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  • Talking Politics “On the Set”

    Talking Politics “On the Set”

    One of the fringe benefits of being an actress is the wonderful people you get to meet on location, on the set. Filming the comedy, “Altar Egos” in Lynchburg this month I met a fascinating gentleman named George Caylor. He traveled with Motown, plays guitar and uke, runs a bed & breakfast, is a financial advisor, farmer, hunter, actor, husband, father, grandfather, radio talk show host, and…he happens to be the president of the Lynchburg Tea Party. (Reporter Jamie Page […]

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  • “Disgruntled Republican” Gets It Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

    “Disgruntled Republican” Gets It Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

    A conservative friend told me that someone named “Disgruntled Republican” was saying negative things about me on the Internet. So, I looked up his/her story. In his/her post about me here, the Disgruntled Republican says, “I do not think she is ready for political prime time. She seems as politically shallow and scatterbrained as her character.” He lists the liberally-biased Tennessean as his source for information on me, and he links to his earlier post accusing me of lying about […]

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  • Fantastic Speech by Ted Cruz at CPAC

    Fantastic Speech by Ted Cruz at CPAC

    He clearly, sweetly, and with humor expresses exactly my heartfelt beliefs.

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  • Christian Terrorists vs Muslim Terrorists

    Christian Terrorists vs Muslim Terrorists

    “The Tennessean” is currently doing a “profile piece” on me and referring to my recent post, “Civilization Jihad Hits Home,” reporter Jamie Page, asked me what the difference is between Christian extremists and Muslim extremists, inferring that any extremist is a dangerous one. Well, according to our respective holy books, an Extreme Muslim would memorize the Quran, pray all day, crawl to Mecca on his knees and kill a lot of infidels (non-Muslims) in a suicide bombing. An Extreme Christian […]

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  • Communist Party Helping Obama and Democrats in 2014 Elections

    Communist Party Helping Obama and Democrats in 2014 Elections

    Communist Party USA Chairman Sam “Webb acknowledged that one of the problems the movement faces is the stigma of the name Communist among some Americans, but he believes under the policies of the Obama administration the country is now more willing to embrace those beliefs.” “The good news is the same hang-ups or stereotypes that people had 30 to 40 years ago are not so evident today,” he said. “Growing numbers of people are ready to have a conversation about […]

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  • Obama Supporter to Investigate IRS Scandal

    Obama Supporter to Investigate IRS Scandal

    “The Obama Administration has promised to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal.” (IRS Scandal=Communist Government silencing political opponents, conservatives). “But appointing an avowed political supporter of President Obama to head-up the Justice Department probe is not only disturbing but puts politics right in the middle of what is supposed to be an independent investigation to determine who is responsible for the Obama Administration’s unlawful targeting of conservative and tea party groups because of their political beliefs.” And, it […]

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  • Sean Penn Thinks Tea Partiers are Stupid and Insane (videos)

    Sean Penn Thinks Tea Partiers are Stupid and Insane (videos)

    (Photo: by Suzy Drasnin, Saturday Night Live, 1989, Sean Penn and Victoria Jackson, Prom Sketch) Sean Penn told Piers Morgan on CNN, October 28, 2013, that the people who belong to the Tea Party are stupid, uneducated and insane. Sean Penn, who sent me flowers and a sweet note after he hosted SNL in the late 80′s, must not know that I’m in the Tea Party or he wouldn’t have said that! He must not know that pediatric-surgeon, Dr. Ben […]

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  • Lee “God Bless the USA” Greenwood on Don Smith Show

    Lee “God Bless the USA” Greenwood on Don Smith Show

    Tune in this Saturday to the DonSmithShow.com at noon eastern time to hear Lee Greenwood discuss freedom and his song which is the Tea Party anthem. Many artists have tried to grab that spot, but his song is always the one picked at every Tea Party event. The song touches my heart. It perfectly expresses what we are feeling as America has begun to disappear. On Greenwood’s web site, it says, “God Bless the USA” went far beyond what Greenwood […]

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  • IMPEACH OBAMA (video) Grassroots Movement

    IMPEACH OBAMA (video) Grassroots Movement

    “The clout of “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment” is growing so fast, Press Secretary Jennifer Hitt told WND, “We would like to get to the point we can help fund a 2016 candidate. The movement started with the main Facebook page, grew to the state Facebook pages, and now we are trying to get most people to register on our state forums on the website, Overpasses.org.” Read more here. Honk 2 Impeach. Impeach Now. Let’s Do It. Impeach Obama Bumper Stickers […]

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  • The Josh Tolley Show lets me talk and talk and talk

    The Josh Tolley Show lets me talk and talk and talk

    Josh Tolley interviews me about my new book, “Is My Bow Too Big?” and lets me talk for a long time, and he doesn’t edit me at all! Freedom of Speech! Hallelujah! I explain all I have learned about collectivism, progressives, communism, marxism, political correctness, Jesus Christ, Islam, Cuba, atheism, O’Reilly, salvation, pride, sin, Chris Farley, tolerance, Christian persecution, diversity, social justice, Zanies, comedy, truth and the secret of life. Go to Don Smith at the excellent PR firm of […]

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  • Newsmax Videos Me at Home!

    Newsmax Videos Me at Home!

    Newsmax is awesome! And, they always quote me accurately! No spin!! Here’s their video interview with me in my living room. Amazingly, my three dogs stayed quiet. Rest of story here.

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  • Thank You Bill O’Reilly!

    Thank You Bill O’Reilly!

    Uh, I just watched my appearance on O’Reilly. My segment was edited slightly. Some things they left out were unimportant, but someone at Fox News edited my last thought and it slightly twisted the meaning. Wrapping up my segment, I said, “I’m passionate about this (politics) because I’m gonna die soon, but my kids will be here and I don’t want them to grow up in a Communist country, that kills or persecutes Christians, because I taught them to believe […]

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