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  • What is “Biased Photography” ?

    What is “Biased Photography” ?

    I’m a woman. I’m 54. I don’t think I’m vain…but, I want to make a point. I don’t get The Tennessean newspaper, so my friend Zack at Starbucks saved the ‘profile piece’ they did on me. He handed it to me yesterday. I was surprised to be on the front page. I was even more surprised at the photo of me that was chosen. I showed it to my family and they started laughing. It looked like a grotesque cartoon […]

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  • “AUDIT the IRS”  (video of event)

    “AUDIT the IRS” (video of event)

    Man, I’m getting slack or there wasn’t enough notification about this event because I wasn’t at the “Audit the IRS” rally in D.C. this June 19! I didn’t know about it! I totally support this protest to audit/abolish the IRS. The liberal media ignored this event of course, they want to ignore all the scandals of the Obama Administration but we the people will not let this Administration continue to desecrate our Constitution. Story here and here. Dana Loesch gave […]

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  • Navy SEAL Chopper Crash: Allegations Against Government Backed by Facts

    Navy SEAL Chopper Crash: Allegations Against Government Backed by Facts

    “The Rules of Engagement (under the Obama Administration) are leading to the unnecessary losses of our warriors… …we want to call on the American people because Government is not correcting this…(our) Government sympathizes with the enemy, they sympathize with the ideology…this is tied to Benghazi…” Billy Vaughn Billy and Karen Vaughn, millions of us agree with you. Thank you for being brave enough to come out in public with your facts and truth, even in the midst of your grieving. […]

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  • Bachmann Proven Right About Muslims In White House

    Bachmann Proven Right About Muslims In White House

    “Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann provoked the rage of the far left and their Islamist allies in America last year when she suggested that the Obama Administration was infiltrated by Islamists. In fact, these vicious leftists are working to get her removed from her position on the House Intelligence Committee. Bachmann’s original concern centered on Huma Abedin, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s close personal aide. Abedin has long-time Islamist family connections. In fact, she was a member of the executive […]

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  • Protect Michele Bachmann Now

    Protect Michele Bachmann Now

    Sign this petition to keep Michele Bachmann in Congress. http://frontpagemag.net/witch%2Dhunt/ Ann Marie Murrell writes, “What’s the point of having a gov’t committee that tries to root out things like Islam in America if you’re not allowed to say, “They’re here!” without being threatened? Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has been one of the few American politicians who’s dared question our dealings with Islam worldwide. Instead of applauding her, people like John McCain denigrated and ridiculed her for speaking out. NOW, a radical […]

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  • Hilary Clinton’s “Huma” Connected to Terrorists

    Hilary Clinton’s “Huma” Connected to Terrorists

    Huma Abedin Weiner, the wife of ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner of the sexting photo scandal, is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. Huma has direct access to our nation’s top secrets, being Hilary Clinton’s long time assistant. When Michele Bachmann, Louis Gohmert and a few other Congressman wrote a letter about this to the State Department’s Inspector General’s office they were mocked by McCain and called names by the press. Ex-terrorist Wahlid Shoebat has proof that Huma is connected to Al Queda, […]

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  • Huff Po Quotes Me Accurately: “America Died”

    Huff Po Quotes Me Accurately: “America Died”

    Huff Po writes, “Victoria Jackson hasn’t exactly been a beacon of rational political analysis, but her post-election meltdown on Twitter may take the cake. After Barack Obama was declared the winner, the former “SNL” castmember proclaimed that America had “died.” (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/07/victoria-jackson-obama-election-crying-america-died_n_2088257.html) It has died! “America” is dead. That is very rational political analysis. It’s called “truth.” And, Huff Po, as Jack Nicholson put it, “…you can’t handle the truth.” Pamela Gellar said, “Truth is the new hate speech.” “America” was […]

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  • Feminists Support Beheadings of Muslim Women?

    Feminists Support Beheadings of Muslim Women?

    Okay, I get it.  I understand why feminists don’t like Palin and Bachmann.  Sarah and Michele follow Jesus Christ.  That is not acceptable in the cult of feminism, a branch of the secular humanist religion, where self is god.  If Palin and Bachmann worshipped themselves, like Oprah does, or the state, or anything else for that matter, they would be the Queen Bees of the Left. What I don’t get is how the liberal feminists are strangely silent on the topic of Muslim women and […]

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