The Vicki Wicki Wacky Jackson Show !!! (New Show on Youtube Each Monday)

“Hey! All you cool cats and kittens!” Yes, I watched Tiger King! Wow! Stuck at home for the Covid 19 Quarantine, my Media Entrepreneurship college professor assigned our class, via Zoom, “bring three ideas of how to make passive monetization from your archives.” Okay…one idea I had was to drive my pick up truck around the neighborhood and pick up stuff people were throwing out and let anyone trade/take it out of my truck, and give me a dollar. But, I don’t want to take money from people who are losing their jobs. My other idea was to write original poems/songs for clients who’d pay me. My third idea was to make a Youtube show since I very much enjoy watching Jay Swanson’s Vlog about Paris. I posted my stand up comedy act for the first time but Youtube said I can’t monetize until I get 1,000 subscribers, (I do) and have 400 or 4000 hours of original video per year…I forgot the exact number. So, here’s my new show. I’m using my new editing skills I learned at Lipscomb’s Film Dept. I’m still a beginner. Hopefully, I’ll improve as the show moves on. I’ll post a new show every Monday. Hope you enjoy it. xoxo

Here’s my STAND UP ROUTINE from Oct. 8, 2017
Never before posted on the Internet.

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