus Follower?!

    “Progressive” Kirsten Powers is a Jesus Follower?!

    It is highly unusual for a self-described “Progressive” and someone very visible in Liberal politics/media to come out of the closet as an “Evangelical Christian.” But, Kirsten Powers just did! She tells her story in Christianity Today and on Fox News today. Kirsten describes her parents as intellectuals, professors, liberals; her friends as secular and atheist. She says liberalism was her religion. “It says a lot about the family in which I grew up that one of my most pressing […]

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  • Actor Rob Schneider – Lifelong D Switches to R

    Actor Rob Schneider – Lifelong D Switches to R

    Another movie star has a political awakening! Rob Schneider says the government must take their hands off his kids, “parental rights” and the government must take their hands off his vitamin business, “over-taxing” and “regulations”! They say Hollywood is like high school with money. It’s all about popularity, and following the crowd and hanging out with the cool people and being beautiful. But, the smart actors are finally “getting it” and coming out from the pack. They are using their […]

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  • Navy SEAL Chopper Crash: Allegations Against Government Backed by Facts

    Navy SEAL Chopper Crash: Allegations Against Government Backed by Facts

    “The Rules of Engagement (under the Obama Administration) are leading to the unnecessary losses of our warriors… …we want to call on the American people because Government is not correcting this…(our) Government sympathizes with the enemy, they sympathize with the ideology…this is tied to Benghazi…” Billy Vaughn Billy and Karen Vaughn, millions of us agree with you. Thank you for being brave enough to come out in public with your facts and truth, even in the midst of your grieving. […]

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  • Joe The Plumber and “Tolerance”

    Joe The Plumber and “Tolerance”

    (photo is Breitbart, me and Joe, Searchlight, NV 2010) Joe Wurzelbacher, “Joe the Plumber” wrote a great article on “Tolerance,” the buzz word of the Left. Joe says, “Why are the people screaming about tolerance night and day some of the most intolerant folks involved in the discussion? Why am I not allowed to believe in the fundamental principles of my faith? Where is the tolerance? Here’s one: Let’s talk about the Elephant in the room: Gay. Homosexuality. Why are […]

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  • “Salon” Article on Victoria Jackson

    “Salon” Article on Victoria Jackson

    A few corrections are in order. Overall, Mark Guarino did a good job describing Victoria Jackson in Salon. His article was well-researched, and almost neutral, the way journalism used to be. His title though, “Can Victoria Jackson return from the fringe?” gives away his bias. Why is it considered “fringe” to believe in the Bible and the Constitution?! The Salon-picked photo of me is the worst angle a photograph can be taken from, all women know this, but more importantly, […]

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  • SNL’s Julia Sweeney Defends Abortion and Atheism

    SNL’s Julia Sweeney Defends Abortion and Atheism

    Julia Sweeney was on SNL when I was! I was ’86-’92. She was ’90-’94. In this video Sweeney defends abortion. She is sarcastic and confident but I can’t follow her logic. Her “separation of church and state” monologue completely ignores the rights of the baby. A baby has its own DNA. And, its own heartbeat. It is not an appendage to a woman’s body. I remember one conversation Julia and I had at SNL, about welfare, but that was before […]

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  • Great Myths of the Great Depression

    Great Myths of the Great Depression

    “Students today are often given a skewed account of the Great Depression of 1921-1941 that condemns free-market capitalism as the cause of, and promotes government intervention as the solution to, the economic hardships of the era. In this essay based on a popular lecture, Foundation for Economic Education President Lawrence W. Reed debunks this conventional view and traces the central role that poor government policy played in fostering this legendary catastrophe. Hear this excellent lecture here. Read more here. This […]

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  • God Dis-Invited to Inauguration

    God Dis-Invited to Inauguration

    “Liberals booed God at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte last year after skittish party officials reinserted a mention of him in the platform. Nothing has changed since then. The latest secularist push of the party is to remove God from the inauguration. Prominent liberals are questioning the use of the Bible for the presidential oath and the use of prayers in the ceremony. They have already made some progress in their demands….” Rest of story here.

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  • Government Regulations Soar Since Election…

    Government Regulations Soar Since Election…

    I did not realize how BIG our government already is! (List of regulations below). And, “There has been a dramatic increase in new government regulations issued by the Obama administration after the election. In some cases the comment period for public feedback has also been reduced below the standard 60 days…there have been 1,886 newly posted regulations in the last 30 days and 5,481 newly posted regulations in the last 90 days, according to regulations.gov, the federal government’s regulation tracking […]

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