"Comedy Central Presents" Shot in 1998 - Aired August 2000

"Thou Shalt Laugh the Deuce" 2007

I had just had a car accident in LA the day before this was taped, and I was on strong pain killers. I had a few injuries, the steering wheel hit my chest. I can't believe I could hold a handstand like that and balance. I do look subdued though.

San Diego 2005

Bizarre, with John Byner, Toronto, 1983

"Just for Laughs" Comedy Festival , Montreal, 1998

Gutty's Comedy Club, Minnesota, 2023

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 2003

Victoria Jackson Palm Springs 2008 with Joe Piscopo and Father Guido Sarducci

Stand Up - Zanies Nashville 2017 (voice over by Rob Schneider)