The Vicki Wicki Wacky Jackson Show !!! (New Show on Youtube Every Now and Then)

Here’s my new show. I’m using the new editing skills I learned at Lipscomb’s Film Dept. I’m still a beginner. Hopefully, I’ll improve as the show moves on. I’ll post a new show every Monday. Hope you enjoy it. xoxo

Update: I got over 2,000 subscribers and then Youtube locked me out of my account.(?) So, I started over from zero. Up to 400 something now. But, let me tell you the best Youtube channel there is – Chynna Phillips! And Becket Cook. They are awesome. I’m addicted. Facebook also locked me out of my Victoria Jackson page that has 50,000 followers. I can’t post anything on it since 2018, but it’s still there!? I do have a FB page called The Victoria Jackson Club and a FB called Victoria Jackson. This technology is driving me crazy. But, it’s fun too. But, sooooooooo frustrating.

Today, Youtube banned my channel because I mentioned election fraud in my last show, Week 32, which they took off the air. Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech?!
I saw Zuckerberg and Dorsey defending themselves to the Senate committee. I guess I’m not the only conservative being banned because of my beliefs. How sad. This is 1984 by George Orwell coming true. Censorship is communism. It controls what we read and write, and thus, what we think. It’s groupthink. It’s thought police. It’s evil. We have to fight back.

Update: As of today, Jan. 9, 2021 Twitter, Youtube, Parler all banned Trump, Powell, Wood, and other conservatives. This is unacceptable in America. This is dictatorship. This is No Freedom of Speech. Two of my weekly shows, 32 and 33, were done on Rumble so they are labeled differently. That’s when I was being punished by YouTube for posting conservative articles. (Week 38 is missing because my daughters did not give me permission to post that most funnest week, Christmas.) I’m hoping Trump is creating a new channel for freedom of speech and I’m hoping he’ll come back into power. He was the best president we’ve ever had. Evidence proving election fraud, and other crimes of treason within our higher ups has been censored from the liberal media. With a new media, we can have Freedom of Speech again.

I’ve mixed in with my Vicki Wicki Wacky Jackson Show, some old SNL videos that popped up recently on youtube. I’d forgotten most of them!

September 8, 2021 Harriet and Kelly

My Final Project for Film School

Thanks to Laurie, Ken and Adam digging this out of the archives, SNL just released my favorite moment on SNL!

This link works for Week 51 (I Am Not a Bimbo) Rumble worked. Youtube blocked me again.

Week 40 starring Mellissa Carone!

Here’s my STAND UP ROUTINE from Oct. 8, 2017
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